tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne Presents: Sue's First Ch. 01

Yvonne Presents: Sue's First Ch. 01


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Hi, folks. Sue here again, with Yvonne doing the real writing. This is the story of my first sexy adventure with Paul. It takes place at the same lake cabin as Yvonne's story. This all happened almost 15 years ago. It's not really PUBLIC nudity, but it hits on several things I think you'll like.

Paul and I were engaged and he was working for his family's restaurant supply business. Paul had a sales trip to the furthest end of his sales territory, near his Uncle's cabin (now ours). I was just out of college working as an accounting temp, that's how we met. I took a week off and went with him.

Paul wasn't working very hard, just one or two sales calls each morning, with afternoons and evenings free. One of those free afternoons we took the boat out to an island in the lake for a picnic. After eating, we hiked around the shore of the island. Back at the picnic site, we finished the wine and Paul starting getting frisky.

Back then, I guess I was pretty tame. I wasn't a virgin, but I thought anything past oral was rather kinky. And I'd NEVER had sex outdoors. After a few minutes of kissing, getting hotter by the minute, I told Paul we should get back to the cabin to finish what we'd started.

"Why go all the way back there?" he asked. "There's nobody else on the island and the only house in sight is ours." While he was trying to sell me on this idea he just kept pulling my clothes off. I guess the wine and the fresh air just got to me. I ended up on top of Paul, buck naked, fucking his brains out. After about ten minutes of this I came like I never came before, flailing and screaming. WOW!!!!!!

We got dressed, packed up the leftovers, and headed back to the boat and the cabin. The next day Paul had to work all day. He got back just in time for us to go to a movie and a late dinner in town. Long story short, no sex that day, just no time. But we sure made up for it the next day.

I woke up about 10 AM and headed for the small indoor shower. As I was washing my hair I heard Paul return from his sales calls. He changed into casual clothes and came into the bathroom as I was drying off. Paul sat down on the closed toilet and watched me. I have to admit, I put on a little show for him while I was getting dry; I got a little wet too, if you know what I mean.

I dropped the towel in the tub and strutted (that's an apt word for it) over and straddled Paul. He started nibbling my tits and playing with my twat. After a day of no sex I was hot and in no time, I bit my lip and moaned quietly as I orgasmed. "Why so quiet?" Paul asked. "You were screaming the other day on the island."

"I'm not sure." I told him. "Outdoors like that it just seemed easier to let go. Here it's like the college dorm where it's just natural to be quiet." It didn't make any sense at the time and makes less sense now, but that's what was going on in my mind.

"OK" Paul said. "I have an idea. I'm done for today and my appointment for tomorrow cancelled. Let's go back to the island and camp out tonight." I agreed and told Paul I'd get dressed while he got the food and equipment ready. "Hold on" he said pulling me back down in his lap and fondling me. "Why bother getting dressed? What do you need clothes for? What's the longest you've ever been naked?" It was hard to argue, or even come up with an answer with Paul's fingers in me.

I finally nodded my agreement just before I came for the second time. "OK I'll go naked." I said. "But shouldn't I bring along some emergency clothes just in case?"

"No." Paul said, still playing with my pussy. "I think you'll be that much hotter if you're really naked with nothing to put on. Trust me; you'll really enjoy this." Looking back, I realize my next action paved the way for a lot of future adventures. I took off my jewelry and stood before Paul with NOTHING on.

The camping equipment was stored in the boat house, about a half mile down the road. We packed up some food and lots of wine for the night. Paul handed me a cooler to put in the car; I hesitated at the outside door realizing I was naked and heading outdoors in the middle of the day. The nearest house was over a mile away, but the idea was getting me very turned on.

We drove to the boathouse and loaded up the food along with tent etc. In a few minutes we were heading across the lake. It felt like every inch I got farther away from the boathouse, the cabin, and any clothing; the hornier I got.

I don't know if Paul could smell my excitement or noticed my breathing, but he knew right away. "Why don't you play with yourself?" he suggested. I told him it was too embarrassing with him watching. "I think we can cure that." he said. I didn't understand then, but I sure did later.

We reached the island and unloaded the boat. The campsite, same as our picnic location, was just above the waterline with a beautiful view of the lake. It took several trips to get the tent, food, and equipment from the boat. I was helping put the tent up and had almost forgotten I was naked. I was bent over, pounding the last tent stake in, when I felt a hand slip between my legs.

