tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne's 4th of July Weekend Ch. 01

Yvonne's 4th of July Weekend Ch. 01


As I said in my last post, Sue and I both had birthdays coming up over the Fourth of July weekend. We girls decided to enjoy a birthday weekend in our birthday suits. Sue sketched out an idea and I loved it!

Sue and Paul own a lake side cabin about 3 hours out of town. Sue and I took Friday off to pick up supplies, food, drink, etc. At the last stop Sue picked up a full sized rental van, the kind with captains chairs, a fold out bed, and curtains. I parked on the street and Sue pulled the van into their attached garage. I grabbed my luggage, a little makeup bag and a toothbrush, and ducked into the garage as Sue closed the door.

When the door closed Sue and I stripped and stuck our clothes and shoes in a cabinet in the garage. From that point through the rest of the weekend it was "TOTAL NUDITY" for us. While we waited for Bill and Paul, we filled the cooler and packed the van.

The guys pulled in about an hour later and Bill asked what was going on with "all the naked girls". Sue and I hadn't explained quite everything we had planned so Bill was rather surprised, but I think Paul had a pretty good idea of what to expect. The guys changed into casual clothes, threw their suitcases and golf clubs (?) in the back and we were off.

The drive was fairly uneventful. Paul drove with Bill in the front passenger seat while Sue and I stayed in the back drinking wine and diddling ourselves. The wine and diddling soon had us needing to pee. I wasn't ready to walk into a rest area or gas station bare assed, so Paul turned off onto a back road and found an isolated area.

As soon as the van stopped we jumped out. I squatted right next to the van and Sue ran up a little hill to a nearby tree to pee. "Come over here." Sue yelled when she finished. I took a quick look around and did a funny little squatting run, I guess trying to hide my nudity, all the way to the tree. From the other side of the hill I saw a crew building a house about 50 yards away. I squealed when Sue gave me a shove down the hill toward the workers. She yelled and waived until they saw us.

The crew stopped work and started looking our way. Sue turned and ran back toward the van with me right behind her. We got back to the van, jumped in, and told Paul to get moving. Sue was laughing so hard I couldn't be mad at being displayed that way. In fact I was more than a little turned on. Nothing else happened on the rest of the drive to the cabin, until we got there about 5 o'clock.

As we unloaded the van, Sue said something about "a mile". She suggested that Paul and I put the food away and asked Bill to drive her. "Drive you where? What are you talking about?" I asked. Sue explained that the mile she was talking about was a NAKED mile. Bill would drop her off a mile from the cabin and she had to walk back naked, in broad daylight. We were pretty far from any other houses but there was a chance of getting caught.

That sounded like fun so I asked Sue if two could do that. She said that part of the fun of the naked mile was being all alone and naked, but two naked girls could be twice the fun. As Paul lugged in the last of the supplies he threw Bill the keys and told us to have a ball. We piled into the van with Bill driving, Sue in the front passenger seat, and me on the floor between them. Sue told Bill to check the odometer as we turned onto the road and we were off to our next adventure.

It was a just a little two lane dirt road winding through the woods around the lake. In a few minutes we stopped and Bill said that we had driven a mile. Sue opened her door and jumped out. She asked me if I was ready for this. I looked in the back and found a wine bottle with a little left. With that for courage, I got out and closed the door. Sue told Bill to drive back to the cabin and give three long honks when he got there. Bill gave a wave and started back. We were all alone, totally naked.

As Bill pulled out of sight and it got very quiet. I asked Sue if there were any rules to this game. "Not really" she said. "I usually masturbate a little until I hear the horn. Then start walking. I have been known to stop along the way for an orgasm or two."

Screwing my courage up I asked if I could help her out, gave her a hug, and kissed her. Sue kissed back and we both started groping each other. In a few seconds we were rolling around in the grass locked in a sixty-nine. Suddenly Sue said stop. We heard the three distant honks meaning Bill was back at the cabin. We were all alone and HOT!

I had never been so scared or turned on. "No!" I said. "Don't stop!" and I plunged my tongue into Sue's pussy. Sue shoved two fingers into me as I kept chewing on her. It was like a contest of who could make the other cum first. I won; Sue stiffened and screamed. When she regained her composure, Sue climbed off and sat me on a tree stump. She stood there pounding my cunt with one hand and pawing my tits with the other until I came with a low moan. Sue licked my juice off her fingers and smiled. As soon as I could stand up Sue said it was time to get going. "Listen for any cars coming." she said as she started walking.

