tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne with Vanessa Last Day

Yvonne with Vanessa Last Day


Yvonne here: Vanessa and I have had a great time writing this up but we've been disappointed with the VERY small amount of feedback and comments we've gotten.

How about a little more, folks!


I woke up about 10 o'clock with a huge tit in my face, Trudy's, and warm breath, Jen's, across my pussy. I licked gently on the nipple and stroked Jen's hair until both girls woke up. "I had a great time last night; can't thank you enough. But I think we better get moving. Jerry wanted me back by noon." Both girls reluctantly agreed.

I took a quick shower and headed for the kitchen. To my surprise, both Trudy and Jen were dressed. I asked why Jen was dressed. Didn't she always stay naked at home? "It's in your honor." Trudy said, pinching my nipples. "We thought you'd enjoy being the only one naked, slave. Does it turn you on?" she asked.

"Yes it does, Mistress. It makes me hot and wet!" It really was too. I squirmed in my chair a little. "May I masturbate a little please, Mistress?" Trudy and Jen picked up their coffee cups and led me out on the deck. I started to sit in one of the chairs but Jen ordered me to stay standing. I had never masturbated standing up before. She said it would make a better show for them. They had me stand next to the hot tub and sat down to watch.

The fresh breeze and the thrill stiffened my nipples. I lifted both tits up toward my mouth. My tits are just big enough for me to barely tongue my nipples. I got both nips wet then blew across them making them nice and hard. I pinched each nipple in turn with one hand and started stroking my bald pussy with the other. I shuddered, feeling my smooth lips.

I put one foot up on the edge of the tub opening my pussy to their view. "Doesn't she look nice shaved?" commented Trudy, sipping her coffee. Jen agreed and ordered me to stick a finger into myself. "Now taste it, slave." she directed. Stroking my clit and fingering my G-spot, I quickly built to an outstanding climax, screaming so loud I was afraid the farmer down the road would hear me.

The two girls applauded and Trudy ordered me to my knees. She spread her legs, pulling her dress up. "You know what to do, don't you, slave?" I quickly moved between her thighs and got to work. Jen pulled my arms behind me, putting the handcuffs back on. I felt something brush my pussy and realized it was the riding crop. Jen was going to whip me while I ate Trudy.

The first hit surprised me, striking across both ass cheeks. She gently stroked my pussy with the edge of the crop spreading me open. A soft blow hit my exposed clit, then three more, each firmer. As I continued to lick Trudy's cunt, the blows rained down on my ass and pussy. When Trudy was close, Jen shifted to firmly rubbing my pussy with the handle of the crop. Trudy and I came together.

Trudy pulled me up and kissed me firmly. "That was very good, slave. I hope you enjoyed it too." I told her that I had. "We need to get you back to Jerry now. Lets' take you the same way you came." She put the blindfold on, attached the leash, and led me to the car.

The trip back seemed to take less time than last night. I was a little worried about riding in the car naked in broad daylight, but what could I do about it? Jen spread my legs and played with my cunt the whole way back. "We want you nice and wet for Jerry, slave." Jen told me. I felt the car slow and turn onto a gravel road, the road to the cabins. We stopped; my seatbelt released as hands helped me from the car.

They led me up the steps and secured me to the leg cuffs Jerry used last night. The handcuffs opened and my arms were secured to the posts. I heard the door open and close. I was alone again; naked, bound, and blindfolded. I waited, what else could I do, guessing the girls were inside talking to Jerry.

I heard footsteps coming around the side of the cabin and felt something stroke my naked ass, the riding crop. Hands spread my cheeks and a greased plug probed my ass hole. Slowly it slid all the way into me and began to vibrate. Suddenly a blow landed on my ass followed by three more. A hand stroked my pussy. The fingers felt too big to be Trudy or Jen; I assumed/hoped the hand was Jerry's.

Two quick glancing blows landed across my nipples and the hand came back to my pussy. A quick series of strikes landed on my ass followed by gentle stroking along my slit. I didn't know what to expect next. It was a tongue on my pussy and teeth on one nipple. The blows continued to rain on my ass. The mouth disappeared from my pussy followed by the crop striking my exposed clit. I screamed and came.

