tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne with Vanessa Day 3

Yvonne with Vanessa Day 3


Day Three

I woke up late the next day and laid in bed reviewing my adventures so far. I'd been totally nude for almost two days now. I'd done two naked miles, one voluntary at night, one forced in broad daylight. I'd been fucked and sucked Jerry's dick at a roadside park, in the grass outside the cabin, in the cabin, and on the deck. Had two great pee-gasms. I'd been seen by the trucker at the stop sign and by Chet who HAD to know I was naked. What else could there be in store?

The front door opened and Jerry walked in holding my dress and shoes. "It's almost noon, sleepy head. I've been up for hours. It's too late for breakfast. Would you like to go out for lunch?" I rubbed my eyes and said I'd need to wash my hair and do some makeup. "You may also want to iron your dress, dear. It didn't do so well in the glove box."

"Pour me some coffee." I told him. "I'll get the ironing board and iron ready." Again, simple domestic chores took on a new thrill doing them naked. I quickly got the dress ironed, gave it to Jerry, and headed for the bathroom. A half hour later I was ready to go.

Before he gave me the dress, Jerry bent me over and spread my legs. He stroked my pussy until I almost came. "I have something else for you to wear. Hold still." Damn him! He slipped the remote control egg into me and helped with my dress. "How does Applebee's sound for lunch, dear?" I figured we were off for another adventure. I was wrong. It was a whole series of adventures starting with lunch.

As we drove toward town Jerry pulled the remote control for my egg out of his pocket. "I found a new battery for the controller yesterday. But they only had two of the batteries for the egg. It takes four. How does it feel, Vanessa?" He clicked to control and the egg came alive inside me. My nipples popped. Jerry knew it was working.

I started squeezing my legs together and undid the buttons below my waist. Jerry reached over, spread my thighs, and stroked my pussy. He slid a finger in touching the egg. "Feels like it's working fine but with two old batteries, it may not last very long." He pulled his hand away and switched off the egg just before I could come. Damn him again!

We pulled into the restaurant parking lot. Jerry came to open my door and help me out of the car. Now he's a gentleman. I fastened some of buttons on the bottom of my dress and took his hand. Before I stood up Jerry pinched both nipples making them stand proud. "I want to see those beautiful nips while we eat."

We waited at the entrance a few minutes for a table. Jerry positioned me in front of the glass door so the sunlight shined through my dress. I'm sure the hostesses noticed. I spread my legs and watched as she eyed me up and down. As she led us to a corner booth the egg came to life and I gasped. "Is everything alright?" she asked as I sat down.

"Yes, I'm fine. It just seems a little warm in here." I answered. She agreed and said she'd turn down the air conditioning. Damn, that's just what my nipples needed. The hostess, Jen, gave us menus and took our drink orders. Jerry ordered a banana daiquiri for me and ice water for himself. Jen came back with our drinks. "You looked thirsty so I made your drink an extra large." she told me. "Your waitress is on break right now, so I'll be taking care of you." While she told us that she stared straight at me, checking out my stiff nipples.

Jen waited while we looked over the menu and Jerry activated the damn egg. I shuttered as Jen stood there looking at me. I started to sweat despite the chill in the restaurant and finally choked out an order for a burger and fries. I had no idea what Jerry ordered, the egg had all my attention and I had most of Jen's.

When she left to turn our orders in Jerry turned off the egg. "I think she likes you, Vanessa." I just glared at Jerry and took a big drink of my daiquiri, extra strong I found out. I choked on the drink and told Jerry it tasted like half rum. "Maybe Jen is trying to get you drunk. I think it's a good idea. It'll help you relax. Drink up, dear."

I finished the large strong daiquiri just before Jen brought our food. Seeing my empty glass she said, "Oh, you must really like that drink, my own special recipe. Let me get you another, on the house." Before I could say anything she disappeared with the empty glass. Jerry later told me he saw her make my drink. It WAS half rum, 151 rum.

We'd just started eating when Jen brought the second killer drink. "I'm on break now. Do you mind if I join you? My feet are killing me." Without waiting for an answer she sat down next to me, very close to me! I scooted over a little and the egg awoke inside me. Jerry laid the remote on the table next to his plate, catching Jen's eye. "I think I recognize this." she said picking it up. "I have one just like it. Did you get it at the Lion's Den?

