tagErotic CouplingsYours Ch. 03

Yours Ch. 03


I awoke the next morning from another amazing fantasy dream only to find that once again I wasn't dreaming. This man never ceases to surprise and amaze me. My legs were spread and his tongue was flicking across my clit and the sensation running through my body was making me shiver. I tried hard to keep myself still and pretend as if I hadn't woken up yet, but I swear he knows me so well already. He stopped long enough to look up and say good morning before his tongue slid deep into my pussy. Oh lordy, that man knows how to please a woman! It didn't take long for me to share my nectar with him as my entire body shook with release. He kissed and licked his way up my stomach and stopped to grab each nipple between his teeth. One at a time he sucked on them and made them so incredibly hard that they hurt. And then he continued up to my neck and shoulders, kissing and nibbling. I had goose bumps and wrapped my legs around his hips, pulling him to me. He entered me easily and we made love slowly and deliberately. We kissed and nibbled and my hands roamed his back, making their way down and I ran my fingernails all over his tight ass. I felt him shiver just a bit before we climaxed together.

We were sitting up in bed smoking when there was a knock at the adjoining door. We had left it unlocked for Ivory the night before and Doug called out for her to come in. She walked in with a knowing smile on her face and winked at me before asking if we were going to eat this morning or if she was supposed to fend for herself. He said to give us an hour and he'd take us both out for breakfast. So we got up to get ready and within an hour, we were back in the limo and on our way to breakfast. We had an incredible day, did quite a bit of sight seeing and shopping, drank quite a bit after lunch and into the evening and just enjoyed each other's company.

We ordered in pizza that night and drank our way through the night, laughing and having just an amazing time. Ivory and I had talked and decided that since we were going out on Friday and Saturday nights, we'd choose one of those nights to make Doug's fantasy dream come true.

The next two days were a flurry of shopping, sightseeing, and a whole lot of drinking, and our nights were filled with amazing sexcapades. I believe a few times, I heard noises coming from Mz Ivory's room, but I was too enthralled in what was happening in my room to pay too much attention and we rarely had any time to talk among ourselves for me to get the scoop. That is until Friday morning dawned. We were planning quite the shopping trip, Doug had offered to buy dresses for our evenings out, and he wanted to make sure we got something really sexy. I had a few qualms about him paying, but every time I tried to protest he silenced me with a kiss. Hmmm, maybe that's why I protested so much!! Ivory called our room and said she'd meet us down at the limo in time to leave.

What an eyeful we got when Doug and I got down to the limo!! There, bent over the hood was none other than Mz Ivory and Carlos, the limo driver, was fucking her. Ok, so I had noticed how hot he was immediately. He had dark, black, flowing locks of hair that reached the middle of his back and his deep brown eyes were almost as dark as mine. He had a strong jaw and was built very nicely. All of a sudden, I knew what she had been doing every night to occupy her time. I glanced at Doug who was standing there with his mouth hanging open and motioned for us to go back inside and wait a while. He was so ready to shout something out, but I tugged on his arm and pulled him back. Fits of laughter overtook us and we became spectators at the small window. At least I knew she hadn't been bored thus far. Carlos and Ivory straightened their clothes and it was so funny to watch him resume his role as he opened the door for her to get into the limo. Doug and I waited an extra couple of minutes before going out to get in ourselves.

The minute we sat down, Doug opened his mouth.

"Ivory are you enjoying yourself? You're not too bored at night are you? Tell me, have you ever fucked on the hood of a limousine before?"

I thought I was going to choke on the laughter as her eyes widened and her cheeks reddened.

"OH LAWDY!! Fuck you Doug," she said laughing.

"Oh honey, I am so glad you're having a good time," I told her, still laughing my ass off.

"More than I ever thought possible," she said with a smile.

The day progressed and we shopped like crazy. Ivory got an incredibly slinky emerald green dress that matched her eyes for St. Patrick's Day and I got a matching one in shimmery blue. And then for Saturday's evening out, we went for simple, sexy, black dresses with keyhole openings in the bodice and cut outs on the sides. The dresses had no backs and were extremely short. In the dressing room, we had decided that Saturday night would be the night we would come back to the hotel and begin with a strip tease, move on to lap dances and then fulfill Doug's fantasy.

