tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYuko's Punishment

Yuko's Punishment


Yuko had been working in London for a year now and although she was still working for the same Japanese company she preferred the liberation that female employees appeared to have here. In Japan she still shuddered inside as she remembered her old boss.

He constantly made her feel uneasy with his lewd remarks and constant leering at her. Now she enjoyed the freedom of being able to wear a short skirt or low cut top without fearing her old boss's comments and advances.

When Yuko had been offered the chance to work in London she had hesitated at first. It was a big step to take for a twenty-four year old Japanese girl to leave the safety of her parent's home and travel to London. She had also recently met her first serious boyfriend but decided that her career must come first. She missed him a lot though and regularly emailed him, telling him about her new life and promising him that she would one day return to Japan and hoped he would still be waiting for her.

Yuko's male colleagues certainly enjoyed seeing her around the office. During the past year a few of them had asked her for a date but each time she would politely refuse. She gradually gained a reputation, perhaps unfairly, of being a tease. This reputation as a tease was caused, in no small part, by the way she usually dressed.

In Japan she would have blended in with all the other young women around the office wearing a reasonably short dark skirt, white blouse and moderately high heels. In the London office she stood out from the larger western women, making them look fat and plain by comparison. Her slim petite figure, pert breasts and long legs attracted the attention of every red-blooded male in the office.

Yuko was naively unaware of the effect she was having on her male colleagues. She kept busy and worked hard, soon gaining a string of promotions and becoming head of her department. Most of the men that lusted after her now had to report to her as their immediate boss.

Yuko proved to be a very efficient boss but the position and power she now had went to her head, causing friction and ill feeling amongst her predominantly male staff.

Now that she was departmental head she had her own office. The main advantage she found was that she could lock the door and have some privacy. Sometimes when she was alone in her locked office she would smile to her self wondering how her male colleagues would react if they could see what she did behind her locked door.

She had been feeling lonely for a long time and missed her old boyfriend back in Japan. They had been in regular contact via email and recently had started to use an Instant Messenger service on their computers. Yuko and her boyfriend both used their own laptop computers at work and the boyfriend was quick to point out that they should perhaps take advantage of the built-in web cams so they would be able to see each other.

On this particular day, Yuko, as usual, had locked her office door at lunchtime. Her pretence was that she always had a power sleep at lunchtime and did not want to be disturbed.

The time difference between London and Japan meant that it was early evening for her boyfriend.

Yuko logged on to the IM service.

During the past few days her boyfriend had been telling her how much he missed her and the conversations had been regularly turning towards sex. Yuko was still quite naive and had only lost her virginity to her boyfriend a month or so before she had left Japan.

Since moving to London she had promised herself that she would remain faithful to him but was often driven to masturbation to relieve her sexual desires.

Yuko had surprised herself by admitting her masturbation to her boyfriend. If they had been face to face or on the telephone she knew she would never have mentioned it but somehow the IM was different. After admitting to him that she regularly masturbated he admitted to doing the same.

Their discussions now regularly moved to the same topic and, on the previous day, Yuko suggested to her boyfriend that she would like to watch him as he masturbated. As she had typed her request and hit the 'send' button, she could hardly believe that she had been so bold. As she started to worry about how he might react, his message came back immediately saying that he thought the idea sounded like fun!

All of this had happened the day before and now they were back again live. As Yuko finished logging on to the IM service her boyfriend's image came onto the screen. At the same time her image appeared next to his, showing that they were both now live and on-line.

They started to chat about the weather and the health of his family, but soon the conversation turned to the old topic of masturbation.

As Yuko sat looking at her laptop screen her mind was filled with fond memories of sex with her boyfriend. She remembered how shy she had felt the first time he had undressed her. Her mind wandered back, remembering his fumbling fingers as he started to take off her clothes. She remembered him looking longingly at her when she was wearing just her bra and panties knowing that she would soon be naked for the first time in front of a man.

