tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYumi's Art Photos

Yumi's Art Photos


I'd seen Yumi's photographs in downtown and midtown galleries. Mostly highly focused close-ups of naked human bodies, alone and in groups.

So when she asked me to pose for her, I had a pretty good idea what to expect.

"One thing," said the little Japanese woman. "Are you circumcised?"

"Umb, uh, yeah, I am."

"Good. I will find a match."

I didn't understand her remark then, or later when I met the others, or even now. She has a way of saying things that is confusing.

I was right on time for the shoot, yet was still the last one there. Yumi answered the door, barefoot in sweatpants and a gray tee.

Her long black hair was in a ponytail and she wore a utility belt. Her toes were amazingly tiny. No make-up.

"Hi, Rick! You are right on time! So let us get naked! Yes?"

"Hello, Yumi. Sure, let us commence."

There was a warren of small rooms, and a ladder to a second floor, before we came to the large main room. The windows were screened and it was all white.

On the side toward the warren were some large lights on adjustable stands, several chairs, a few tables, and a couch. And four people.

"All you subjects please strip now, then I will be making introductions," said Yumi.

So we started stripping down naked.

"This is Rick." "Hi, Rick!"

"This is Linda," said Yumi, indicating a young black girl with big tits. "We've all met before,"

said Linda to Rick, indicating the others.

"And this is Kim, she is scrumptious," she said of a tall spiky-haired Korean girl. Kim waved.

"This is my Jimmy," pointing to a shortish, thickish Filipino guy, just as he pulled off his shorts. His cock wasn't small.

"And that is Ben, my assistant. There's no special reason for him to be stripping. I will not be photographing him." The older black man stood and bowed. "Hey, Rick." He didn't strip.

"It takes a little time for your skin to recover from your clothes," Yumi said earnestly, pointing to the mark left around my waist from my belt. "Meanwhile, let us get to know each other."

"Sure, ok."

Yumi took a plastic bottle from her utility belt, squirted some clear gel onto her fingers, and began to grease up my dick. "The photographs like it," she smiled.

Her fingers were firm but gentle as she spread a thin layer of gel on my dick and balls.

"One thing -- if you are about to cum, tell me so you can do it in the bucket," said Yumi, tapping a plastic beaker on her belt.

"The scum bucket," said Ben.

Then she had me stand with my feet wide apart while she photographed my groin. Everyone else was watching.

Next she carefully gelled up Linda's thick, brown labia and photographed them. They looked like chocolate cake. I almost drooled.

Third, she did Jimmy's semi-erect cock. His pubic hair was rather sparse, but his cock was thick.

Last was Kim, whose labia were small and delicate, but whose clit was huge. Yumi carefully gelled it to erection, then photographed it.

Then, after a little more gel artfully applied, she shot my dick again. This time it was thickening, swelling. Everyone saw.

By this time Yumi was sweating from the lights, and her little nipples began to show through her tee-shirt; no bra.

She began photographing our elbows,

with just as much interest and intensity as she had our groins. She was fascinated. Bent and straight. She lubed all our elbows. It was sort of cool.

Yumi had Linda lie down with her legs held wide apart, then had each of us in turn insert our right big toe into her vulva. It was hot.

She had only me pose with my toes tweaking her big brown nipples: "It is all we need," Yumi explained with a dismissive wave of her hand.

When he was putting his left big toe into Linda's thick dark twat, Jimmy called out for the bucket.

Yumi was on him in an instant. Holding the beaker up to his purple dick head, she wanked it quickly until he came in several large spurts. She then took his dick head into her mouth and sucked hard, running her thumb up his underside.

Then she spat a few more gobs into the beaker. It was a very interesting sight.

My turn was next. I had my right big toe in Kim's hot tight twat, with her huge clit winking at me, when I said "I need the bucket."

Yumi was right there with the beaker. Her expert fingers knew just where to rub, just under my head, and I spurted in -- she didn't spill a drop.

Then she took my dick into her mouth. Wet enough to slide, but no wetter. She sucked hard on my cock-head while running her little thumb up the underside. Several times. An amazing sensation; she got several extra gobs of cum out of me. She then spat them into the beaker.

Yumi had everyone take turns putting their toes on my balls. I was uncomfortable when Jimmy kneaded my balls with his feet, and Yumi had to fluff me a few times (she was very good), but I said nothing.

But i did balk at kneading Jimmy's balls with my toes. "What, you think it is having sex with Jimmy? You think it would make you a fag? No. You will just be posing for a photograph."

So i did it. Yumi placed my toes carefully on his balls. They all watched. A little surprise: Ben called for the scum bucket. Yumi serviced him efficiently, spitting the last few gobs of cum into the beaker. He had a big, black dick with a bright pink head.

The final round of photos involved Yumi dabbing the cum from the "scum bucket" onto our organs. I went first. I developed a big drip of cum from my dick-head, which pleased her enormously. Of course, everyone watched.

Kim was next. It was filthy.

Then Jimmy. Shockingly filthy.

While Linda was being done, I said to Kim "Man, I'm horny." She said "Me, too. Let's fuck."

"Can we?" I asked. "Go ahead," said Yumi. "I am done with you."

Kim pushed me onto the couch, straddled me, grabbed my dick and sank down onto it. She swiveled her hips, grinding her huge clit into my pubes. Then we began humping. And,yes, they all saw.

"Hey! I'm horny, too!" said Linda.

"You can fuck Jimmy in a minute or two," said Yumi. "I'm almost done." Jimmy seemed agreeable.

"Me, too! I want some!" said old Ben.

"Fuck one of them when they are done," said Yumi.

"But I want to fuck you!"

"I am busy."

Kim and I orgasmed nearly together.

So did Linda and Jimmy, on the floor. He'd hooked his elbows behind her knees and fucked her hard.

The four of us washed up and got dressed. Afterwards, we went to supper at a nearby Indian restaurant. It was odd, looking at them all clothed. I liked them, though.

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