tagNonHumanYshomatsu and the Succubus Ch. 02

Yshomatsu and the Succubus Ch. 02


Yshomatsu was an ancient monk who had mastered many arts. One such art caused his body to never age a day beyond twenty-six. He was part of an underground organization that secretly controlled the world. One of the reasons their organization had succeeded in their goal to control everything was the discovery of the mystical dream world. It was a dimension no one truly understood, but it allowed the monks to have meetings and deliver messages without worry of getting caught.

After many years of using the dream world for their own ambitions, a few monks went missing. In search of answers, the order had turned to one of their own who had isolated himself for many decades to work on his research. Yshomatsu was that person, called upon in a time of need.

Reluctant to put his research on hold, Yshomatsu had only agreed because of a twisted dream that had occurred the night before being asked. In this dream he had become the victim of a Succubus, yet had somehow still managed to save the missing monks.

Yshomatsu left his bedroom with concern written on his face. In his dream he had turned into a dragon in order to defeat the Succubus. The Dragon form was a spell he had been working on for years. Perhaps it only works in the dream, he thought. Maybe this was why his real world projects had failed in the past. He made his way to his extensive library, filled with many books gathered over decades.

In his dream he had gone after the monks blind and unprepared, rushing into a fight with a demon that he hadn't been ready for. Maybe it was a sign that nothing could prepare him for what was to come. Yshomatsu vaguely remembered a book he had found over one hundred years ago, a treatise on demons. He was on a quest to find it.

After a few hours of searching he came to the leather bound book he was seeking. Flipping through the pages describing mighty demons he finally came to the section covering demons that were physically weak. The first demon listed in the section was the Succubus. Bold writing at the top stated, "Though the Succubus is one of the weakest demons known to man, she is also perhaps the most dangerous." It went on to detail how the Succubus never needs to fight due to the fact that no mortal can resist her charms.

A sick feeling filled his gut. His dream made sense now, given how easy it was to fall under the Succubus' spell. Determined to find a way to defeat her quickly, he kept reading.

The pages were filled with details of how the demon feeds on the human soul through sexual acts. It even showed pictures which, unbeknownst to Yshomatsu, combined with the memory of his dream was causing a reaction within his robes. Reaching down he began to touch himself while staring at a portrait of the Succubus' face.

A few moments went by before a moan escaped his mouth as he realized what he was doing. Yshomatsu shook his head to clear his thoughts. He worried how easily this creature might tempt him, for it attacked a man's weakest, most vulnerable side. He continued to read. The book detailed that once a Succubus haunts someone, the only way to purge it is to summon and banish it. Something felt fishy about this part: the book didn't go into much detail regarding the banishing. It focused on the summoning, and in the back of Yshomatsu's mind a sense of a trap formed.

Hoping it wouldn't come to that, Yshomatsu put the book aside. He was determined to practice a few more offensive and binding spells before entering the Dream World. Yshomatsu's laboratory was filled with the sounds of warfare, pieces of dummies scattered all over the room. His body spun in the air, and his staff moved so quickly it appeared as though a shield was formed around Yshomatsu. Martial arts mixed with spells gave Yshomatsu the tools he would need to fight the demon from his dream.

Many hours later he slept, and began his journey to the old cave in his dream. Yshomatsu traveled at night to avoid the many soldiers and battles being fought in the area. A small cloth was wrapped tightly around his eyes, forcing him to reach out with his other senses. This was a skill the monks used to prevent their eyes from playing tricks on them in the dark.

The world was being molded slowly into the Order's ideal creation. Once they placed their own within the highest seats of governments it was only a matter of time before everything was under their control. Yshomatsu believed that peace would be the result, at least for a few years, many if they were lucky. Only time would tell however, if those placed in power would be corrupted by it.

He traveled through the dry waste land where his ancient cave resided beyond; it had been a lush jungle before years of bloodshed laid waste to everything. The giant trees had been plundered to fuel the fires of war, and on the far edge marked the end of the known world. Monstrous mountain ranges made the area never fully explored due to their steep slopes and sharp rocky surface. Within those mountains Yshomatsu discovered a well hidden cavern system. For a little more than a decade he had called it home, before finding his current resident in the isolated Grand Canyon created in a massive earth quake a few years ago.

