tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne with Vanessa Day 3.1

Yvonne with Vanessa Day 3.1


The Lion's Den was brightly lit, walls covered in shiny new toys and videos. The clerk welcomed us asking if we were Vanessa and Jerry. She introduced herself as Trudy, Jen's girlfriend. She was short, a little taller than me, with beautiful long blonde hair. She looked a little, and sounded a lot, like Emily Proctor, the hot blonde on CSI Miami. But she had enormous tits, at least DD.

She said Jen told her we needed batteries for a toy. Jerry answered, "I could only find two batteries for our remote control egg at Batteries-Plus. Jen said you had more in stock. Can we get a couple of sets?" Trudy said they sold three different remote eggs. Each took different batteries. Could we show her what kind we had.

One small problem, the egg was still inside me. "Do you still have it, Vanessa?" Jerry asked, knowing full well where it was. "Please show it to Trudy, dear." I was still drunk enough to do it. I put one foot up on a chair next to the counter. Jerry pulled the bottom of my dress open exposing me from the waist down. He held my hands behind me while Trudy pulled the egg out of me.

"Oh my, that smell good!" she said cradling the egg in her hand. "Yes, we have plenty of batteries for this. Let me put in a new set while you have a look around." Jerry put the controller on the counter and led me to a display of nipple jewelry. I'd never thought about nipple jewelry. I don't have anything pierced beyond my ears. I enjoy a little pain, spanking etc. but I like it to stop. Piercing didn't interest me at all.

I told Jerry as much but he pointed out that a lot of the items in the case were clips that didn't require piercing. Intrigued, I looked over the selection while Trudy put new batteries in the egg. One piece caught my eye, a short chain with adjustable clips on each end. The clips were padded and had a little screw on one end to control how tight they went on. As I was looking at the nipple jewelry, there was a buzz behind me; the egg was alive again.

Trudy brought the egg and controller over and handed them to Jerry. "Open wide, dear." he told me. I put one foot up on a nearby rack and pulled the bottom of my dress aside. Jerry slipped the egg inside me while Trudy watched eagerly. "Why don't you hold on to this for a while, Trudy. You can have some fun too." He handed the controller to Trudy and asked her about the nipple clips.

"Let me get the key to the case. You can try them on." She quickly returned with the key and got the chain and clips out. Jerry undid the few buttons left on my dress opening it all the way, wow! "Oh, her nipples need to be a little stiff. Here, this should help." Trudy said switching on the egg. I shook with excitement and my dress started slipping off my shoulders. Jerry reached behind me grabbing the dress. Instead of pulling it back up, he took it off and handed it to Trudy.

"Could you put this behind the counter for us, Trudy? Vanessa, give her your shoes." I kicked off my sandals and handed them over. Now I was 100% naked again, in the middle of an adult book store. Oh my God, my nipples were stiff; my head was spinning; my pussy was throbbing. Jerry lifted my right tit and snapped the clip on, not too tight. He slipped the other clip on my left nipple. "How do I adjust the pressure on these, Trudy?"

"Turn this screw to the left to loosen the grip. To the right will tighten it." Trudy demonstrated tightening one clip just a little. Jerry took the other clip and turned it until I winced in pain, good pain. "Get the first one just as tight, then let her rest a moment. When she calms down, you can tighten them both a little more." Trudy instructed. "Then tug on the chain. You'll love the reaction!"

Jerry carefully followed the instructions. He screwed the right clip down tighter, stopping when I winced. When my breathing slowed back down, he tightened both clips another half turn. My tits felt like they were about to explode. I felt it all the way down to my pussy. "Now pull on the chain." Trudy told him. Jerry tugged the chain, the same moment Trudy turned the egg back on. I'd forgotten about the damn egg.

I cupped my pussy with one hand and tried to push Jerry's hand away from the chain with the other. "Hands at your sides, now!" Jerry ordered. "Do we need to get some hand cuffs for you, young lady? Turn the egg on and off, Trudy." Jerry lifted the chain and put it in my mouth pulling my tits up changing the pressure on my nipples. The egg came to life again and I fell to my knees moaning.

"Now, watch this." Trudy said. She switched the egg on high and grabbed the chain. She slowly pulled until my tits were stretched all the way out. She cycled the egg off and on twice, turned it on its highest setting, then snapped the chain pulling the clips off both nipples. The blood flowed back into my nipples making them feel like they were on fire. I screamed, came, and almost fainted.

"Her nipples will be too sore for the clips for a while. But they will be super sensitive to gentle nibbling." Trudy seemed to know all about the nipple clips. I'll bet she used them on those huge tits of hers. Jerry helped me up off the floor and told Trudy we'd take the chain and clips.

