tagNonHumanYvette Meets a Restless Woulff

Yvette Meets a Restless Woulff


This writer has never tried to write a Halloween story before, but in the spirit of the season, she thought she would give it a go. If it sucks, well then there is always next Halloween...


It was early evening in the small town of Bottleneck Falls and the streets were filling up fast with laughing children all in costume and carrying plastic bags.

A small group of these children came to the door of 2347 Winton Road and knocked loudly.

A man in a red scarf answered the door and gave each of the children three candies. They each promptly deposited their treats into their individual bags, thanked him, and ran to the next house laughing.

Across the street, a strikingly beautiful young woman strolling up the road was watching the children with an amused look on her face. She watched them knock on the door of the next house and heard the delighted scream of trick or treat.

She kept walking.

Suddenly the shriek of the children pierced the evening air carrying a sound higher than the noise already present in the street.

She turned abruptly to see them fleeing the yard. Some of the youngsters were in tears. All of them were wet.

Yvette crossed the street to where the group of children stood bundled together.

"What happened," she asked concerned.

"He threw hot water at us," the little troll-costumed child cried aloud.

Yvette's eyes narrowed.

"Did he now... that wasn't very nice of him, was it?" came her reply.

"What do you think we should do?" she asked playfully trying to re-establish the enjoyment of the night for them through fantasy.

"Tear him to shreds," said the little wolverine.

"Yeah, and drink his blood," added the undersized vampire.

"Okay," the attractive young woman replied, "It's a done deal, I promise. Run along now and enjoy your night. You'll still find lots of people in the street who will give you all candy."

The children obeyed and walked off towards the next house.

Yvette quietly watched the house at 2345 Winton Street for a few minutes.

A middle-aged man in a dark coat came out of the house and closed the door behind him. He seemed to be in quite a hurry. He strided away from the premises headed for the downtown area.

She walked towards the house.

Yvette listened for any sounds coming from within... such as another male voice...but heard nothing.

She headed back down the street. .......................................................................................

Woulff was restless. He wandered aimlessly throughout the scrubland oblivious to the other animal life around him. He had eaten a few hours earlier so the nocturnal wildlife held no interest for him.

He lowered his large muscular frame to the ground and eyed his surroundings.

His senses scanned what he knew his eyes could not see but picked up no irregularities. The evening was cool and the full moon slowly rising in the east shone brightly creating a soft glow, which lit up the surrounding area.

He placed his head on his paw and closed his eyes.

Sleep overtook him. ....................................................................................

Yvette watched the man from a distance as he continued to walk down the road towards his destination.

She saw him open a door and he disappeared from view.

Yvette's stride took on a purposeful gait now and she took off after the man.

She searched the windows of the pubs and shops until she finally spied the man sitting alone on a bar stool in a busy tavern.

She pulled open the door and entered inside.

There was not a man in the room who did not turn to stare at this gorgeous blonde-haired being when she entered the bar.

Yvette seductively sauntered her way to the bar and sat herself down adjacent to the man.

The male gave Yvette a once-over in such a leering manner that made her want to rip his heart out through his chest.

She hated his species.

He immediately offered to buy her a drink, which she accepted.

"I haven't seen you here before...new in town," he asked with the super-silliest grin on his face.

She placed her hand on his arm and said, "yes, and I'm looking for company... interested," she added, looking into his eyes.

"Hell, yes!" came his enthusiastic reply. Yvette smiled.

"Want to make it a threesome honey."

Yvette turned to look at the man who had uttered those words.

Her eyes flashed a warning to the male and the man retreated to his beer.

Yvette took the children's tormentor by the hand, she led him past the other patrons who were still holding their beers looking at her with their mouths wide open, and they walked out the front door.

The man looked at his Yvette as if she had suddenly become his own personal triumph... his conquest.

He ran his eyes down her body as they walked along believing he would soon be feeling those perfectly rounded tits of hers in his hands and viewing her pussy, which would be wet, hot, tight and open ready to take the length of him.

She looked back at him and smiled, the look in her eyes belying the intent in her heart.

He was a dead man.

He took hold of her hand attempting to take control. He pulled her sideways into the bushes with him and began to grope her breast roughly. His hand dove under her dress his fingers groping the dryness between her legs.

Her eyes darkened but not with passion.