Suddenly he felt another's presence. Crouching low, Yshomatsu hid mere moments before a Knight's patrol strode into the area.

Shit, unlucky already, he thought as he tried to stay out of sight. With his thoughts distracting him, he hadn't noticed the Knight's presence ahead of time like he should have.

"Spread out men," the Knight called out. He could have sworn he had seen movement within the shadows. The Knight's men unsheathed their blades while fanning out in a wider formation. Yshomatsu calmed his breathing. He wouldn't fight unless he had to, but these men weren't going to stop him from his rescue mission.

The Knight's horse stomped upon the ground, eager to be on the move again. A storm was forming overhead, rain slowly starting to fall, making the ground slick. The men drew closer to Yshomatsu, who remained motionless. Once they passed by him he began to slowly move on. But a lone stone under his foot gave way once he moved.

The stone echoed as it clashed with gravity, just loud enough for the closest soldier to hear it. Having no other choice Yshomatsu acted. The Knight watched in horror as, moving as if a blur painted on the horizon, Yshomatsu knocked out his men one after the other until all that remained were the Knight and his startled horse.

Yshomatsu slowly approached the Knight, staff tucked under his armpit.

"I don't know who you are but I can't let you pass," the Knight yelled.

Yshomatsu's hood had been blown off by the storm's wind, revealing his blindfold. Lightning struck, providing the Knight with a clear view of the man before him. He was shocked to see that a blindfolded man had defeated his entire squad. The man didn't stop slowly moving forward.

"Very well," the Knight said as he grabbed his sword and kicked his horse to drive it forward.

Yshomatsu rolled to his left at the last possible moment, avoiding the downward thrust of the Knight's blade. Swinging his staff backwards once he was back on his feet he smacked it into the horses' back legs, causing them to buckle and lower the horse's hindquarters to the ground. The Knight slid off and rolled in the mud as his horse ran away, more frightened than hurt.

The Knight rose to his feet and turned towards the monk who was now spinning his staff in a figure eight formation. The Knight couldn't fathom how a blinded man could move so quickly. Pushing all thoughts to the back of his mind the Knight charged forward, his armor creating loud noises that easily gave away his position.

Yshomatsu dodged swing after swing of the Knight's sword until finally one came too close. The very tip cut into the side of Yshomatsu's forehead, slashing the blindfold on its way. Yshomatsu stumbled back from the blow, eyes blinking fast trying to adjust to the slight but noticeable light difference. His body reacted which caused his eyes to glow bright green as he returned to a defensive stance.

The Knight was blinded by the man's bright eyes, throwing off his next attack. Yshomatsu used this time to strike a blow to the Knight's upper chest, followed by a low cut behind his knees, sending the Knight down into the mud, coughing for air. The many years of combining Martial arts with magic had molded the Monk's body into the perfect weapon; able to perform acts like second nature that others could only dream of.

By the time the Knight recovered the strange man was long gone. In the distance his men began to wake up. Each would suffer a headache for the rest of the night. The Knight couldn't get the seared image of the man's bright eyes out of his mind. He headed in the direction the man was heading, determined to confront him again. The Knight sent one of his footmen to retrieve reinforcements and meet him at the nearby town.

When daylight came Yshomatsu stopped at a local village inn. Needing shelter, he also hoped to avoid being found again by the Knight by staying in a room and keeping to himself. He could only assume the Knight would be out searching for him after losing so quickly last night. He paid for a room in the back of the inn. The innkeeper had looked at his dirty robes but didn't say anything. Upon entering the room he gazed around, it was small. It would do fine he thought, keep a low profile and slip away when the sun sets.

He sat down on the room's small bed and addressed his wound. Luckily, it wasn't deep. While resting he would focus his body to quicken the cut's healing, it would take a lot of concentration. He relaxed back on the bed; his staff leaned against the wall nearby. Controlling his breathing he focused his mind on the injury. He could feel his body as it began to obey his will; the area around his wound throbbed and slowly closed.