As these thoughts filled her mind she remembered her own curiosity about his body. She had felt uncertain about what she should do as he stripped off her clothes. Finally, when she was completely naked, she remembered the feeling of excitement that swept through her young inexperienced body as he stood up and took off his own clothes. Even now she blushed as she remembered boldly staring at his crotch as he stood in front of her wearing just his underwear. That feeling of excitement mounted in its intensity as she remembered him grasping her hand and guiding it towards the intriguing bulge.

She remembered feeling the bulge in his underpants, her confidence growing all the time, impatient to hold him in her hand. She blushed again as she remembered feeling bold and, for the first time in her life, reached for the waistband of his underpants and pulled them down. She remembered gasping aloud as his erect cock sprung into view. It looked huge and she wondered how it could possibly fit inside her. Once more he took her hand and guided it to his stiff cock. She had held it and felt its hot stiffness in her small hand.

Still gazing at the screen of her laptop Yuko realised that her fond memories had turned her on and she was feeling horny.

Maybe it was this horny mood that played a part in what happened next.

She checked the time and was pleased to realise that there were still fifty minutes or so left of her lunch break. Fifty minutes where she could still have the door safely locked.

She typed in a message,

"I was just remembering back to our first time and it has made me feel horny!"

He replied,

"What a coincidence. I was just thinking about the same thing. Remembering the shy look on your face as I undressed you that first time and gazed at your sexy body. Just thinking of undressing you has given me an erection."

Yuko replied,

"Do you feel like you want to masturbate?

"Yes", he replied.

Yuko hesitated before replying,

"Can I watch like I suggested yesterday?"

Yuko could not believe how bold she was being but when she looked at the screen and saw that her boyfriend had stood up and was already removing his trousers, she felt excited.

The image on her screen was of her boyfriend's torso. She could see the tops his muscular thighs and his stomach muscles. Of course the part that interested her most was the huge bulge which was only just being restrained by his underpants.

She watched him move as he leaned forward to type a message.

A few seconds later his words came onto her screen,

"What do you want me to do now?"

She knew full well that he knew exactly what she wanted but he wanted her to actually spell it out.

Feeling more horny than ever she typed her bold reply,

"Show me your stiff cock my darling."

Yuko was surprised by how much this new 'cyber sex' experience was turning her on and found herself forgetting about her surroundings and the fact she was still at work.

Her left hand wandered down to her lap as she watched her boyfriend's stiff cock spring into view as he pulled down his underpants. She touched her self through the fabric of her skirt, realising that she was already wet, as she looked at his cock standing stiff and fully erect.

Just before Yuko had left Japan she had wanted to watch him cum. She remembered the sensations now of gripping his cock and rubbing it as he lay on his back. She remembered seeing his body tense and feeling his cock pulsate in her hand as his hot spunk suddenly erupted, splashing her arm and her hand.

Now she wanted to see him cum again.

"Rub it for me darling," she typed, "let me watch you cum."

Her boyfriend quickly replied,

"I would love to let you watch me cum but I also want something from you."

"What do you want from me? She replied.

"I want you to move back from the camera so I can see all of you. I then want you to let me see how you masturbate!"

For a moment Yuko wasn't sure what to do but the idea of showing herself to him via the Internet somehow appealed to her and added to her feelings of arousal.

She just typed a reply of,

"OK" and moved her chair back until she was sure that he could see all of her.

She watched as his hand gripped his stiff cock and slowly pulled back the foreskin to reveal the shiny purple head.

She wished so much that he was here with her now so that they could make love.

She looked directly into the camera in her laptop, imagining she was looking directly into his eyes, and started to unfasten her blouse. She unfastened the buttons one by one, starting at the top, until her blouse fell open to reveal a pretty blue floral bra. With her blouse hanging open she slipped the straps of her bra from her shoulders and then pulled each cup down to reveal her stiffening nipples. She moved her hands up and cupped each breast; gently playing with her nipples, imagining it was her boyfriend's hands. Her nipples stiffened and became very sensitive as she gently pinched and teased them. All the while she watched her screen as her boyfriend slowly masturbated.

