tagMind ControlZach Scores Twice on Naked Day

Zach Scores Twice on Naked Day


Zach goes to a beach on Naked Day and scores an older woman and a young college girl.

WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including anal. If that is not what you are looking for don't read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old.


A while back I had a brain injury from a bicycle accident that left me in a coma. When I awoke I discovered that I had an ESP mind control ability that worked only with females. This is an encounter with an older woman and a young college girl at the beach on Naked Day!

Since the weather was great for the beach I decided to rent a cottage for the weekend. This would allow me some rest and time to delve deeper into my study work for my medical degree. Now the only wrinkle was that the broker said that at this short notice they only had places that opened onto the fully clothes optional beach and that Saturday was Naked Day.

Based on my previous experiences I was sure that would be fine with me. What I have always liked about my dick is that even soft it stayed at its full thick 8 inches and the ladies could clearly see its fullness in my shorts or pants. So on the beach I would be fully on display and there would be no shrinkage from the cold water.

I arrived late on Friday so there was no beach time. I decided to go out for dinner since I had no plans to do any cooking while at the cottage. I went into a local seafood place and flirted a little with my cute waitress. I looked across the restaurant and noticed a very cute woman sitting by herself. She was older than I was but in great shape. She was petite with her bright red hair cut short. She noticed me looking at her and smiled. I smiled back and winked. Even from across the room I could see her nipples stand up and when she leaned over to eat I got a nice look down her open-neck blouse. She saw where I was looking and her smile broadened and a twinkle came to her eyes.

I was not out for any conquests this weekend so went back to my meal. A short time later I saw her watching me each time I looked up. I smiled and nodded towards her. She smiled back and blushed a bit. Now my ESP mind control ability does not work across the room but I decided to test her playfulness. I caught her attention and opened two buttons on my shirt then nodded to her.

She shook, "No" at first then looking around opened two buttons on her blouse. I opened two more then pointed at her.

She mouthed, "NO" and sat there for a minute. She was in a booth in the back and kinda out of sight. She took a sip of coffee then opened two more buttons but kept the sides together.

I had her attention and moved my hand inside my shirt and pushing my shirt open I massaged one of my breasts then pulled my hand away and left my shit open.

She mouthed, "No, no, no" and sat there for some time.

I pointed at her and mouthed, "Yes". She looked around and the restaurant was pretty deserted. I could see her blush deep red and her hand began to move. Her hand went inside her blouse and cupped one breast. She closed her eyes and moved that hand across that breast.

She captured my attention then pushed her blouse open and dropped her hand. Her breast was a nice size with a darker nipple that was rock hard.

I threw her some kisses and mouthed, "Thank you". She then pulled the other side of her blouse open and showed me the twin breast.

I mouthed, "Wow" and made the heart beat move under my shirt over that breast and smiled wide. She smiled back then started buttoning up her blouse. I made a sad face and she laughed out loud then blushed and covered her mouth..

I watched her walk past me on the way to the cashier. She playfully ran her hand across my sholder so I blasted her with my ESP bathing all her lady parts. Her legs softened a bit and she had to use my table for support. I placed my hand on her's and softly willed her with contentment but anticipation.

She walked away and while paying her check she spoke to the owner and I heard that she had a deep French accent. I thought that was a little hot. She looked back over her shoulder and caught me checking out her nice firm ass. She swept a hand back there as if trying to block my view. When she reached the door she looked over her shoulder and smiled again and left.

In the morning I went out for breakfast then decided to hit the beach. I set up close to a big group of college kids. I guessed this might be their first time at this type of beach and they decided to go on Naked Day because the girls were at most topless with skimpy bottoms -- some had thongs so a lot of white ass was showing and the less brave guys wore only skimpy Speedos.

When I dropped my robe I number of the girls looked over to check out my nakedness. I stood facing them and coated myself with sunscreen. Since my privates would be in the sun all day I opened the SPF 80 and squirted a big glob into my palm. While looking at the girls I lathered up my balls first. I took another glob and started stroking up and down my dick getting it all slick and coated. I even coated the underneath part by pulling my dick up onto my stomach.