Bang... bang. He jolted up to his feet, someone was at the door. Could it be the Knight he wondered to himself. He reached for his staff, but the close quarters of the inn's room would make the staff useless he thought before he threw it on the bed. He would have to rely on hand to hand combat in this fight. The wound stung, bringing back the memory of the sharp blade in a flash, he wasn't given enough time to heal it. The person knocked again.

Yshomatsu leaned up against the wall while he reached for the door's handle, opened it slightly and peered out.

"Sorry to disturb you sir but the innkeeper said you might be hungry," said a pleasant looking maid in her early twenties. It wasn't the Knight after all. Yshomatsu lowered his guard and opened the door a little more.

"The thought hadn't crossed my mind but I must respectfully decline miss, I have my own food," he replied. The girl looked disappointed while looking at his robes.

"Your clothes are covered in mud, would you like me to have them cleaned for you, mister?"

"I just wish to be left alone," he gave a slight bow as he closed the door. The girl suddenly pushed forward, stopping the door from latching. Shocked by her reaction he wasn't sure what do to.

"A Knight was here looking for a man that fits your description!" She called out.

"What," surprised by what she said he let the door swing open, followed closely by the girl falling in. He took a step out, looking down the hall to see if anyone was watching. No one was, he returned to the room and closed the door while helping the maid to her feet. "What did he say?"

"He described a man just like you and said he... err you, beat up the Knight and all his men with a stick," she looked around the room as she spoke before glancing at the bed. "Is that the stick?" she asked as she reached down to pick it up.

"Don't touch that, please," he asked her, "did he say anything else?"

"Just that he was putting a reward out for your head, the innkeeper doesn't like trouble so he won't turn you in until after you leave but I had to see for myself." He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off, "Ouch, did the Knight do that mister?" She reached up to touch his forehead, which caused Yshomatsu to wince in pain.

"Hey," he swatted her hand away, "yes he did, now can you please leave. I appreciate you warning me, now I need time to think."

"Well at least give me your muddy clothing to clean, everyone will recognize you since you'll stand out wearing those filthy clothes."

Realizing she was right he reluctantly gave in, "fine, you have a point." He untied the cloth around his waist and removed his outer robes. Leaving him in his inner robes, which consisted of a sleeved shirt and pants made from scraps of old clothing. He folded his robes and handed them to the charming girl, "Please leave me to my thoughts now."

She took a moment to reply, distracted by his plain clothing, she looked over his body. Slightly disappointed for the robes didn't reveal any of the body she had hoped to see. "Ah, um I mean yes. I'll have these back right away! My name's Bree by the way," she replied with a flustered tone before she left the room with his muddy robes in hand. He didn't have time to reply or even knew what he'd say if he did.

Yshomatsu returned to the bed, determined to finish healing his wound. If the Knight was describing him to the small town, it would be easy to deny being that person if the wound from the Knight's description was missing. His body ached from the long night and lack of rest. As the wound healed, Yshomatsu fell into a deep sleep due to the exhausting night. Memories of his dream reentered his unconscious mind.

His mind replayed images of the Succubus' blood red skin and raven hair flowing past her shoulders. She was stunningly exotic despite her leathery wings, long scorpion shaped tail and small horns just above her temples. His sleeping body reacted to the unearthly images, his manhood stirred to life in his robes. Somewhere in the deep corners of his mind a voice called out for him to wake up, but it went ignored and quickly forgotten.

Unbeknownst to Yshomatsu the finely chiseled maid worked on her way back to his room with his clean outer robes. In his replayed dream he had just walked slowly into the center of the cavern. Standing in front of the Succubus, he stared into her empty orbs. His moans echoed loudly in the small inn's room, reaching the ears of the maid as she approached his door. Intrigued she leaned into the door, what's going on she thought.

The young maid named Bree heard another moan; shaking with a cat's curiosity she slowly turned the knob. She held her breath as she silently pushed the door open a crack and peered in, almost relseasing a joy filled cry from what she saw. The monk was asleep on the bed obviously having a wet dream oblivious of her presence. Her cheeks reddened as her mind filled with dirty thoughts. The tent in his pants awakened her courage, taking a step inside the room and shutting the door behind her. She threw the man's robes on the floor before creeping over to the bed. Her heart pounded in her chest.