I spread my legs, giving Paul better access. After a minute of stroking, Paul led me over to a lawn chair. He sat me down and knelt between my knees spreading me open. Paul started to lick me, slowly working from my vagina to my clit and back. As I started to breath heavily, he switched to nibbling on my thighs. This felt good but wasn't getting me any closer to orgasm.

Paul kept this up, getting me super hot and letting me cool down, for hours. It may have been only 15 minutes but it felt like hours. The last time Paul got me close to coming, he placed my hand on my pussy and told me to finish myself off. He sat in the other lawn chair watching me. By now my heat had overcome my embarrassment. I closed my eyes and started rubbing.

"No, open you eyes and look at me." Paul directed. "Imagine there are a thousand horny men watching you, waiting for you to cum, Sue. Make eye contact. Put on the best show you can for your audience." He kept directing my actions telling me to stick my fingers in myself. He had me licking my own juice off my fingers and rubbing it on my tits.

Sometime during my performance I slid out of the chair and knelt in the dirt. That and Paul's lustful stare got me hotter and hotter. I couldn't believe it. I was outdoors, miles from my clothes, and masturbating for an audience. I came again screaming and collapsed on the ground.

Paul helped me up and brushed the dirt off my ass. He walked me into the tent and I fell fast asleep. I'm a lot like a guy; after a good cum, I want to sleep. I must have slept over an hour and only woke up when I had to pee; had to pee BAD! I stuck my head out of the tent and found Paul enjoying a beer and reading. "Where's the bathroom around here?" I asked. "And did we bring any toilet paper?"

Paul told me that he forgot the toilet paper but I could use the lake for a bidet. He took my hand and led me toward the trees downwind of the campsite. Somewhere on the way, Paul dropped his shorts and shirt so both of us were now naked. He showed me a spot with a trench and two logs to squat on, a real camp latrine.

I asked if I could get a little privacy. Paul shook his head and said, "You don't need privacy. In fact, I think you could use a little help there." He reached down and started rubbing my crotch. The pressure from my bladder and Paul's stroking were too much to resist. I couldn't help myself. I came in no time with a scream and peed everywhere.

Paul helped me up and walked me down to the lake. We waded in and Paul helped me rinse myself off. He asked me if I enjoyed my first pee-gasm. I answered him by pushing him down and taking his cock in my mouth. Before he could cum, Paul pushed me away and said we should go for a swim. We did a slow dog paddle around to the other side of the island and wadded ashore. "Let's walk back to the tent." he told me.

It was less than a mile but half way there, it hit me. We were both naked, in the woods, away from any kind of clothes, and I was HOT! "Do you want to fuck right here?" Paul asked, reading my mind. I felt like an animal, a sexual animal, screwing in the dirt under the open sky. After fifteen minutes and about fifteen positions, we came together with me howling like a she wolf and Paul filling me with his juice.

Paul asked me if I was enjoying myself. I answered with a low growl and took his still dripping cock in my mouth. I had never tasted my own juices like this before, mixed with his. I loved it and kept sucking as he got hard again. This time he didn't stop me until he started to cum. Paul pulled out of my mouth and came all over my face and tits.

I stood up wiping my eyes and felt his first load start to leak out of my twat. I may have looked like a mess but I felt great. Like I said, a real sexual animal! We quickly headed back to the tent and I washed off in the lake. By the time I was clean Paul was dressed and had started a campfire. I dropped into one of the lawn chairs and asked Paul why he had clothes on. "This is your naked adventure, dear." he told me. "Plus, it's dangerous to cook over an open fire naked. While I cook, you can try out a present I got for you."

"Present? I love presents!" I squealed. "What did you get for me?" Paul reached into the tent and presented me with a slender vibrator, with a big bow tied around it. Although I'd never used a vibrator, or even seen one, I knew just what to do with it, and did.

I found the switch to turn it on and licked it up and down. It tickled my tongue. I circled both nipples getting them nice and stiff before heading South. I played the vibrator all over my outer lips until I felt juice, mine and Paul's, start to ooze out. Slipping the toy between my lips I grazed it across my vagina and clit. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

The best combination turned out to be holding the vibrator inside me, and using the thumb on the same hand to stroke my clit. My other hand, with a mind of its own, was pinching and twisting my nipple harder than I ever did before. "Slow down." Paul whispered to me. "Take it easy and make it last." He kissed me full on the mouth forcing me to control my breathing. "You've got all night. Slow and easy; in and out."

