tagBDSMYours For Two Hours Ch. 01

Yours For Two Hours Ch. 01

bysteve w©

It’s a simple enough arrangement. I’ll be your rape-slut for two hours.

My boyfriend doesn’t like it. He doesn’t trust you. Even though you’re his brother. He thinks you’ll fuck me up. He thinks you’re a nasty, sick, abusive little bastard who’ll turn me into a stretched-out whore. But that’s why I want it.

He’s in the house somewhere, stopwatch at the ready. The two hours kick in when the doorbell goes. He thinks he’s going to rush in when the time is up, and save me like some damsel in distress. He just doesn’t get it. He’s going to be history. I’m checking you out as an alternative.

You ring the bell. My breath is short already, little half-breaths that don’t suck in enough air. I’m naked, as you instructed. I’m shaved, as you instructed. I’m silent, as you instructed. I open the door.

You look me up and down, that half-leer, half-smile on your boyish face. The one you wore when you first met me. Like my boyfriend wasn’t good enough for me, even though he was your blood. You were right. That smile that he says women hate, because they think you’ll be an arrogant little shit. The smile women love, because they know you’ll be an arrogant little shit.

You step inside and close the door. Your hand reaches out and touches my cheek. Such a soft, gentle touch. Such a cruel hoax. It grabs my throat, tightly. The air is half cut-off as you push me – by the throat – up against the wall. Our only contact is your hand, my sexy throat. And our eyes locked together.

You keep choking me, looking at the mix of lust and pain in my eyes. A look you’ll get used to. You push me down slightly, so your head is over mine. Then you let a long, thick, white, creamy glob of spit roll from your mouth. It hangs just for a second, and falls onto my forehead. Your hand has me locked into position. All I can do is wait, choking, controlled, as it slides down my face. You lean in and lick it back into your mouth, denying me the kiss I crave. I’m sweating, but I don’t move. Nothing happens until you make it happen. I know that.

You whisper.

“Oh yeah…….you’re wasted on my little brother…….you’re too good to just fuck…..you’ve gotta get fucked UP….I’m gonna treat you real bad, baby……real bad…..just like you need.”

You step back. Our eyes still meet, the invisible cord unbroken. Your other hand reaches round my throat, just a little tighter than before. Still the only point of contact. You start to pull me, and I go limp, my arms by my sides, my legs lifeless. Just a ragged fuck-doll. You pull me forwards, dragging me along the corridor by my throat. Still I look straight at you. Nothing will happen unless you make it.

You stop at the sofa. Just a little smile at me. A “good slut so far” smile. You move in close and your hands release my throat. Your finger marks remain. You run your fingers though my hair, electrified to your touch. You grab a handful and yank my head back violently, pulling me back until I’m arched right over the back of the sofa, your hand still gripping my hair. You twist it, pulling it by the roots, making it hurt deliciously. I know this is the start of the hurt, but I’m ready. Your other hand slaps my tit, then twists it until my face screws up. Then your hands slide down my belly.

My breath is getting shorter. I want you in my cunt. Some way. Any way. Just want you in there. Stretching me, opening me, hurting me. Four fingers slide inside me. Real easy. You smile again as I open my legs for you – the first voluntary thing I’ve done.

“Yeah…open up you little whore….just like I knew you would…..knew you’d take it like this… knew your holes would be wide open……Lets see how far you can go.”

You kiss me, a delicious rush that overpowers all other sensations. Your tongue, dancing with mine. I can feel you spitting inside my mouth as we kiss, then your teeth biting my lip as you pull away. I’m left open-mouthed, wanting more. Always more.

You look into my eyes as your whole fist goes inside me. I can feel it coming. My cunt welcomes it, wants it. Your hand is too big, way too big for a little eighteen-year-old cunt to take. That’s why I love it. It’s too big. I have to stretch, to hurt, to offer myself, just to get it in. It goes in anyway. I bite my lip at the pain, but I move my hips on it to get it deeper. You twist your hand, rotate it around inside me, moving my cunt juice around until it coats your hand. An invisible, perfect membrane holding your fist up my cunt. I grab your wrist and try to push your fist deeper.

“uh huh…that’s it baby….get my fist deeper…..get off on the hand-rape baby……’cause this is fucking nothing……this is playing with you…….this is getting a bitch like you started……once you start cumming, you’ll be begging me to do this all night…..fucking begging……take it…take it some more….”

