tagNonHumanZach and Jake. Night 01.

Zach and Jake. Night 01.




This is my first attempt to write something like this.

So I apologise for the probably low quality, lack of plot etc. Oh, and I'm English, so keep that in mind. There'll be things like age of consent in the UK is 16, rather than the 21 in much of America, and football is soccer, that sort of thing.

Any feedback would be appreciated.




Deep in the woods, despite the lack of cloud cover the night's air was warm, at least for mid-June in England. Zack was sitting by his tent, taking in the scenery under a star-lit sky, and bright full moon. Of course, he hadn't had anything to do since nightfall, it was too dark for him to read, and being unsure as to how long he was staying out here he didn't want to risk the batteries on his phone, in case he needed that later.

He didn't want to return home so soon, after all he was out here alone to prove he was capable of self-sustaining, he was 19 and everybody still treated him like a kid.

With nothing else to do even though it was quite early he decided to turn in for the night. Crawling into his one man pup tent, and lying on the sleeping bag, and air mattress he found himself uncomfortably warm, so stripped of his shoes, shorts and t-shirt, now just in his boxer-briefs, he gradually drifted into a light slumber.

Rising from his dreamless sleep at a slight noise, Zach looked around, blinking rapidly to clear his eyes. He saw a hulking form silhouetted against the side of his tent by the moon, before he could react he heard a tearing sound, as something clawed its way into the tent, a screech as it cut through the aluminium supports, and felt a wave of cold air as something lunged into the tent. It grabbed him by the shoulders, span and threw him across the clearing.

He landed hard on his back fifteen feet away. Pushing himself up onto his elbows, and digging his heels into the ground to push himself away, he froze as he looked up at his attacker.

In front of the shredded remains of his tent stood a humanoid form, standing fully upright, at over seven foot, facing away from him. It had a thick coat of grey-brown fur, shaggy long and dark around the neck, and shoulders, wrapped heavily in muscles, well defined like a body builder, as it turned to face him, Zach noticed the tail, running out the end of its spine, also with shaggy fur, it had feathering on its forearms. Its head was canine, like a wolf with a long snout protruding pointed ears, and dark yellow-brown eyes that almost glowed in the moonlight. Staring back at him he realised what it was. The werewolf, it cocked its head slightly, then suddenly moved.

*The Wolf*

Turning to face whoever he'd just found. Appraising his victim the wolf was surprised to see that before him sprawled in the grass was a nearly naked young man staring at him in horror. He looked to be just shy of six foot, reasonably muscled, good for meat, but lacking great definition so probably not overworked, nice and tender, lacking in body fat, ultimately a healthy guy. His short black hair was mostly upright, if a bit bedraggled. He had light stubble on his face, but still pale and soft, the dark green eyes that stared back at him seemed to be assessing him, probably working on a way to try to escape.

It was certainly a better find than the elderly bird watchers he usually found. He'd make a good little meal, or perhaps... Something else for this one.


Closing the gap between then in two quick strides, the wolf dropped down onto Zach, each of its knees landing to the side of Zach's feet, its large hands landing on Zach's forearms pinning him to the ground.

Lunging for his throat Zach stifled a scream, expecting it to finish him with a quick bite. Instead the creature just sniffed him, then licked his neck and pulled back. Slightly confused he looked over his attacker again, its large neck covered in a long mane of fur, shorter fur over its large pectoral muscles, huge deltoids making its wide shoulders even more massive, heavily built arms nearly three times the size of his own, well defined abs, strong thighs. There was no way he could get away from this thing; even if he could get up he couldn't outrun it. As his eyes continues searching, they locked onto it crotch, eyes widening in surprise, (which in itself was surprising, considering what was happening) the things balls were enormous, each of the ovoid testes looked to be nearly the length of a tennis ball suspended in their fleshy sack. Its penis was massive too, even in its current state; it was at least seven inches. Hearing a light chuckle he realised he'd been staring; looking up he locked eyes with the wolf.

"Like what you see?" it growled at him.

Before he could think of a response, the thing shifted its weight onto his left hand, dropping from his fingertips, its palm crushing Zach's right arm into the ground. It raised its right arm stroking Zach's left, looking down again; he saw its hand moving across his chest, razor sharp claws tracing white lines on his skin. What was it doing? When it reached his right shoulder, it circled his pectoral muscle, running down his stomach, tracing his faintly-defined abs. As its fingers ran over his underwear, Zach realised his cock was starting to stiffen, here he was moments ago he'd thought he was seconds away from death, and he was actually aroused?

The wolf's fingers returned to his waistband, its fingertips sliding underneath and started tugging lightly. Realising his left arm was now free he tried to swat its hand away, but the furred arm barely moved under his strike. It hooked it's long fingers through the boxer-briefs, sliding the back of his hand over Zach's genitals till it's claws came out the leg holes, then curling its hands, and pulling back it cut his last coverings off leaving him fully exposed, and embarrassed by his semi-erect penis rising to match the wolfs seven inches.

