tagBDSMYours for the Evening Ch. 02

Yours for the Evening Ch. 02


'You look beautiful,' you say to me. I see you turn around to face me and your eyes search mine, amused. 'Now I will show you my house, Anari, and you will calmly follow me inside, hiding nothing of yourself.' Your eyes find mine and hold them there for longer than necessary. I hear my heart thud in my chest.

'Oh God,' I whisper to you, 'what if anyone sees me?'

'Perhaps they won't,' you say and you get out of your car, slamming the door shut, leaving me inside. You walk around to my door and open it wide.

I take a deep breath and stand up proudly, accepting my fate, shivering once more in the cold night air. If anyone is going to see they are going to see. It's too late to worry about that now. The sound of your car doors locking makes me jump and I follow you to your front door.

Before I know what's happening, you pull me against the front door and kiss me slowly, lingeringly. Your tongue teases mine before deepening the kiss. The first we've shared. It leaves me breathless. You feel me sigh and my body melts against yours.

'I am going to take many liberties with you tonight, IF you cross that doorstep, Anari,' you say. Those eyes now bore into mine, watching and waiting.

My hair is blowing in the slight breeze outside and frames my face. My lust-filled eyes give my acceptance away, though, and you know it. I nod at you. I see you smile before you slap my face gently. It makes my flesh tingle and heat, making me moan.

'The door is open, little woman of my dreams,' you say to me. 'What's it to be? Will you enter?' Those eyes are smiling at me.

I do nothing for a moment. Then I smile myself, before entering your home, looking at you over my shoulder, unable to drag my eyes away from you for a second. Your hand slaps my ass hard, making me jump and catch my breath in surprise. I feel the stinging heat of the slap go through me, making that traitorous body of mine wetter still.

'Kneel and taste my cock,' you say to me. This focuses my attention immediately, especially because you haven't even closed the front door yet. I war with myself again, but I feel myself drop to my knees, naked, before you and begin unfastening your trousers with deft, impatient fingers and lips that want to taste and savour you. My tongue swirls around my glossy lips, making them wet.

Your eyes stare down at the vision I present before you, while your fingers turn on the light. You see delicate breasts and pert nipples peaking for your attention and a rapid pulse beating a tattoo in my neck.

I watch your cock spring free from its constraints before me and my eyes widen in appreciation. 'Beautiful,' I say. My tongue pokes out and licks at the tip, in a light upward stroke, watching your cock jump before me as I do, a smile playing at my lips.

'Do you think you can take this cock anywhere I wish to put it tonight, my slut?' Your face looks enquiringly at mine, demanding an answer.

'Anywhere,' I whisper with wantonness and begin stroking my tongue up and down the length of your cock. To my satisfaction you groan in lust and delight, and I hear you close the front door.

'Then you will have to take my desire and wrath before it really enters you.' Your words echo against the walls. I am focusing my attention on lathering your cock with my saliva, licking and sucking its length and girth. I then close my lips over the head, sucking gently before I feel you take hold of my hair and force my mouth down upon it, pushing your cock deep into my mouth, several times. You hear me moan in appreciation, feeling my mouth filled to bursting with its thickness, then sighing in abandon as I feel you fucking my face, with hard strokes.

Your fingers entwine in my hair tightly and pull me off your cock, hearing me make a loud yelp as you do so, still tasting you on my lips and licking them. You take my hands and interlock them with yours, leading me forward.

'Come here, little lady,' you say to me, 'First I wish to have you in my kitchen.'

I smile at that and feel my fingers tightly gripped in yours, watching as you lead me into the kitchen, to the table.

'Sit on the edge of my table here,' you indicate, 'and spread those legs wide for me.' I groan and hurry to obey. 'Touch your clit for me.' I groan even louder and happily do your bidding. 'I will be right back,' you say and I watch you disappear into the lounge. Wondering what you are doing, I sit on the kitchen table and spread my legs as wide as I can, displaying myself for your return, beginning to finger my clit in small circles. My clit swells underneath my fingers. I watch you come back into the room carrying a whip and some rope. My eyes widen at that a little nervously.

'You did say anything, didn't you?' you ask me again with a teasing grin. 'Yes I did,' I reply wondering how I get myself into these situations. I walked into your house agreeing to just about anything at all. I bite my lip down on the protest that would have ensued.

'Tonight I will take as well as please, little Anari.'

'Yes,' I whisper quietly, worriedly. 'Now lie back, hands above your head, legs spread.' The command spurs me to action and I obey instantly, feeling your hands pull me to the edge of the table, so that my pussy is displayed for you.

'I like you like that,' you tell me. 'Very available for fucking and licking.'

