tagRomanceYouthful Pleasures Ch. 02

Youthful Pleasures Ch. 02


Authors Note: I want to thank gotwood49 for being my inspiration in writing Part II of Youthful Pleasures.

~ ~ ~

"I know what I want. I need you. . . I mean, I need to . . . talk . . . to you."

Those were my closing words to you as I hung up the phone. I know it has you eagerly waiting my arrival, not sure what to expect. With each meeting the sexual tension between us has grown stronger. Will now be the time to make it happen? Now I had a reason, a want. . .a need.

"Come in." is the answer to my knock on your office door. Your voice is deep, sexy, exciting.

As I enter your office, we lock eyes and stare at each other for a moment. I remove my coat, revealing my outfit. Silky taupe blouse tucked into a slim, form fitting black skirt. Tanned, shapely bare legs end in strappy heels. I know I look sexy yet sophisticated. After all, I am 15 years older than you.

The teasing, sexy smile I've learned to use over the years, spreads over my face. I tantalizingly lick my lips and wink, my eyes indicating for you to look at my skirt. I watch your eyes as I use my hands to slowly lift my skirt upward. Higher and higher. Just as it reaches the area, oh, so very close to my pussy, I stop. I walk slowly around to where you are sitting behind your desk and stand before you with my legs spread slightly. You grip my hips and pull me down hard onto your lap. There is no doubt that you want me as much as I you. Rolling my hips, I slide myself along the hard bulge inside your pants. Arching my back I entwine my hands in your hair, pulling your face close to my breasts. I hear you breathe in my perfume, your lips kissing my neck, nipping my earlobe.

I whisper, "Wait" and stand up so I can straddle you, my back facing you. You pull my skirt up higher. My ass is round and firm in your hands. The skin is smooth, warm . . .you slide your hands around my hips and flatten them against my taut stomach, your fingers sliding down so you can touch me. As your hands meet your fingers reach my slit. I feel you pause for just a moment. I bite my lip as I feel you smile against my shoulder. Yes. I am so wet there. I am always wet there when I see you. So wet. . .so ready.

Your fingertip gently massages the tip of my clit. My intake of breath has you moving further down. Your entire finger is covered in my wetness. You circle my clit, sliding your fingers across the soft skin of my lips. I tilt my hips, spreading those lips open for you to push into and as you do, my body holds your fingers there as you move them in and out of the soft, wet spot. You slide your finger back up, rubbing my clit again. Your other hand grabs hold of my hip, gently easing me to stand up.

The thought of my ass inches away from your mouth excites me further and I can feel a new wetness begin to form. I feel you spread my cheeks and wait, anxiously, impatiently waiting to feel the tip of your tongue touch me. When it does, a jolt of excitement shoots through my body.

I feel your breath against my asshole...your tongue so firm, so wet...pushing in, dipping into me...tasting me. I moan and push back against it. One hand grips my hip as you slide the other hand around again, down onto my pussy. . . stroking me slowly, building my orgasm. I spread my legs apart and bend down, exposing myself to you in a silent plea to lick me there ~ Now! I feel your tongue sliding across my ass making its way achingly slow to my pussy.

My hand finds yours as you stroke my pussy and my fingers mingle in the juice that is dripping down your fingers. Lifting me up, you maneuver me easily back onto your desk, my legs open for you to see me. You slide in closer, your mouth latching onto the hot mound before you. You suck at me, pulling my clit between your lips.

I watch you as you lick my pussy, watching me. I lift my hips, bringing it up closer to you as you plunge your tongue into my cunt. I grind against your mouth, thrusting my hips. You slowly bring your hands up under my shirt, cupping my breasts in your hands, kneading the soft skin, rolling your thumb against my nipples. Immediately you feel the nubs harden to your touch. Taking each one between your fingers, you pinch them, gently squeezing them, bringing them to life.

I close my eyes and arch my body against those hands, feeling your rough skin against my own soft, smooth body. You stop your assault of my pussy and push my shirt up. Then I feel your body between my legs and open my eyes to see you looking down at me, your lips glistening with my cum, hair slightly disheveled. You are so young, so handsome and looking like that, wildly sexy; that it takes my breath away.

I can see in your eyes, the way you are looking at my body, that you want to see my breasts, and I slowly begin to unbutton my shirt. But you can't wait. Pushing my hands aside, you grab the silky material between your hands and rip it open, sending buttons scattering across the room. My eyes widen as my excitement increases. Running my hands up I join yours in squeezing my breasts, biting my lip, watching as your face changes. I can see you want to fuck me. But you stand there watching me. I bring a finger to my mouth, licking it...running it down, circling my nipple, tempting you. I watch as you lick your lips, your chest moving up and down as you breath in deeply.

I rest myself on my elbows. With one hand I reach up and grab your tie, bringing your face inches from mine, looking you deeply in the eyes...I whisper against your lips, "I want you to fuck me. . .fuck me hard. Fuck me fast..." just before I press my lips against yours, my tongue slipping into your mouth, searching for yours, licking it, teasing it. As your hands cup my face, bringing me closer to you, I slide my hands down over your shirt and reach your pants, pulling your shirt out of the waistband. I desperately want to touch you, to feel your skin against mine.

