tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne with Sue and the Rules

Yvonne with Sue and the Rules


Hi, folks. Sue here again with Yvonne at the keyboard; my open ghost writer.

A couple of statements in Yvonne's first submission, 'Yvonne's Sexy Dinner' raised some questions. Near the beginning of part two, I told Yvonne, "what we'd done tonight, wearing just the stockings, jewelry, etc. was what we call Formal Nudity." Later, after we'd taken all of her remaining clothes, Paul told her, "This is what we'd call Total Nudity."

After Yvonne put on a masturbation show, ate me, and sucked Paul off I told her, "The basic rules (for total nudity) are simple: NOTHING on but skin. You have to fulfill any sexual request that you can. AND you can request anything sexual that you want." Well, those statements caused a flurry of questions about the games we play and where these "rules" came from. Well, here's the story.

Sorry, but I'll have to take you back to another submission 'Yvonne Presents Sue's First' to explain. You may remember in that story Paul caught me getting out of the shower. He talked/diddled me into going camping naked.

""Let's go back to the island and camp out tonight." I agreed and said I'd get dressed while he got the food and equipment ready. "Hold on" he said pulling me back down in his lap and fondling me. "Why bother getting dressed? What do you need clothes for? What's the longest you've ever been naked?" It was hard to argue, or even come up with an answer with Paul's fingers in me.

I finally nodded my agreement just before I came for the second time. "OK I'll go naked." I said. "But shouldn't I bring along some emergency clothes just in case?"

"No." Paul said, still playing with my pussy. "I think you'll be that much hotter if you're really naked with nothing to put on. Trust me; you'll really enjoy this." Looking back, I realize my next action paved the way for a lot of future adventures. I took off my jewelry and stood before Paul with NOTHING on."

Let me explain a little here. I didn't suddenly hatch a plan and invent Total Nudity on the spot. I've never been a real 'girly' girl. I've never been big on jewelry, never worn a watch. Being a coward, I'd never gotten my ears pierced, so I seldom wear earrings. The jewelry I took off that day was probably no more than a bracelet and ring. I wasn't trying to get as naked as possible; I just didn't want to lose them camping.

It didn't even cross my mind to put on shoes. I've spent most of my life barefoot (Grandma said I was a hillbilly from the knees down), I wound up with no jewelry, no shoes, TOTALLY naked. The next day I met Nancy and she got naked too. We both stayed that way until the next day when I noticed something.

Nancy's red hair is very curly, compared to mine which is fairly straight. She was brushing that mass of curls out of her face when I saw she was wearing a ring and a pair of small stud earrings. "You're not naked." I told her, pointing out her jewelry. I had NOTHING on; I challenged Nancy to do the same. That was about the same time we made the hair ties that didn't count. We decided that anything we could make with our bare hands, flowers in the hair, etc. Silly, I know, but it sure was fun at the time!

Nancy and I got to talking and "invented" the rules for 'Total Nudity': NOTHING on but skin. You have to fulfill any sexual request that you can. AND you can request anything sexual that you want. We stayed naked and sure had fun playing by those rules!

You've already read about some of the things we've done with Total Nudity in several of Yvonne's stories. Her friend Vanessa even adopted some of it. BTW there are several more things that have happened to Vanessa since she came back from her naked week. Come on, Yvonne; get her to write those up. They were FUN!

The next evening Nancy had to go to town. She'd be back in the morning, when Paul was out on sales calls. Before leaving, she asked me if I'd brought any dressy shoes with me. Yes, I showed her a pair of black opened toed mid-heels I packed in case we went someplace nice. "I have an idea. After Paul leaves, take a good shower and do your nails and makeup; wear your hair up. I'll be here about eleven; an hour before Paul gets back." I had no idea what she had in mind but I figured it would be fun.

I got up with Paul the next day, still naked of course, and teased him while he got ready for work. Following Nancy's instruction, I showered and did my hair up, off my neck. As I finished my hair and makeup, Nancy arrived with a bag of goodies. "Get those shoes out. I found a pair of gray hose, a little too short for me and these." She pulled out a black lacy garter belt and some big black onyx jewelry.

I'd never worn hose and a garter belt (not a girly girl, remember) and this was not my style of jewelry. Nancy must have seen the questions in my face. She undid a belt and dropped her sundress. She was wearing pale green stockings with a matching garter belt. She had on a beautiful suite of jade jewelry; bracelet, necklace, and earrings. Her hair was up, like mine. WOW she did look hot!

