tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYuko's Punishment Ch. 03

Yuko's Punishment Ch. 03


Authors note:

I recommend that you read Yuko's Punishment and Yuko's Punishment 2 first before reading this next installment.


Yuko had taken up the offer from her Japanese boss and was now working in the head office in Tokyo.

It had been a while since her last ordeal in the hotel room but Yuko would frequently lie in bed at night with the wild images of her experiences still vividly clear in her head. She regularly re-lived the humiliation of being naked and vulnerable in the hotel room and then being used by all the men for their pleasure. She was naturally a very shy and reserved person.

At least, that is how she appeared to her close friends and that is how she had always viewed her self. However, during and after 'The Punishment', when she had been forced to strip naked and used as a sexual plaything for her work colleagues, she was shocked by how much she had enjoyed it.

Even now, some six months later, the humiliation was still a strong and clear memory but each time she re-lived it she felt weak as the familiar feelings between her legs betrayed her and her hand felt drawn to the wet patch on her panties.

Despite the fact that she knew how her boss was capable of behaving, with the notable exception of her first day, he had been a perfect gentleman since she had started as his personal assistant in head office. She had a small outer room next to his and for the past six months she had been looking after the day to day running of his company; checking his diary, making appointments and generally helping the smooth running of his business.

Her boss had a steady flow of visitors, mostly men, who would wait in her office while she checked with her boss to allow them through to see him. These men always made her feel shy and uncomfortable because most of them made no attempt to hide the fact that they were checking her out. Yuko was never sure if the men knew what she had done in the past or if her boss would suddenly demand that she do something humiliating for a customer. However she felt certain that one day her boss would initiate some kind of new humiliation for her, but she had no idea when.

So far the only fact that made her aware of his intentions was that he had been very strict regarding her dress code.

Before starting work at the head office he had sent her an email instructing her how he wanted her to dress each and every day at the office.

It read:-

Dear Yuko,

Now that you will be working as my assistant I insist on a strict dress code as follows:-You must always wear a shear white button front blouse and a white lace half cup bra.

Matching white lace panties, sheer hold-up stockings, short black skirt and black three inch high heeled shoes.

You have my permission to purchase all of the above and charge it to my expense account.

P.S. Your cunt must be fully shaved and smooth at all times.

As she read the P.S. Yuko felt shocked but an excited shiver run through her body. It was as if he was reminding her that she should expect a repeat of her previous experiences.

She had been at the head office for three months now and, as mentioned earlier, with the exception of her first morning, her boss had behaved like a perfect gentleman.

It was now the weekend and, as Yuko relaxed in her apartment she closed her eyes and recalled her first morning at head office three months earlier.

She remembered going shopping during the weekend before to buy the clothes that her boss had instructed and to buy a new razor so she could carry out his last instruction.

After returning to her apartment she had been eager to try on the new clothes. First though decided to have a shower and use the new razor. She remembered the strange excitement she had felt as she squatted in the shower and started to shave her pubic hair.

The last time she had shaved all of her pubic hair off was before her experience in the hotel room. Since then she had kept her vulva smooth and hairless but liked to have neatly trimmed hair above. Now she removed every last hair until she was completely smooth and hair free.

Having finished her shower she dried her self and put on the new underwear and clothes. She remembered feeling pleased with her appearance as she checked herself in a full length mirror. The blouse fitted quite tightly and showed off her pert B cup breasts. The skirt was just long enough to cover the darker tops of the hold ups and the high heels accentuated her smooth long legs.

However, she knew she would feel uncomfortable going to work dressed like this when she saw that the white half cup lace bra was quite clearly visible through the sheer fabric of the blouse. Even more embarrassing was that she was certain she could just make out the dark outline and protuberance of her nipples. With her eyes still closed she realised that her hand had wandered down over her body and rested between her legs as the memories of her first morning in the office came flooding back.

When she arrived she was welcomed by her boss who then showed her around the building and made sure she was comfortable in her new office. While she was being introduced to her new colleagues Yuko remembered how the men, and even some of the women, had run their eyes up and down her body checking her out.