The blindfold was removed making me squint at the sudden sunlight. Jen was still at my chest and Jerry was squatting between my legs. Trudy stood behind me with the riding crop in her hands. "Did you enjoy that, dear?" Jerry asked. "The girls told a little of what happened last night. They said you really had fun. Then they offered to show me what you enjoyed. And I really like this change." he said, stroking my newly bald snatch.

"Yes I did have fun! Thank you for arranging it. Now if you'll let me loose, I'd love to suck your dick, fuck you, or anything else you can come up with. How soon do we have to be on the road, dear?" Jerry said there was no rush. Judy and family weren't due back until tomorrow.

Trudy released me, took out the butt plug, and removed the restraints from the porch posts. Jen and Jerry went inside to start lunch. I kissed Trudy and thanked her for opening up a whole new world for me. "You seem to really enjoy being submissive, Vanessa. But don't let it become your whole world. I have to work to keep Jen from becoming too extreme. I'm afraid somebody else could really hurt her. Let's go see what's for lunch. We didn't have any breakfast, you know."

Jerry and Jen were setting the table and putting out sandwiches. Trudy started pouring drinks. It hit me; I was stark naked with three people fully clothed. My pussy started to drip. They got lunch ready and I slammed down a big bottle of water, getting ready for my next act.

Lunch was rather strange. I was naked, of course, and the table conversation was nothing like I'd ever experienced before. Trudy and Jen told everything we had done last night. Jerry was most intrigued by my shaving. He had me stand up and show off my newly smooth snatch. On my own, I turned around and spread my cheeks showing my asshole. Jerry took the opportunity to slide a finger in my ass making me squirm and blush. Throughout the meal I kept drinking all the water I could, getting ready.

When Trudy said they should be going, I asked them, "Please stay just a little bit longer. I have a very depraved act in mind and I want you both to watch." Jerry asked if he could watch too. "You're not going to just watch. You're going to be part of it. Now strip, dear!" He hesitated, so I stood him up and almost tore his clothes off. The girls giggled, looking at his limp shrunken dick. "The other day you said you wanted to fuck me when I had to pee. Well, now's your chance. Would you like to watch, ladies?"

They quickly agreed as I led Jerry out to the deck by his dick. I sat him in a chair and told him to get his dick ready. Jerry looked very embarrassed fingering his dick with Trudy and Jen watching. I went back inside for more water leaving him alone with the girls. "No helping him, girls. He has to do this on his own." I lingered inside the cabin watching through the window as a very embarrassed Jerry stroked himself.

When I came back out Jerry was only half hard and looking a little frustrated. "Do you need a little help, dear?" I asked. "You've never had trouble getting it up before. Does having an audience cause a problem? I've had an audience several times this week. It didn't stop me." Jen and Trudy giggled at Jerry's predicament so I said they could give him a hand.

They moved beside him and each held one of his hands down. They started stroking his dick and balls telling him how nice he looked naked. He was blushing but getting up to full size, nice and hard. I got the hose out while the girls got Jerry ready. "That's enough. Have a seat and watch the fun."

I pushed Jerry's knees together sticking his cock up nice and straight. I straddled his legs facing him and rubbed my slit over the head of his dick. Jerry moaned loudly as I rubbed my tits across his face. I turned around, facing away from him and toward the girls and settled his cock deep inside my vagina. The pressure on my bladder was building. I knew I wouldn't last very long.

I closed my eyes and slowly rocked my hips as I started stroking my clit. "Play with my tits." I ordered Jerry. He softly milked down both tits to the nipples and pinched gently. "Harder! And pull on my nipples." I guess I was getting into pain more now. When I opened my eyes Trudy and Jen both had their dresses pulled up stroking their pussies. Guess I was putting on a good show.

I slowly rocked back and forth on Jerry's dick recounting my adventures. "It's been a hell of a vacation, dear! I've been totally naked almost the whole time. Except for the trip to town I haven't had a stitch on. My god, was that only yesterday? It seems like a year ago!

