My name is Amy. I've known I was Bi-sexual for awhile, but I had never found another girl very interested in me. This is the tail of my first girl-on-girl encounter. Now, my friend Azure SWEARS this is true, but I only remember bits and pieces.

I was at a party, and it was kind of lame. A lot of sitting around and listening to rap music. Azure's dad stopped by to make sure we were okay.

"Where did Jason run off to?"

"He went to get us a dime bag, Dad."

At these words, he pulls out a bag of premium bud.

"I already got mine." He sneers.

At this, we all start begging, "please Tom! Smoke us up! Jay is taking WAY too long." After about five minutes of intense begging, he caves and hands us a single bud.

"Have fun."

So this girl I'd had my eye on, Yvette, she starts to break it up and pack the bowl. She took a hit, and offered the piece to me… "On one condition." She won't let go until I've given her a kiss. I was nervous, but shyly I oblige.

She sensed my reservations, and tried very hard to assuage my fears. "Don't worry, Hon. It gets easier."

Every time she passed the bowl, she demanded a kiss. And every time my lips met hers, I felt a little more confident, until eventually we let every one else smoke up while we made out.

Now here's where it gets fuzzy, cause it was good weed and a lot of hits taking affect. But, from what I remember and what others tell me, she started kissing my neck.

"Hey that tickles! Yvette, hold on."

"Less talk more kiss!" She demanded, until she saw what I got up to do. I turned on some sexy music, and began to strip for every one in the room. She couldn't take it and led me back to the couch. She sat me down and straddled my lap, taking control. She kissed me hard, her tongue probing the corners of my mouth. Slowly, with one hand entwined in my hair, she began massaging my bare breasts with the other.

I break our kiss and wrap my arms around her head, pressing my mouth right next to her ear. She begins to suck wildly at my neck and chest as I whisper, "Oh yeah, baby. Suck on my tit, fuck me, baby." At this one of her hands slips down to my crotch, and she begins to slide her fingers in and out of me. She lays me back on the couch, and moves down so her head is between my quivering thighs. Her fingers are still thrusting in my pussy.

"Do you want it, Amy?"

"Yes" I breathe.

"Do you need it, sweetie?"

"Oh, God, yes," I whimper.

"Then beg for it, lover."

"Fuck me, lick me, bend me over, suck me sideways!" I yell.

She quickly leans forward and sucks my clit. My only thought is, she must have done this before. But soon, I cannot think at all as the pleasure washes over me, and I surrender to the most powerful climax of my life. As the waves of erotic bliss subside, she pulls her fingers from my cunt, and licks up every drop of my juices.

"My God, Yvette, you were better than any man I ever had."

"You taste so sweet baby. Would you like to return the favor?"

"Yes, God yes."

She pulls me to my feet, and gives me a kiss. I can taste my lingering juice on her lips. She pulls away, and, in one motion, has stripped the dress from her body. She sits down and leans back, spreading her legs. "I'm all yours" I quickly kneel between her legs, and place my mouth on her cunt lips, slowly licking the slit.

She moans, "Ohhhhhh…slow, baby, slow…"

Even slower, I begin to insert my tongue into her sopping wet pussy. She tastes so wonderful, better than any jism I ever had, and I LOVE the taste of jit. I begin to lap it all up hungrily, I just can't get enough of that sweet nectar. I begin to dig my nose into her clit trying to smell as much of that wonderful feminine scent as I can; the smell and the taste intoxicate me. I break the spell by moving my mouth. She whines a bit as I kiss my way up her torso, but it quickly turns into a moan as I insert my fingers into her grinding cunt. As I finger her slow and hard, I take one of her breasts in my mouth, and I begin to suck it hard, gently biting the nipple.

She cries out, "God, I am going to cum!"

I move my lips up to meet hers in a final kiss as my thumb brushes her clit, sending her off into a cataclysmic orgasm.

After she stops twitching, and I remove my fingers and suck them clean we look up at the party. Jason has returned and is making passionate love to Azure, the dime bag lay on the table forgotten. The rest of the party guests are either masturbating, or it is clear they have just finished. I look into Yvette's eyes and we burst out laughing. We embrace each other and fall asleep to the sounds of sex.

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