With one hand still cupping and squeezing one of her breasts she moved the other down to the hem of her skirt. She tried to imagine the look on her boyfriend's face as she slowly lifted her skirt higher and higher. She lifted herself off of the seat for a moment so she could pull the skirt right up around her waist and reveal her matching blue floral panties.

Earlier on, when she had initially made her bold request to her boyfriend, she had only intended to watch him. The idea of her actually undressing or acting provocatively in her office had never entered her head.

Now, only fifteen minutes or so later she knew that she would do exactly as he had asked.

With her breasts on show and her skirt pulled up around her waist, she slowly let her legs fall apart and then her hand moved down between them. She could feel her wetness soaking through the panties and as she touched herself she knew she could easily make herself cum.

She watched her boyfriend thrusting his stiff cock in his hand and imagined that he was thrusting it into her. She knew how he liked to see between her legs and in one swift movement she pulled her panties to one side, thrilled and excited to know she was exposing her wet pussy to him.

Her fingers traced a teasing path over her wet lips, gently pulling her outer lips apart.

Feelings of pure lust were starting to sweep through her body and she could not resist thrusting a finger deep inside herself.

She could see from the image on her screen that he was getting close to his orgasm. His thrusts were becoming more urgent and his cock looked stiffer than ever. She squeezed her breast hard and thrust a second finger inside herself, fucking herself with her fingers and now lightly brushing her clit with each thrust of her hand.

She felt the waves of pleasure build and build until she was almost out of control. She hesitated just for a moment, two fingers pushed hard inside her. She stared at the screen and saw her boyfriends cock spurt the first of his hot spunk. She imagined she could feel his spunk flooding her insides as her own orgasm suddenly exploded in her. She bit her lip, trying to stop herself making too much noise as her orgasm swept through her.

Gradually it subsided. She watched her boyfriend's cock still dribbling the last of his spunk as she withdrew her fingers from her soaking wet pussy and re-arranged her panties.

Suddenly she panicked as she heard a knock on her door and realised that the lunch break had finished.

She shouted out, "just a minute" as she quickly pulled the bra back over her breasts and hurriedly fastened the buttons on her blouse. She stood up; smoothing down her crumpled skirt, and started to head for the door to unlock it. Just as she opened the door she glanced back at her laptop and, horrified, could see that her boyfriends cock was still displayed on the screen with his spunk still dribbling from the tip.

As her boss entered the room she knew he had noticed her creased and crumpled skirt and her general dishevelled appearance. She thought she had time to step between him and her lap-top to block the view but knew it was too late when he said, "Yuko, I think you should now log off from your boyfriends cock."

She felt herself blush bright red as she reached for her laptop and closed it down.

She turned toward her boss, curious as to what he wanted and why he had knocked on the door.

As she looked at him he just looked her directly in the eyes and said, "We have a company meeting in the morning at 9am in the international conference room. Please make sure you are there on time because we will be having a video conference with the Tokyo head office and you know how impatient your old boss can be!

With that he turned around and left the office.

Yuko felt annoyed with her self about being so foolish during working hours at the office. She was also puzzled as to why her boss had not said any more about catching her looking at her boyfriend's cock on her laptop.

It could be a lot worse she thought to herself, he could have somehow unlocked the door, burst in and caught her masturbating while she watched her boyfriend.

Yuko almost shuddered with horror at the thought of her boss or any of her male colleagues catching her like that.

During her journey home she wondered what the reason for the video conference the following day was. The video conference system was the only thing that still reminded her of the Tokyo office. It wasn't used that often and when it was it was usually used to humiliate an errant employee. She was certain that European law would not allow most of the things that she and her colleagues had had to witness.