It’s true, and you’re right. I can feel the cum rising, burrowing through my whole body as you pull my cunt from the inside, turning your hand to and fro as my body rocks with every inch you move. I’m totally impaled, and totally fucking loving it. You lean forward and spit on my face. I leave it there, so you spit again. I just want it on my face, baby. Just want your humiliating spit all over me. Like you don’t know that already. Like you didn’t know it from the first.

I’m screaming, screaming and begging for more. Screaming that I’ll do anything. That I’ll eat your shit, fucking anything, just keep fisting my cunt.

Which is why you stop.

In a second your fist is gone, and my cum, so goddammed close, just bubbles beneath the surface. Inches, seconds, from release. You fucking bastard. Wasn’t I good enough? Didn’t I deserve to cum? But I already knew the answer, didn’t I? If I wanted that cum, that monumental moment skewered on an orgasm, I’d have to work fucking harder than that, wouldn’t I? Oh yeah, I would……

You release my hair, and I topple back, until my head hits the sofa cushion. I’m on my back, or on my shoulders, with my fisted cunt up in the air. Waiting.

But you’re gone.

Fuck it, you’re gone. I can’t see you. I don’t move, so I only have a narrow field of vision. Are you just out of reach, laughing at this little teenage slut and her fisted little cunt? Or have you left totally? I wait. It must be minutes, but it seems longer. I try to count time but there’s nothing to get a handle on. No clues at all. I try counting it in my head but I can’t. All I can think about is getting you into me again. Any hole. Anyhow. Just fucking in me, raping me again. It’s all I can think about.

Then you’re back, with something in your hand. Something black, and long. You’re gripping it at the base, and it glistens in your hand.

“Knew I’d need this, darlin’. Just the one I wanted, too. Now…..you know why I didn’t let you cum, don’t you? Yeah……you’re smart, you know…..rules of the game, sweetie. You wanna cum, I gotta see some action I’ve never seen before. You’ve got to prove to me you’re the BEST rape-slut. You can start by taking this.”

You begin sliding the thing across my asshole. My sphincter twitches. It always does. Anything across my asshole gets me going. I can’t help it. It gets nailed so often, it just opens up any chance it gets. The thing is ice-cold – literally. I can see ice on it. You must have put it in the freezer, some time before. The thing slides into my ass about two inches. I gasp, and begin trying to work it in deeper. The cold feels like burning against my ass ring. Burning and freezing at the same time. It makes me twitch deep in my bowels – the thought of getting fucked up with, effectively, a piece of ice. Upside down, I can’t get any fucking traction, and you won’t help. You just hold it there. I’m supposed to fucking do this for myself, I know that. Rape yourself, little girl, that’s what you’re telling me. And I want to. I soooo fucking want to. Not just for you. But because it’s the hottest way to get off.

I try to grab the thing to force it in, but you slap my hand away.

“Nooooo little whore….no fucking way.”

You lean over and spit on me again.

“There IS a way, but you gotta work it out. You want me to hurt you with this thing? You want to feel it scraping along your ass walls? Stretching you out? Freezing your shitty insides? Turn you into a little gaping bitch, huh? Want your shithole raped? Huh? Then fucking work it out, cunt.”

You knew me. You fucking knew me. How did you know? How did you see my soul like that?

I got it. I saw how I could get myself raped. I put my hands behind my head, onto the floor, and pushed up. You held steady, and the thing just ripped into my ass. My shitter caved in, and just LET that thing inside me. All the fucking way. Deeper, deeper. Until I felt your hand against my ass.

Oh Christ, what the fuck WAS that thing? I could feel it massaging my ass as you turn it. Rippling against my ass walls, just like you’d said. Anaesthetised by the cold, fired by the friction, at the same fucking time. You’re evil, you’re sick, you’re as nasty and fucked up as me for even thinking of abusing me like this. Oh Jesus, it was setting fireworks off. You couldn’t stop this one. No fucking way. Even if you’d wrenched it out, I’d still have cum. A stupendous, head-to-toe, blood ripping, all-out, screaming cum. I fucking howled, the scream beginning deep in my chest and going until I ran out of air. Oh shit, what a fucking rush.

And after that, the pride. Fuck you, man. You didn’t want this little whore to get off, but I did it anyway. I got that fucking thing up my ass myself. I made you rape me with it. Didn’t I?

