tagInterracial LoveYuki and Kilima

Yuki and Kilima


Yuki stepped into, "The Black Adder" a little apprehensively. She wasn't used to going into clubs alone. She was going to meet a couple of her girlfriends here, but looking at the sea of gyrating bodies, she realised what a truly daunting task it was going to be.

Pulling her backless halter down to cover her navel, she began to squeeze her way between bodies, determined to pick out Michelle's face. She moved along the dance floor, squeezed between hot and sweaty dancers. Mysterious hands stroked and caressed her, some accidentally (and others, not so accidentally), as she tried to move across the dance floor. By the time she got to the tables, and found Michelle, her body was covered in a thin film of sweat, her face was flushed, and her breathing heavy. Michelle didn't fail to notice this, or comment on it to her friend.

Yuki had been very curious about this new girlfriend of Mic's, Mic had been going on and on about her for weeks now; how wonderful she was, how sensitive, how hot, how sensual - to be honest, Yuki was getting a little sick of it, but that didn't mean she wasn't curious! Yuki's gaze slipped from Mic, to the figure hiding in the darkness.

She couldn't make out any of the new girl's features, it seemed this club only had enough light for the dance floor! Mic noticed the direction of Yuki's gaze, and blushed. "My bad! I haven't even introduced you two!" Mic tossed her shoulder length blonde hair over a shoulder, as if this nonchalant act would somehow absolve her.

"Yuki, I want you to meet Kilima. Kilima, this is my best friend, Yuki!" The reclining figure leaned forward, and held out a dark, chocolate-coloured hand. Yuki took her hand, and shook it firmly. The reclining figure leaned forward, and moved out of the darkness.

A pair of dark eyes stared at her from under a pair of thick eyebrows, which lay within a distinctly male face. His mouth smirked, when he saw her surprise. Her attention was instantly drawn to it; such luscious lips, dark like the rest of him, the middle of his bottom lip, a deep shade of red. She took in his whole face then, his square jaw, the well-trimmed moustache, the high cheekbones, and broad nose. But what caught her attention were his eyes, even behind his thin frame glasses, his gaze was penetrating, daring her to do more than just look. - Or was she just imagining things?

"Hey, well, I'm gathering you're not Mic's new gf then?" she bantered lightly,

"No, hope you aren't too disappointed," he countered. She liked his voice, it was deep, but not intimidating, he seemed friendly enough.

"Yeah, so this is Kilima, he works with Karen. Sorry, Karen couldn't make it tonight; work meeting or something! So she suggested I take Kilima along instead. And that's how we came to be here." explained Mic in her chatty way. Yuki slid in behind the table, and exchanged the necessary gossip and pleasantries with Mic, who was sitting across from her at the small round table. In between them, sat Kilima, who threw in the occasional smart-ass comment, but otherwise kept quiet, and kept his eyes on Yuki.

Every so often, Yuki would glance at Kilima, and catch him staring. He wasn't checking her body out; he was checking her out. His eyes stayed riveted to hers, making her feel vulnerable, and slightly excited. She'd meet his gaze for a while, then look down at his lips, especially his bottom lip, and catch herself licking her own lips. Looking up at him again, she smiled cheekily,

"What 'chu lookin' at?" Yuki said in a corny off spin mafia accent,

"Well, it's a lot better than what I'm hearing!" he teased. She laughed, and made to slap his arm, but his hand was faster.

He placed his hand over hers, and moved it into the crook of his arm, forcing her to move closer to him. She tried to feel his arm, without him noticing, but the glimmer in his eye made her realise he was fully aware of what she was doing. He leaned in, and whispered into her ear,

"You know, I thought you should know, your g-string is showing..." his voice sent shivers down her spine, and she trembled. Turning to look at him, she replied,

"But I'm not wearing one..." She couldn't believe how ballsy she was being. She was never this rash. Never this saucy, but then again, she'd never been this horny.

He looked at her in mock surprise. With deliberate slowness, he moved his left hand to the small of her back, and slipped his index finger under the waistband of her pants. He touched the top of her ass crack, and then moved away, leaving his hand around her hip.

"You're right, your not, my mistake."

But there was no mistaking this. His touch was igniting flames, and it wasn't the alcohol that made her want to kiss this man, and do a whole lot more with him.

He turned to face her, and she slipped under his arm, her ass pressed against the side of his hip, his hand dangling inches from her left breast.

"Hey, where's Mic?" Yuki asked, suddenly aware that she was alone with Kilima.

"She's off dancing with some guy...don't think he knows she's gay yet!"