We went back to the hotel to get ready for our evening out. Carlos followed Ivory to her room and we agreed to meet up in a few hours and after invites from all three of us, Carlos agreed to be Ivory's date for the evening. I was so glad we were going out later, I had gone all day without some part of Doug being inside of me and I was craving him. Before our door was even shut, I was pulling his clothes off him. All I could think about was pushing him onto the bed and ravishing his gorgeous body. Once again, the sex with him was amazing, and jumping into the shower after only turned us on again. I was wishing that this didn't have to come to an end, but reality has a way of sneaking up and slapping you in the face when you least expect it. So, I just tried to concentrate on what I had left of my time with him.

Stepping from the shower, we toweled dry and Doug went into the room to get ready while I stayed in the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I made sure no hair was out of place and that my makeup was flawless, these next two nights would be ones to remember forever. I stepped from the bathroom just wrapped in a fluffy terrycloth robe and saw him sitting in the chair by the window, he was watching the news and he literally took my breath away. He was dressed to the nines in a black tux with a shirt to match the blue of my dress, he glanced up and his eyes twinkled. He winked at me and his dimples grew as his Colgate smile lit up the room.

"Maybe we should stay in tonight," I said softly.

"I don't think so baby, I am taking you out and showing you a good time."

"Each moment with you has already been fabulous!" I replied.

He just smiled again and told me to finish getting ready or we'd be late. I grabbed my dress and shoes and went back into the bathroom. I must admit, when I looked at my reflection, I truly did not recognize the person staring back at me. I had never before seen such a radiant light in my eyes and I was happy for once with my reflection, I only hoped Doug was pleased. Timidly, I stepped out of the bathroom and looked around the empty room. My heart sank; I didn't know where he had gone. But then I noticed the adjoining door to Ivory's room was open and I heard Doug and Carlos laughing. I threw my shoulders back and strode into the room with confidence. Ivory must have still been getting ready because I didn't see her anywhere. The men had their backs to me and as I stopped, Ivory walked out of the bathroom. She looked amazing, our eyes locked across the room and the guys stopped talking to look up at her. Carlos immediately rose and strode over to her to kiss her cheek. Doug turned around and looked me up and down with a slow smile playing at his lips before coming toward me.

"Maybe we should stay in," he whispered in my ear before kissing me softly.

"Not a chance now," I laughed.

I felt giddy. I put my arm through his and we headed toward the door. Carlos had called in for someone to drive for us tonight and I threw a glance back over my shoulder at Ivory and winked. She was radiating beauty and grace and the smile on her face could have melted a glacier. It was so amazing to see her so happy.

Dinner was incredible. We enjoyed some fine wines and the conversation was light and friendly. We decided to hit some clubs for dancing and a whole lot of drinking for the remainder of the evening. At the last place we were at, Carlos told us that he could drive for us the next night, but that he was unable to join us as Ivory's date, which was okay because Ivory and I had plans for Doug. We shared a knowing smile and Doug raised an inquiring eyebrow to which I only smiled and winked at him. Our evening was wonderful, we had a lot of laughs, danced a lot and drank more than I thought possible. I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and tear his clothes off and spend the rest of the night, into the morning hours making love to him. Ivory kept glancing at Carlos and I could tell she was ready to get him back to her room as well, so I made the suggestion that we call it a night.

Doug and I said our goodnights to Carlos and Ivory in the hall and went into our room. Before the door even closed, he had me in his arms, his lips on mine as his fingers began unzipping my dress. It fell to the floor as I removed his tie before working the buttons on his shirt. As much as I wanted to just rip it from his body, I also wanted to take my own sweet time, teasing and tasting him. My tongue traced each new exposed area of skin as I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed his jacket and shirt off his broad shoulders. With my heels still on, I could reach most of him with my mouth. My fingers splayed across his chest, tangling in his chest hair as I moved behind him and paid lip service to his back. My hands trailed down to his waistband and I slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled them from his hips, my mouth and tongue still following the path of his clothes. I nibbled the backs of his knees and moved around in front of him again as I slowly licked my way up the front of his thighs. His cock was throbbing and seemed to be searching for the warmth of my mouth, but I only placed a small kiss on the head of it before standing up and wrapping my arms around his neck. His tongue sought mine as we moved toward the bed and he gently pushed me down against the pillows. He bent to remove my heels and began kissing his way up my body from my ankles. Each time his lips touched my skin, shivers ran through my body like an electrical current. By the time he had his lips on my neck, I was so wet and ready for him to be inside of me, I was begging him 'please'.