Even out here in public I started to get a little hard. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw a few of the cute girls shifting their hips back and forth I would guess rubbing their pussy lips together and smiling to each other. I finally stopped lathering my cock and sat in my reclining chair. Since each girl was paired up with a guy none of them came over to chat me up but made sure I got a great show when they applied lotion to their boobs or the bare parts of their ass cheeks. Just to tease them I sat in my chair and let my dick settle on the top of my thigh and left nothing to the imagination.

I studied for awhile until a Frisbee landed on my blanket. I heard the girls laughing and pushing one of the girls towards me. Finally a strawberry blonde walked up to my blanket. She had really nice tits sitting up firm and high. Her aureoles were a pale rose and hard darker nipples sat up. "Yes," I asked.

"Our Frisbee landed here," she mumbled while looking at my dick. I pulsed my dick and asked her name. "Mary," she whispered.

"Well Mary if you stop looking at my dick for a minute you can pick up your Frisbee," I whispered She blushed deeply and bent over to get it. I moved my foot over to touch her foot and leaked my ESP power into her sexy bits. She took in a deep breath as her nipples got rock hard. "Do you have a steady boyfriend Mary," I asked as I leaked more power down to her pussy.

She squirmed and whispered back, "not really." I then intensified my powers centered on her clit and she shook into a mini orgasm. "Oh damm what are you doing to me," Mary moaned.

"Are you liking the feeling Mary," I asked as my power pulsed on her clit and brought her through a few more mini orgasms. Mary moaned then moved a hand onto her suit bottoms over her pussy and rubbed up and down her slit.

"Show me your pussy Mary," I said in a strong voice. She looked over her shoulder at her group then looked at me and pulled her suit bottom to the side.

"Show me how wet you are Mary," I growled. She dropped the Frisbee and used two hands to open her pussy lips. Her slash was very wet and I could now smell her pussy honey.

"I think you need to go back to your friends but if you are brave come back to my place tomorrow Mary and we will have even more fun. Ok baby?," I said. She didn't answer but covered her pussy and picked up the Frisbee and slowly walked back to her friends. I could hear them laughing then Mary ran into the water.

I rested into the afternoon watching a lot of those college tits bounce their way down to the water then up to their blanket but I finally fell asleep. I awoke when I felt that the warm sun was no longer on my body. I slowly opened my eyes and stretched. Based on the shape I could tell there was a female standing in front of me. I looked over and saw the college group was gone so it was not Mary or one of those girls.

Since this was a clothing optional beach I saw that this female was fully naked. I ran my eyes slowly over her body and saw nice firm thighs that left an opening under her crotch. She had a mixture of short red and gray hair in a triangle above her hairless pussy lips. Looking further up she had a tummy with a little bit of poof -- not a muffin top -- just a little bit of pillow. Up further were a cute set of apple sized breasts with bright pink aureoles with two firm nipples poking out. I finally looked at her face and saw firm lips, white teeth and bright green eyes that drew you in.

She had a full smile and finally spoke, "Bonjour, how are you, my name is Claire." Her French accent was thick but very sing-song. "I saw you at the restaurant last night and that you were looking at me. You made me do very naughty things last night but none of the young boys today gave me more than a quick look over. It's nice that you took your time and looked me over and appreciated what you saw."

I spoke back, "Well my name is Zach, and yes I like what I see today even more. Would you like to join me on my blanket?"

Claire laughed at what I said, dropped her stuff, dropped to her knees and sat back on her haunches. She left her legs wide open and did not seem to mind when I checked out the moist lips and the pinkness hiding between them. I could not tell if her pussy lips were wet from the ocean, sweat from the heat or from her own heat warming her insides.

She said, "My husband could not make it down this weekend and I am missing his company. Would you be willing to come back to my cottage for some dinner?." She brushed some sand off her tummy and from between her thighs.

I told that I would very much like to come in her place. She laughed again and swatted my thigh near my cock. She took some time to size up my dick then said to follow her. I packed up my stuff and we started off towards her cottage. She took my arm for support and I let my ESP leak out to warm her body and give her a sense of security. She shuddered just a bit as my mind flowed warm thoughts to her femaleness. When we got to her place she didn't go and dress so neither did I.

