tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne's 4th of July Weekend Ch. 02

Yvonne's 4th of July Weekend Ch. 02


While the men worked we got cleaned and dried and combed our hair. Sue and I put on a little makeup but Judy declined. She said she liked her 'little girl' look and the lack of makeup helped. I found out that she had been a gymnast all her life. She did a few stretches that almost hurt to watch. Sue said that Judy could do every position in the Kama Sutra and a few that weren't. I asked if the gymnastics were responsible for her being able to take my whole hand. The two of them starting laughing and told me I'd find out how she learned that trick.

We had steak and all the fixings for supper on the deck with the girls naked and the men still in their golf clothes. I asked Bill why they went golfing leaving us all alone that morning. Bill confessed that they needed a little break to rest up for tonight. Paul said he had suggested a visit to Nancy's when he and Sue were talking last night; while Bill and I were screwing on the beach.

When Charlie announced dessert Judy stopped him. "First I'd like to show Yvonne something and make plans for tonight. Come here, Charlie." she said with an evil smile. She unzipped her husband's pants and pulled out the biggest dick I'd ever seen. Hell, it was the biggest dick I'd ever imagined. It was as big around as my wrist and the head was the size of my fist. Now I knew how she was able to take my whole hand.

After giving it a few strokes, Judy hopped onto the table and pulled Charlie between her legs. "Watch this." she said spreading her pussy and rubbing herself with that monster. Slowly Charlie slipped deeper and deeper into her as she gave a low moan. "Now feel." she told me placing my hand on her stomach. I could feel Charlie's dick sliding in and out through her lower belly. It felt like the bulge went all the way up to her navel.

"That's enough." she said, pushing Charlie away. "Now let's talk about tonight. We've got all kinds of combinations possible here, but I like odd numbers. How about I trade this" grabbing Charlie's monster dick "for those two?" pointing at Bill and Paul. Her idea was to head out to an island campsite with our two guys and leave Charlie for Sue and me. I was still staring at the giant cock she was holding and Paul was whispering something to Bill.

I guess the decision was up to Bill and me as the new folks. I knew I had to try some of Charlie's meat and whatever Paul whispered must have convinced Bill. We both nodded agreement and Judy gave a big smile. "Have you still got the camping stuff on the boat?" she asked Paul. He nodded and Judy said, "We've got the other equipment in the car. Let's go!" I had no idea what 'other equipment' she was talking about until Bill told me later. She told Charlie it wasn't fair for him to have his clothes when all she'd offered to trade was him. She took his pants, shirt, and shoes off and walked away with Bill and Paul following her, leaving a very naked and very excited Charlie with us.

I didn't find out what happened on the island until later. There was a quick hint when I saw a boat cross to an island with Judy tied to the bow. But I was really looking forward to sharing Charlie, or actually Charlie's cock, with Sue. Stroking his balls, Sue asked me what we should do with this toy tonight.

"Have you taken any of those boner pills?" Sue asked kissing the tip of Charlie's dick. When he said no, Sue smiled and said, "That's very good. They say if you get a hard-on that lasts over four hours with those pills, you need to see a doctor. Let's see if you can take four hours of erection with Nurse Sue and Nurse Yvonne." She grabbed a handful of penis, more than a handful actually, and led Charlie into the house with me following behind.

Sue led Charlie into the bigger bedroom and told him to lie down face up. She dug under the mattress and pulled out ropes from each corner. I guess you can see where this is going. In less than a minute, Charlie was spread eagled with his mega-dick hanging between his legs. "Let's see what happens to a four hour hard-on." Sue said as she reached over and started tickling that monster. "It's just after 6 o'clock now. You're not going to cum until after 10. Now let's have some fun with Charlie!"

My eyes got bigger and bigger as Charlie's dick did the same. "Come on in. The water's fine." Sue said as she pulled me onto the bed. I took hold of the veined monster with both hands barely able to close my fingers with plenty of flesh still showing. I was sure I'd never be able to get my mouth or my twat around this beast.

I won't even try to tell everything we did with Charlie or his magnificent member for the next four hours. I never did get the whole thing, or even the whole head, in my mouth. I was able to get about half of in my twat. Sue sat me on Charlie's mouth until I came twice then guided him in as I sat astride him.

