tagFetishYouthful Endowments Beauty Spa Ch. 01

Youthful Endowments Beauty Spa Ch. 01


"You're going to love this place."

Carina just nodded at Libby from the passenger-side seat of the car. She was a little apprehensive about where they were going. Libby had finally invited her as a guest at the Youthful Endowments Beauty Spa, a private women-only spa run by a very unusual and ambiguous woman who went by the name of Lady Evelyn. Not much was known precisely about the spa, only that it was somewhat unusual and that its clientele was often rather tight-lipped in discussing the nature of the services.

"I've been a member here for a little over a year, and I think you'll find this place to be very enjoyable," said Libby.

"Uh huh," replied Carina absentmindedly, gazing out of the window of Libby's car at the passing trees as they drove down a somewhat secluded road toward their destination. Carina still didn't know what to think about what she was getting into; she'd been to spas before, but not such an exclusive place as this one. She didn't know much about this particular establishment, only what she had heard from some rather odd rumours. She was beginning to wonder whether she had somehow been conned into coming to the meeting of some sort of insular socialite society or neo-feminist cult.

"Right, here we are," said Libby, much to the surprise of Carina, who hadn't noticed that they had even pulled into a parking lot. Once Libby pulled into a parking space near the entrance, Carina got out to be greeted by the sight of a large and somewhat spartan single-floor blue-and-white building with a large and elaborately decorated sign bearing the name "Youthful Endowments Beauty Spa" on one side of a stone path leading to the main entrance. As they walked toward the building, they passed a charming series of small fountains and flowerbeds that lined the lawn on either side of the path. Libby pulled one of the dark green glass doors open and motioned into the building.

"After you," she said to Carina with a grin.

Carina stepped into the entry hall, a foyer of sorts, and was dumbfounded by what she saw. Sharply contrasting the nearly pallid exterior of the complex, the reception area was vibrant, well-lit masterpiece that bespoke a genuine sense of taste in whoever designed the area. Brass lamps and paintings of landscapes lined the walls, which led up from the finely red carpeted floor to a richly vaulted dome ceiling with a chandelier hanging from its apex. The chairs for the waiting area were made of well-polished oak, padded with cushions made of green suede, and the receptionist's desk was equally elaborate, with strips of carved floral patterning embedded into its edges.

"Geez," said Carina, trying to keep her mouth from hanging open, "this place is ritzy, huh?"

"I told you," said Libby. "This place has some real class."

"Can I help you?"

Carina displaced the sheer impact of the place that she had just entered as they both turned to the receptionist, a thin young blonde woman who looked as though she was barely much older than eighteen, likely to be an intern. However, the first thing that Carina noticed about her was that she was clad only in an extremely scant silver bikini that almost literally looked as though it was made entirely out of dental floss, barely managing to cover the nipples of what looked to be a pair of size C breasts. At first glance, Carina thought that she was actually totally naked.

"Oh, Miss Libby!" she said in a chipper voice accompanied by a pleasant smile to Libby. "So nice to see you again. Who's this with you?"

"Hi Ingrid, this is Carina; she's here as my guest today."

"Oh yes, that's right. Hello and welcome to the Youthful Endowments Beauty Spa, miss Carina."

"Thanks," said Carina with a timid smile, trying to resist the urge to see if the bottom part of Ingrid's bikini was as tiny as the top.

"So, what'll you be enjoying here today?"

"We'll be having the full service," replied Libby. "Beauty treatment, exercise access, you name it."

"Alright then, that sounds good," said Ingrid, typing at her computer. "Just one moment."

With that, Ingrid stood up to get one out of a large assortment of folders from the wall behind her, which was long enough for Carina to notice that Ingrid's bikini was indeed a matching set. The extremely small and thin strip of cloth on her groin was just barely enough to cover her intimate areas; half a millimetre less would've been directly revealing. Suffice to say, anyone could see that she was fully waxed in that part of her body. The back of her bikini bottoms was an articulated V-shape, with the waist straps simply curving downward to disappear between her buttocks. The straps in question were so thin that from behind, in the right light, it looked like she was completely and utterly naked.

"Right, here we go," she said, flipping through the folder and shuffling a few papers before looking back up at Carina and Libby. "Okay, the main part of the spa and exercise areas is through the locker room at the end of the hall here. I'm sure Miss Libby will show you around. Both of you enjoy your time here!"

They both smiled and thanked her, with Carina, still a little confused by Ingrid's attire, following in step with Libby.

"Well," said Carina, "she seems nice."

"Yeah, she's a real sweetheart. She actually started working here just before I joined. She had a bit of a clumsy start, but as you see she's great with people."

Carina just nodded as they walked into the locker rooms, a typical affair of cerulean steel lockers lined with ordinary wooden benches all along a pleasingly midnight green tiled wall with a complementing viridian floor. The room was lit with a series of muted fluorescent lights, and a faint scent of vanilla hung in the air. Libby stopped at her locker and turned to Carina.

