tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne's Sexy Dinner Ch. 01

Yvonne's Sexy Dinner Ch. 01


Hi folks, my name is Yvonne. I'm 25, 5 feet 3 inches, 115 pounds, brown hair, a nice face and figure, and I guess I must be an exhibitionist.

I was just trying to surprise my boyfriend Bill and it turned out to be the most interesting nights of my life. Bill works for a restaurant supply company and is a real gourmet cook. He asked me to come over one night to try out a new recipe. Bill said something about a quiet candlelight dinner. I asked him if this was a "dress-up" dinner and he said that was a great idea. Bill said to wear something sexy and to be there for drinks at 7:00. Dinner would be served at 8:00.

Well, the "candlelight" and "something sexy" gave me an idea! I picked out a VERY revealing outfit; nothing but high heels, stockings, garter belt, and jewelry; topped of with a knee length coat. I showed up at 7:00 sharp. Bill let me in and took my coat. When Bill got my coat off, all he could do was gasp and mutter "Oh my God, Oh my God." I asked him if he liked what I'd worn for his dinner. All Bill could do was the "Oh my God" routine again so I snuggled up and stroked his crotch. He had no hard-on and was chanting the "Oh my God" faster and faster. He was reacting all right, but not the way I had expected. Something was very wrong!

I found out what when the doorbell rang. "Oh my God! That's my boss and his wife. Get in the bedroom. Find something to wear. I'll make up some story." Bill got all that out in one breath as I dashed to the bedroom. I could hear the front door open and voices as I looked for a shirt or something to put on. There was a conversation going on but I couldn't understand any of it. It sounded like Bill was talking faster and faster and coming toward the bedroom.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and there stood Sue, the boss's wife, a stunning thirty-something redhead, asking me if I was OK. "Bill said you spilled on your dress. Are you OK?" she said looking around. I just stand there and nodded. Sue asked for my dress to clean the stain. Now I was really sunk. She asked where my dress was, looked at me, smiled, and asked if Bill had told me that they were coming for dinner. All I could do now was shake my head. "This looks like something I did to Paul when we were dating. Let me guess. You came over here wearing that coat Bill was holding and not much else, right? You were ready for an evening with just the two of you and not expecting company, right?" Again, all could do was nod.

Sue gave me a quick hug and told me not to worry. She stepped out of the bedroom leaving the door part way open. Now I could hear. She asked her husband Paul if he remembered the first night he made lobster for her. Paul answered, "No I don't think.... Oh my God!" There certainly was a lot of that going around tonight.

" Bill didn't tell Yvonne that we were coming and she had the same kind of surprise for him tonight. Bill, don't worry." she said, "I'll fix everything." Sue and Paul both laughed and Sue ducked back into the bedroom. She told me to sit down on the bed; she would explain and help me out. With no other ideas in mind, I sat and listened.

Sue told me that she had pulled the same trick, wearing a just a coat and jewelry, on Paul about ten years ago. "I haven't done that in a while" she said, "but I still have a spirit of adventure." She lifted the hem of her cocktail dress to reveal green stockings and matching garter belt framing a beautiful red haired pussy. No panties! "Now if one naked lady for dinner is a problem, two should be perfect. Get my zipper." She turned around and motioned toward the back of her dress.

I reached up and started the zipper for her. Sue took her dress and bra off and laid them on the bed. "Well, do I look ready for a sexy dinner party?" she asked. Her tits were a little bigger than mine and her hips a little wider. I finally found my voice and told her she looked magnificent. Sue pulled me over to the mirror and we admired each other and ourselves for a moment. "I think we both look great!" Sue said. She gave me another hug with our boobs crushed together. "Let's go knock their eyes out." Sue grabbed my hand and led me out to the living room.

Bill and Paul had their backs turned pouring drinks. It sounded like Paul was getting a good laugh out of the situation. Sue gave a little cough to get their attention. They turned around and damn near dropped their drinks when they saw us. And guess what they both said. You got it, "Oh my God!!!"

Sue walked over to Bill and said, "Now that the problems of the evening are solved, I'd like to thank the host for inviting us. Paul, you should thank the hostess." She gave Bill the biggest kiss I've ever seen and guided his free hand down to her ass. Paul and I looked at each other, shrugged, and did the same. I must say, Paul was a great kisser and his hand felt great on my bare ass.

Sue took the drinks the guys had just fixed and handed one to me. "Now why don't you men finish fixing dinner while we girls get better acquainted?" Bill and Paul headed for the kitchen and Sue led me to the couch. "Wasn't the look on their faces great?" She asked. "Yes, it was something." I said, starting to giggle. I was starting to get over the embarrassment and finally enjoying the whole situation.