"You American are so stiff about nakedness and your bodies. Not so with us French," she said as a matter of fact. I watched her as she walked about the kitchen especially when she bent over into the fridge. She had I nice athletic ass and from the back I saw her pink pussy and her little backdoor button. I thought I'd tap at that back door later if things went that way. She pulled out some French bread, cheese, meats and French wine. She turned to see me checking her out and smiled brightly. "Do you like my little French behind Zach?," she said laughing again.

"Yes very much. It is the nicest ass I have seen today," I said.

"Ooh you are such a little liar. I saw you looking at all those young American girl asses today. There is no way you like this old ass better than those," she scolded me.

"Well those asses were covered so then your's is the best ass I have seen in this cottage," I said with a big smile. She looked at me deep in her thoughts but only smiled a bit.

We moved into the sunroom and placed the dinner items on a low table. Claire sat on the sofa across from the soft chair I chose. She made no attempt to close or cross her legs -- if anything she rechecked herself at times to make sure she stayed wide open. Over time I could clearly smell the sweet aroma her pussy honey gave off. With a little bit of wine to help we had a polite conversation until we had finished off dinner. She took her last sip of the excellent French wine then set her glass down. She cupped her apple sized breasts and tweaked her nipples till they were hard.

"You're such a bad boy making me touch and show you my breasts last night," she laughed. She then slid her hands down over her tummy and stopped them in her little tuft of pussy hair.

"Zach, my mère used to call it "the itch". She said it would drive you mad if it was not scratched regularly. I love my husband but I have needs right now," she said quietly, then ran a finger along her pussy to open the lips.

I am no dummy and did not need a written invitation. I crawled across the little space between us. I knelt between Claire's thighs and placing my hands on her hips I let my ESP leak into her to warm her up. I buried my face right into her pussy and began to suck. She moaned deeply and grabbed my hair. Her pussy honey was overwhelming. It was intoxicating and I drank her down.

I slid two fingers into her pussy and my thumb and tongue worked over her clit which rose to the size of a pea. I angled my two fingers to the inside ridge of her pussy and I used my ESP to excite her g-spot. Honey just started pouring out of her pussy. She was wild in heat moaning and shaking there on the sofa. With my other hand I placed my thumb against her asshole and using my ESP to relax her ass ring I slid my thumb deep down into her ass.

Claire started shaking uncontrollably and moaned out," Mon Dieu!, Oh fuck, oh fuck, you dirty little boy."

I then worked my fingers and thumb into and out of both her love holes adding my ESP to those areas and started to build her towards an earth shattering climax. I felt her pussy pulse on my fingers and her asshole grip my thumb. I sucked her clit between my lips and circled it with my hard tongue.

Claire screamed out, "Oh damm I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, please Zach don't stop, don't stop."

I pounded both of her holes for several more minutes then right before I sensed Claire was gonna cum again I sent an overwhelming pleasure bolt right onto her clit, g-spot and anus.

She screamed out, "Fill my pussy and ass, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh damm I'm dying" and she slumped back against the sofa and pussy honey ran out all over my chin and dripped onto my chest. I waited until Claire calmed down to remove my fingers.

"Come and fuck me now Zach, drive your cock deep into me then bang away at me till you cum," Claire moaned.

I lined up my rock hard eight inches of meat and with one wild thrust jammed my cock fully into Claire's cunt. She roared her pleasure and tightened her pussy around my cock.

"Oh yeah, fuck my chatte," the French woman moaned, shifting from English to French. "Do me Zach, do me hard, and make my cunt your slave" she moaned.

It was like I was possessed as I pulled fully back and slammed fully into her cunt pounding the doorway to her womb each time. I reached up and mashed each of her breasts. I found her nipples to be hard and full like the tips of my fingers. With several fingers each I pulled and twisted her nipples claiming her breasts as being mine. She moaned widely so I then began a jackhammer pace as I slammed my cock deep into her over and over.

"Damm Zach, do me more do me harder shoot me full of your cum," she yelled. I felt my balls tighten up and knew I was close to coming.

