tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYu Ling in Her Hostel Room

Yu Ling in Her Hostel Room

byOrange Blossom©

It's past midnight and Yu Ling was beginning to get cold feet. Her hands were busy typing away on the computer, chatting on the sex channels on IRC, but her mind was in frenzy. She was panicking, her body slightly shivering from anticipation and the night's chill. "Oh god, oh god. What is going to happen? Oh god oh god oh god, why me of all people?"

In her mind's eye, she could see exactly what transpired a week ago. Back from her afternoon class, Yu Ling found an envelope that someone had slipped underneath the door. That was the spark that led to the chain of events. She had been edgy the whole week, constantly looking over her shoulder, taking showers at the same time with other hostel mates etc. A CD was inside the envelope. She slipped it into her notebook, curious about its content. There was a video clip. With a click of the mouse, the video started playing. And she was the star. She saw herself in the common bathroom, taking one of her late night showers. Her naked body caught on camera, her long black hair slick and clinging to her curves. Then her hands squeezing her big breasts, tugging hard on the silver nipple rings till she gasped. Next was her purple monster dildo vibrator which she plunged deep and fast into her pussy until she came real hard, her mouth in a silent scream. Yu Ling stared transfixed on the screen; she was in total shock. The video ended with a message: wait for me in your room, Saturday midnight next week. Wear only your black G-string and sleeping T-shirt. It was blackmail, but there was nothing else she could do if she wanted to protect herself from shame. She only hoped the sick pervert would not hurt her and leave her alone after that night. A virgin, she wanted to give her virginity to a man she knew was her soul mate. That gentleman was probably lost in space for now. Her toys were the next best alternative to satisfy her insatiable desires. Yu Ling prayed that whatever the stranger wanted to do, didn't involve his dick in her virgin pussy.

It just became Sunday morning. Since Monday was a public holiday, most of the students had left for home and she was the only one left on that particular hostel storey. Fear and anticipation of the unknown had made her wet her G-string and the cushion she was sitting on. The door was slightly ajar as he had instructed. She was merely waiting for the impending sound of heavy footsteps. Finally he made his way to her room. In a harsh voice, he told her not to turn around but to remain seated. Yu Ling tried to breathe normally as she sat where she was, her pussy juices flowing more and her body shivering harder than before. He came closer to her, just behind her. She smelled his perfume. It was a woody and spicy perfume. If it weren't for the present situation, she would find this clean masculine scent appealing. Putting a blindfold over her eyes, he said: "I've been watching you for sometime, and I know how much you want a big cock in your pussy. If you please me tonight, your steamy video clip is safe with me. I promise the only one masturbating with it is me."

He proceeded to tape her mouth, in case "she screamed the house down". She whimpered, enjoying the strange emotions running through her entire body and driving her mind crazy. She wondered how he looked like, but all she could feel was his warm clothes and that attractive scent. Touching her soaked flimsy G-string, he murmured in her ear: "good girl. I'll make sure you soak your bed sheets too. You're in for a good long hard fuck tonight honey." The stranger looked her over and was pleased with his new toy. He was actually her classmate, and after observing her for weeks (in and out of class), had come to the conclusion; that though she appeared shy and reserved in public, Yu Ling could be a wildcat in bed judging by her solo performances. Her nightly showers were almost a ritual – he was also her hostel mate, just a floor above her. Peering from the bathroom's slotted windows; he knew she loved masturbating and kinky sex. She once wore black stockings with garters in the shower, moaning to herself as two vibrators worked in her wet pussy and ass. As for the navel and nipple rings, whoa, that was a bonus. How many good girls had them? He couldn't wait to play with them, and watch her body jerk hard from a big orgasm.

He told her to remove her clothes. She obeyed. Then there was silence again as he drank in his fill of the heavenly sight. He told her to sit at the edge of the chair and to lean back. Yu Ling was visibly shaking and taking short quick breaths. She was partly glad that the blindfold shielded her embarrassment, but fearful of this stranger she could neither see nor know. Stroking her hair, he assured her that he would not hurt her and that he only wanted to fulfill her hidden desires. The stranger knelt in front of her and parted her thighs to reveal her most private possession. He inhaled her feminine scent, and lightly licked her clit. Yu Ling jumped; her instinct was to close her thighs. But the stranger had her thighs firmly spread and was prepared for her initial shock. He continued his exploration, gently sucking on her clit, letting his tongue trail down to her pussy, and then up again on one side of her outer lips. It helped that she had a smooth waxed pussy. Like a soft ripe peach bursting with its juice, enticing all to come and taste it.

The stranger had a plan. Tonight he would make her cum. He would have his pleasure next time. This way, she would crave for his touch again, and he would have her eating out of his hand. So for tonight, he would be content just pleasuring her, and watching her have the biggest orgasm she had ever had.