"I wonder what the clerk at the bookstore thought watching me come. I know what the guy at the gas station must have thought, listening to me through the vent. He'll be telling that story for years. And all those people at the Lion's Den, I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did. I doubt it though." Sometime during this monologue I started rubbing my clit faster, raising the pressure in my bladder.

I looked at Trudy and Jen; both were staring straight at my cunt. I kept up the rocking and rubbing as the pressure built. I came screaming and pissing all over myself, Jerry, the chair, and the deck. The girls applauded and Trudy used the hose to rinse everything off. She was much gentler than Jerry was the other day.

I climbed off Jerry's still erect dick and decided to give him a little treat. "I got the impression last night that you girls are both bi. Is that right?" Both agreed. "Jerry's been very good to me this week letting me, and even forcing me to live out my fantasies. One thing I believe he's fantasized about is a two girl blow job. Would you be so kind?"

Trudy and Jen both smiled and Jerry's jaw dropped. Trudy answered, "We'd love to help you any way we can, Vanessa. But let's make him work for it. Get the handcuff please." I wasn't 100% sure what they had in mind but it sounded like fun. I ran into the cabin and returned with the cuffs. Trudy secured Jerry's hand behind him, sat down, pulled up her dress, and told him to get busy.

Jerry knelt between her knees and started gently tonguing her outer lips. Trudy grabbed the back of his head and forced his face deep into her cunt. "Get in there and get to work. Vanessa did a great job last night and this morning! Let's see if you're anywhere as good as her." She released his head and spread her pussy lips wide open. Jen and I stood on either side to watch and comment on Jerry's technique.

I recognized some of his best moves: slurping the entire slit, a butterfly flick on the bottom of the clit, and the nose rub while his tongue rimmed her vagina. They were many of the same things I'd done to both girls. From her reaction, it looked like they were working quite well on Trudy too. Her eyes closed and her breath came in short gasps faster and faster until she exploded. She pushed Jerry's head back and gave him a big kiss. "Yes, you're almost as good as your wife. Now it's your turn, Jen."

Trudy got up and Jen took her place. Jerry repeated his outstanding performance as a pussy eater and Jen came with a scream. "Yes, he is quite good! You must have trained him well, Vanessa. Now how should we set him up for his two-girl blow job?" I'd already come up with a plan for that.

I helped Jerry up and led him over to the patio door. On each side of the door was a heavy light fixture. I attached the straps he'd used for me on the front porch to the lights, removed the handcuffs, and secured his arms. "He's all yours, ladies. Make it last." The two girls knelt in front of Jerry and started in on him. Jen took just the head of his cock in her mouth and slurped her tongue around it. Trudy attacked his balls sucking one at a time. She got them warm and stretched them out until she could get both balls in her mouth at once.

Jen swallowed Jerry's entire dick doing what she'd shown me last night; suck and swallow then work the head. Trudy pulled away from his balls with a pop causing Jerry to jump and moan. "Remember that move, Vanessa. Guys love it! Don't they, Jerry?" He didn't say anything but his smile said it all. Trudy told me to get some lube and joined her partner working up and down Jerry's dick. It was stiffer than I'd ever seen it.

I came back with the lube and asked Trudy what she had in mind. "Grease up your finger and spread it on his asshole." I followed her instructions as Jerry watched wide-eyed. "Now tickle the hole and barely slip your finger in." I did as directed while she and Jen worked on his cock. "Now slip your finger farther in and make a motion like you're stirring something. Move it all the way in and do a 'come here' motion. You'll hit his prostate."

They worked on his dick and balls while I fingered his ass. We kept this up until Jerry began to gasp. I shoved my finger as far up his ass as I could. Jen took half his cock in her mouth while Trudy licked both balls. Jerry's ass clamped down on my finger as he came filling Jen's mouth to overflowing. We kissed, sharing his load. I happily swallowed some of it but kissed Jerry with the rest still in my mouth.

"We need to get going," Trudy said, "or we'll be late for work. You can have Jerry all to yourself now, Vanessa. Let us know when you're coming back to town." Both girls gave me big hugs and kissed Jerry, tickling his shrinking dick. I heard them drive away and sat down to contemplate my naked bound husband.