She remembered the poor unfortunate girl from the Tokyo office who had been caught sending indecent images of her self to her boyfriend. A video-conference was called and, with all the staff from all the worlds offices watching, Yuko's Japanese boss made the poor girl strip naked and "share" her nakedness with all the staff. Yuko had heard of other punishments but all of these were before she joined the company.

The following day, as Yuko made her way to work, she could not get the thought of the video conference out of her head. As she entered the office building she felt a feeling of impending danger. She kept telling herself that the restless night she had had and the feelings she was having now were irrational and there was nothing to fear.

Yuko was pleased that she was early and still had some time to spare before the 9am meeting. She busied herself checking emails in her office before finally setting off to the international conference room.

Yuko had never been inside the room before and when she entered she was surprised that it was not as large as she expected. She looked around noting that most of her colleagues were already seated. It was arranged like a lecture theatre in a university with the seats arranged in tiers and a platform in the centre for the speaker or lecturer.

The outer walls were filled with large TV screens and there were TV cameras placed in strategic places so that images from almost anywhere in the room could be beamed to the head office in Japan and to the screens on the walls.

The central platform was empty except for a desk. Yuko wondered why there should just be an empty desk, no chair, no computer, just an empty desk.

She was about to find out.

The buzz of idle chat from her predominantly male colleagues filled the room as they all waited. Yuko's boss walked purposefully to the central platform and the room fell silent. He stood by the desk and then looked around. The TV screens flickered momentarily and then everyone could see their Japanese colleagues in a similar room in Japan.

Yuko's boss then started the proceedings by saying, "Yuko, please come and join me on the platform."

Yuko's heart skipped a beat. Her boss had a reputation for putting his staff on the spot in meetings and she hoped that she would be able to cope with any questions or facts that he might ask of her. She had naively brought all the current files with her just in case she needed them.

She moved down past her colleagues clutching the files in her hand.

When she reached the platform she looked into her boss's eyes to try and get a clue about what the meeting was about but he just smiled politely and said, "Good morning Yuko. Please face the camera because our Japanese boss would like to address you personally."

Yuko was surprised. It was unusual for the Japanese boss to speak personally to ordinary members of staff, especially the women.

She was aware of a TV camera looking directly at her as the Japanese boss, whose image was on the large screen in front of her, said, "Good morning Miss Yuko."

Yuko stayed silent but momentarily bowed her head to show respect.

He continued, "As part of our streamlining program we have been monitoring the use of all the company's computers."

Yuko felt her heart jump and a sudden feeling of dread filled her body.

"Yesterday lunchtime the monitoring service witnessed a particularly interesting session involving your lap-top and the company's wireless network."

Yuko's heart sank as she desperately wondered what would happen next.

He continued, "Your indiscretion was recorded and will now be shown to the whole organisation."

Yuko felt horrified as the images on the screens changed and staring down at her were images of her boyfriend on some screens and her sitting in her office on the others.

She could feel the expectant tension building in the room as all of her colleagues witnessed the exchange of messages that had taken place during the previous lunch break.

She blushed furiously, hearing the raucous noise and comments from her work colleagues as she watched her boyfriend undress and expose his stiff cock.

She then froze and wished the floor would just open up and she could disappear as she realised that everyone was about to watch her masturbate.

Yuko was relieved that the images of her opening her top to show her breasts were a little blurred. She continued to watch the recording and listened to her colleagues cheer as she lifted her skirt, opened her legs and started to masturbate. The noise of her colleagues reached a crescendo when she pulled her panties to one side to show her boyfriend her vagina.

Finally, still blushing furiously, she listened to the cheer from her colleagues as her boyfriend shot his load of hot spunk.

For a few seconds the images were frozen on the screen; her boyfriend's cock with the spunk still dribbling down the side and her, with her breasts lewdly displayed and her legs wide apart with her hand pressed between them.

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