Looking over the wolf again, he could see its member was stirring too; it once again dwarfed his own, already over ten inches long, and two wide.

Zach now fully understanding what the wolf had in mind was slightly confused. He'd never considered himself gay before, but this then kind of thing had never happened to him before, an obviously sexual confrontation that is, although the werewolf thing was new too.

While he was thinking about this, it slid its right hand under his lower back, grabbing the right side of Zach's waist; it leant back slightly and took a hold of Zach's left armpit with its left hand. With a quick motion it flipped him over, and suspended him about a foot and a half from the ground. Not wanting to be dropped on his face, Zach quickly dropped his hands and knees to the ground to take his weight.

The wolfs left hand came down beside Zach's shoulder, and its head beside his. "Play nice, and maybe you'll enjoy this, fight it and..." The beasts muzzle disappeared from his peripheral, then Zach felt a dozen razor-sharp teeth press against the sides of his neck.

Its head reappeared beside his, and it whispered "what's your name boy?"

"Zer-Zach" he stammered.

"Hi Zach, I'm Jake, a pleasure to meet you."

As he said this, the wolf -- Jake -- lowered itself onto Zach's back, its firm pecs on his shoulder blades, its torso longer than his own; his buttocks were pressed against its lower stomach. Knowing exactly what was about to happen to him and looking across the ground below him, he could see its legs kneeling like him but behind his own, set slightly wider, it's large balls shadowing his own, briefly seeing it's large dick hanging down, its head looked nearly 3 inches wide now the shaft slightly less, before the monsters right hand disappeared behind Zach's ass, the organ disappearing from sight. He felt it rubbing against his ass, the heat of the thing surprising him.

Suddenly the wolf arched its back, pulling its stomach away from Zach, and driving its cock into his ass. He felt pressure building up as it forced its way into the valley of his buttocks, its nearly three-inch swollen pointed head pressing against his tight hole; there was a nearly audible pop as it burst into him. The first few inches of its dick drove into his ass, and then he felt his sphincter closing onto the narrower shaft. The wolf slowed its advance, carefully sliding the remaining nine inches of its foot long member into Zach over the next minute or so, feeling its furry scrotum rubbing against his thighs, then resting against his own, and it's furred crotch pressing against his buttocks Zack now had the whole thing inside of him, it slid forward its stomach against his back again, and its pecs now resting over Zach's shoulders, and it's neck against the back of his head. His ass stretched wide open, but being young, he was pliable and after the wolf waited another minute seemingly enjoying the sensation, and much to his surprise he felt little pain.

Its right hand came to rest on his ass again, it simultaneously pushed him forwards, and pulled its own groin back, sliding across his spine, until Zach could feel the head of Jakes dick pulling on his sphincter, it slammed its waist forward this time on one clean quick movement, its balls slapping into his, its pelvis into his buttocks, and its stomach arching away from the base of his spine again.

Jake kept this up for a few minutes, and Zach couldn't help but get excited. Its clawed fingertips glanced the base of his how fully erect cock, it paused nearly fully withdrawn, and ran its hands over the full length of Zach's 7 inches, but feeling empty Zach found himself pushing his ass back into the wolfs groin, getting most of it back inside him.

Hearing Jake chuckle, and feeling him pulling away from his back, Zach looked around. As he did this the wolf reached around his torso holding him up, and lifted his leg rotating Zach on his cock, so they were now face to face, the wolf kneeling sitting on his heels with his legs slightly spread, Zach's legs now on either side of the wolfs torso, his balls resting on top of the wolfs cock, pressed between his own groin and the wolfs crotch, his erect dick in line with the wolfs downturned head.

Displaying remarkable flexibility, the wolf dropped his head, licking from the base of his own cock, across Zach's balls, along the length of his shaft, and massaging the tip of his penis with his strong tongue. Lapping pre-cum from the tip of his penis, the wolf dove forwards again, swallowing the whole thing. It's moist nose pressing into his groin, it's tongue pinning Zach's cock to the roof of its mouth, rolling and massaging it, the wolfs teeth skimming the sides of his cock as its head bobbed slight, the tip of its tongue occasionally flicking over his balls.

Taking a hold of Zach's waist, Jake began pushing and pulling Zach along the length of his cock. He could feel the monstrous member throbbing in his ass, with the wolf's heartbeat twice a second.