Charlie did last the entire four hours. When it was time to finally let him cum Sue and I worked both sides of his cock with our mouths. Charlie couldn't see a clock but he knew it had turned dark outside. He must have sensed we weren't stopping. He started to buck and I thought he was going to break the ropes or the bed when he started to squirt. Let's just say he made a real mess on the ceiling and everywhere else.

Sue started untying our victim saying something about, "Yea, I'd say those four hour erections can be dangerous." she said as she loosed his last hand. In a flash, Charlie grabbed Sue and picked her up by the waist. He lifted her like a rag doll and held her over his still rigid penis. "Yes!" he said. "Somebody could get hurt." In one motion he slid Sue down over his dick and started pumping her up and down. After a few minutes of this, Sue was moaning with her eyes closed.

Suddenly Charlie lifted Sue off his dick and dropped her on the floor next to the bed. He stood over her, grabbed her by the hair, and shoved his dick in her mouth. He held on to Sue's hair and fucked her face for another minute. With a jerk he flooded Sue's mouth until she couldn't swallow any more. The last of his juice ran down her chin and onto her boobs.

With his dick still hard, Charlie turned to me. "It's your turn now." he said, picking me up off the bed. He carried me into the dining room and laid me out on the table. This put my snatch at the same level as his dick. Sue slid in next to me and started rubbing my pussy with the head of Charlie's cock. He took both my feet and spread my legs wider than I thought possible. Sue kept rubbing me with Charlie's member getting both of us hotter. As I got closer and closer to orgasm, Sue let the head of that monster dick linger longer at the opening to my vagina.

As I started to cum, Sue slipped Charlie's dick into me and started rubbing my clit. With every wave of my orgasm Charlie slipped deeper into me. When I caught my breath, Charlie was all the way in and starting to pump. Sue took my hand and put it on my lower belly. Now I could feel that monster slipping in and out of me. Charlie showed no sign of stopping so I started rubbing my clit with my free hand until I came again.

Apparently, Charlie still had some steam. He hoisted me off the table with his monster dick still deep inside me. He sat down on a chair with me impaled astride him. I started to lick and chew his nipples until he lifted up. Charlie raised me up until just the tip of his dick was in me. With no warning he dropped me on his member. I swear I could feel it in my chest. While he kept this up, Sue got behind me and started playing with my ass-hole. On one drop, Sue held her finger still and it slipped into me. Now I had a huge pecker in one hole and a finger in the other.

Charlie started to move me up and down in slower strokes while Sue's finger wiggled inside me. I finally realized that she was stroking the underside of his cock through my ass. He held me still in the perfect position for Sue to tickle the underside of his cockhead. After a minute or two of this, Charlie started to turn red and breathe hard. In one motion, he lifted me high in the air pulling me off his dick and Sue's finger. I sounded like a champagne cork popping. He dropped me between his knees with his cock in my face. It was a stretch, but I got the head and a couple of inches of him in my mouth. I licked and sucked as Charlie held his breath and filled my mouth with his third load in less than an hour. Those four hours of waiting to cum must have caused a back-up!

While Charlie recovered Sue and I cleaned up. She told me that Charlie and Paul had done the same thing to her, tying he up and not letting her come for a long time, a few years ago. She told me Judy's favorite game was being tied and forced to cum as many times as possible. That was my next hint of what was happening in the island that night. That girl is WILD!

Charlie was spent and we girls were both a little sore from the fucking we'd gotten. Sue stuck a tape in the video machine. It was a home video of Judy being screwed by several guys and her eating out an equal number of women. "That was Judy's last birthday party." Charlie told us. "Too bad you and Paul couldn't make it, Sue." I must have fallen asleep during the movie. I woke up as Charlie carried me to bed with Sue following behind us turning off lights.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up to find Sue on top of Charlie humping away. I tried the finger-up-her-ass-while fucking trick Sue had done to me earlier. It was unreal! I could feel him sliding in and out and the outline of the head of his dick. Sue stopped with Charlie about one third of the way in. I did just what Sue did and tickled his head through her ass. In less than a minute, Charlie dumped his last load of the night deep inside Sue. I pulled out, rolled over, and fell fast asleep.

On Sunday morning, almost Sunday afternoon, I woke up alone and wandered into the living room. Sue was pouring coffee as Bill and Paul came in carrying Judy who looked more than half dead. "Did you guys have fun?" Sue asked. They both groaned what sounded like assent. "Did you have fun, Judy?" She just smiled as Paul dumped her on the couch.