Slowly, with his right knee, he pushed my legs apart and began to enter me. Ever so gently and slowly, he slid his cock deep into my velvety wetness and then just as slowly, he pulled all the way back out. His eyes never left mine as he repeated this a few times, knowing he was driving me insane. I couldn't take it anymore; I pushed at his shoulders and rolled him over onto his back. Bending over him, I lowered my mouth to his cock and took him deep into my mouth, tasting myself on him. His hands wound in my hair as he moaned in pleasure. I licked and sucked him, swirling my tongue around every part of his rock hard manhood. I looked up to see him watching me as I rolled his balls around in my left hand as my right hand sought out my own wetness. Slipping two fingers over my hardened clit and into my pussy, I pulled them out and slid my middle finger back to his ass. Slowly, I circled it around before pushing it in just a bit and eliciting a low groan from him. His hands tugged at my hair, trying to pull me away from his cock, so slowly, I let it slide from my lips. He moved his hands to my tits and his thumbs circled my erect nipples and I slid up his body, positioning my hips just over his. Like a magnet, his cock sought my opening and in an instant, he was filling me again. We made love for an hour, slow and sensual, sharing many kisses and he brought me to countless orgasms before joining me with his own. The sunlight was peeking through the curtains as we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Saturday was beautiful. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, and I woke up to a smiling Doug offering me Starbucks. Ahhh, that orgasm in a cup as I call it. He must have gotten up a while ago, he was showered and shaved and dressed for the day. I sat up and leaned against the headboard and took my Triple Venti Caramel Macchiato from him with a 'thank you'. He had a news channel on again. I don't know how the man does it, but he is a news junkie! He settled down next to me on the bed and pulled a sack from the floor. Inside were Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera. This had to be too good to be true. Again, I thanked him and sat back to enjoy my breakfast in bed. We ate and drank in silence, him watching the news and me watching him. Every once in a while, he'd glance over and smile, and I would melt in his eyes.

I finished my coffee and headed for the shower. I had no idea what today had in store, but decided since we were going out later, I'd wait to spend a lot of time on my hair, so I just piled it loosely on top of my head and applied some light makeup. I dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a cream-colored tank with a short-sleeved, denim, button down, shirt over the top. Just as I was finishing up, I heard Ivory come into the room. I came out of the bathroom and walked up behind her and kissed her lightly on the neck. Doug's eyes just about popped out of his head as Ivory turned and kissed me full on the lips. I smiled up at her knowing that our day of fun and fantasy fulfillment had just begun.

Our day was spent in DC; we went to the International Spy Museum and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. What an amazing time we had! The day seemed to fly by and before I knew it, we were headed back to the hotel to get ready for our evening out. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Doug told us to pack up our things before we left; he had already checked us out of the hotel. I looked at him quizzically, but he only smiled and said "it's a surprise baby, don't worry about it."

We packed our suitcases and got ready for the evening. Ivory and I in our matching black dresses and Doug looking amazing as always, we headed down to meet Carlos at the car. Our luggage had already been loaded and Doug opened a bottle of champagne as we pulled away from our hotel. We drove for 2 hours, our surprise for the evening...a night in Atlantic City. I should have known! We pulled up to Bally's and our luggage was unloaded and taken right up to our room. With Ivory on his left arm and me on his right, Doug escorted us into "Prime Place" for dinner. We ordered wine and steaks and both Ivory and I had a hand on each one of his thighs. We ran our fingernails up and down the inside of each thigh while watching him squirm a bit in his seat.

After dinner, we went into the Blue Martini for drinks and a bit of the live entertainment where our teasing of him continued. Ivory winked at me as she leaned over and kissed the left side of his neck while at the same time, I moved my hand further up his inner thigh and sucked his right earlobe into my mouth.

"Yeah," he slowly exhaled, "it's time to gamble."

