Yshomatsu and the Succubus Ch. 02


"One kiss and you'll let us all go, just like that," he asked. His mind screamed trap, but the demonic milk's effect was seeping into his head. The brief moment of clarity slowly faded away.

"If that's what you want when I'm done," she replied, seductively licking her lips. She swayed her hips, moving her hands over her body as if she was dancing to music.

"It is... It's... It's why I came here," he stuttered as he watched her move.

"Really, is that why you came here," she asked, as she looked down to the twitching mind between his legs knowing it controlled his current thoughts. Her smile never faded.

He lowered his staff, "Yes."

She leaped forward and slammed him into the wall. Once again his staff rolled out of reach, only this time he didn't notice. "You can't stop me until I'm done, that's the deal."

Even in his clouded state, Yshomatsu knew he couldn't agree to her terms. "No... this isn't right, I can't do this," her perfume hooked into his senses. It brought back the memories that have been haunting him for days. She sensed this and began to rub her body against his, reaching around to grab his hips with both hands.

"Oh, but you can."

Her grinding hips felt so good, he almost lost himself. Then it struck him. All this time he had completely forgotten about turning into the Dragon. He focused his mind, attempting to block out her rotating hips. This would be the moment, his one chance to turn the tide to his favor. He only needed to concentrate.

"Hmm, so much power, and soon it will be mine." A shiver went up her spine as she spoke.

He focused all his will into the spell. He ignored the Succubus as she sliced through his belt with her tail. She gripped his remaining clothing in her hands as she threw them off to the side. Almost there... he thought.

"Got it," he screamed out loud, as he opened his eyes with a flash of red light. A grin formed on his face as he ignored her tail once again as it gently massaged his balls.

The Succubus didn't even flinch, as if she knew it was coming. Yshomatsu focused all his might into the change. She locked eyes with him, licking her lips, turned on by the sight before her.

Nothing was happening. This can't be, it had worked before. He was distracted by his thoughts only to be caught unaware as she leaned in.

"How bout that kiss lover," tricking the Monk into focusing all his power was the only way to ensure her freedom. It was her after all, who gave him his dream. The false hope that his years in isolation would pay off. Her nether region flooded with arousal and anticipation.

"What...no..." cut off by her lips pressing into his. Her hands rose up his back. Her claws lightly scratched along the way, coming to the back of his head, pulling him into her kiss. His body overdosed on her lust. He stared into her eyes, captivated by her.

"Mmm," she moaned as she sucked on his lower lip. Her fangs sank into his lip. She let loose a few drops of her venom, just enough to keep him from fighting back. She continued to suck his lip, savoring the taste of blood mixed with her addictive sedative.

"Ahhh," was all he could muster before she began to kiss her way down his jaw line to his neck. Before the poison set in he tried with all his remaining willpower to push the Succubus off. He pushed into the luscious orbs of her breasts. He could have sworn his hands had been lower on her body. The feeling of her flesh giving way to his hands caused his manhood to twitch with need.

"Stop me... and... your friends... over there die." She moaned between kisses, her lips never leaving his skin. She slowly descended down his chest, leaving a wet trail. His hands extended down with her body, reluctant to let go. Her tail slithered away with her descent.

"This isn't happening, it's so..." The poison settled into his blood stream, denying him everything beyond the thought of stopping her. His stomach and abs twitched as she tickled his skin. She lowered to her knees, her mouth sealed around his bellybutton, tongue licking within. His hands dropped to his sides. His whole body desperately wanted her to go just a little lower.

In the next second; she descended into his pubic hair; chills ran through his skin in a rush to alert his brain. Her hands had lowered to cup his firm ass. Her chin lowered, pressing his thick rod level to the ground. For the first time since her descent she broke eye contact, as she arched her head down to kiss the base.

His body trembled against his will, delighted in her actions. Deep down his will began to join with his body's desire for her to continue. Flashes of Bree waking him up entered his thoughts. His need for release drove his thoughts to wonder how the Succubus would feel, compared to Bree.