"Breakfast is ready" Charlie announced. I looked up to find him carrying a tray and wearing nothing but a long chief's apron. I couldn't help laughing. "It's not safe cooking bacon naked!" he protested. When Charlie put the tray on the table he spotted Judy in a pile on the couch. "I think I'll leave breakfast for you folks and take her home. She's going to need some rest if we're going out tonight." He scooped Judy up like a rag doll and took her out to their car.

After a big breakfast (damn these men can cook) Bill and Paul fell fast asleep in the living room. Sue and I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. I found out even simple things like washing dishes can be fun if you're naked. Since the guys were still asleep, Sue and I went back to bed for a little nap and a little fun. Almost three hours later I woke up feeling fingers in my snatch. It was Bill checking to see if Charlie had ruined me. I squeezed his fingers and told him I thought everything was still working.

"Let's go for a swim. I'll tell you what happened last night with Judy." When I rolled out of bed, not disturbing Sue, I saw that Bill was as naked as me. We walked through the living room where Paul was still fast asleep. We walked down to the lake, took a leisurely swim while Bill and I told each other about our nights. (I've GOT to get Judy to write that story!) We went back to the cabin and had a slow easy fuck on the deck.

Just as we finished, Sue came walking out. She gave us both a big kiss and a little lick (you can guess where). She sent Bill in to wake Paul up and asked him if I was ready for tonight. "What are we doing tonight?" I asked.

"Dinner and a show, if you're up for it." she answered. I couldn't imagine where we could go for dinner or a show naked. Sue explained, "A local bar and grill has a special party every week during the summer. The local laws prohibit selling booze on Sunday. Since they can't sell drinks, the liquor laws are out the window; they have an amateur strip show. If you're willing, we're going to have a great meal and enter the contest."

My head started to spin. I'd been naked for two days now. I'd been seen by a construction crew, a bus full of baseball players, and the fishermen on the lake. I'd met four people while I was naked: Charlie, Judy, Nancy and her husband Don. I'd only seen Nancy wearing clothes for a few seconds, and I'd never seen Judy wearing anything. The idea of a bar full of people seeing me, and dancing naked on stage it sounded like, was almost too much to take in.

"Judy and I did a cat fight on stage one night." Sue continued. "We ripped each other's clothes off and finished in just our shoes. Paul talked to Bob, the owner, to see if contestants can arrive pre-stripped. He had no problem with naked girls. Just come in the back door. But he said the guys had to keep their pants zipped. Come on, I think you're ready for this kind of adventure. It'll be fun!"

"Let's do it!" I said. It was almost 5:00 o'clock now. The bar opened at 6:00 serving dinner and the contest would start at 8:00 sharp. Sue and I showered together, no real sex but PLENTY of grab-assing. We did our hair up as fancy as we could without hairpins and clips. We were both going total nudity. We did wear more make-up than usual and in places I don't usually wear make-up. I'll leave that to your imagination.

A few minutes after 6:00 the four of us piled into the van and headed toward town. We pulled up to a house behind a restaurant, "Charlie's Kitchen". Charlie and Judy ran out to meet us. Judy was still naked, of course. Somehow her hair and make-up job made her look even younger. I later learned that the first time she tried to enter the strip contest, they didn't believe she was old enough. She had to send Charley home to get her driver's license.

We drove all the way through town right past the bar (Sorry, but I can't name the bar, the town, or even the state. And, names have been changed to protect the guilty.). "Where the hell are we going?" Charlie asked. "I want to eat before the show. I've done more cooking than fucking all weekend."

"Oh, quit whining." Paul told him. "You'll get fed. We have a reservation. Table for eight. We just have to pick up one more contestant, your sister." We drove around the lake to pick up Nancy and her husband Don. As we pulled into their driveway I couldn't believe I'd been there for a naked brunch a little more than 24 hours earlier. It seemed like a lifetime ago.

Paul beeped the horn and Don came out. "Nancy just found some special hair thing she just HAD to wear tonight." he told us. "I think she just wants have us wait so she can make her grand entrance." And grand it was!

I barely described Nancy earlier. She's 38 years old, a little over six feet tall, and 150 pounds. (Sorry, I can't do the metric conversions. Let's just say she's a tall girl with the perfect weight for her height.) She has an angular dancer's build with wide hips, perky C-Cup breasts, and long shapely legs. Her hair is a beautiful shade of red, all natural, proven by her lush pubic hair the same color.