Ivory and I laughed as we followed him to the casino. He wanted to play Blackjack, we decided just to stand a bit behind him and watch for a while. We placed a hand on each of his shoulders and began a quiet conversation of just how we thought the rest of the night should go. I could tell that Doug was having a little trouble concentrating, listening to us flirt with each other, talking about exploring each other's bodies and I leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"Don't worry baby, we won't start without you. But we will let you enjoy your game for a while before we drag you up to the room to have our way with you."

"Yes please," he growled as he pulled me in for a kiss.

"Don't leave me out of this," Ivory said as she leaned in for one too.

She and I sauntered off to the slot machines and to plot out the rest of the evening. We had great luck at the slot machines and spent a couple of hours out of Doug's way and so we could figure out each move for the night. We laughed a lot and our nervousness about what lay ahead started to dissipate. It was time to set the wheels in motion, so we sashayed our way back to Doug's side and I bent to his ear and whispered,

"Time to go up to the room baby, we have a surprise for you."

"What if I am not ready? What if I say no?" he inquired in his sweet smart-ass tone.

"Believe me, you're ready and you don't want to say no," I said with a smile.

With Ivory on his left arm, and me on his right, we made our way to the room. The minute we got inside, I rifled through my suitcase and produced a pair of handcuffs as Ivory seated Doug, and then I cuffed him to the chair.

"What the fuck?" he started...

"Shhh, baby," I silenced him with a kiss. "Trust me."

Ivory turned on some music and we began to dance. Slowly at first, lightly touching each other, placing small kisses on each other's necks and lips. I was watching Doug's reaction out of the corner of my eye. His eyes were wide and he was taking it all in. The music changed to a faster song and Ivory moved behind him as I straddled his legs and began to dance for him. Ivory's voluptuous breasts were swaying against the back of his neck and she leaned closer to run her fingernails up and down my bare arms. I felt a slight stirring underneath me and knew that he was enjoying this so far. But, we had only just begun and as the music changed again, Ivory moved behind me and started to pull my dress up over my head. She bent and kissed my shoulders and I reached back to grab her by the hair and pulled her face closer as my tongue snaked out and between her lips. This elicited a nice groan from Doug and it made me grin. I was now completely naked except for the heels and I turned around and seated myself right against his hardening cock and reached for Ivory's dress and pulled it from her. I was grinding my ass into his lap and Ivory was dancing closer to me. I leaned forward a bit to grab her right nipple between my teeth. My hands went to her waist and I started running my fingernails up and down her side as I sucked one nipple and then the other.

She pulled me to my feet as the music slowed once more and we slow danced, our naked bodies rubbing against each other as Doug, still cuffed to the chair, could only watch. Ivory and I kissed, our tongues entwined, lingering kisses throughout the song, one hand wrapped in each other's hair, the other hand roaming each other's backs. I felt the wetness seeping between my legs and could barely stand on shaking legs. The song ended and Ivory went over to Doug and uncuffed him. As he stood, his hands immediately went to her large tits and he bent his head for a taste of them. She took him by the hand and we led him into the bedroom, where once again, I cuffed him to a chair beside the bed.

Ivory reached into her suitcase and totally shocked the shit out of me as she pulled out a double dildo. If I thought I was shocked, you should have seen the look on his face!! In her other hand was another surprise, a small whip. She cracked it in the air and grinned at me with her back to Doug.

"On the bed babydoll!" she ordered me.

I climbed onto the bed and she lightly flicked the whip across my thighs.

"Spread them, open your wet pussy to your Mistress," she demanded.

I glanced over at Doug as I placed a foot on each side of the bed, my knees slightly bent. I could see his hard cock straining against his pants. I was so relieved to notice that he was enjoying this, because I was nervous as hell. I couldn't believe the role Ivory had taken on, knowing how nervous she was as well, but I was impressed and very turned on. She began by running her hands up the insides of my thighs, her lips followed, sending shivers right through the core of me. First she paid attention to my right leg, then my left, then moved to my hips and stomach. Her pendulous breasts were against my thighs, her nipples were hard, and her mouth was warm and moist as she moved up to my breasts. While she licked and nibbled one nipple, her fingers pulled and rolled the other. I gasped and she silenced me with a kiss before sliding back down the length of me and first touched my quivering pussy with a slight touch of her hand.

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