The last stretch from base to tip seemed to last an eternity to Yshomatsu. His manhood throbbed each time her tongue made contact between each kiss. The moment finally came when she wrapped her moist tongue around the base of his mushroom head. A loud moan of pent up desire escaped his lips.

Her clawed hands suddenly dug into his ass, roughly forcing him to thrust forward. The momentum mixed with pain and pleasure shoved his manhood down the Succubus' throat. He rose onto his tippy toes, arching his back. In response she began to hum, which caused her throat muscles to vibrate around his tip.

He gasped and his heart skipped a beat. Hands rushed to her head, holding her tightly in place. The Succubus had no need for air as she toned up her humming another notch. Yshomatsu could feel his ball sack tightening already. The pleasure was far greater than he ever expected. His focus shot to the sight of her ass behind her folded wings. Her tail whipped back and forth as she waved her ass around.

Thoughts of the leather bound book from his study formed in his head. That detailed how the soul is sucked from the body.

In his distraction he never noticed the Succubus sink her fangs into the base of his manhood. She unleashed more venom into his system. He was quickly coming upon his climax.

Somehow he knew he had to hold on. Then suddenly she let go of his ass. Unexpectedly releasing her hold on him as she leaned back to sit on her heals. His manhood bounced up and slapped his lower body with a loud smack.

Shocked and disappointed a knot formed in his throat. She looked up into his eyes, running a finger along her upper lip. Her tongue licked in the opposite direction as a smile formed.

"Mmm," she snapped the fingers of her other hand and her captive Monks vanished. "Do you... want more?"

Now was his chance, all he had to do was muster all of his will and say no. He staggered, chest heaving. He opened his mouth but stopped himself before he shouted out his body's need.

"No," he finally managed to say, closely followed by a quiet moan. Weird why did I moan, he wondered.

The Succubus let out amused laughter, "Your body doesn't agree with you lover."

Another moan escaped his throat, this time louder. It was joined by a pleasant feeling spreading from below. Reluctantly he looked down. His eyes went wide at the sight. Even though his mind was screaming no, his hands worked with a mind of their own. They desperately squeezed his manhood between thrusts.

"You can't resist me, can you," she squealed.

This can't be happening, he thought, but it felt so good. Just then, he spotted two little puncher wounds at the base of his manhood. That bitch! I'll shoot it in her eye and make her regret it, he thought. The poison filled pleasure took over his rational thinking.

"Yes that's it, give in and give me what I want."

Anger fueled him. The poison spread throughout his whole body. The need for release had never been greater. His hands sped up. Eyes stung from the lack of blinking. He couldn't take his eyes off of the gorgeous Succubus impatiently waiting for her reward. He would give it to her alright, and take out an eye in the process.

"Do it!"

The pressure was at its peak once again. His back arched again as he screamed out is in ecstasy. Jet after jet launched itself onto her face. She squealed with delight as he moaned out loud releasing all his breath along with everything within his sack. Before long the Succubus' face was covered in his jizz. He collapsed down onto his knees, utterly spent and exhausted.

"That's a good boy," she said, her voice filled with excitement. Yshomatsu's body slowly disappeared from the Dream World. "See you soon lover." She blew a kiss to him and winked. His eyes never left her body until his vision faded to black.

He opened his eyes, his vision blurry and unfocused. He was back in the waking world. The first thing he noticed when he realized he was awake, was the fact that his lower robes were soaked. He let out a sigh, I soiled myself, he thought. He tried to move his hands, they were shackled. He jolted up to a seated position, now fully awake.

"What's going on," he called out.

"Good morning... Monk," replied a man's voice from the shadows, the voice full of hate. "Quite the dream you had, disgusting I might add." The man took a step into the light of the dying bonfire.

"You, what are you doing here," he demanded.

"I'm placing you under arrest, for the assault of the majesties' men. You'll be coming back to town with me... to be hanged," said the Knight.

Trouble follows you everywhere doesn't it lover. The thoughts entered his mind as if his own.

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