After being introduced to her new colleagues, her boss escorted her back to his own office.

She remembered standing awkwardly, nor sure what to do as he closed the door and then went to sit behind his huge desk.

He was silent for a moment as he openly gazed at her from head to toe. Seemingly satisfied he said, "Yuko, come and stand in front of me."

She walked across and stood a few feet from him.

She felt proud and relaxed as he said, "Yuko, I am pleased with your appearance. It looks as though you have followed my dress code perfectly."

Yuko suddenly felt stunned as he continued, "Now pull your panties down to your knees and lift up the hem of your skirt."

She felt her face blush red as she stood motionless in front of him.

"Come on Yuko, I am a busy man, do as I ask."

Yuko slowly reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees.

"Move closer Yuko," he said firmly.

She shuffled nearer to him with her panties stretched across her knees.

"Good, now lift up the hem of your skirt."

Yuko gripped the hem of her skirt and started to lift it up.

When it was just above the tops of her hold ups she stopped.

"Higher!" her boss shouted, "I need to check that you have fully shaved your cunt.

Still blushing furiously she raised the hem higher and higher until she was sure that her boss had a clear view of her smoothly shaved pubis.

"Move your legs apart Yuko," he said as he reached forward and pushed his hand between the soft flesh of her upper thighs.

She did as he asked, stretching the panties as wide as they would go. She then gave a gasp as he ran his fingers roughly over her smooth vulva and then momentarily further back, brushing a finger over her anus.

He then pulled his hand away and said "OK Yuko, get dressed. You are even more delightful to look at and touch than I remember. I'm sure I will get to experience you fully again at some later date. Now pull up your panties and go back to your office.

As she recalled that first day she remembered actually feeling disappointed that her boss had not used her there and then in his office. With the humiliating memory of lifting her skirt to show her boss her freshly shaved vulva still clear in her mind, Yuko rubbed her self, imagining it was her boss's hand between her legs, until she shuddered with an orgasm that filled her with warmth but only temporary satisfaction.

The rest of the weekend soon passed and it was Monday morning. Yuko was already dressed and ready to leave for the office when her mobile bleeped indicating a received message. She opened the message. It read, 'pls chk email.'

She opened her email and saw one from her boss. She opened it and read, 'Yuko, I have sent a motorcycle courier to deliver a small package to you. Please wait for it to arrive.'

As she finished reading the email she heard her door bell ring. She rushed to the door, opened it and saw a man in motor cycle leathers and a crash helmet. He handed her a small package, smiled in a strange way as he asked her to sign for it, turned round and left.

Yuko closed the door and took the package into the kitchen. She opened it and took out two tiny items of black lace underwear and a note. The note read, "Yuko, I have very important business colleagues visiting us today. I want you to change your underwear to the items enclosed. All your outer clothes are to remain unchanged.

Yuko picked up the two black lace items. One was obviously a bra but it looked to be too small. The other had her puzzled for a moment until she realized that it was a pair of panties but the crotch part was divided in two; split from front to back. A feeling of trepidation filled her senses. She knew that sooner or later she would have to submit to her boss's wild fantasies.

She carried the bra and panties into her bedroom and quickly stripped naked. She checked the label on the black lace bra and confirmed that it was the right size. She was still puzzled about the cup size until she tried it on. Suddenly she realized that it was a quarter cup bra. She had seen pictures once of a model wearing one and thought how ridiculous it was. Now she was adjusting the shoulder straps and looking in her reflection in the full length mirror. The black lace merely decorated and helped to support her breasts leaving her nipples completely uncovered.

Yuko then picked up the panties. It took a moment to work out which holes to put her legs through but, having worked it out; she pulled them up over her thighs and onto her hips. She looked at her reflection again, knowing already that the panties, like the bra, merely decorated her lower body leaving her vulva and even her anus uncovered.

She swiftly put the blouse and skirt back on, worried that she was already running late.