I got my heels and Nancy helped me get the hose on and the garter belt adjusted. "Pull the straps tight." she said. "It looks sexier when the tops of the stockings point towards your pussy." I got the jewelry on and Nancy produced an old pair of clip-on black pearl earrings. "These belonged to my grandmother. She never had pierced ears either."

As soon as I was 'dressed' Nancy led me over to a full length mirror. I almost came when I saw how we looked. My nipples stiffened and my pussy started to ooze. Nancy reached between my legs and massaged my clit until I came with a scream. She slid two fingers all the way into me gathering my juice. "I think this makes the best perfume." She said rubbing the scent behind my ears.

I pushed Nancy back on the bed and returned the favor. "I can't lick you." I told her. "Don't want to smear my lipstick." Her pussy clamped down on my fingers while my thumb worked her clit. I watched her eyes close and her breasts rise as she got closer and closer to orgasm. With a loud grunt she came all over my hand. "Your perfume, Nancy. Made fresh, by you, for you." I rubbed it between her breast and behind her ears.

We staggered to the bathroom to touch up hair and makeup, and went to the kitchen for some cold drinks. We'd just sat down when Paul drove up. We posed ourselves on the couch waiting to surprise him. It worked. Paul walked in carrying takeout bags (lunch from his last sales call) and almost dropped them when he saw us.

"'I've gotten used to seeing the two of you here naked. This is a nice change of pace. What's the occasion, ladies?" Nancy told him there was no occasion; we just felt like dressing up. I said lunch smelled great. Maybe we should eat before the food got too cold (or we got too hot).

Paul had a hard time concentrating on his meal though. Nancy and I made a point of showing off our outfits. I got up twice to get drinks. Paul almost stabbed himself with a fork while I was refilling his glass. Nancy went to the kitchen to get dessert and came back with a dab of whipped cream on each nipple. I licked them off for her. She dropped a fork and bent over to retrieve it, sticking her ass right in Paul's face.

By the time we finished eating Paul was a wreck. The bulge in his pants threatened to tear out the zipper. I asked why he was so excited. He'd seen us both naked the last two days. Why was this so special? "I'm not sure." He said. "This is more...fancy? More...decorated? More formal, that's it, Formal Nudity! What kind of rules should I make up for formal nudity?"

Nancy and I both exploded. "Why should you make up the rules for this?" we demanded. Paul said that since we made the rules for Total he should get to make the rules for Formal. "OK, let's hear what kind of rules you have in that dirty little mind of yours?"

He had us stand in front of him. "Well, I like the outfits you've chosen. The stockings really highlight your legs. Turn around, please." We both turned showing him our asses, legs slightly spread. "Yes, the garters frame your backsides beautifully." He said, stroking our asses and thighs." He walked around us surveying the sights. "The jewelry, high heels, and hair dos top it off quite nicely. I think the first rule should be that you keep everything on."

That was the first rule of Formal Nudity; you can't take anything off. "Since this was your idea, ladies, I think you should be able to call the shots. You can decide who gets off when." There was the second rule, although it seems like Paul was giving up all the control. We could live with those rules, although sometimes the shoes do come off. High heels and upholstery don't mix some times.

Nancy agreed and said that she and I should get off right now. As soon as Paul heard that he reached for our pussies. "NO! We'll do the getting off. You can watch. Now strip!" Nancy ordered. Paul slowly removed his clothes and Nancy pushed him back into a chair, the one with the ropes still attached to it (see Yvonne Presents Sue's First). We spread his legs as widely as possible and tied his hands and feet to the chair.

Nancy gave his dick a little stroke and sat me on the coffee table facing Paul. "Here, take this and get warmed up." She handed me my new vibrator and sat on the arm of Paul's chair. I sat very lady like, legs crossed and back straight while I licked the vibrator and worked it around my nipples. A glass of iced tea on my nipples brought them to full attention.

The stimulation on my nips warmed me down below. With my legs stilled crossed, I moved the vibrator to my slit. My left hand took over on my nipples. Nancy was lightly stroking her own nips with one hand while her other hand circled the tip of Paul's rising dick, just barely touching it.