"The guest lockers are over there, at the end. The toilets, sinks, and showers are on the other side of that wall, in case you're wondering."

"Okay," said Carina, who walked toward one of the lockers at the end which were a plain grey instead of the cerulean colour of the member's lockers. She found one that wasn't marked with an "occupied" flag, opened it, and started disrobing. Totally unabashed due to her experiences with locker rooms, she wasted no time in removing every piece of clothing and jewellery from her body and neatly arranging them in her locker. However, she searched her locker and a couple of others, somewhat confused.

"Uh, Libby?" She said. "Isn't there supposed to be a towel or robe or something in here?" Just as she finished saying this, she looked up to see Libby walking toward her, completely naked, her breasts bouncing slightly with each step.

"No need, hon," she replied with a grin. "It's girls-only here."

"Yeah, but..."

"Oh come on, it's a beauty spa. We're concerned about our treating our bodies well here, not covering them up. Besides, everyone here is nude. Don't worry, it's not like your skin is going to dry out or anything."

Carina just shrugged off her friend's facetious remarks. "Alright, whatever." Carina was actually becoming a little more interested in the oddities of this place, which made it all the more easier to swallow her pride and join her friend, totally naked, as they headed toward the entrance to the actual spa. Both of the 20-year-old's bodies were fairly well-toned for girls of their age, due to their mutual interests in exercise and keeping fit. Carina had smooth, creamy skin, and short blonde hair that barely fell past her ears. Her breasts were full and supple, just barely managing to conform to size D cups. Libby stood a little taller and had mildly toned skin and long dark brown hair that fell straight down her back. Her breasts were larger than Carina's, a perky pair of size E's. They both had fairly thin bodies with pleasantly small and tight butts. Unique to Carina's body was the very sparse and wispy layer of "peach fuzz" that covered her entire intimate areas, which, in all practicality, made her essentially naturally hairless. Libby, on the other hand, sported a full Brazilian wax that made her lower body appear identical to Carina in terms of hair.

Carina, steeling herself into a very brazen attitude about being fully nude in a slightly public area, fearlessly walked with her friend from the locker room, although she did still feel slightly nervous. As they exited the locker room, they entered into another hallway, instantly greeted by a set of directional signs. One, labelled "Facial and Body Treatments" pointed to their left down the hall, whereas two others, labelled "Sport Centre" and "Cafeteria" respectively, pointed the other direction.

"Let's see," said Libby ponderously, "what do you think, should we get started with the face and body treatment?"

"Yeah, that sounds great," replied Carina, figuring it would be nice to freshen up before anything else.

"Alright, this way." They went left down the hallway, continuing for a short distance until they reached a door at the end. Libby led Carina straight through the door, where they were greeted by a woman with long black hair in her late 20's, also fully nude, save for a pair of green arm bands with the letters "YEBS" printed in gold on them.

"Ah, Miss Liba," said the woman with a friendly nod. "Back among us again, and I see you've brought a friend."

"Yep," said Libby. "This is Carina; she's my guest, for now."

"Hello, Miss Carina."

"Hi," said Carina, who couldn't help admiring the woman's rather muscular body.

"So, what can we do for you two today?"

"We'll be having the full treatment today."

"Very good, we'll get you started with a facial and some nail treatment then." She motioned toward a door behind her. "Just through there. You'll be attended to momentarily."

They nodded and continued as directed through the door into a small, comfortably lit room with midnight blue walls and some evenly placed laurentii plants. In the centre of the room was a pair of green, thickly-padded chaise lounges. They both laid down on them, waiting for their respective attendants. Before long, a pair of brunettes, wearing the same (lack of) attire as the woman who greeted them a few moments ago, and carrying bags of manicure/pedicure equipment walked in.

"Hi," said one of them. "I'm Cindy, and this is Angela. We'll be doing your nails today."

Following Cindy and Angela was a pair of tanned, muscular men, both sporting very large erections. Carina suddenly felt slightly panic-stricken when she saw them.

"Uhhhh, I thought you said this was women-only?"

"It is," replied Libby. "These are the masseurs."

Carina looked back at the two men, and sure enough, they were both wearing the same green armbands as everyone else. As Angela got to work on her nails, one of them walked up to Carina and pointed his enormous sixteen-inch penis straight at her face.

"Uh, Libby?" she said, glancing at her friend and feeling rather awkward at this point.

"Close your eyes and relax," Libby assured her. "Just trust me."

