tagLesbian SexYu Ling in Her Hostel Room Ch. 02

Yu Ling in Her Hostel Room Ch. 02

byOrange Blossom©

It was usual for undergrads to jog during the darkest hours of the night. While one studied at the bench under the bright lights of the corridors, girls or guys in pairs, or in small groups, would slowly pass by, their toned, muscular bodies covered with sheen of sweat. It was a marvelous display of youth, of raw sexual virility – reminiscence of a passionate night in bed with a lover. The girls would look up from their books just in time to ogle at the guys' hard muscular butts, and the guys with headphones in their ears pretending to study, would feel a stirring in their loins as they watch a cute hot babe take a casual jog. The slower the better; her breasts would be jiggling from her exercise, bonus points if her nipples shyly peeked through the t-shirt.

Guys imagined her toned, sweaty thighs wrapped around their waists as they fucked her brains out, her orgasmic moans sounding like her huffing while she jogs. Feeling their penises starting to stir from sleep, they clamp their thighs tightly, groaning with frustration in their minds. And the innocent babe goes by, unaware of all the delicious and unmentionable thoughts floating around her.

Yu Ling was taking her regular jogs with the usual group of hostel mates. Annette, herself, David and James often went for night exercises to escape from the boredom of studying. After purging themselves and feeling great, they would take a quick shower and walk to row of shop houses that offer 24hour food services.

By the time they reached their hostel, they have cooled off and were ready for a nice warm shower. The girls went to get their toiletries and into the shared bathroom. The guys' common bathroom was a level above theirs. Yu Ling quickly stripped and sighed with pleasure as warm water soothed her muscles, running down her breasts and her pierced nipples, down her slim fair torso to her pierced navel, some pooling inside her cute hole...and down her proud smooth pussy. After rinsing her hair and body, she was eager for her finale – getting off.

She angled the showerhead such that she could feel the water beating on her breasts as she leaned against the cubicle wall. Standing on one leg and placing the other against the opposite wall of the bathroom, Yu Ling started to squeeze her luscious breasts and clit.

Squeeze, release, squeeze release. Her other hand continued to rub her clit, harder and faster. Her breasts were heaving more and more as she drew ragged breaths. She struggled to keep silent and not make any moaning noise. While jogging earlier on, she remembered a cute guy in a black t-shirt. They had made eye contact, and held gazes till she jogged past him. She wondered if he was her mystery rapist. Oh hell, she was always wondering which cute guy was the One. Now she fantasized that he was with her, sucking her breasts, touching her forbidden parts.

Her hand tugged hard on her nipple piercing, stretching her nipple away from her body. She imagined her lover using his teeth to suck hard and bite the underside of her breasts. At the same time two of her fingers plunged into her velvet smoothness. Oh, what would she give to have a man's thick cock brutally fucking her tight pussy to satisfy his own needs? Yu Ling tried to suppress her moan. Hissing as she breathed, her fingers slid in and out of her pussy, her thumb teased her clit. Nipple jewelry continued to be manipulated to elicit delicious pain. She tugged the metal bars, pulled hard at her sore nipples... how she wished she could lean down and suckle her own breasts. But Yu Ling had to contend with finger play and wild imagination. Taking the concealed waterproof vibrator from her clothes, she inserted it into her pussy, the lips eagerly accepting this new invasion. Hot water continued to fall on her, steaming up the bathroom.

The vibrator worked its magic on her, slowly building up her orgasm. Sliding out the vibrator before shoving it hard into her warm wet pussy was pure delight. As her hand busily worked the vibrator rhythmically in and out of her insatiable pussy, she sucked hard at her fingers. She could feel herself reaching orgasm.

"Yu Ling! Why are you taking so long?! I want to eat my mushroom cheese prata!" Annette knocked hard on the toilet door, and because it was not seriously latched, the door swung open, revealing Yu Ling in all her glory. Both were stunned for a moment. Yu Ling could not move; she was too embarrassed.


