tagNonHumanYule Cums But Once A Year

Yule Cums But Once A Year


"Dammit, Linda, you promised!!"

Silence reigned as Laurie waited for her friend to respond. As usual, Linda wanted things her way but, for once, Laurie was just as determined to do what she felt was necessary.

"Yes, Linda, I know you have all these really great ideas for Yule celebrations, every year. They never turn out right and they are no where near what Yule is about, anyway. When we tried your Samhain celebration it sucked. You promised I could do the next major rite...which is now. I have the place and the ritual. The question is are you coming or not?"

"Thanks, Lenny. I will meet you later to work things out. Bye."

Laurie hung up, a small mischievous grin on her elfin face. Rising from the chair, she went to the window, which overlooked a pine grove planted by her grandfather. The trees looked absolutely breathtaking against the blue winter sky, laced as they were with white. Saying a silent prayer of thanks for things working out to her advantage, she headed out to gather what she needed for the rite.

There were a total of 5 girls present. Each a different aspect of the circle. Jeannie was in the earth position, Markie in fire, Linda in air and Laurie in water. The center of the circle contained Nikki who not only acted as high priestess but also as akasha..or spirit.

All the girls were naked beneath their multi colored cloaks, to better attune to the earth and her movements. Their voices rose and fell in perfect cadence as they invited the spirit of rebirth to join them within their space. After what seemed to be hours, the ground became warm, steam rising from the melting snow. Silence fell, no breath was heard, no movement sensed until, in the center, a vague outline could be seen forming.

The girls all dropped to kneeling positions, their faces glowing by the light of a small bonfire located a few feet away. A small whisper, sibilant and quiet.

"What would you have me do?" the form in the center inquired.

Nikki spoke for the group, a ritual response.

"We ask, oh spirit, that you grant us health in the coming year. We have come to honor the mother and her son. To give praise for the soon to be warm spring days."

"Suppose I suggest that I will grant you peace and health, what do I gain?"

Shit, thought Laurie, this was not how the rite was supposed to go. Never in all the times of practicing this ritual alone, did she ever have this happen. Nikki, though, spoke once more,

her voice calm and sure.

"What would you have, spirit?"

"The rest of rite to do as I choose." the spirit replied. The form gained solidity and became as a golden Adonis or Apollo, a beautiful sun god.

"As you wish." Nikki replied.

"Step forward, my ladies in waiting and bask in me."

The girls moved of their own accord, loosening and dropping cloaks as they approached. Varying shades of skin gleamed in the firelight: rich cocoa, palest alabaster, warm honey.

"Touch me and one another." Arms and hands rose to do his bidding, caressing taut thighs, high asses, firm breasts. Lips were taken and given in deep, soulful kisses.

His penis hardened as lips and tongues engulfed

his length. Tongues licked his shaft and fondled his scrotum. Moans reverbated around the clearing

as the women and spirit became hotter.

"I would have your priestess first. Lie her down and spread her legs for me."

Laurie and Linda jumped to do his bidding as Markie tugged Nikki to the ground, placing her head upon soft breasts as she tugged gently upon Nikki's rose colored nipples. Linda and Laurie each grabbed a leg and watched in awe as the golden spectre knelt between their priestess' legs and inserted the head of his dick into the hot warm spot located there.

"Ahh" A groan from both parties before a slow grinding fuck began. Nikki lay beneath him, thrashing and crying, as she felt the length of him, along with multiple hands and lips caressing and kissing her. The orgasm which ripped through her was so intense she fainted.

"I want the black female now. Place yourself on hands and knees."

Laurie did as ordered, her ass high in the air. The heat when he entered her was almost unbearable. He shifted his grip on her hips, and plunged in, deeply. She groaned aloud. Her eyes focused on Linda and Jeannie involved in a hot 69. Faces buried in each other's twats, moans rising in the cool night air. Trying to hold back from cumming, she studied the other girls. However, the spirit would have none of it. He reached beneath her and plucked her clit lightly, at the same time withdrawing slowly before banging back into her cunt with devastating force.

The force of the orgasm brought tears to her eyes as she screamed loudly, a high ululating cry of release. And then blackness.

The girls awoke from their various swoons about an hour later. The bonfire had went out and the clearing was dark. No words were spoken as they broke the circle and collected cloaks.

Once inside, dressed and calm, they began discussing what happened. Laurie had the best idea

of what had actually occured surmising that they had been visited by the goddess' son.

"I guess he was awaiting the chance to try out his newborn strength on some unwitting females." The group laughed. That is, until Nikki noticed a small piece of paper within the folds of her cloak. Pulling it out, she quickly scanned it before passing it around.

"I enjoyed your circle. Next year, when you come to celebrate remember one thing. You are there to celebrate not just the coming of the sun but also the cumming of the son."

Quiet reigned for but a few moments before outraged laughter took over. Between hysterical giggles, Nikki burst out, "And he blessed us, every one!"

Soon, the girls had regained their poise and began gathering their belongings. Laurie gave everyone a thank you gift and a hug as they headed out into the cold night, smiles on thier lips.

"Damn, that was great." Laurie murmured softly as her tired body directed her toward her warm bed and sleep. "I can't wait to see what happens next year."

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