"I love mine. It's so great giving control to somebody else." she said looking straight at me. "Do you have it in right now?" she asked clicking the button to change the cycle. I gasped again and nodded. "That's so hot! Can I see?" Jerry looked around and told me to show it to Jen. I took another gulp of my drink and raised the hem of my dress under the table barring my pussy. I spread my knees and lifted the antenna wire coming out of my vagina for Jen to see. I was getting drunk and relaxed.

She reached down and tugged the wire, pulling the egg part way out. The vibrations spread up my inner lips to my clit. My eyes half closed and my breath caught in my throat. "Don't let it fall out." Jerry told her. Jen pressed the egg back inside me with her middle finger. "She really like having her clit rubbed." he whispered.

"Yes, we got that at the Lion's Den, several more nice toys too. Vanessa really likes her vibrating butt plug. But I like the remote egg best." I couldn't believe what was happening. My husband and a stranger were talking about me like I wasn't even there. And the stranger, a woman, was stroking my clit in the middle of a restaurant. "I'm having a hard time finding batteries for the egg though. They may last much longer. Do you think they'd have more at the Lion's Den?" Jerry switched off the egg; Jen took her hand away and pulled the hem of my dress back down. DAMN! I was almost there!

"Oh, I'm sure they have batteries for all the toys they sell. I have a girlfriend, Trudy, actually a girlfriend with benefits, who works there. She's the one who bought me the egg. Let me call her and ask." Jen slid out of the booth and headed for the back room. I slowly regained my composure and resumed eating. Jerry just smiled, more of a shit-eating grin, while he finished his salad.

We'd finished our meals when Jen came back with deserts, apple pie for Jerry and a rum soaked chocolate cake for me. I was more than a little drunk by then. "On the house again. I called Trudy. She said they have plenty of batteries. They just got a new remote control butt plug. You'll love it! She's working today. Tell her I sent you."

We paid the bill and Jerry left the biggest tip I'd ever seen. Back in the car we headed out of town. A mile ahead we pulled into the parking lot for a regular (non-adult) bookstore. I asked Jerry what was going on. "Be patient, we'll get there. First I wanted to get some regular books." Fine I thought. I'm half naked and three quarters drunk. Bring it on!

Jerry did the same routine as I got out of the car, pinching my nipples to get them standing up. He undid the top two buttons on my dress so it was open almost to my nipples. Then he pulled out his Swiss Army knife, with the little scissors; cut off most of the buttons from the bottom of the dress leaving it open almost up to my twat. I knew I'd have to walk carefully or I'd be showing everything. The second I stood up, the egg switched on. I almost collapsed. I grabbed his arm to keep upright as we walked to the door. I whispered, "Please let me come. I'll do anything. I have to come or I'll die!"

"All right. Here's the deal. You're mine to command for the rest of the day. Here's your task. Take this list and go to the service desk. You have to ask for each book (there were 8 on the list). If they're in stock, ask the clerk to show where they are on the shelf. If the books aren't here, order them and have them shipped to the house. Here's the credit card. Stay with the clerk. I'll be watching."

I walked in and waited for a clerk. The first one available was a young hunk whose eyes lit up when he saw my almost open dress. I gave him the list and asked if the books were in stock. He checked his computer and said that four of them should be on the shelves. He could order the rest. He started explaining where to find the books in the store. "Could you please show me? I'm terrible at finding things."

He said it would be his pleasure. It was. The clerk took my arm and led me to the first book. As we walked between the shelves he kept me next to and the slightest bit behind him. I realized this gave him a good view down the front of my dress. I was too drunk and way too horny to care. Finding the first book, I bent down to get it off the shelf, giving the clerk an even better view of my tits. The second book was on a high shelf. As I stretched to reach it the bottom of my dress pulled up and opened. Now he was sure I was naked under the dress.

The last two books were on the lowest shelf of the humor section, 'Uncle John's Bathroom Reader'. As I started to squat down the egg came to life. I collapsed and ended up sitting on the floor cross legged, the bottom of my dress WIDE open. The clerk grabbed the books and helped me up, checking me out very carefully.

