tagBDSMZ and A: Ch. 01

Z and A: Ch. 01




A: Mid 20's male with short, wheat colored hair that's perfectly spiked, shaped like small nails, average height but with wide shoulders; he's been practicing martial arts since he was ten and has the physique to prove it. His eyes and personality are what intrigue people when they first meet him; a deep chocolate brown that you can definitely get lost in, and the type of person that you feel like you've known for ages after the first minute of conversation.

Z: Mid 20's female with short cropped black hair; her haircut fits her face perfectly. Olive skin that looks perfect year round without a blemish. She wears very little makeup because it's not necessary; her lips are full and her eyes always have a smirk, ready to get into some sort of trouble. Her figure is pristine - full bodied but not overweight. Some would say the figure of a young Anna Nicole, but with a personality that's completely opposite.



The story takes place in the current day, and is about how the relationship between these two develops into something that both intrigues and provides a spark to the average couple's imagination. For those of you looking for a 'quickie' or a story involving anal, scat, or other type fetishes regarding bodily functions, look elsewhere. The rest of you, stick around... things are about to get interesting.

Chapter 1


The red comforter stretched over Z's figure looks as if it is drenched in blood. It rises and falls at each breath, proving that she's alive. The sun's rays start to shine through the double patio doors that were left open overnight complete with dew around their frames. The world is silent at quarter after five as the comforter starts to magically unravel itself.

Z turns to face the stream of light, drawing the comforter closer to her bare skin intrigued of why she's still awake. As soon as the thought crosses her mind, she realizes why... "On your knees!" She draws the comforter closer to her naked skin, raising the lower half of her body up towards her chest. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?!" Her mind fills with the reality of the night before. The memories flow through her mind like the falls of Niagara as she closes her eyes tighter, bringing her clenched fists filled with the comforter towards her chest.

Z had spent the day before living out one of her deepest and most sacred fantasies; being under the complete control of someone else. It wasn't an easy decision, but one that she had dreamt about making with the right person for as long as she could remember. Being someone's subordinate and slave was the most erotic role she could have ever imagined fulfilling. Most people would cringe and fear of the notion of being ordered by someone else to do all the daily normal activities, but she was meant for it.

Lying under the covers, in the fetal position cradled by her bed, Z starts to lose herself in the memories of the day before...

It's eight in the morning and he had ordered her to be there fifteen minutes ago. "I wonder if he'll punish me for being late." Z thought to herself, as she glanced over her own reflection in the Volvo's glossy paint. She wasn't sure what he wanted her to wear for this first occasion, but knowing the potential of what could happen she prepared for the 'best'.

A low cut v-neck flat black blouse that certainly showed more cleavage than she would almost ever show. It definitely was a size or two smaller than her normal, but was comfortable enough without being obnoxious. She had found the blouse in the back of her closet, and decided to put something on that she wasn't used to. Underneath, her luscious breasts were encased in a black lace bra that she had bought from VS a few nights ago. The cream Capri pants fit flawlessly over the black high cut thong that barely covered her groomed womanhood. She definitely looked sluttier than she felt comfortable with, but for some reason, it didn't bother her all that much knowing who she was going to be meeting. Her immaculate feet were perfectly placed in a pair of sand colored sandals to show off the luxurious care given to them.

As she walked towards the front door, her heart began to race. "What the hell am I doing? Do I really want to do this?" Knowing exactly what she was in for, Z was starting to second guess her chance to fulfill her fantasy. The front yard was exquisitely groomed lined with exotic plants and flowers. As each step brought her closer to the solid mahogany doors, she felt herself becoming more and more aroused...

"I'm so nervous but so relaxed at the same time. I wonder if he'll like how I'm dressed" knowing full well how A liked how Z dressed in the past, and how much this wavered from it. It had been a while since they last saw each other, and from talking to him on the phone, he definitely seemed quite different.

Finally, Z reaches the front four steps; she takes each step of cold granite carefully as to not trip or hurt herself in any way. She wanted to look perfect for him, and as her hand reached for the handle on the door, she felt her body tingle.

The sound of the solid gold against the wood was ominous. There was no turning back...

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