"Well," Sue asked, "what would you be doing right now if we hadn't shown up?" I told her I wasn't sure. I hadn't planned ahead that far. "I know." she agreed, "When I did this, I told Paul no fucking or sucking until after dinner. I sent him out to the kitchen then; I enjoyed a drink and had a good time playing with my pussy." She threw one leg over the arm of the couch and started fingering herself. I could only stare at her pussy. "Come on join in the fun." she told me. Slowly, like in a dream, I felt my hand wander down towards my crotch.

Just then the guys came back from the kitchen. I quickly pulled my hand away but Sue kept right on rubbing her twat. I was starting to wonder how wild this woman was. Bill just stood there and stared at Sue's naked cunt as her fingers moved faster and her breathing started to get heavier. "How does it taste tonight, dear?" asked Paul.

"See for yourself." Sue said. She raised her other leg and held herself open with both hands. Paul reached down and slid two fingers all the way into her cooze and massaged her clit with his thumb. He pulled his hand away and stuck his fingers in his mouth. "Oh my, that's sweet, dear. Try a finger or two, Bill."

Bill just stood there until Sue pulled his hand to her crotch and held it there rubbing it on herself until she came. "Now taste it, Bill." she said. Bill looked more than a little embarrassed as he started to lick his fingers. "Wow, that is sweet." Bill said, "It tastes different from yours, Yvonne."

"I love different flavors." Sue said, "Let me try a little taste." Sue reached over and started sliding her hand up my thigh. When she touched my cunt she said, "Oh, you aren't even damp yet. Let me fix that for you." She slid off the couch and knelt between my legs forcing them open. First Sue fingered my lips and clit then she opened me up all the way and slid her tongue along my slit.

I didn't know how to react. I'd never been eaten by a woman or in front of an audience before. It felt too good to make her stop. Paul sensed my embarrassment and told me, "Sue is a major exhibitionist. You may as well enjoy it. She loves to put on a show." Since I didn't know what else to do I laid back and began to enjoy. Sue certainly was a good cunt lapper. With one hand she held me wide open while the other hand teased my fuck hole and my ass.

Her tongue felt like velvet fire as she circled my clit then plunged deep in my cunt. When I came it felt like the top of my head was exploding. I looked down and Sue's face was covered with my juices. "You do taste good," she said, "almost spicy. Come here, Paul." She stood up and gave her husband a long wet kiss letting him taste me on her mouth.

"You should try a first hand taste, Paul." Sue said, "as long as Bill wants a first hand taste of mine. But, first a rule, you guys don't get any satisfaction until after we've eaten, dinner that is." Bill and I just stared at each other not knowing how to react.

Sue solved our dilemma by grabbing Bill by the arm and leading him over to the couch. She told him to sit on the floor, plopped down with her legs spread, and pulled Bill's face into her cunt. Paul was a real gentleman. He took my hand and said, "May I, Yvonne?" as he knelt down between my legs. Paul was another great licker and I started getting hotter and wetter. Bill was working away on Sue's cunt on the other end of the couch.

After her first orgasm, Sue shifted over toward me and began to lick and fondle my tits. She pushed my hand down to her tits and pulled my face down to kiss her. Her boobs were firm and her lips and tongue were hot! Very quickly I started to build to a major climax. Suddenly Sue pulled away from me. She pushed Bill away from her cunt and pulled Paul away from mine. "Finish yourself off." she told me, "We'll watch."

I had never been so embarrassed or so excited in my entire life. I spread my legs as far apart as I could and opened my pussy wide. Sue kept telling me exactly what to do. "Stick your fingers in. Play with your tits." She had me licking my juices off my fingers and generally acting like a real slut. I came like I never had in my life and my audience applauded.

The excitement had overcome the embarrassment and I was hot! Telling Sue to sit back and spread, I slid off the couch and got between her legs. Her pussy juice was sweet! My ass was waiving in the air as I licked Sue's cunt. She told Paul to finger me and sent Bill back to the kitchen to get the food on the table. After we both came we had a three-way kiss sharing all the pussy juice just as Bill announced dinner.

After we ate, Sue and I stripped the men of their clothes and went wild. At times that night I had one cock in my pussy and another in my mouth. My favorite combination was with Sue on top of me in a 69 position while Bill fucked her twat. Every few strokes Bill would pull his rod out of Sue and stick it in my mouth. What a serving of sweet cunt juice. Bill finally emptied his load deep inside Sue then I got to clean her out.

I thought I'd seen and done it all that night, until it was time for Paul and Sue to leave. Then I wound up even more excited. But I'll have to save that for my next story.

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