"We'll have to order the other four on your list. Let's go back to the service desk." Now he walked behind me, admiring my ass I assume. The egg was working its magic so I kept my pussy and legs tight as I sashayed through the store. I knew I was heading for a major orgasm when he offered me a seat, a hard wooden chair, next to his computer.

The chair was amplifying the vibrations in my cunt and I started to moan. I heard a familiar cough and saw Jerry standing about ten feet away. He was watching me as the clerk worked on the order. Jerry blew me a little kiss and clicked the egg off. Damn I was almost there again and didn't care anymore who knew it.

The clerk had finished typing in the book order and was asking where to ship them. I had just opened my mouth to give him the shipping information when the egg switched on again. I stumbled through name and address as I felt my neck and face start to flush red. I was getting close.

He asked about billing and I handed him the credit card when it hit me, hit me HARD! Just before my eyes closed, I saw the clerk's eyes go wide. My right hand dropped to my crotch cupping my pussy. I was afraid it was going to explode. I gave myself a quick rub and my hand was drenched. The smell was unmistakable, Sex Sex Sex! The clerk was wide eyed and slack jawed as he handed me the receipt and the order. If he didn't know from watching he had to know from the smell.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to stand up on my own but Jerry stepped over and helped me up. "Were you able to get everything on the list, dear" I couldn't speak but clerk-boy chimed in saying that four of the books would be delivered in five to seven business days. He handed me the bag with the other four and thanked us for shopping there today. I admired his composure.

Back in the car, I licked the pussy juice off my hand and gave Jerry a BIG kiss. "It tastes like you enjoyed yourself, Vanessa. Did you want to stop anywhere else before the Lion's Den?" I told him I needed to use the bathroom and get a big drink of water. "OK, we need to get gas anyway. But first I need to do something else." Out came the knife with the scissors and the top two buttons on my dress disappeared. This poor dress wasn't going to last much longer.

He pulled into a gas station across the parking lot. While he got gas I went inside to get the key for the ladies room. Now, with only four buttons holding my dress closed, I had to walk very carefully. Not carefully enough though, the attendant's eyes lit up when I walked in. Besides the breeze from opening the door, there was a fan on the floor blowing upwards. Two customers and the clerk got a real eye full!

I grabbed a bottled water and asked for the key to the bathroom. The clerk handed me a foot long two by four with the key attached. I quickly headed outside to the ladies. Jerry was standing there waiting for me. He took the key and opened the door. "Have fun, dear." he said, handing me the controller for the egg. Once in the bathroom, I slipped my dress off over my head. I just felt like I had to be naked, no idea why. I quickly peed and washed my hands before pulling the egg out.

I licked it clean enjoying my own taste. Sitting back down on the toilet I switched the egg on and started rubbing it across my clit. Oh, that felt so good! I imagined a naked Jen licking me up and down. Nearing the end, I slipped the egg back inside me and turned it all the way up. Rubbing my clit and pinching my nipples, I came with a loud series of 'Oh Gods' and almost dropped the controller.

I sat for a minute calming down before I stood to wash my hands and face. In the mirror I saw my face, neck, and chest were flushed bright red. I reached for the door knob but realized my dress was still hanging on the hook. Guess I was getting used to being naked. I'd just slipped the dress back on when Jerry opened the door. "I was worried you had a heart attack after what I heard through the door."

"You told me to have fun. I sure did! Now are we finally going to the dirty bookstore?" I asked. Jerry said we were and gave me the key to return inside. I walked back through the door letting the fan catch my dress. The clerk gave me an extra funny look when I heard a flush. There were two vents on the wall behind him. It was the common wall with the bathrooms. He must have heard me come. I know I was loud enough. By now I was drunk enough from two large, strong, daiquiris and the rum cake soaked (also 151 rum I later found out) to not care.

Back in the car I told Jerry about the vents in the wall and the look I got. He just laughed and said I was becoming shameless. Hell, what was there to be ashamed of? We pulled into the Lion's Den parking lot; I smiled and asked Jerry if I should even bother wearing my dress. This was the first time he looked nervous. "No, you'd better keep it on. At least for now." What did that mean 'At least for now'?

I'm getting a little long winded here so I'll break off and start on Day 3 Part 2.

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