She raised a knee onto the bed before freezing in place, the man had stirred. In his exotic dream the Succubus had just placed her arms around his neck, causing his body to shiver and a small gasp of breath escaped his mouth. She realized he was still in a deep slumber; the maid scratched her brunette covered head; pushing the hair out of her face and behind her ears. Renewed vigor flowed through her veins before she continued to slowly climb onto the bed at his feet.

Seconds later, yet it felt like an eternity to her, she sat down on her bent legs between his. Her heart raced a hundred beats per minute thumping loudly in her ears. For the moment she was content just watching him squirm. Suddenly the tent in his pants twitched as he called out, "Yes!" Biting her lip she was transfixed unable to remove her eyes from his tent. The young brunette moved a shaking hand towards the subject of her new found fantasies.

Bree lightly touched the tip with her delicate hand before pulling back quickly. In his dream the Succubus was behind him, removing his robes while her tail played between his legs. He couldn't tell the difference between his dream and reality as the maid tugged his pants down his legs. She yelped with a pleasure filled cry as his manhood sprang free, she quickly covered her mouth hoping he wouldn't wake. Relieved moments later when he didn't even move, too distracted by whatever dream he was experiencing.

Hypnotized by his hard twitching member standing proud, she couldn't move. She didn't know if she should continue or if she already had gone too far. Bree was unaware that somewhere in his mind he was trying to resist the creature tormenting his thoughts. His body continued to squirm and moan, breaking her out of her paralyzed state. She took a deep breath; she had come this far; she couldn't back out now she thought to herself.

She scooted closer to him, placing her knees down on his pants. In the back of her mind she thought it would prevent him from a quick getaway if he woke up. She leaned forward, reached out with both hands, lightly placing them around his throbbing manhood. The Succubus' hands felt so good Yshomatsu thought within his replayed dream.

Yshomatsu couldn't remove his gaze from the Succubus' sexy triumphant smile. Her arms were still around his neck yet he felt good... really good. His excitement grew with two petite hands rising and falling upon his manhood. Wait... her hands? He tried to clear his thoughts, to figure out what was going on.

The Succubus moved her hands to each side of his face, and pulled him into a lustful kiss. At the same moment a warm, a wet mouth encased his manhood, he moaned into the Succubus' lips. The same moan escaped his lips, caused by Bree taking her fantasy to its next step. She quietly moaned into him as she bobbed her head, her hands held tightly at his base.

For a moment Bree forgot the man below her was sleeping, she had gotten into the blowjob. She bobbed her head faster upon his tip, swirling her tongue along the most sensitive underside of it. The beautiful maid tugged on his manhood with both hands; bring them up with her head and tightly thrusting down as she took his manhood deep into her mouth.

Yshomatsu tried to break free of the Succubus' grasp within his dream only to cry out in ecstasy. The Succubus pouted as he began to wake up. His eyes fluttered open to a foggy world. The room reminded him of the dream he had just left. His eyes slowly adjusted, his body felt amazing. Something tickled his skin; reluctantly he raised his heavy head.

His eyes opened wide, shocked by the sight of Bree's hair dancing lightly across his pelvis, "Wa... what... s-stop!" The Monk attempted to get away but couldn't move his legs; she was sitting on his pants which were pulled down to his knees. He threw his head back upon the bed's pillow, hips thrust up involuntary, "So-good."

"Mmm... good morning sunshine," she licked her upper lip seductively. She squeezed his manhood before she returned to her blowjob. She put more enthusiasm into her actions, as she moaned loudly into him. "You... like it... ah... admit it," she moaned between sucking.

"It's forbidden! I'm a Monk... for the love of all that is holy!" He bit into his hand, attempting to block out the pleasure he felt. It didn't help; he let out a deep lust filled moan. If he couldn't resist a little maid, how could he ever expect to resist the Succubus he thought.

Bree came up for air, delighted by what he said. "That's so hot... is this your first blowjob?" Her eyes were glazed over; she couldn't believe she was giving this handsome man his first blowjob. Yshomatsu didn't know how to respond, his body however did. The pleasure brought by her speedy hands caused him to moan and roll his eyes, his knuckles turned white, grasping the bed sheets tightly. Bree squealed with delight, as she lowered her head back to the task at hand with a wide smile upon her face.

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