Nancy opened the door, stepped, out, and did a runway twirl as she closed the door behind her. She strutted (there's no other word for it) down the stairs and to the side of the van. Bill jumped out of the van, introduced himself, and helped Nancy into the van, never taking his eyes off of her. The four captain's chairs were taken by the guys. We three girls were filling the back bench seat/bed. Nancy looked at Judy and asked if she minded lap riding.

I don't know if you can appreciate the mental picture of four naked women on this seat. Naked Nancy (over 6 feet tall) with naked Judy (4' 9") in her lap, we were quite a sight! Nancy gave Sue and me a hug, no kisses so we wouldn't smear our make-up. When she turned toward Sue, I saw a rustic looking clip holding Nancy's hair back. When I asked about the clip (a circle of vine with a simple stick through it) Sue squealed. "Is that the one we made for you, way back when?"

Nancy said it was and told me more of the story about her first meeting with Sue. I've got Sue working on that story. I think it will be titled something like "Island Fun". The hair clip hooks in with how I tied Sue up in the mud. I'll help Sue write that story up as soon as I get done with this one.

As we drove back to the bar, I noticed Nancy had one hand on Judy's tits with the other hand stroking her pussy. "I just love this little lady!" Nancy said as her sister-in-law (What a family!) started to get glassy eyed. As we pulled in behind the bar to park, Nancy pulled her fingers out of Judy and licked her juices off them. "You taste ready for our act tonight. Let's go!"

We all piled out of the van. Paul locked the doors and we headed for the back entrance. Nancy and I complained about the gravel parking lot being hard on our tender feet. "You need to spend more time barefoot." Charlie said as he swept the two of us up, one in each arm. We each had an arm over one of his shoulders and one of his arms around our waist. He also had two hands full of pussy.

When he deposited us at the entrance, with Sue and Judy (tougher feet) behind us, Paul found the door was locked. "I know Bob is expecting us. He said to use the back door. Let's go around front." All four guys took off around the building leaving us girls alone. I was just starting to get nervous (Time seems to slow down when you're naked.) when the door opened.

Bob, the owner, stepped out and started hugging Nancy, Judy, and Sue. When he finally noticed me he asked, "Who is this fine example of God's handiwork?" Sue introduced me as Bob looked me up and down. "Are you going to get as wild as these babes?" Sue told him this was one of my first public displays but I was showing promise. "I heard about some naked cutie on water skis. She almost gave two old farts heart attacks yesterday. Was that you, by chance?" I blushed and admitted I was the guilty party and Bob just laughed.

Bob waived us in the back door, closing it behind us. We walked down a long hallway with Judy in the lead, almost skipping with excitement. Sue and I were a few steps behind her with Nancy behind us, talking to Bob. As we got close to the door at the end of the hall, I could hear plenty of happy noise: voices, laughter, plates and glasses clanking. Less than a second after Judy went through the door, part of the noise, the laughter and voices stopped. When Sue and I walked into the bar, the remaining noise dropped to total silence. Everybody (about 150 people) was staring at the three naked women. A moment later Sue walked in, somebody dropped a tray full of dirty dishes, and the bar erupted into cheers and applause. We were a hit!

We found our guys already seated at a big table, right in the middle of the room. They had already ordered drinks and were anxious to hit the buffet line: All You Can Eat, Down-Home Ribs. The food was great and standing in the serving line naked was a real thrill! I learned that naked is the best way to eat ribs. I did have to wash up and redo my make-up before the show.

I won't go into great detail about the strip-show/contest. That would be another 3 or 4 pages. I'll just hit the highlights. There were five girls entered (all out-of-town summer tourists) and the four of us. Each act would have one song to show their best.

The first girl was a short blonde. She seemed very nervous and awkward. As soon as the music finished she grabbed her clothes and ran to the bathroom. The second girl, Anne I later learned, was a luscious brunette. She pulled off her sundress, the only thing she was wearing other than sandals, the minute she got onstage. Bob actually had to stop the music and kill the lights when Anne started to openly masturbate on stage. She cleaned up her act a little bit but she left her dress by the stage and returned to her seat naked. I noticed her diddling herself discreetly at her table later.

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