Yuppie Wives


Each man made his selection until there was only one pair of panties left. It was then that Miriam realized that there was also only one man left as well.

"Ohmigawd," she gasped to herself. Miriam watched in horror as the black security director pulled her own panties out of the venomous cobra's basket.

Luc Wolfe brought the dampened, aromatic panties up to his broad black nose and inhaled deeply taking in the wonderful feminine fragrance of the beautiful blonde that was going to be his for the evening. The big African really loved his job with The Firm. His huge black cock twitched in his pants. He was about to loosen the black trouser snake that was throbbing at his heated loins. He really enjoyed his demanding work.

Miriam smiled nervously at the leering black man and then turned towards her husband. Maurice could only smile feebly back at his lovely wife as he had his own arm around the former Miss Alabama's trim waist.

Luc's muscular black hand took Miriam's and led her down the hall to the 'special' entertainment room. The pretty blonde wife was unaware that she would be the 'special' entertainment for this evening.

The Negro security director opened up the door to the bedroom and locked the door behind them. What Miriam didn't know that the large mirror on the wall was actually a two-way mirror and that there would be an aroused and eager audience on the other side witnessing her initiation into the Partner's Wives Association. The other couples had gathered on the several couches and love seats in the adjoining room to watch and enjoy the debasement of their newest initiate. Miriam's husband was already in the seductive arms of the former Miss Alabama.

"Can my wife see us?" he asked Sally Maxwell.

"Of course not, Silly" she replied. "Not only that; but my husband, Natas, is getting this all down on video tape."

Maurice thought that he didn't hear her correctly at first. Nobody called Nate Maxwell, 'Natas,' but that was his given name, wasn't it? It took him a while to figure out that Maxwell's name was 'Satan' spelled backwards. He gasped to himself when he made the connection to Satan and 'Luc' which was short for 'Lucifer.' "My God," Maurice thought to himself. "What have I gotten myself into? I've sold my soul and my wife to the Devil himself."

The former Miss Alabama, Sally Maxwell, already had Maurice's pants down around his ankles. Her lips encircled his stiffened dick. All he could do now was to watch the erotic interracial coupling that was taking place in the room next door. He was helpless to help his loving wife.

The black security director moved around behind the lovely, trembling blonde wife. They faced the mirror together as he slowly unzipped her dress. Luc moved in closer as his black hands pushed the straps off of her smooth, white shoulders.

The Negro leaned in close and savored the sweet fragrance of her shoulder-length blonde hair.

"Honey," Luc breathed into her ear. "I'm a gonna wear out that sweet little blonde pussy of yours before this night is over." Miriam didn't know if that was a threat or a promise.

Miriam's dress fell into a useless heap around her trim ankles. Luc cupped her half-exposed breasts as the pretty blonde wife let her head fall gently backwards onto his muscular black chest. Maurice watched as the black head of security took her erect pink nipples and rolled between his thumb and middle finger. There was also audio being piped into the viewing room and Maurice could hear his wife's sigh as the black man's hand went across her firm belly and buried itself between her thighs. Miriam turned her head towards her black lover so she could kiss him while his searching fingers found her throbbing clitoris. Her hands were on top of his but she didn't resist his expert ministrations. It wasn't long before as Maurice watched his beautiful blonde wife that she had her first of many orgasms at the hands of the talented Negro.

Maurice couldn't help but stare at his lovely wife who was standing before him dressed in only her half-bra, hose and garter belt. Miriam looked the sexiest that she had ever looked, he thought to himself. Her honey-covered bush was clearly visible. She was, however, still wearing her Jimmy Choo high heels on her dainty little feet while the black man rubbed his elongated cock up and down her firm derriere.

"Honey, I want you to go down on me first," the Negro whispered as he moved around in front of the quivering white wife.

Miriam didn't understand what he meant at first. Then she remembered all the times that her own husband had wanted her to "go down" on him. She had always refused her own husband before. Now here she was drawn to the magical sexual powers of this intriguingly proud African whose ancestors had been slaves in America.

Maurice watched as his pretty blonde wife knelt before the Negro and unzipped his trousers loosing the mighty black cobra. Her trembling fingers wrapped around the thick black shaft stroking back the foreskin. Her red lips went to his powerful manhood like she had sucked his cock many times before. Maurice couldn't believe that his innocent wife was taking the Negro's huge black organ into her sweet mouth. He knew that it was her first taste of black cock.

The beautiful blonde wife took the African's swollen black balls and lovingly caressed them as she tongued the thick black shaft. One of the remotely controlled video cameras operated by Natas Maxwell focused in on the blonde beauty's hands in stark contrast to the darkness of his security director's big black cock. The diamond in her engagement ring caught the light and made it sparkle before his very eyes. "Yes," Nate said aloud. "She was a good choice, a very good choice!"