Yvette allowed the man to feel her up although she felt his feeble, clumsy attempts at arousing her were simply pathetic.

It crossed her mind to finish him off now. ..............................................................................

Woulff awoke and raised himself to stand on all fours. He bowed his back stretching his body with easy movement.

He raised his head to look at the moon.

He was still restless and a strange ache had begun to develop within him. He wandered further into the forest, past the lake. He felt he was dangerously close to civilization.

He stopped suddenly and sniffed the air.

A human male scent filled his nostrils... plus one other: a powerful scent, which stirred his masculine hybrid blood into action.

He cautiously moved forward.

Woulff crouched low and edged his way closer.

Yvette raised her head quickly and looked around her, her eyes suddenly alert.

The male who had fallen to his knees whilst attempting to remove Yvette's panties missed this action.

Yvette removed her dress. The material had started to feel restrictive on her body. She wore no bra underneath. Her bountiful breasts lay open to the chill of the night air and her nipples hardened immediately in response.

The overcoat clad male had slid her panties down and they lay at her shapely ankles.

She stepped out of them.

The man then shoved his hand between her open legs glorying in the feel of her hairless pussy against his fingers and a low growl of displeasure came from Yvette's throat.

She yanked him to his feet.

Woulff shifted restlessly and Yvette heard the sound.

Her keen sense of smell had already located the male werewolf and she decided to see how long it would take him to spring into action.

Woulff watched as the couple lay on the ground: the male lying atop of the female, her legs wrapped around his waist his arse moving back and forth between her legs at rapid speed.

She suddenly pushed him off her, aggressively changing positions making him the submissive partner. She straddled his cock and began to ride him forcing his cock as far up her as was anatomically possible. She bite down on his nipple making it bleed then licked the escaping capillary blood clean repeatedly.

The werewolf could smell the blood in the air and he licked his large canine lips.

The woman got on all fours and looked towards the place where Woulff lay quietly watching.

Woulff eyed the vixen. In human form, she was a beautiful, sleek, curvaceous creature with a long golden mane, which fell from her neck vertically almost touching the ground.

He had a side-on view of her body from the place where he stood.

Stationed on all fours, the female remained transfixed looking towards him as the human knelt behind her holding her hips, thrusting his own back and forth. Her breasts bounced playfully as she swayed to each purposeful thrust he delivered into her. He watched as the male roughly grabbed hold of her tits and felt his own intense need to fuck rise up within him.

His animal instincts began to take control of his human sensitivities.

Woulff was hungry...but not for food.

He continued to view the scene played out before him. The male completely oblivious to his surroundings fucked away at the Yvette.

Woulff, having witnessed just about enough of this bared his teeth and growled; his eyes flashed: his gaze intent on the male who was now fucking what he himself wanted to fuck.

He noted the man say something to the woman as he thrust his hips forward repeatedly, but even with his increased hearing capabilities, the werewolf could not hear the words.

It had been a while since Woulff had tasted she-wolf flesh, especially flesh this young.

He walked soundlessly forward, his senses heightened by the vixen's desirability.

Pure need drove him now... need and desire. The male would be no deterrent to his goal.

He rose to his full height of 6 foot 2inches: his body remaining a mass of hair and strength but his wolfish features had altered. He held a human resemblance to his physique now and he had transformed himself into a much younger looking hybrid.

He walked forward, his eyes glowering: intent on the female.

He sprang forward and in one quick movement broke the neck of the man tossing the body aside.

The werewolf eyed the female who now stood naked before him still on all fours. He could smell her canine sexual scent.

He grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up pulling her closer to his body. She bit him on the neck drawing blood and he growled at her and bit on her nipple his rough tongue causing friction against the hardened peak. She reached for his long, hairy cock massaging it with her hands, making his length increase and he answered that action by throwing her to the ground. She landed on all fours again. He knelt behind her and plunged his cock into her soft interior: his supernatural strength filling his appendage, which in turn completely filled her.

Yvette howled her pleasure as Woulff released his load inside her.

There was no more passion no pleasurable foreplay between them...just straight up animal-style fucking.

When they had finished mating Yvette and Woulff walked away together into the forest into the night: becoming partners for life.

The little town of Bottleneck Falls fell quiet. Halloween was over for another year.

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