Although my body is burning with desire, my hands are cold against your skin and I laugh against your mouth at your sharp intake of breath. My laugh breaks our kiss, giving you a chance to take my breast into your mouth...I moan as your tongue circles my nipple, licking it. My hands continue their exploration of your chiseled chest, fingers sliding into your waistband along the sides to the front. I undo your belt, top button and begin the descent of your zipper. My hands closes around your covered cock.

I am amazed at how hard you are and tell you that as I slide my hand into the front of your boxers, taking your hard cock into my hand, pulling you free. I slowly slide my body down, so that I can rub the tip of your penis against my wet slit. I push against you, sliding you in with ease, wrapping my legs around your waist, pulling you hard into me. I thrust my hips against yours, wanting you, needing you!

You grab hold of my hips, in an attempt to slow my movements down. I feel my body begin to clench against your hard cock, squeezing it, sucking it into my body. You tell me to turn over and as you help me off your desk, I press and slide my body against yours, laughing as I avoid your kiss, teasing you. This gets me a smack on my bottom, which is pushed out to you as I rest my elbows on the hard, cold wood of your desk. I feel your cock slide along the crack of my ass, as you bring it down between my legs.

Gripping my hips, you pull me hard against you. I feel your sack slapping against my ass and it sends chills down my spine. Again, I feel a renewed wetness drench my pussy, and I begin to push back faster and harder against you. My hands massage my breasts, pinching the nipples. My back curves forcing my ass to arch and press into you. I feel you thrusting your pelvis against me, pumping your cock into my wet pussy. Our bodies are slick with sweat and pussy juice as the skin meets and we slide against each other. I take my finger and start to caress my clit. Circling and pressing against the skin, hardening it. . . exciting it. I feel my orgasm as it takes over my mind, my body.

I can't control the sensations my body is feeling. I don't want to stop. I want to feel you deep within me. I realize that your body is starting to stiffen. Your legs pressing against mine, your hands are gripping my hips as my pussy contracts around you, holding you there. I feel your cock stiffen inside me, pulsating against the soft, pink walls of my pussy. The pressure against my body is all consuming.

I close my eyes and let my body go. Your hand joins mine as we caress and stroke my pussy. You whisper in my ear that you are intoxicated by me. I hear you tell me that you are so close, deliriously close to cumming. Your words circle in my head, my body becoming a puddle of desire. Our bodies become one as we reach the point of releasing our orgasms. We slow our movements down, just so we can relish the feel of our bodies together. Our skins drenched, the smell in the air is one of lust and sex. I can feel your pubic hair against my ass, tickling the skin, teasing me. You bring your hand to my mouth and I lick off my pussy juice, sucking it. Two more long, slow strokes.

I pause in my action. I feel my climax coming fast now. I feel you stiffen, as well. You thrust your hips harder, faster. Pumping deeply into me.

My pussy clenches around you, squeezing you into submission. I feel your hot cum flow inside me. I feel your fingernails imprint my skin. With slow, forceful pushes you empty yourself inside me. You lean against my back, our breathing slowly becoming normal.

The crackle of an intercom snaps us back into reality.

"Your next client is here, Mr. Gordon." Your secretary's voice cuts through the air like a cold shower.

"Honey?" I whisper, my pussy still pulsing as you give me one after another small, sweet orgasms, with each stroke of your hand against my clit.

"Mmm.." you mutter against my neck, ignoring your secretary continued buzzing and planting soft, wet kisses along the back of my neck.

"I gotta go."

Reluctantly, you release me and I begin to compose myself. Both of us watching the other dress, smiling, not saying a word. We laugh as I inspect my slightly torn shirt. Tucking it into my skirt, I shrug into my coat.

"Your next client is here, isn't he?"


I nod my head and walk to the door, turning back, I look at you. Fresh out of law school, young, determined; not yet jaded. Can I assume my actions worked in my favor? I take a deep breath, about to say what I needed to say to you, what I practiced, but am interrupted.

"Mrs. Phi...."

"I think you earned the right to call me Barbara." I interrupt, laughing. You smile, nodding your head. "Yes, Barbara." You say, emphasizing "Barbara", "I will get him to sign the papers, don't worry. I'll tell him you drive a hard bargain."

"...had your back up against the wall..." I trail off, smiling.

You point to a side door and I blow you a kiss. As I walk out of your office, lean against the closed door, clenching my fists in a thankfulness to the gods for my good fortune, I hear your voice from the other side of the door.

"Joan, you can send in Mr. Phillips now."

~ ~ ~

NOTE:I hope you enjoyed Part II of Mrs. Phillips' sexploits. Feedback is the spice of Mrs. Phillips' "life". All your suggestions have been duly noted and fantasized about! Keep your suggestions cumming..and I will make sure Mrs. Phillips will as well...

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