tagNonHumanYouthful Love Rekindled Ch. 01

Youthful Love Rekindled Ch. 01


Ishan looked in the mirror as he buttoned up his shirt. Tonight was the night he became next in line to lead the clan. A demon mixed with elven he could be considered cold at times but he also had a soft side very few had seen. His mind was racing not with millions of things but one thought in particular; his father had told Ishan he had a gift for Ishan that would make him very happy. However the last time Ishan experienced true unfettered happiness was in the arms of Katarina. It was four years, five months, and six days ago but who was counting? That April was the best in his life.

He remembered his father had business to handle and sent Ishan to the town of Tia Chin to stay with his grandmother for a bit. While there he met Katarina. She was beautiful in every way. He knew the moment his gaze meet those jaded eye she was special. They fell in love that April for the first time. He remembered the rain was pouring down much like tonight. She gave him a sly devilish in every way smile and lead him outside. She than gave him a catch me if you can look and took off. He chuckled to himself thinking about it now.

He remembered the way she ran through the fields outside his grandmother's home. She was free and at peace in those fields. The rain glistened off her silken skin. Her clothes were soaked and they clung to her perfect breasts. He could see she was wearing a purple bra with hearts on it and later that night he would find she had the matching panties on too. He finally caught up to her pulling her into his hard body and that wasn't all that was hard. She must have known it because she grinded her arse against him and giggled seductively. Suddenly a voice called them to come in before they caught a cold.

Sitting by the fire, in robes of satin he held her close to him. He ran his hand up her thigh gingerly, causing tremors to run through her body. The succulent purr that came from those full lips of hers made him want her at that very moment. He held back as she arched with his touch. He was learning her body quickly. He freed the tie of her robe letting it fall open with the next arch of her back. He slid his free hand over her breast and began massaging it. As he teased her nipple she whispered, "Oh god, Ishan yes." His fingers slid in to her pussy finding it wet and wanting more. However a voice coming in brought him back to the present.

"Ishan, what is taking you so long son? Everyone is waiting." His father beaconed. Ishan smiled, shaking the last memories from his mind and replied to his father's beaconing. "I am coming!" His father with all seriousness yelled, "I shall hope not! There is not a single beautiful dame with in your bed chamber to illicit such a response." Ishan turned to his father than at the exact same moment they began to laugh. He walked over to his father who put his arm around him. They walked down to the party together laughing as they went.

Down at the party he found himself the bachelor of the ball. Everyone wanted to speak to him and everyone wanted his special attention. Business began to mix with pleasure and he desperately wanted to be alone with his memories of Katarina. Then it came time his father rose from his throne and demanded the attention of everyone. "Kneel before me Ishan McClain." His father's voice rang out. He kneeled before his father who was now holding up the emblem of his clan. "Tonight we are here to honor my son, the next leader of this clan. Tonight we shall present him with this emblem marking his stature among our members. This emblem bares our coat of arms on one side and my son's royal seal on the other." Ishan's father said before stepping over to Ishan and placing the emblem around his neck. "Rise Ishan and take your place beside me as future leader of Clan Slight." Ishan rose and sat in the chair next to his father and everyone cheered. With a wave of his hand presents were brought forth.

The allies to the east brought the finest jewels incased in a chest made by their best carpenter. The allies to the west brought the best armor forged by their best blacksmiths. The allies to the south brought their best fruits, vegetables, and herbs. These were grown by their best farmers. The allies from the north brought their finest fabrics made in their shops. Then his father rose to present his gift. "Son this beauty was presented to me by a great friend upon his death, wishing that she would receive a good home and a powerful master." His father spoke motioning for her to be brought forth.

Through the curtains a woman was lead forth, her hands bound behind her back. She wore a white halter and matching skirt that had slits up both sides all the way to her hips. Around her waist was a gold chain. She had the most seductive curves and ample breasts any man would desire. She wore a veil over her face and kept her head bowed. Ishan rose to move closer as his father continued. "She is Jinni, born of fire but she is no ordinary Jinni. For she does not grant wishes, but instead can pass between here and the realm of the gods on your behalf."

"Father if she is a Jinni where is her lamp?" Ishan asked standing before her now. She had the most beautiful long auburn hair and caramel skin. His father motioned for the attendants to turn her around and lift up her hair. There etched into her back was a tattoo of a lamp. This proved her previous master must have been very powerful to pull such a thing off. Everyone gasped at the sight. Ishan ran a finger over her back causing the woman to arch. He saw the Goosebumps on her body rise. "She is very responsive father, thank you. May I see her face?"

His father nodded and had the woman turned back around to face Ishan. Ishan took a hold of the bottom of the veil and lifted it up. He slid his finger under her chin and spoke, "Look at me." When she brought her face up Ishan froze. Could it really be her? He regained composure trying to hide his shock. The smile on her face told him it was. It was Katarina, her hair color had changed but it was still her. Though she was relieved to see him he could tell she was upset, her jaded eyes always gave her away.

She had changed and so had he. He turned to his father and spoke, "Thank you father, she is perfect in every way." Ishan then turned to the attendants and spoke, "Take her to my bed chamber." Fear must have hit Katarina for she started struggling against her attendants as they took her away. Part of him hated seeing her like that the other part of him the demon side was hot and couldn't wait to bury himself between those thighs, like he had so long ago.

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