Carina, a little overwhelmed by what was going on, nodded, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. After a moment, she could feel a hot, gooey substance hit her face. It took her a second to realise exactly what was happening at she felt her face continuing to be thickly covered by the man's semen. More and more of the hot gooey cum coated her face in a torrent of long, voluminous spurts, until she felt that every single inch of her face was covered with a heavy layer of spunk. When it was over, she could feel a pair of fingers wiping away bits of stray cum from her eyelids, after which she opened her eyes to see the man that just serviced her still standing in front of her, his cock still fully erect. His work concluded, he turned and left the room. Carina looked over at Libby, still being serviced by her masseur, who was vigorously pumping a huge load of jizz onto her face. The sheer volume that he was producing was as impressive as the huge, eighteen inch long by three-and-a-half inch wide cock that it was erupting from. Several more hot spurts gushed onto Libby's face, overwhelming her and beginning to thickly slop down from her chin and between her tits. This continued for a few more moments until her masseur was spent and there was a thick stream of cum running all the way down her body and ending in a slight pool at her vulva. Like the other masseur, her attendant wiped her eyes off, then turned and left as she laid back and gave a satisfied "Ahhhh..." Carina was so dumbfounded from everything that had been happening that she didn't notice that some of the cum from her masseur had dripped off of her face as well; she looked down and saw that her breasts were coated in a considerable layer of semen. Along with this, she had totally forgotten that her nails were being done. By the time she had assessed the situation, Angela had finished her pedicure in time with Cindy, who stood up with a grin.

"All done!" she said. "If you'll just wait a moment, we'll get your baths ready."

"Hey, can I get a towel?" asked Carina, looking down at her chest.

"Oh, you'll be fine honey. Also, try not to talk or move your face too much, or your facial treatment will crack when it dries."

With that, Cindy and Angela got up and left the room. Carina looked at her nails and noticed that Angela had done a very good job. The perfectly ordered trim that she had done was rather pleasing, and Carina thought that a good opera mauve polish would look rather nice on them. Cindy suddenly walked back in with a pair of towels as Carina was admiring the handiwork.

"Alright," she said. "They're almost ready. Come with me."

As Carina rose to her feet, Libby followed suit and stood right to attention, either not noticing or not caring that the puddle of cum on her front was splashing down along her thighs; Carina noticed that a few bits appeared to be dripping out of her pussy as well. They both followed Cindy, who led them out of the facial room and into the area where they first entered, then led them through another door. As they walked into the soaking room, Carina was greeted with another shocking sight. Around two rather deep soaking tubs were three masseurs each, their dicks completely erect and pumping huge loads of cum comparable to the amount that splattered Libby's face moments earlier straight into the tubs. Their swollen cocks mostly ranged between fourteen and eighteen inches in length, with one exception, which was a good twenty inches long. She was even more shocked to see that the tubs were almost completely full of hot jizz, the proud work of several virile men. The masseurs appeared to be about done, with most of them exhausting the last of their spunk and then turning to leave the room.

"Ah, here we are, almost done," said Cindy. "Wait, Matt, do you need a hand? Looks like your arms are getting tired."

Cindy walked over to the last remaining masseur, the one with the twenty inch cock, who was having trouble continuing to keep pumping his rod. Cindy stood next to him and took his massive pole into her hand and started jerking it furiously as she moved her other hand between his buttocks and stuck her fore and middle fingers all the way into his ass. The stream of cum pouring from his penis suddenly burst into a thick spray that flowed forcefully into the tub, causing the surface to bubble slightly. Once the last of his jizz, an amount that might've been capable of filling a wine bottle, drained into the tub, he thanked Cindy and turned to leave, his cock bouncing between his legs.

"No problem babe," she said with a wink, sucking her fingers and giving his firm, toned ass a loud slap. "Okay ladies, just hang on a second."

Cindy unfolded the towels and wrapped them around Carina and Libby's heads while they remained silent.

"Alright, you and your baths are ready. Get in whenever you feel like. I'll leave you to it. Enjoy!"

Libby simply walked over to her tub and lowered herself in until she was submerged in hot cock juice all the way up to her neck, causing her to elicit a delighted "Mmmm." At this point, all of Carina's inhibitions had been completely eliminated. She followed suit with Libby, walking over to her tub and lowering herself in. As her entire body was surrounded by the thick bath of steamy cum, she realised that the tubs were heated. She could feel the hot jizz ooze all over her, reaching every single crevice in her body, running between her toes and even into her pussy, stimulating her clitoris and causing her nipples to become erect. Carina felt very aroused yet relaxed, and the distinct scent of rose, undoubtedly from added oils, rising from the bath accentuated the sensation. If that was not calming enough, the sound of mellow Persian music playing in the background only served to increase the relaxing atmosphere.

"Did those guys completely fill these?" she suddenly asked.

"Nah," said Libby. "They have multiple teams to do this."

"So how big do these masseurs get, anyway? That guy Matt was hung like a whale."

"They all have to be at least twelve inches, but they've got at least a dozen guys that are twenty inches long, like Matt."

"Holy shit."

"Shhhhh," said Libby. "Your facial pack will crack. Just relax."

Carina didn't say another word, and just laid back with her eyes closed, breathing a contented sigh and enjoying the sensation of being in a well-heated tub full of spunk. After a little while, totally at peace with the world, Carina dozed off, secure in her bath of hot semen.

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