"Like I said, dear, it's been a hell of a vacation but we have to head home soon. I really hate to go back to the real world of clothes and all the hang-ups. I think I'll be spending a lot more time naked now. And did you see what the girls left as a gift?" I walked back into the cabin and came back with the riding crop. "I got to whip Jen once last night and I got whipped several times. Lucky for you," I said, stroking the crop across his dick and balls, "I enjoyed receiving much more than giving. You're going to have to learn to whip me properly."

Jerry looked very intrigued and more than a little relieved by that statement. But, I kept stroking him with the whip until his dick started to come to life. "I have one more thing in mind before we hit the road. Do you think you're up for one more fucking, dear?" He said maybe with a little help he could get it up and service me.

I dropped to my knees and started licking his dick again. I tried all the moves Trudy showed with his balls. When he was nice and hard again I stopped. "I want to fuck you one more time before we leave, but not here. It was so thrilling when I was locked out. Like I told you, I went for a hike getting as far away as I could from any safe haven. Let's try that now."

I released his hands and led him down to the lake by his dick. We swam to the other side like I'd done before. We walked past the other cabins out to the middle of a pasture. In the field of grass and wildflowers I stopped him and started kissing him and playing with his dick. Jerry gently stroked my pussy and asked what I had in mind. "I want to make slow gentle love to you here in the middle of nature. Remember the story about Sue and Paul on the island? That was the sexiest story of Yvonne's I read. We have nothing here but our bodies and our love."

I fell to my knees and started licking just the head of Jerry's dick. It quickly grew to full length and felt fatter than ever before. One deep swallow and my lips were in his pubes. When he started to breathe heavily, I released his cock and told him it was time for him to warm me up. He gently lowered me to the ground and knelt between my thighs. First he fingered me then began to lick my pussy.

I had a first mild orgasm and he kept nibbling on my clit. He slid two fingers into me and started stroking my G-spot. My god, I love that! Jerry slowly brought me to a mind blowing climax. I screamed so loud that they may have heard me in town. He laid down beside me in the grass kissing me, sharing the taste of my well lubed pussy. As we kissed, Jerry pulled my knees up to my chest and slid into me in one stroke. It did feel like his cock was fatter than before.

We spent at least a half hour exploring every possible position for screwing. He stood me upright with one leg wrapped around his back. That put my pussy a little too low so Jerry hoisted me up off my feet with both legs around him. He bent me over until my face almost hit my knees so he could fuck me and play with my ass. This brought on another screaming orgasm.

We finally settled into a basic doggie position. Jerry pounded me faster and faster and started spanking my ass; another thing I really love. I was close to another mind blowing orgasm when Jerry filled me with his load and collapsed. I rolled over and used my fingers on my full pussy to finish myself off while Jerry watched. I licked Jerry clean enjoying our combined tastes before we started back.

We followed the same path I'd taken when Jerry locked me out. I reminded him about my adventures dodging the two men doing the mowing. He confessed that he felt very guilty about putting me in danger that way. He had no idea anybody would be on the property. "Don't feel bad, dear." I told him. "That was the most excited I've ever been, hiding in the cornfield naked, then masturbating in the hot tub with Chet there.

"Then it got even better when I came in the bookstore and the gas station. And I'll NEVER forget our trip to the Lion's Den! And hooking up with Jen and Trudy that was unreal! Trudy warned me about getting too far into submission, but I do want to be tied up, whipped, and fuck occasionally." With big smile Jerry said he was sure that could be arranged.

We got back to the cabin as the sun started setting. Jerry packed while I cleaned up the cabin. When everything was back in the car I asked Jerry if I should iron my dress again. "Oh, I don't think you need to bother with that. Most of the buttons are gone and nobody's going to see you in the dark. I fact, I have an idea we'll both enjoy."

He retrieved my dress and sandals from the glove compartment. "This should make the trip home a little more exciting, Vanessa." He pulled out his Swiss Army knife, cut the straps off the sandals, and threw them in the trash. With the scissors, he snipped the hem of the dress in several places and proceeded to tear it to shreds. This too went into the trash. The only clothes I had closer than home were totally destroyed. He pointed to the car and said, "You better get in; it's a long walk home."

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