He gently touched the base of her neck, his finger barely stirring the tiny hairs there. She shivered, and her nipples hardened instinctively.

"Do you like that?" he whispered seductively into her sensitive ear.

She could only nod, and squirm uncomfortably in her seat. His torturous caress moved up her neck. When his lips replaced his finger, and she felt his warm tongue licking her neck, she reached for his forefinger, and sucked on it, stifling her moan.

"Come with me," he whispered raggedly, as if he too were caught up in this whirlwind of passion. She followed him willingly, only now noticing the way her pants were sticking to her sex. They managed to find their way out of the club, and into his car. She wondered if he intended to take her here, not that she'd mind. But no, he got into the driver's seat, and opened the door on the passenger's side for her.

"Look Yuki, I don't want you to think I'm just some horny, sex-craved black man, trying to fuck you...but I want you. Are you sure you're ok with this?" He asked her, he didn't want to wake up with this chick screaming rape, and no matter how fine she was. She looked at him quizzically; was this normal? But she liked him all the more for asking her,

"You aren't a serial killer or anything, right? Didn't think so, yes, I want you, I want you so bad it hurts, now do you think we could get out of here?"

He put the car into reverse, and edged slowly out of the parking lot. Yuki noticed the way he shifted gear, how his palm guided the stick, he had thick fingers, not particularly long, but they were well looked after. She looked at his hand, then his face, then let her gaze peruse all of him.

His firm chest, well toned, without being overdone, the way his torso nipped in at his waist slightly, she saw the contours of his thigh as he moved his foot from break to accelerator. He'd be black under his clothing, every inch of him, this delicious shade of dark chocolate. Good quality, rich and subtly sweet chocolate. The forbidden fruit.

She envisioned his naked body pressed against hers, his palm played across her pale breast. How his lips would wrap around her nipples, and draw cries from her lips. She hoped he'd take her from the back, his hands on her hips, guiding her hips back and forth over his...

Oh damn, she looked between his legs at the tent there, what would he look like there? What would he taste like?

He saw out of the corner of his eye, the way her hand slid between her thighs, and he groaned. Oh God! This woman would make him cum before he'd even touched her! Her index and middle finger were stroking her cleft through her pants, her eyes were closed, but every so often, she'd open them, and look him over hungrily.

He pulled the car over to the side of the road, and turned to look at her. She was beautiful, her small oval face, flushed with desire and her lips were a deep shade of red.

"Tell me what you want," he ordered, reaching out to cup her pert breast.

"I... I," she swallowed hard, she wasn't used to having to voice her desires,

"Tell me..." he flicked her nipple back and forth under his thumb.

"I want you, I want to feel your hands all over me. I want your tongue deep inside of my pussy; I want you to taste me. I want your cock in my mouth, gagging me. I want to feel your fingers inside of me, I want you inside of me..." the words fell from her mouth, faster and faster,

"You want my black cock inside of your tight pussy, don't you? You know what I'm going to do to you. I will use you; make you scream for me, over and over again. That's what you want, isn't it, tell me..."

"Mhmm, yes, oh yes...please," Yuki's breathing was heavy by now, her fingers working furiously over her clit.

Kilima undid his pants, and took out his cock; "Look at it," Yuki's eyes opened, and gazed down at him. He was beautiful. His dick was much darker than the rest of him; it stood up proudly, demanding her attention. His shaft had a couple of veins running along it, his head glistened with his precum. She wanted him, but she wanted to taste him first.

Lowering her head slowly, she licked his head, cleaning his precum off. She swirled her tongue around his head, learning the shape and feel of him, he was a good two inches in thickness, and his shaft widened at the middle. Her lips latched around the base of his head, as she started to suck ever so gently. She pulled back, then pushed him between her barely parted lips, his gasp told her what it was doing for him. She licked his head in long strokes, always trying to coax out more precum. Yuki began to take more of him into her mouth, opening her eyes, she could see her lips wrapped around his dark length, and she shivered. Her idle fingers took up their action again.

His fingers found their way into her hair; he tugged and pushed alternatively. She loved being controlled. He touched the back of her throat, and barely half of him was in her mouth. Her head began to bob up and down, steadily increasing pace. She licked his balls briefly, but it was his dick she was currently fascinated by. She used her free hand to work him just below the head, squeezing then relaxing, over and over again.

"I'm cumming!" he moaned, as his head thrashed from side to side. He pinned her head to him, and she tasted him for the first time. His cum landed at the back of her throat; she swallowed slowly, trying not to hurt his sensitive head.

"We need to get home... I have to return the favour."

She trembled with anticipation.

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