About half way back we did hear something coming up the road, something big. We ducked behind a tree and waited while the engine noise got louder and closer. It was a school bus, but it was way too late in the day for school and the middle of summer. As the bus passed the tree we looked and saw that the passengers were all college age boys wearing baseball uniforms. "Fair game!" Sue said as the bus passed. She grabbed my arm and drug me out to the middle of the road. Just like at the construction site earlier, Sue yelled and waved until the boys in the back of the bus saw us. I stood there dumbfounded while Sue shook her tits as the bus pulled away. She had just turned around and spread her ass when the bus brake lights flashed on.

I pulled her back into the woods as the bus came to a full stop. We hid behind another tree laughing as we imagined the conversation with the bus driver. "You saw what? Two naked women? You're fucking crazy!" After what seemed like forever, really only a minute or two, we saw the bus start to pull away. Just before it went around a curve and out of sight, I stepped out into the road and started masturbating. I came in less than thirty seconds while the sound of the bus faded away.

We got back to the cabin without seeing anybody else, or being seen. Sue and I were both hot and dirty (no, not that kind of hot and dirty) so Sue suggested a shower. That was an outdoor platform on the patio with a showerhead and no curtain. She grabbed some soap and shampoo and we put on a show for the guys getting dirty and clean at the same time.

I asked about plans for dinner making Sue and Paul smile and making Bill look a little worried. Paul spoke up first. "I don't think it would be a good idea to go into town for dinner. But I've arranged to have a restaurant come here." Two friends of theirs, Charlie and Judy, owned a nice restaurant nearby. "I called while you girls were walking back and Charlie is delivering a meal for the four of us. He's seen Sue naked before, many times! If you want to be modest, Yvonne, Charlie will just drop off the food and leave. Or he'll stay and be our waiter. It's up to you."

I'd already been seen naked, from a distance, by a construction crew and a bus full of baseball players so what the fuck. Bring on the waiter! Since we weren't going to get dressed up, or even dressed, for dinner Sue and I quickly dried our hair and did a little makeup. We heard a car pull in and the front door open just as we finished. Sue looked at me and asked if I was ready. "Sure!" I said although sure was the last thing I was. Sue opened the door and walked out with me a half step behind her.

Charlie had his back to us and was just opening the food containers. Sue gave her little cough making him turn around and see us. Charlie ran over to Sue hoisting her off the floor with a giant hug. And I do mean giant; Charlie was over six and a half feet tall, about 35 years old, with curly red hair, and a bushy mustache. He gave Sue a big kiss as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. I could just barely see that his hands were all over Sue's ass and he may have stuck a finger in her twat.

After he put Sue down, Charlie looked me over completely and asked Sue who her new partner in crime was. I introduced myself and Charlie kissed my hand, held on to it, and spun me around for a really good look. "Is Sue corrupting you with her wicked ways?" he asked. We girls just looked at each other and started to giggle.

Sue pulled two stools (not a very modest seat even when you're dressed) near the dining room table, directed me to one, and sat on the other as Charlie set the table. Sue told Charlie about the construction crew and the bus full of baseball players. I blushed head to toe when she told him about me masturbating as the bus drove away. "That sounds like one of Judy's tricks." he said. "She loves to surprise people naked! You should meet her, Yvonne. You'll see what Sue's influence can turn you in to." Sue laughed as she slid off her stool and moved behind me. She pulled my legs apart and spread my pussy lips for Charlie to see. "Would you like some of this for your tip tonight?" she asked.

"I'd love that! And some of yours too, you little slut" Charlie answered. "But Judy would take a swing at me if I got that kind of tip without her here. And you know when Judy starts swinging, I can't jump that high or duck that low." Sue and Paul laughed so I assumed that was some kind of private joke.

Charlie announced that dinner was ready and the four of us took our seats. Charlie described each course as he served the meal. He was a perfect waiter and a perfect gentleman, at least to me. Throughout the meal he made a point of touching Sue as he served; just a light touch on the shoulder or barely brushing one of her boobs as he put a dish down. When he served dessert, a chocolate mousse, he managed to drag Sue's right nipple through it. "Oh, pardon me! Let me clean that off for you." He leaned over and licked the mousse off of Sue's tit and didn't stop until she was moaning and glassy eyed.