"Jen said you had a remote control butt plug. Could we see one of those, please?" Trudy took us over to a display case with a huge collection of anal toys. Some of them looked too big to ever go in a butt! They had the vibrating plug I love so much, about 6 inches long and 2 inches around at the base. She took out the remote control plug and opened the package. It was a little longer; it flared then narrowed at the base. So it would stay in, I assumed.

"I can put batteries in it so you can see how it works. But I can't let you use it unless you buy it first. Health laws, you know." Jerry told her to put batteries in; he was 90% sure we'd be buying it. The plug felt great in my hand. The controller only had speed settings, slow to fast. The pussy egg had several cycles but I really wanted this toy.

"From the look on her face, I'd say Vanessa wants to buy it, Trudy. She can try it out right now. Do you have any lube handy?" Trudy said we could buy a small tube but they had some free samples we could use. Jerry asked for one of the samples and turned to me. "Bend over and spread your cheeks, Vanessa."

I quickly complied, not realizing that my ass was pointing straight at the door. A bell rang as the door opened, with me bent over. Two couples, late twenties-early thirties, walked in. Both women gasped at the sight of my naked ass pointing at them. "You're just in time." Trudy told them. "We're having a special product demo today. This is our model Vanessa." She slapped my ass turning it as red as my face.

She handed the sample lube to Jerry who started spreading it on my ass hole. He smeared lube on the butt plug and reached between my legs to wipe the extra lube off his hand onto my pubes. He rubbed the plug up and down the crack of my ass spreading the lube around. Finally he slipped the tip of the plug into me. Nervous, in front of these strangers, my ass clenched on its own.

"Come on, dear. You need to relax a little." Jerry said. He reached around with his free hand and started stroking my clit. I tried to forget the whole situation and concentrate on relaxing my ass. "That's it. You're doing great, Vanessa." He slid the plug half way in, just where it started to get wider. He worked it in and out while still stroking my clit. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly to relax myself.

At last the plug slid in passed its widest point and nestled all the way in. The customers broke into applause and I almost fainted. Jerry stood me up, making sure the plug was firmly in place, and turned me around to face my audience. He handed the plug's controller to one of the women. "Push the button once to turn it on. There are three speeds. Push the button again and watch her face and nipples."

The woman followed Jerry directions. My face started to flush and my nipples stood up proud. It was working! "What's the wire coming out of her ..aah ..aah, the wire coming out of the front?" the other woman asked.

"Oh, the wire coming out of her pussy? It's alright to say it." Jerry told her. "We're all adults here. At least we better be. This is an ADULT bookstore, isn't it?" That got a big laugh from everybody. "Take it out and show them, Vanessa."

I spread my knees and pulled gently on the antenna wire. Easing the egg out I held it up for the customers to see. "How does it feel inside you?" the first woman asked.

"I can tell you from personal experience" Trudy chimed in, "very personal experience, that it feels wonderful. We have a variety of remote control vibrators for sale. It's fun to use the remote yourself, but even more fun when someone else is in control. Right, Vanessa? Put the egg back in please." I squatted a little and slid the egg back in.

Trudy held up the remote for all to see and switched the egg on. I almost collapsed. "Let them see the butt plug again please, Vanessa." Jerry turned me around and bent me over again. He twisted the plug a little and eased it half way out of my ass, causing me to shutter all over.

He slid it back in until it was fully seated again. "See how securely it stays in as she moves around." Jerry led me around in a small circle, had me sit down on a chair, stand up, and squat all the way to the floor. He finally turned me around again, bent me over, and pulled the plug out, very slowly. "The egg is strictly for the ladies, of course. A gentleman could use the butt plug, if he's so inclined." Everybody laughed again and one lady elbowed her man with a knowing glance.

"Please take a look around. I can answer any of your questions. We'll have more product demos later." Trudy was in full sales mode. Jerry asked her for a paper towel holding up the butt plug. He and Trudy walked over to the cash register leaving me with the two couples.

Both women started asking me questions while their men just stared at me. "Are you a stripper?" "How did you wind up doing this kind of product demo?" "Is this your regular job?" "Is it as fun as it looks?" I don't remember exactly how I answered. I did tell them I was a travel agent and I just did this for fun and free toys. I told them to have a look around; it was time for my break.

I spotted a door that said 'Employees Only'. Hoping there would be a bathroom there, I slipped through the door. Thank god there was a bathroom. I slipped the egg out, peed, and washed up a little (face, hands, ass, and pussy). I slipped the egg back in and took a look around the back room. Just like any store's back room, it was full of boxes; new and old merchandise, books and cleaning supplies. Then one large item caught my eye.

It's hard to describe but I'll try. It was a square platform about two feet on a side, on casters (small wheels) with an open frame work, kind of like a cage with most of the bars missing. Each corner of the platform had a pipe bolted to it, over six feet long going straight up. At the top, the four corner pipes were joined with cross pieces forming a square. Imagine a 2 by 2 cage 6+ feet tall with bars only at the corners and the top. There was an open box sitting on the platform. I was just reaching for the box when the egg inside me switched on and off.