I followed his instructions and his rhythm bringing myself to the verge and letting my self cool down. Paul kept cooking and coaching me as I played with my very first sex toy for a half hour. He finally announced the food was almost ready and I should finish. Shifting back to fucking myself and rubbing my clit I got down to serious work. As Paul dished out the food I came and fell out of the chair.

Paul gently picked me up, put me back in my chair, and handed me a plate and silverware. I looked at the fork etc. and threw them back in the basket. I felt like an animal and ate like one. By the end of the meal: grilled fish, baked potatoes, veggies, and pie (DAMN THAT MAN CAN COOK!), I was a real mess! Paul licked most of the mess from my face and took me for another swim to clean up as the sun was setting. I staggered back to the tent and fell asleep instantly.

I woke up as the first rays of the sun hit the tent. I reached around trying to find my clothes and suddenly remembered. There were no clothes for me. I was free of clothes, free of everything! Paul was snoring softly as I crawled out of the tent and stretched feeling the morning sun caress me. I found a jug of water and drank my fill, causing that old urge to pee again.

I decided to pee at the edge of the lake so it would be easy to wash up afterward. Down at the shoreline, a light fog hung on the water as I squatted down. While waiting and trying to relax my bladder I started stroking my clit. Won't go into details but a big flock of birds took off when I screamed, peed, and came.

After rinsing off I headed back to the tent where Paul was still fast asleep. I rummaged around and found a thermos of hot coffee. Sipping the coffee I reviewed the last day (about 20 hours really) in my mind. I'd come at least 6 times including two masturbations with an audience (Paul) watching me. I'd fucked and gave Paul a blow-job in the woods, peed all over myself twice. Paul was right; I really enjoyed this.

I heard Paul stirring and peeked into the tent. He had rolled over and lost his blanket. His pecker was hanging free and looked good enough to eat. And that's just what I did. I reached over and gave the head a gentle stroke. Paul moaned a little and a small smile spread across his lips. Getting a little bolder, I circled the head with my fingertip and felt his cock start to grow. As soon as it was standing up a little bit I bent over, being careful not to touch Paul anywhere else, and slid my lips over the head.

I ran my tongue around the head and sucked in more and more as it grew bigger. Just as this beautiful dick reached full size, its owner moaned and woke up. "Are you having fun down there?" Paul asked, rising up on his elbows. I just smiled around my mouthful of flesh and started fingering his balls.

"I thought you'd never wake up." I whined, wrapping my hand around the base. "I have the perfect place for this." I told him, showing him my dripping pussy. "Let's go down to the water." I told him as I led him out of the tent by his cock. We scrambled down to the shore where I dropped to my hands and knees in the shallow water. Paul screwed me slowly as the sun beat down on us.

Paul filled me with another load of his juice and kept pumping until I came, collapsing in the shallow water. When I rolled over onto my back Paul started laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked, pouting. He seemed to be looking at my belly and tits. Looking down at myself all I could see was a mud woman. "You think that's funny, how does this look?" I grabbed a handful of mud and smeared it across his chest and down to his pubes.

We wrestled back and forth in the mud until both of us were covered and laughing like idiots. I slipped away from Paul's grasp and ran toward the shore. I was bent over picking more mud when Paul threw a big handful, hitting me square in the ass. I spun from the force of the blow and landed on my butt in the mud.

"Had enough yet, you sexy mud puppy?" Paul asked me laughing. I took a good look at him with mud across one side of his face and in his hair, and fell backwards laughing. Paul picked me up and carried me into knee deep water where we cleaned each other off still giggling. "You sure make waking up fun! But I never even got a chance to take a morning leak."

I grabbed his dick and offered to help him with his problem. Paul warned me he wouldn't be able to pee if I got him too hard. "Oh, poor baby. Let me help" I teased him by tickling the underside of his dick. Paul closed his eyes and seemed to be concentrating as I felt his dick pulse slowly in my hand. A single drop of pee appeared, and then a small dribble before a steady stream began to flow.

I pulled back but held onto his dick squeezing to stop the flow. Fascinated, I released my grip restarting the stream. I played with him for a long time doing the squeeze and release and stopping him by covering the pee hole with my finger tip. I finally let him finish, directing his stream all over both of us.

"Now we're even." I told him. "I peed all over both of us last night and you got us both this morning." Paul pulled me into deeper water rinsing us off and we trudged back to the campsite. We took down the tent and packed everything up as we dripped dry. After everything was back in the boat, I picked up my new vibrator and we headed back.

This was my first real adventure and my first time being naked for any length of time. But, the adventures were far from over.

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