Then, Annette smiled wolfishly and strode into the cubicle. She locked the door securely and started to strip. Yu Ling, feeling silly, her sex drive down to zero, started to remove the vibrator still cheerfully humming in her pussy.

"No, don't stop. Leave your leg up against the wall." Annette instructed her. As she bent down to pull off her pink G-string, her tight butt was facing Yu Ling. Both girls took a moment to admire each other's body. Though they have been hostel mates for a year and half, they have never seen each other naked. Annette, an open minded girl, was used to flaunting her body and fucking guys she liked. She also liked orgies, and didn't mind pleasuring another girl when she was high on alcohol. She was surprised to see Yu Ling's pierced nipples and navel. Yu Ling was perceived as a quiet, typical Singaporean girl who just studied and did no wild things. And to catch her in action!

"Oh boy," thought Annette, "I am so horny now I want to make her cum and she'd better make me cum too!" She continued to stare at Yu Ling's voluptuous body, taking in those womanly curves, the ripe breasts, the swollen pussy lips that were protruding between her thighs. Her nipples were beginning to perk up in anticipation, and her pussy was starting to throb.

Yu Ling was still feeling awkward. On the one hand, only her mother and female doctors had ever seen her naked body. On the other, she was enjoying Annette's attention. Her pussy juices were dripping, mingling with the water that ran down her pussy and down her legs.

Annette went up to her and took the vibrator, which was still screaming for a pussy to fuck. They kissed, soft lips on lips, tongues swirling around each other, darting in and out of their mouths. Annette broke the kiss first, her mouth searching for Yu Ling's breast.

She latched onto the soft breast, savouring the taste of hard metal. She licked, swirled her tongue around the perky nipple and toyed with the bar stud in her mouth. Yu Ling was softly moaning. The vibrator inched its way into warm flesh once again. It entered her in a rotating manner, literally 'screwing' her. The slow torment increased her breathing. She started to pant.

While Annette nipped, licked and sucked gently on one inviting breast, and the other hand groping and teasing the other breast, Yu Ling's hands were all over Annette, learning the feel of her. Annette's body could easily be mistaken for Yu Ling's – both were tanned (except for where their bikini covered their delicate parts), their breasts hung heavily on their slim toned frames. Both have cute belly buttons, and their pussies were bare. One hand trailed down between Annette's inner thighs, and found metal rings embedded in those sensitive skin. Annette had pierced her pussy lips and her clit hood. A feeling of lust and raw desire overwhelmed both of them as they both realized they share the bond of the love for metal in their secret parts. The hot shower splashed on them, the mist providing a hazy cover for them.

Yu Ling moaned deeply as her orgasm builds, loving the sensations of her breasts loved by another woman, and the vibrator causing vibrations from her pussy up her spine, to her head. Her hands were also busy - rubbing Annette's clit including her hood ring, two fingers in her pussy imitating the pace of the vibrator in her own pussy. Whenever the fingers brush against the lips' rings, Annette would also moan and shiver in delight. Fingers with nails painted black occasionally pinched her pussy lips and tugged at the rings. Oh the pleasure of pain!

The shower was still running, water pouring down on the two gyrating bodies. Temperatures were rising, their gentle administrations getting rougher, their mouths suckling, swirling harder and harder on swollen flesh. Yu Ling was reaching her orgasm, moaning louder and louder. Annette was also reaching her peak, taking delight in watching her lover's face in sexual pleasure.

Yu Ling could not take it anymore, as the vibrator jammed into her pussy this time, she came, biting into Annette's tan shoulder. Her fingers jerked hard inside her lover's pussy. With the sensation in her pussy and the unexpected nip on her shoulder, Annette gave into her orgasm and screamed, roughly plunging the vibrator into Yu Ling's pussy for one last time. For a moment, their erotic pose would have made a perfect cover shot for a porn magazine. The rivulets of water on their smooth flushed skin, faces scrunched in orgasmic delight, exotic jewelry in their sweet privates, both bodies arched beautifully.

The orgasm finally subsided and left both lovers exhausted. Annette took Yu Ling in her arms, and leaning against the wall, held her tenderly, stroking her shoulder.

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