I reached down Claire's back and grasped hands full of her ass as I slammed my dick deep down her cunt. Her pussy walls tightened down on my sliding cock driving the tip of my cockhead crazy. My balls pulled up tight and I shot rope after rope of my cum directly against her womb.

As I orgasmed I heard Claire moan through several more of her own. Her pussy clamped tighter around my cock and milked me of every drop of sperm I could deliver. Claire fainted, so leaving my dick in her cunt I stood up and supported her body with my hands on her ass. I found her bedroom and slid the covers down. A little awkwardly I moved us both onto the bed and we fell asleep like a pair of spoons.

Sometime during the night I felt my dick was rock hard and surrounded by something warm and moist. I realized I was sliding my dick between Claire's pussy lips from behind. So I directed my dickhead to hit Claire's clit each time I slid fully up between her dripping pussy lips. I don't think Claire was awake so I centered my ESP on her clit and gave her a soft orgasm. She pulled my arm over her hip and crushed my hand against her breast. I explored Claire's pussy lips with my cock until it was fully coated with her honey. I pulled all the way back and angled my dickhead up a bit and slid between her ass cheeks and across her rose. She moaned softly then pushed back when my dick helmet slid across her anus.

As if in a dream Claire moaned softly, "Go slow, go slow, it feels so big. Coat my ass with my juice until it is slick and dripping wet," Claire whispered.

She moaned and pushed back against me. I slid my wet dick along her pussy lips until it was soaking wet with her pussy honey. I moved my rock hard eight inch dick up along her ass crack and around her rose. I used my ESP and left her anal ring with a strong itch.

Reaching between her legs Claire grasped the base of my cock and placed my dickhead against her anus. She slowly pushed backwards and nudged my cockhead against her rose and slowly my cock helmet entered her ass easily since she was so wet. Once my helmet was past her backdoor ring her ass slowly swallowed my long dick.

When I felt her ass against my hips she stopped and moaned, "So big, So dirty a thing to do, so damm a good filled up feeling." In her deep French accent she told me I was such a bad boy to use her like this.

I slid my hand off her tit and onto her hips. I took over from there and started drilling her ass. She would moan and huff each time my balls hit her ass and my dick went full tilt down her ass. I set up a rhythm and told her to keep pushing back. I began to fuck her ass with my long cock, pulling out to the head then sliding fully back down till my balls hit her ass. I increased my pace which became faster and faster.

I got my hand between her legs and onto her fully engorged clit and captured it between my thumb and finger and began to roll her clit between them. She moaned loudly and her body shuddered and tried to get my cock to slide deeper up her ass. I pinched and pulled on her clit and could feel her ass chute grab my cock each time I did that.

Again I heard her moan loudly, "Oh Zach I'm close, I'm close again, oh dam there it is, fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck my ass," she moaned and she slammed into another very intense orgasm.

As she came through several more mini orgasms her pussy and ass were pulsing which I could feel strongly against my cock. That was enough for me so I pushed her belly flat on the bed and slid up onto her ass. I pulled her tight against me driving my cock fully into her ass and pounded myself deep down her ass then I shot five or six ropes of my cum straight down her ass.

I pumped so much cum into her ass I could feel my juice running out of her rose and sliding down my balls. I stroked her body and using my ESP one last time I sent her feelings of total fulfillment and contentment. I waited until her breathing returned to normal and I slowly slid my dick out of her ass and could see my cum dripping out of her ass across her pussy lips then onto the sheets.

I rolled off the bed and said, "have a nice sleep Claire, I will let myself out. Thank you for a beautiful memory on Naked Day" then leaned over and kissed her softly.

She moaned softly and whispered, "thank you Zach for coming home with me. I am so totally fucked out and will always remember today" she said smiling then fell asleep. After some time I recovered my robe then left quietly.

I went to my cottage and crashed onto my bed and slept like the dead. The following morning after going out for brunch I decided to go for a swim. They was a nice group out for Naked Day and I saw various sized breasts and pouty vulvas with various designs or fully hairless. Of course my dick reacted and got a few smiles from a few girls.

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