My legs uncrossed and slowly spread themselves with a mind all their own. My eyes started to close until Nancy told me to make eye contact and put on a show for them (some of the same things Paul told me on the island). I did as directed spreading my pussy lips with the tip of the vibrator staring into Paul's eyes.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked him. "Do you wish this was your dick? Let me stick it in, just a little." I did what I said as Nancy touched his dick VERY lightly. "Oh god, that feels good, nice and deep, SO smooth!" Nancy was echoing everything I did with the vibe on Paul's cock with the lightest possible touch, driving him crazy. I went back to what I learned on the island holding the vibrator inside me, and using the thumb on the same hand to stroke my clit until I came.

Nancy applauded my show and Paul almost broke the ropes holding him down. Nancy pulled the vibrator out of my pussy and licked it clean, ignoring Paul's cock, letting him cool down a little. She ran it across her nips and down to her bush. She shifted from sitting on the arm of the chair to straddling Paul's hips with her back to him. His dick was JUST brushing her pussy; his torture continued.

Nancy caressed her slit with the vibe and just touched it to the tip of Paul's dick. He moaned as she continued to stroke herself. Nancy lifted up just a little dragging her pussy across the cockhead. It almost slipped into her. Paul thrust up trying to enter her. "No, no, not yet." She told him "I have something else in mind. Lick my ass."

Nancy stood up in the chair seat sticking her ass directly in Paul's face. "That's it! Lick it all around. Get my ass good and wet. That's where I want that dick of yours to go." She bent over and licked his dick until it was fully hard. "I want to try a double penetration. You're going to fuck my ass while Yvonne fucks my pussy with the vibrator."

She sent me to get lube and a condom from her purse. I covered and greased Paul's dick, and held it as she mounted it. Nancy pumped slowly while she held on to the arms of the chair for balance. Her cunt was wide open looking hungry to be filled. I slid one, two, and then three fingers into her feeling the outline of Paul's cock as she rode him.

I picked up the vibe and gave it a quick lick to lube it a little; Nancy was already dripping wet. The vibrator slipped inside her in one stroke; both Nancy and Paul moaned. I held the vibe steady as Nancy moved up and down stretching both holes. She quickly climaxed leaving Paul still unsatisfied.

We left Paul tied to the chair and went to the bathroom to straighten up. We couldn't have been gone for more than a couple of minutes when Paul appeared in the doorway. "Those were slip knots you tied, Sue. Not too hard to get out of. And I realized I'm the one who's totally naked now. I should get whatever I want, right?"

There was no denying it so we asked him what he had in mind. Paul led us into the bedroom and threw a big pillow on the bed. "Nancy, lay down face up. Sue, you lay on top, facing her." This put our pussies next to each other, mine on top. Paul knelt on the bed behind me and slid two fingers into each pussy. "You girls feel nice and ready for a good fucking. And I'm going to give it to you both!"

Paul slid smoothly into me and began stroking slow then faster. I was on the verge of another climax when he suddenly slid out of me and into Nancy. DAMN! Paul did the same thing to Nancy, getting her good and hot before switching to me. He did this three of four times then stopped to admire his work, two hot sweaty babes dressed in formal nudity. I don't know how he managed to control himself so long!

Paul rolled me off of Nancy so we were lying side by side with our legs spread. "Now finish yourselves off. I want a good show out of both of you." We didn't disappoint him. We both stroked our cunts and licked our nipples. Fingers plunged and were licked clean. In no time at all, we both came with throaty screams.

"Now I want mine, ladies. A two girl blow job would do nicely, I think." He laid on the bed propped up on some pillows, legs spread, ready for action. Nancy crawled between his legs and went for his balls. I stayed at his waist working the head and leaving him a great view. After a few licks I held it out for Nancy's attention. Her licks turned into a very wet kiss with me, with the head of Paul's dick in between. Paul later said that was the hottest view he'd ever seen.

It didn't take long to get Paul off. We shared his load when he finally popped, passing it back and forth kissing, and dribbling it back down the shaft. Paul grabbed the back of our heads and rubbed our faces in his cum soaked pubes.

So, that was the birth of Formal Nudity. We've played around with a few variations and twists. One time I got a big box of fake pearls at a yard sale. Paul came home to find me 'dressed' in pearls. I had on necklaces, bracelets, anklets, a multiple strand belt, and even crouchless panties made of pearls.

Paul loves to surprise me with new dresses, the cheap sundresses from Old Navy usually. When he gives me one of those, I know I'm going to wind up naked after it's destroyed. Sometimes he'll tie me up with the torn fabric.

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