As she turned to leave her bedroom she caught another glimpse of her self in the mirror. To her horror she could clearly see the black lace and her exposed nipples through the thin fabric of the blouse.

She forced her self to try and ignore the fact and, grabbing her bag on the way out, she left her apartment and made her way to the office.

The journey was quite short but as she walked hurriedly along the foot path she was very conscious of the movement of her breasts beneath the blouse. She was also sure that every male she passed was staring at her breasts and nipples.

Finally she arrived at the work and quickly made her way to her own office, avoiding the stares of other work colleagues.

She sat down behind her desk and tried to calm her self. Her mind was already filled with possibilities of what her boss might have in mind for her today but was interrupted by a knock on her door.

The door opened and the motorcycle courier who had delivered the underwear earlier entered her office. As he gazed at her stiff nipples beneath the blouse Yuko mumbled, "How can I help you?"

His gaze slowly moved up until he was looking directly into her eyes as he said, "your boss told me to come back and see him exactly one hour after delivering the package to you so that I could be paid."

Yuko thought it sounded unusual because the couriers were usually paid on account. She decided to check first with her boss. She picked up the phone and called through to her boss's office next door. He answered immediately and then told Yuko to send the courier into his office straight away.

She did as he asked and then, to ease her nerves, decided to check the mail.

There was a large stack of mail in her in tray but just as she reached for the first letter her phone rang. It was her boss. "Please come into my office Yuko," he said, "I have an important task for you."

She got up nervously, straightened her skirt, opened the door and entered his office. She immediately noticed the courier who was sitting in a chair next to her boss. She thought it strange that the two of them should be so friendly.

She stood in front of them, trying to avert her eyes as neither of them tried to hide the fact that they were gazing at her protruding nipples. Her boss then shifted his gaze to her face as he said, "Yuko, this is my good friend Hiroto. I asked him to do me a favour this morning and deliver the package to you. He was very curious and wanted to know what it was. So, I showed him the interesting bra and panties that I wanted you to wear to work."

Yuko started to blush as she remembered the way the courier had smiled at her when she signed for the package.

"In fact," her boss continued, "he was so fascinated by the underwear that we came to an arrangement regarding his payment. I promised him that as a part payment for delivering the package I would let him see you wearing the underwear."

From the moment she received the email that morning Yuko knew that today would be very different. She could feel her shyness overwhelming her knowing that she would not or could not ignore her boss. She remembered the image of her self in the bedroom mirror earlier that morning; her breasts boldly displayed by the flimsy black lace of the bra and, even more embarrassing, the way in which her smooth hairless vulva protruded through the open crotch panties.

She slowly looked up from the floor to look at her boss and the courier. They were both still gazing at her blouse. She could feel the lust in their eyes almost as though they were both caressing her nipples. Her cheeks were blushing red but, to her dismay her nipples were tingling and stiffening as the expectation of what might happen next filled her senses.

The office was completely silent until her boss said, "Yuko, we need to pay the courier now. Take off your blouse and skirt so that we can both see how well the underwear fits you."

Yuko felt as though she was frozen still, unable to move until her boss said more firmly, "Yuko, take off your blouse; NOW!"

She felt her fingers tremble a little as she reached for the buttons on her blouse. She looked back down at the floor as she nervously unfastened each button in turn. Then, as she unfastened the last button her boss said, "Look up Yuko, look at both of us as you take off your blouse.

With her face still flushed red, she did as he asked. She looked up at them and slowly slipped the blouse from her shoulders and then removed it completely. As her breasts were revealed she heard them both whistle softly and then comment how great she looked.

As she stood in front of her boss and the courier with her breasts now exposed to their gaze she felt the now familiar feelings of arousal mixed with her shyness. Again it felt to her as though the gazes of both men were actually caressing her breasts. She stood for a few minutes, slowly becoming accustomed to showing her breasts in her boss's office until suddenly, her shyness returned, as her boss said, "Now take off the skirt Yuko and let's check out the panties."