I can't help but shiver at those words, seeing you move around me and begin to tie me up. My body is on fire for you, infused with heat. 'Spread you legs a bit more for me,' you order. 'Mmmm good,' you respond as you see me comply. 'I love having you like this, Anari.' Your eyes catch mine and smile that familiar smile.

I groan and spread my legs wider, as wide as they will go, feeling you tie my splayed legs one by one to the table legs.

'Place your arms above you, Anari. Stretch them for me.' It's another command which I instantly obey, straining those arms of mine taut. I watch you tie them to the table legs as well. Now I hear you moan. 'God you look hot.' That deep voice of yours makes my body melt. How do you do that, I wonder?

You sit down then, between my legs, staring at my pussy. I can't help but moan, feeling my limbs stretched tightly and your attention focused on me.

'What's this?' you say, now focusing your attention on my face. 'You look so wet, so lovely and so very excited and I haven't even touched you yet.'

That just serves to make me more aroused, feeling so wet and needful, desperate to have you inside me.

'Perhaps,' you pause teasingly, 'you would like me to taste you? Perhaps you'd like my tongue just here,' and you gently touch my clit with your finger, watching my body writhe in its bonds. 'Or maybe here,' and the finger moves down to my asshole, taunting me. In any event my body betrays itself, for it is instantly ready for you and I moan loudly.

'Yes. Yes please,' I say desperately, feeling my pulse beat a rapid path all over my body, my breathing increasing in the heightened state of arousal I find myself in.

'Oh God, yes,' I answer once more in affirmation.

Maddeningly yet again you smile at me and lean down, only inches away from pussy. I can feel your hot breath upon my pussy lips, teasing me insensibly. My body rises up off the table and you hear me whimper, my eyes pleading with you, wanting to feel your tongue upon me.

'As you've only just met me, perhaps you would not want this on a first meeting?' You touch my clit once more unbearably gently with your finger, stroking it so lightly, that it is utter torment. But I can see the look in your eyes, sparkling with lust and am reassured.

'Oh God, I want this and so badly,' I whisper. My eyes stare at yours, hoping fervently you don't mean those words you've just uttered.

Before I've had too much time to think upon it, though, I see you brandishing the whip before me. I'd nearly forgotten about its presence. The reminder is quick, though, as you flick it down upon my open pussy, painfully hard. My body jerks upright in response and my arms and legs strain against the ropes securing me to the table, letting out a pained yell. My mind reels with a red, pain-filled haze. The feeling it produces is fire spreading through my body, fire and heat. Immediately after the pain though, you lean down and thrust your tongue into me, tasting me. What can I do but moan out in lust, as your tongue artfully soothes the pain away, making my body respond once more to you in desperate need.

Then you stop and look at me intently, those deep blue eyes boring into mine.

'I've dreamed of having someone like you at my mercy,' you direct at me. The whip rises once more and you use it to slap me across my stomach.

I whimper again, my body tensing, a little scared of you. It is still desperately, madly on fire for you. Then I feel the whip come down upon my right breast. I yell out once more in pain, my breath driven from my body, as I close my eyes a moment to adjust to it. But then once more, I feel your tongue return to my body, fucking my pussy rapidly. I know that I am more desperate for relief now than I have ever been in my life. You stop once more, standing above me, looking down at the pretty picture I make lying there, tied helplessly and with red imprints of the whip embedded into my flesh.

'Tonight you will not cum without permission. It would end your experience here immediately.' Your voice has an edge to it and I do not mistake the threat. My body arches off the table in protest and I can only shudder. You pause, though, and it is obvious you are awaiting my response.

'Yes. I will not cum without your permission.' My voice is laboured as my breathing is hard. For I already know I do not want this to end prematurely.

'What are you, my dear, letting a stranger do this to you?' The wicked grin in your eyes drives me wild.

'I am doing this,' I respond, 'because you have made me feel more desire, more want, more lust than anyone else has, ever in my life before.' I feel you slap my open pussy again and feel my body shoot up again, jerking at my ropes. It quells my desire, but only slightly.

'Soon, little Anari,' you say, 'you will feel my tongue teasing you everywhere. I will take what I want... what you will give... and more.' Those eyes of yours tell me you are not lying. Then you lean down and suck in my clit, your tongue flicking on it wonderfully, exciting me unbearably.

'Now I asked you what you were, letting a stranger do this to you?' Your eyes hold mine in their gaze.

My moaning continues, feeling myself on the edge of release, your tongue firing up all kinds of delightful sensations within me.

'I am your slut. Your slut for the evening, to do with as you please.' The words ring true in my mind even as I say them. They make me go weak, the thought of surrendering my body to your whim. My breathing is harsh and ragged now and the words spill out of my mouth brokenly, waiting for your next move.

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