Sue reached back to grab his cock through his pants but Charlie backed away. "Not without Judy here." he said. "We have a new manager at the restaurant and a great staff. How about if Judy and I call in sick tomorrow and we both come out for a visit?" Paul asked Bill and me if that would be alright. This time Bill answered, "Why the hell not!"

The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful. Paul suggested that Bill and I take a walk down to the lake. I agreed but told Bill that I was tired of looking at his clothes. Taking the cue, Bill stripped down to nothing and we headed to the lake for a slow fuck on the moonlit beach. When we got back most of the lights were out and Paul and Sue's door was shut, so we headed to bed, to sleep this time.

The next morning I slept late and didn't get up until Sue climbed in bed with me for a little girl love. By the time we rolled out of bed it was almost 11:00 and there was no sign of the guys or the van. "They went golfing." Sue told me. "They met up with Charlie for a 10:00 tee-time."

"They went golfing? Are they fucking nuts? What the hell are we supposed to do here with no clothes and no wheels?" I asked. Sue just gave a smile and headed for the phone.

I couldn't hear most of what she was saying but there was plenty of laughing, Sue saying "Of course! How else!", and what sounded like a conversation with an old friend. "OK, bye, we'll be there in about a half hour."

Sue told me that we'd been invited for a visit with some friends across the lake for breakfast. "Dressed like this?" I asked. "Yes." she said. "You'll understand when we get there. And you'll learn how Paul and I got to be the way we are. Can you swim?" I nodded and she took my hand and led me out the back door toward the lake.

At the edge of the lake I finally asked how we were going to get to this old friend's house. "We'll swim there. It's only about a quarter mile this way. If you'd rather we can walk around the lake, but that way it's about five miles and we'll have to go through town. So it's your choice." With a big sigh, I waded out into the water with Sue behind me.

I'd never been skinny dipping before and the flow of the water over my bare skin felt great. We saw a couple of boats and water skiers on the way. There was no way they could tell we were naked in the water but it still turned me on. After about 15 minutes we rounded a bend and approached a beautiful house, with a dock, right on the lake. As we swam up to the dock a woman walked out on the deck and started waiving at us.

"That's Nancy, Charlie's sister." Sue told me. I could see the family resemblance even from the water. Nancy looked about forty, not as tall as Charlie but over six feet. She was beautiful and had the same red hair as Charlie. Nancy ran down to the dock and helped us up the ladder. She gave Sue a big hug, almost as friendly as Charlie's, getting Nancy's dress soaking wet.

They both laughed at Nancy's predicament as Sue introduced me. "Oh shit!" Nancy said. "I didn't bring any towels for you two. Here, use this." She pulled her dress off over her head and started drying us off. Without the sundress, Nancy was as naked as we were. When we were dry, Nancy tossed her wet dress into the boat tied to the dock. "Breakfast should be ready." she said and led us up to the deck.

I won't go into everything we talked about over breakfast. I'll just say that I learned a LOT about Sue and Paul's history. Nancy told me that the first time she met her, Sue was tied to a chair, naked with a vibrator in her snatch. The first time Sue met Charlie, she was naked again. They are some great sexy stories that I'll have to get Sue to write up soon. You'll really want to read them!

We had a great breakfast, more of a champagne brunch really, served by Nancy's husband Don. Sue said we were should get swimming back. "Nonsense." Don said "I'll take you back in the boat. The four of us, Don and three naked women, climbed into the boat with another bottle of champagne and headed back across the lake.

When I sat down I saw water-skiing equipment. "Oh, I grew up water skiing." I said. "I'd love to try it now. Would that be too risky?" Don stopped the boat and looked at me, and the now empty champagne glass in my hand.

"I don't think it would be wise to ski naked through the middle of a bunch of families and fishermen, but I do have an idea." Don turned the boat around and headed back toward their house. Just before we got to their dock, he pulled the boat into a little channel.

We were on another arm of the lake, with a couple of islands, away from all the other lake houses. It was the perfect place to water ski naked. Don dug the skis out, dropped them in the water, and started hooking up the tow rope. I guess I made a funny face when he got out the life vest. "You really should wear this to water ski." he said. "But, I can tell from that look, Yvonne that you want to ski naked, right?"