She glanced at her boss and the courier and could see the excitement in their faces as she hesitatingly reached for the zip fastener on the side of her skirt. Just seeing how excited they looked at the expectation of her removing her skirt made her feel unexpectedly horny. She was starting to feel a little more confident as she pulled down the zip fastener, undid a button on the waistband and then pushed the skirt down over her hips.

Once the skirt was past her hips it quickly fell down and crumpled around her ankles. Yuko lifted each foot in turn and kicked the skirt away. Again the men gave an appreciative low whistle as Yuko's stood in front of them wearing just the sheer hold ups and the revealing black lace bra and panties.

She felt as though she was completely naked and was stood with her legs held together as she watched the men gazing at her from head to toe. Her cheeks blushed red again as her boss said, "Yuko, come closer, stand next to Hiroto. Now move your feet apart so he can see how the panties show off your cunt."

She did as she was asked and, trying to keep her legs together shuffled forward until she was standing close the courier." Move your feet apart," her boss reminded her. Gazing down at the floor she slowly moved her feet apart little by little.

She stopped a few times but her boss kept repeating, "Further, further, Hiroto needs to see your cunt!" Eventually her feet were about two feet apart but the black lace fabric had somehow overlapped and was covering her vulva. However, any sense of modesty was short lived when her boss said, "Yuko, please re-arrange your panties so that we can see your cunt." She reached down between her open legs and pulled the two bands of lace apart until she could feel that her vulva was completely revealed and uncovered, then, looking down at the floor, she moved her hands away to reveal herself to the men.

Although still blushing, somehow she found the courage to look up at her boss and Hiroto. She felt cheap knowing that she was brazenly displaying her self to these two men but at the same time felt her nipples stiffening and tingling. With her vulva as well as most of her breasts clearly visible to both men she could feel their lust and this aroused her.

She was still blushing but could feel the growing wetness between her legs as her boss said, "Yuko, later on I will be introducing you to my important customers. The conference room is being prepared right now for some product demonstrations that will require your help. Before I take you there we need to complete the payment to Hiroto."

As her boss spoke she gasped as she watched Hiroto unfasten his trousers. She stared as he reached inside his underpants and then pulled out his erect cock.

Her boss continued, "You can see how much you have excited him. Now, for the final payment, I want you to give him a better view of your cunt before sucking him and swallowing his spunk."

Yuko felt unsure what to do next until her boss said "turn around and then bend over and show Hiroto how completely revealing the panties are."

She turned around and then slowly bent forward at the waist. "Keep your legs apart!" her boss shouted as her head bent lower and lower. She could feel the coolness of the room on her wet labia as if to remind her how exposed she was to the gaze of Hiroto.

Hiroto reached out and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh causing her to jump up with surprise." Keep your head down!" her boss shouted.

Yuko bent forward again and tensed as she felt Hiroto run the tips of his fingers slowly up the inside of her thighs. She felt him touching the fine nylon of her holdups and then caressing the soft smooth flesh of her upper thighs. She then momentarily tensed as his fingers finally touched the wet lips of her labia. He traced the tips of his fingers back and forth between her wet lips, each caressing movement arousing her more and more but also reminding her of how much she was exposed to this man she had never met until earlier that day. She felt one of his fingers brush lightly over her anus as if to remind her how rudely she was exposed to him.

Hiroto had been struck by Yuko's beauty earlier that morning and now, as he looked at her bent over, allowing him to look at and touch her labia, he felt as though his stiff cock would explode. He stopped the movement of his fingers as he said, "Yuko, move back and stand beside me."

With his fingers still touching her wet labia she shuffled backwards and to his side.

"Good girl," he continued, "now turn a little so that you can suck my cock whilst I feel your lovely wet cunt."

Yuko felt that same strange mixture of humiliation and arousal as she did as he asked, turning a little and then moving her head to his lap. As her lips touched the head of his stiff cock she gasped as he pushed two fingers roughly into her wet vagina. She felt his free hand grip a handful of her hair at the back of her head as she opened her mouth and tasted the tip of his cock with her tongue.

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