Within a minute of the wolf beginning to work on his cock, the combined sensations of the mouth on his own dick, and the wolfs dick in his ass left Zach trembling in anticipation, the wolf too began pumping his hips into the boy with greater ferocity. Near simultaneously, Zach's hands latched onto the wolf-head, smashing its muzzle into his crotch, his legs tightening around the wolfs waist as it tightened its grip on his hips and drove its own hips forward with greater force, Forcer itself deeper into him. The wolfs dick grew nearly an extra inch, and widened from two and a half to nearly 3 inches, it's back arched, and convulsed as it began pumping it's seed into his bowels each pulse driving more of the fluid into him, after two massive loads Zach's cock bulged, and sprayed his own cum into the wolfs mouth in four spurts synchronous with the wolfs, pleasure ripping through his system causing him to spasm on the huge member, his own balls were all but empty the wolfs tongue and throat working to get the last little trickle, however the wolf wasn't yet spent. After nearly 20 gradually reducing loads, the wolf was finally done, its seed seeping out around its huge cock plugging his tight hole. There had to be nearly half a pint of the stuff in him, his own full load only equalling to the wolf's first spurt.

Zach lay panting in front of the wolf, it leant forwards sticking its tongue into his open mouth in a strange kiss; Zach could taste his own sperm on it, despite its sour notes he liked the taste, and couldn't help but wonder what the wolf's was like.

Feeling the wolfs dick slackening slightly inside him, Jake pulled his full length out of Zach's ass, breaking his legs grip around his waist, a slight pop as its head can through his sphincter, soaked in its own cum, and followed by a wave of the stuff before his ass could close. The wolf carefully lowered him onto the ground

As Zach drifted off into a heavy sleep he saw the wolf loping away into the tree-line, he couldn't help but think he could see its tail wagging slightly.


Jogging away in long easy strides, probably travelling faster than the boy could sprint if he was even conscious; Jake left the campsite, clearing, and Zach. Coming to a stop and squatting next to a tree Jake went to work licking his own cum of his still semi-erect cock. Wrapping his tongue around the base, pushing it under his furred sheath, he massaged the full length tasting his own sweet seed, and feeling his own cock swelling in his mouth, he couldn't resist plunging it down his own throat.

Deep-throating himself was harder than the boy, flexibility wasn't an issue but by the time he could feel his moist nose pressed against his own ball sack the head of his penis was resting in his throat, making a perceptible bulge at the top of his neck. Massaging his own meat with his tongue, and feeling the muscles of his throat squeezing his head as he swallowed, it barely took him three minutes to cum again. Even though less than 10 minutes had passed since he'd emptied himself into the boy, he still had to swallow rapidly to keep the half-pint of cum from exploding out of his mouth.

Continuing to rest like this for another 5 minutes enjoying physical sensation as well as the taste of his seed and his cock, ensuring he was completely clean of his own cum, he raised his head, letting his cock, now back to its seven inch resting state, fall to slap into, and sway with his balls as he strolled away, calmly massaging his groin, ass and thighs with his hands.

A few hours later and still hungry, his hunt having turned into something else, Jake lay floating half-submerged on the surface of a small lake in another clearing several miles away, still in his hybrid-wolf form. As the first of the sun's rays appeared over the tree-line, he reverted to his human self. His long grey-brown fur receding into his body, fading and thinning, the immense bulk of muscle granted by his lycanthropy rapidly diminishing to that of a well-built young man, in his early twenties, not exactly scrawny, but possessing leaner muscle of a runner, or football player, rather than the bulk of a rugby player or professional body builder he'd possessed moments ago. At the same time his tail receded into his spine, his entire skeleton shortened from over seven foot, to six, and restructured to be entirely human, his claws melted into nails, fangs into teeth, and his eyes from a faintly luminous dark yellow, into a pale greyish-blue. Drifting to the bank, he pulled himself out of the water, and retrieved his clothes from a plastic bag suspended in a nearby tree.

Pulling a pair of jeans over his still massive six inch cock, and bollocks now only slight larger than golf balls and a t-shirt over his well-built and toned chest he loped off into the brush heading home to find some food, and get some rest.


Rising from his heavy slumber, and looking around, Zach was lying in the grass, several yards from the shredded tent, stark naked. The sun was hanging high in the cloudless sky, the air warm and still. He recovered his shredded boxer-briefs from the ground next to him, and stumbled over to the remains of his tent to find more clothes. Better to be decent if some hikers or campers were to stumble across him, although he couldn't think how he'd go about explaining the condition of his camp site.

Contemplating the events of the night before left him feeling conflicted. He was still on a high from the pleasure, but confused over the actions of the beast, had he come seeking what he got, or did he have other intentions? He said his name was "Jake", but what else did it say? That he was food? Would he come back? And if he did would it be for more fun or for food?

Donning a pair of loose-fitting cargo shorts, t-shirt and sandals, not wanting to get mud in his shoes, he began work trying to reassemble his tent wondering if he should escape, or wait for the moon to come again, and the wolf with it.

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