You grin, still holding the thing. Then you start moving it. Up and down, in and out of my rapidly stretching asshole. Oh God, it’s fucking unbelievable. I’ve melted the ice with the heat of my ass, and now I’m left with the size. It’s tearing my ass apart, it’s gonna fucking turn it inside out. Oh shit, oh I fucking love this. This is what I should live for. To get treated like this – mistreated like this – every fucking hour of every fucking day. Oh shit, I just wanna get raped like this all the time. I wanna be a stretched out little gape slut for you, baby. You’re going to do anything you want to my fuckholes, and that’s goooood. Just as long as you’re nasty, and MAKE me do it.

“oh yeah….fucking take this shit, baby….fucking take it…..yeah…stretch that fucking ass open….oh yeah….your shit’s gonna fucking fall out for a week when I’ve finished with your crapper, baby…….yeah…take some more…..”

You pull it out suddenly and I know I’m gaping. I know I’m fucking wide open for you, and you can see inside my shithole. I can feel the cool air rushing in, melting against my insides. My ravaged ass feels like it will never close. Then I feel your fingers digging into my butt, and I know what you’re gonna do. I speak for the first time.

“Rape my ass with your fist, darling.”

It’s such an intimate word I finish with. Not a fuck-word. Not a slam-me-against-the-wall word. Not a slut-word. But is that a look of love or lust I see in you? Because for all my desire to get hurt, to get raped by a guy who can do it right, I need it to be love.

Your fist just fucking slides in there. Like my ass was made for your hand to be inside it. Like your hand was made for me. Like I was designed for fist-rape games like this. And I believe that I was.

You do my ass even harder than you did my cunt. I can feel your wrist muscles up against my sphincter as you rotate your hand inside my shitter. It feels fucking painful, fucking sick, and fucking delicious, all melted into one. The only place we’re joined is inside my ass.

You grab my hand and pull me up. Ooooohhhh fuuuuccckkk. Your hand’s still piledriving my ass, and the new sensation of sitting on it, instead of underneath it, just sends me into overdrive again. My cunt juice is dripping onto your hand. Now you’re fisting up into my ass, instead of down into it. Your hand feels even bigger, my ass feels even tighter, and the whole thing hurts even more. Thank God. Because I loooove the pain you’re driving into my shithole. I’m never going to forget this ass-rape of yours, baby. This is an all-time high.

You pick up the black thing and shove it at my mouth. The first push gets it about four inches in, and I retch and gag on it. I taste the rubber, and the sweet, sweet taste of my own ass. I know you’re gonna feed me your fist when you’ve done wrecking my ass, and I know I’m gonna lick every inch clean for you. This thing gets forced down my throat second time around. I’m gagging, but still putting out my throat for you. My throat is so fucking sexy, especially when it’s choking. I’m struggling for breath but still it goes down deeper. When I feel your knuckle against my spit-covered face, I know I’ve done it. You keep pushing your hand up into my asshole, making my shitter scream for release – and for more. I’m cumming like a motherfucker for you, over and over, one melting into another in a sensation overload. I feel like I’ll never come down off this. This perfect fuck.

You pull out of my ass, slowly, watching, as fascinated as me by my amazingly stretched ass. I can see it’s still gaping. Good. I want it like that. I want it stretched so it can take your fucking fist every day. All day. Or anything else you want to fucking ram up there, baby. Watching TV, driving the car, eating dinner. Just as long as you keep abusing me like this. ‘Cause this is what I’m born for.

You hold up your hand like it’s a trophy. Which it is. That beautiful weapon that just abused my ass, turned me into a shit-gaping little slut. I lick it clean, savouring the juice, the sweat. All of it. Because it came out of my ass, and because you treated me like crap to get at it.

You push me over the sofa, and I fall backwards onto the floor. Next to me is that black thing. I can see it now. A big, big, heavily ribbed black dildo. Without using my hands, I lick it clean from a crawling position. Mmmmmmm. Tastes like my shithole. Tastes fucking good.

From this position, with her head on the floor and her gaped asshole up, this well-raped little teenager can see she’s got 100 minutes to go…….

It’s a li’l bit new, so I really need feedback, girls & guys!!!! Am I on the right track, here? Let me know. I always reply to feedback!

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by Anonymous02/22/18

Its a good story but i think its in the wrong category to be honest. It needs more orders and bondage and sub dom control to be bdsm where as this touches it a little but is more about anal x

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