The 'Employees Only' door opened and Trudy came in. "Thought maybe you got lost, Vanessa." I told her I was all right and asked her what this contraption was. She smiled and said she's show me. "Wait here. I'll be right back." She ducked out the door for just a moment. "Jerry's watching the door. He said this would be good for you. Step up here."

I got on the platform being careful not to move it but found out the wheels were locked; it didn't move at all. I straddled the box as Trudy reached into it pulling out two straps with cuffs attached to them. She secured a cuff on each wrist pulling them snug. Next Trudy threw one strap over each side of the top bars. She pulled a chair over and climbed up on it to tie the straps to the square at the top pulling my arms tight over my head.

Next out of the box were two more straps with larger cuffs. One cuff went on each ankle. Trudy ran the straps through D-rings I hadn't noticed on the edge of the platform. She pulled them very tight spreading my legs as far as they would go. I was tied naked, spread eagled standing up. "I see you still have the egg in place." she said just brushing my pussy lips before tugging a little on the wire. "This should make a great sales display!"

She disengaged the wheels and rolled me toward the door. "Jerry" she yelled. "I've got her ready here. Give me a hand." Trudy held the door open as Jerry wheeled me out of the back room. "Where should we set up this display?" Jerry suggested right in front of the door. "Perfect! Get the butt plug and grease it up."

The two couples were still in the store plus several new customers, men and women. Trudy positioned me ten feet from the door where nobody could possibly miss seeing me. Jerry brought the remote butt plug and inserted it while the customers watched wide eyed. Trudy set up a little table next to me with a selection of remote control toys. She set the controllers for the two toys that were in me on the table with a sign "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY".

Jerry went into an impromptu sales pitch. "You see before you one very horny female. We have here (holding up the two controllers) the keys to her satisfaction. Please try one or both and watch her reactions." He handed the controllers to the two women from earlier.

The woman with the egg controller switched it on and asked how it felt. I decided I may as well go along with what was happening. Plus I was getting VERY turned on being displayed like this. I went into my own sales pitch. "The egg feels like something is alive inside my pussy. Push the other button; it changes the speed." The woman followed my instruction pushing the button once. My knees buckled putting my weight on my arms.

"That feels very nice. The egg is switching from slow to fast. Push the button again please. Oh fuck! Now it's turning on and off every few seconds. Once again please. Aah, I think that's the best one, a slow steady pulse." Looking at the woman with the other controller, "Please turn the butt plug on low. The two vibrations are out of sync (just like the other day on the deck). The egg is pressed firmly against my G-spot and oh...oh...oh my fucking god!!!" Right there, tied up naked in a dirty book store, in front of a group of total strangers I came harder than I ever thought possible.

I asked the ladies to turn both toys off for a moment. "If that was a fake orgasm, she's the best actress I've ever seen." one of the customers said. He asked for a turn with the remotes taking them from the two women. For the next hour a dozen customers played with the controllers. Many commented how my nipples stood up and my chest and face flushed when they worked the remotes. I had at least four more orgasms getting a big round of applause with each one.

Bottom line, Trudy sold out of all the remote operated toys they had in stock. Jerry wheeled me to the back room, untied me from the cage/frame, and helped me down. "Did you have fun, Vanessa? It sure looked like you did! Are you ready to head back to the cabin?" I told him I was more than ready. I needed a nap after all the excitement of a long day. "A long day?" he asked looking at his watch. "It's a little before 5 o'clock. You slept until almost noon. We got to Applebee's about 1 o'clock and we've been here for a little over two hours."

I couldn't believe it. If it wasn't a long day, it was a hell of a long afternoon. Jerry bent me over, pulled out the butt plug and the egg. He told me to use the bathroom while he settled up the bill with Trudy. I peed, washed up again, and headed out of the back room, still naked of course. By now it felt normal that way.

Trudy was putting everything in a bag when I got to the counter. I asked her how much the bill was. "Nothing at all. You helped me sell more stuff this afternoon than I usually sell in an entire weekend. All you have are some batteries, the one butt plug, the nipple clips, and a couple of other little things." I found out later what 'little things' she was talking about. "You can come back and help sell any time at all! Don't forget these." she said holding up my dress and shoes.

I was reluctant to get dressed again but Trudy warned that local prudes sometimes watch the parking lot. "You can get naked again real soon, dear." Jerry promised. "We'll see you later." he told Trudy.

We stopped at a fast food drive-thru on the way back. The smell reminded me how hungry I was. Most of my meal was gone before we got through town. At the last traffic light I pulled my dress off and stuffed it and my shoes back in the glove compartment. "I've had enough of that for today. I wanna' be naked again!" Jerry just smiled and told me how proud he was of me.

He drove back to the cabin to eat his food. I took a much needed nap. It was the end of an exciting day, or so I thought.

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