Yu Ling was carried to her bed, where the stranger told her to leave her legs dangling from the edge of the bed. Making sure she was comfortable lying back, he continued eating her pussy. Soft long licks up and down the outer lips, tongue fucking her pussy, shaking his head side to side vigorously as he let his tongue slide over her clit while his hands continued squeezing and kneading her lovely breasts. He twisted her nipple rings hard and was rewarded with a gentle arch of her back and a muffled groan. Wanting to take her to the next level, the stranger grabbed his mini vibrators with the alligator clamps and placed them on her nipple rings. "You love it, don't you slut. Your body was made for fucking, and I'll take my time. Your pussy is mine, and I'll do as I please. So if you be a good girl you'll be safe."

She clenched her fists hard as the waves of pleasure hit her. The feelings of restraint brought on by the blindfold and gag heightened her senses, and she felt like a slut. Half of her mind was going: "No, I don't want this. I didn't ask for this!" While the other half was saying: "oh god oh god, more more! He'd better give me an orgasm! Oooo!" The bizarre situation she was in, the pleasure this stranger seemed intent on giving her was beyond her comprehension. Feelings of turmoil, that she was a good girl and was not supposed to enjoying these erotic pleasures with someone who blackmailed her and probably wanted to rape her were mixed with the body's yearning for release. She couldn't help but wriggled her butt. The dilemma of getting off with a possible rapist, her mind protesting against these forced sensations caused tears of frustration. He touched her blindfold and knew she was crying. Good, he was fucking her mind too.

The stranger grinned as he instructed her not to come without his permission. If she did, he would do worse things to her. And while the vibrators did their evil work on her sore nipples, their soft whirring breaking the silence and the occasional groans, he resumed his dessert. The bed sheets were moist below her, and her body was uncontrollably shivering. Now it wasn't shivering from fear. It was begging for release. Her pussy was glistening from all her juices and his saliva, her clit swollen and aching for his touch. He didn't hold back. Pleased that Yu Ling was trying her best to not come, he licked harder at her clit, suckling and nipping with his teeth. He also teased her ass, deftly reaming her small cute hole. His tongue fucking was now replaced by two of his thick fingers. They were in her warm tight pussy, tickling her G-spot and stimulating her further both mind and body. His own cock was excited too, but he controlled his urges. Pulling hard at her nipple rings always elicited more groans from her, bringing pain and one more step closer to orgasm.

The final step. He took out his long thick vibrator, lubed it and gently inserted it into her ass. It was getting harder for her to not come as the new sensations invaded her. Her breasts and clit felt sore and she knew they were swollen and red. Now he had a bloody vibrator in her super sensitive ass, she was more than ready to let go. "Remember the rule, honey. I haven't given you permission." Increasing the power of the mini vibrators to the highest, and placing a wooden peg on her wet clit, she was ready for the biggest orgasm.

Her clit was throbbing badly from whatever he had clamped it with and the mini vibrators were whirring louder than ever. Her ass could not stop twitching and if her constant moans and groans were making him excited as well, she didn't care. She gave up trying to reject the wonderfully wicked feelings and concentrated only on coming. He his fingers hard into her pussy again, the two digits making a 'come here' sign which would stimulate her G-spot perfectly. Faster and faster his hand went, her juices bubbling from his efforts. Yu Ling was jerking her body more and more, arching her back further and further and her hands clutched the bed sheets so hard the ends had come off. Her groans were longer and higher pitched. Swollen breasts with the rings and vibrators dangling from them swayed with her body and perspiration cloaked her sexy figure. The stranger had never seen such a beautiful creature and he was satisfied with his handiwork.

Going near her ear, he whispered the words she was longing to hear: "Come, my beautiful slut". His fingers plunged one last time in her very wet pussy and he bit hard on the top of her right breast. She screamed her hardest, losing her senses for the moment as she came. He totally blew her mind with all the wicked tortures her body received. As she slowly returned from her orgasm, her body was still pulsing from the aftermath. Her pussy had also squirted female cum onto the floor. This was the second time she had ever done this.

Removing all his toys from her sweaty body, he told her to count to 30 before removing her blindfold or gag. Then he quickly left the bedroom, knowing that he would return in due time. She took quite some time to recuperate from her shattering orgasm. After removing both restraints, she clumsily clothed herself and somehow made her way to the shower. Yu Ling was still in a daze when she returned from her quick hose down. The lights were off; she was in bed, unable to sleep for a very long time.

On Tuesday morning, Yu Ling woke up to find an envelope on the floor near the door. Half-guessing, she played the video clip that was in the CD. The stranger had videotaped their recent tryst. He had made sure to wear all black, and his head covered by a ski hood. His message this time was: "I'll be back. Thanks for the fantastic porn video."

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