Maurice couldn't take his eyes off of the interracial scene unfolding before his eyes. The black security director reached under the lovely wife and lifted Miriam to her feet. They kissed passionately. Maurice was sure that the Negro could taste himself on the blonde's tongue.

Luc laid the lovely blonde wife on the edge of the bed and surveyed his beautiful blonde prize. His black cock was dripping with her own saliva made his slick cock appear even bigger.

The Negro knelt before the blonde goddess as if to worship her before sacrificing her to the Devil. He spread her thighs and worked his way up her shapely legs. Miriam arched her back as his tongue sought out her throbbing clitoris. She audibly gasped as his tongue made electrifying contact. No one had ever made love to her like this before although her own husband had wanted to do it to her on several occasions. Her hands went to the kinky black hair on the Negro's head pulling him into her unprotected womb. She looked up to the ceiling and saw her reflection in the mirror mounted on the ceiling. She whispered loud enough for the folks to hear her next door, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?" She saw herself lying on the black satin sheets with the black man all over her white body. This is the way it was all meant to be. Miriam must have had another orgasm as Maurice heard his wife gasp out loud several times as her body shook.

The huge-cocked African rose up from her aroused loins and leered wickedly into the mirror. Maurice thought that he was looking straight at him but how could the Negro possibly know where he was on the other side of the mirror?

Luc crawled up on the bed and between the blonde beauty's wide spread legs. Her dream from that afternoon was coming back to her but this time it was in real life! It was the huge black pole from before.

Miriam hadn't gone on birth control yet as she and her husband were trying to make a baby. She then realized that she was very fertile at the present time. She screamed when she saw the huge pole sticking up from between his black loins aimed right at her own womanhood. The Devil's evil, dark sperm was about to capture and impregnate her own eggs.

It was good that Miriam was as aroused as much as she was with her own feminine juices and lubrication because that made his penetration possible as well as much easier on herself. As it was, Luc's big black cock was the biggest, thickest and longest cock that she had ever experienced. The pretty blonde wife struggled to take the entire black cock. It was as if she was skewered on his long spear like a deer being roasted over a spit.

The Negro's thick dark lips sought out hers. His tongue delved into the depths of her mouth almost gagging her. She could taste her own pussy juices on his tongue. Her tongue fought back with his as the fight between black and white took place not only in her mouth but also inside her battered womb. It was the fight of good versus evil, right versus wrong. This time the dark side would win out. Miriam was being sacrificed to the Devil for the good of rest of mankind.

They fucked like two animals. Luc and Miriam fucked for hours. The rest of the world around them vanished. It was only her 'Eve' and his 'Adam' left to repopulate the entire planet. Satan had already enticed her with his poisonous Apple. Now she was sharing it and her womanly charms with her new dark lover.

They fucked in every conceivable position. Most of their audience had already gone to one of the other bed rooms to continue their own orgy or even get some sleep. One of the partner's wives found the black butler and had him service her with his very big 'equipment' while her partner for the evening watched them. Maurice stayed in the viewing room and watched his wife with her black lover even after he had fucked Miss Alabama, the managing partner's wife, several times. Sally Maxwell was curled up on the love seat next to Maurice while her own husband still operated the controls to the video cameras. Natas Maxwell filmed not only the interracial coupling writhing in the throes of passionate interracial sex in the entertainment room next door but had also filmed Maurice fucking the former Miss Alabama. He figured that the family that fucked together would stay together especially when there was incriminating evidence of everyone's willing participation.


When she began to show a few weeks later, Miriam was whisked off to one of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean to deliver the baby. Seven months after her decadent initiation, Miriam gave birth to a very healthy, dark-skinned black baby. It seemed that the gestation period for her pregnancy was a lot quicker than normal. It was. Luc Wolfe the Fifth had urgent work ahead of him.

Miriam nursed little Luc from her own breasts for over a year before she had to give it back to The Firm. Little Luc seemed to grow faster than normal. The Devil's baby did. She would see his little manhood grow very large as the black baby suckled on her creamy white tits. In the meantime, she made friends with several of the native islanders. She wasn't wont for big black cock as she got a lot every night and then some more during the day. Miriam had six other black babies by various fathers that she didn't know who they were.

Maurice never heard from Miriam again but he didn't care.

Life was good for Maurice. Money came pouring in to the very successful and wealthy attorney. He dated another younger, attractive blonde who even looked like Miriam. He later took the young blonde cutie as his new wife. Maurice also introduced her to the pleasures of interracial sex. Maurice would video his new wife with her black lover as he jacked off while thinking of Miriam.

Watch out yuppie wives. Your turn might be next.

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