"Yes!" I said. "But I really am a good skier and I won't try anything fancy. You're right, Don. I want to ski NAKED!" Don gave a little shrug and a nod so I gave Nancy the champagne glass, jumped in the water, and swam to the skis. I got the skis on and Don brought the boat around so I could reach the rope. Then we were off.

I quickly got up out of the water and shook my hair back. I'd forgotten how cold it can be, flying across the water when you're all wet. Add to that, that I had nothing at all to block the breeze, I got chilly! When I get chilly, my nipples get hard and they did. I took one hand off the rope handle and brushed my nipples gently. That made them even harder and my twat started getting warmer. I did a little squat and the spray hit my outer lips, hotter yet.

I signaled Don to slow the boat a little and spread my skis as far apart as I could. One hand held the tow rope handle while the other plunged into my pussy. I barely managed to keep my eyes open as I masturbated my way along the shore. We only saw one other boat during the fifteen minutes I was skiing. Two fishermen were casting toward the shore. They looked up and waved as Don drove the boat passed them. I'm not sure if they noticed Sue and Nancy naked in the boat, but they sure noticed me as I came zipping along naked. I managed to cum right after that. I signaled and dropped the rope as soon as the fishermen were out of sight.

By the time I got back to the boat, we were almost back to the cabin. "Let's return the way we left." Sue said, jumping into the water. Sue yelled, "Race ya'. Loser eats the winner." as she pushed off the boat. Sue knew I could swim but she didn't know I'd been on the swim team in high school. I covered the two hundred yards, beating her by almost a minute. I saw a tree stump just above the waterline surrounded by mud. I sat down to wait with an evil idea in mind.

When Sue staggered out of the water she collapsed on the grass. "Crawl over her and lick my pussy." I ordered. Sue cracked a wicked smile and started crawling through the mud to my perch. By the time she got to me her hands and feet were covered with mud up to the elbows and knees. "You're filthy!" I told her. "Don't touch me with those muddy hands. I just wish I had something to tie those hands behind you." I said in my best evil voice.

Sue looked up with a big smile. "Please wait here a moment, Mistress." she said and ran off into the trees. She returned in less than a minute with a six foot long piece of vine. "Will this do, Mistress? I had to chew it off with my teeth." I could see little pieces of bark and leaves at the corners of her mouth. Since she was playing along with this game I resumed the lead.

"Turn around! On your knees, slut. Put your hands behind you!" I commanded. Sue quickly responded and I tied her hands tightly and took one turn around her waist. I tied the end of the vine around her wrists and grabbed her hair. "Now get back over here and eat me until I scream." Sue scooted through the mud back to my seat and set to work. Using her whole face she rubbed every part of my sex. "That's a good little slut. Am I nice and wet? Lick everything up, slut." I held Sue's head steady while I humped her face until I did scream.

When I heard cheers I noticed that Don and Nancy were watching us from the boat. I waived and pushed Sue away so she landed on her side in the mud. "Do you think she deserves a reward?" I shouted to my audience. Both gave a thumbs-up sign so I lifted Sue by the vine around her waist until she was on her knees with her ass toward the water and her chest and face in the mud. I forced her knees apart until she was fully spread. After a sharp slap on the ass I started to play with her exposed cunt. I worked three fingers into her hole and used my thumb to tease her ass. With the other hand I rubbed her clit until she started to squirm, another sharp slap. "Hold still, slut!" I commanded as I rubbed faster.

I looked out at my audience but all I could see of Nancy was the top of her head moving back and forth over the edge of the boat. Don was enjoying the show a lot. I pulled a finger out of Sue's cunt and used it to circle her asshole. She gasped then relaxed a little and I plunged the finger deep in her ass. She moaned as I worked faster and faster on her clit. Her whole body began to quake and she collapsed face down into the mud. I rolled her over with my foot so she was lying on her back. Almost no skin showed through all the mud but she sure looked happy.

I waived at Don and Nancy (now visible but with cum on her chin) as I rinsed my feet and hands off in the lake. Don started the boat and they left as I turned to Sue. "Get up, slut. You're filthy. Follow me."

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