tagErotic CouplingsZach the Coven on Winter Solstice

Zach the Coven on Winter Solstice


WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including anal. If that is not what you are looking for don't read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. Again I must point out that it takes some reading to get to the sexual situations during the solstice rituals.


From previous stories you might know that a bicycle accident left me in a coma from a brain concussion. When I awoke I discovered I had a power or mind control ability that worked only with woman. Should it go there I can center my mind power on specific sexual centers of their bodies or target specific thought centers to enhance feelings. I never use my powers to force females into doing bad things but I do tap into their deep needs and bring those feelings to the surface. This story is just one of those occasions.

My name is Zach and I have been thinking about winter break; go home and visit my mom and sister and our baby girls or do some holiday skiing or hiking. I started to get a strong feeling I was being drawn in to distinct thoughts.

My phone buzzed a text. "My sisters and I would desire for you to spend the winter solstice with us. Text back if you desire this. Kate."

I now knew what that pull on my thoughts was all about. I checked with mom and sis and they were ok with the early part of my plans but wanted me home for Christmas Day to be with my daughters. I promised her I would then texted Kate I would spend the Alban Arthan (Light of Winter) better known as the winter solstice with her but had to be back home by Christmas Eve.

"Dress and pack for cold weather and on the day before the solstice take the 18 bus from the center of town and pay for the last stop. In about an hour and half you will be let out in a small sleepy town. Cross the street and wait in the local bar and you will be met and driven up to our estate. My sisters are waiting for your special holiday gifts and Lydyia, Morning and I want to show off your baby bumps, lol!"

I finished up my class assignments and cleared that December week of any plans. I packed and got a ride to the bus depot from my sister. I gave her a deep kiss and told her I would be home in time. She told me she would miss me in her bed until I got back then kissed me deeply.

The ride took me several hours deep into the mountains. The winter scenery was great and that distracted my attention until the driver called out, "Last stop!" I felt myself coming out of a very dreamlike state but felt a strong sexual draw. I got off the bus and crossed the way to the bar. There were your normal small town work and logger trucks and a few baggers and a rat bike. I wondered what waited for me inside.

I entered the bar and saw it was the typical set up of a few food tables, poker and pool tables and the long well used bar with many beer taps behind the rail. I wore a heavy leather coat and not the yuppie ski coat and was glad I had as the clientele were hard working people in hard working clothes. The bikers had the required leather riding gear. There were a couple of biker Ol' Ladies hanging on possessive arms.

I got the long look over as I sat at one of the tables and took off my jacket. I work out a lot and was quite strong and trained in self defense but I could not take on the whole bar if things turned sour. I nicely held together bar maid walked over and stood by my table. She put her hand on my shoulder and asked, "What do you want sweetie?" as she rubbed her nice sized tits against my upper arm.

I wasn't guarded and my power leaked into her and I could feel a nipple harden against my arm as she took in a deep breath and moaned softly. Her thighs softly rubbed my outer leg and her shoe started tapping. I looked up at her now liquid amber eyes and wide smile.

"I'll have a burger and a draft beer, honey," as I gave some right back. She ran her fingers across the short hairs of my neck and behind my ear. As she turned to walk back I watched her tight jeans encasing a nice firm ass which swayed hypnotically.

I watched the guys play pool and checked out the patrons. There were those two stacked biker babes in skin tight leather pants watching their man play pool but checking me out. Several truckers and loggers were at the bar and a few local ladies at one of the tables.

The bar maid made several 'unnecessary' trips to my table to set up and then bring my beer. Each time she came over she ran her hand across my back or up my arm. I thought if she was gonna tease I would lose a little harmless power into her. The last time she came over to bring my burger she pushed her large tits across my upper arm. So I centered my power lightly on her pussy and pulled down some moistness into her panties. She moaned loudly as she held herself up by the back of my chair.

I turned to my burger and beer but kept my eye on this one big guy playing pool. The waitress walked slowly away but her scent lingered by my seat. I watched as she pulled on the crotch of her jeans trying to pull those moist panties to a different spot. She leaned against the bar rail and tried to regain her composure and looked over her shoulder back at me. I toasted her with my beer bottle and she closed her eyes tight.

I finished my burger and beer and the waitress came back to clear things away. She leaned over to wipe down the table and several open shirt buttons gave me a free look down her cleavage. "Hi I'm Rosie. You staying around here sweetie?" she whispered hopefully. "I could make some time for you tonight. I think I'd give you a good time."

I was watching pool guy carefully and didn't see Rosie lean over and kiss me hard on my lips. It unnerved me and my power poured onto all her female areas and she came standing by the table. She groaned loudly, "Oh, Fuck!" and held onto the table to keep from falling.

Pool guy came quickly around the table with the cue held like a weapon. I kicked my chair back to try for a defensive stance. The men in the bar turned towards the noise preparing for what might happen. As the big guy swung the cue at me, from out of 'nowhere' a hand shot out and grabbed the cue and absorbed the blow.

My eyes followed the hand up an arm and standing between me and pool guy stood for lack of other words, a "valkyrie". She was tall, over six feet and built like two inverted triangles. Long blonde hair tied into braids lay down her back to brush across her full firm ass held in by tight jeans. Her shoulders and arm looked strong as she held the cue in place.

In a heavy accented voice she said, "Sir we mean you no disrespect. If you let my friend and I to leave peacefully there would be no reason for this to go any further. All your woman wants is your time, your respect and your faithfulness and her heart will be only for you. So I wish that for you at this wintertide. The solstice will be upon us with the sunrise and I wish blessings on all here present. My friend and I will now take your leave."

She released the cue and the man slowly lowered it. He looked at Rosie and slowly made his way to her and took her in his strong arms. The blonde handed me my coat and travel bag and led me out the door towards a beat up old Land Rover. She opened my door threw my bag in back and slammed my door. She got in and started the Rover.

"My name is Hjörþrimul, the sword warrioress, you may call me Prim. You really should control the gift given to you by Morrigan. It is unkind to taunt the woman with your power. You must work on that!" she said very pointedly in a foreign accent and pulled out of the parking lot and started down the road. "Kate is waiting for us," and said no more as she drove through the twilight.

When I thought I could get away with it I looked her over. From her profile it was evident she was well endowed. An occasional street light revealed a pretty face dotted with freckles. At one stop light she turned and gave me a rue smile and I could see she had deep blue eyes. I wondered what secrets lay hidden behind those eyes. She smiled again and laughed lightly then softly said, "Soon my Chieftain, soon."

She drove up further into the snowy hills then turned off onto a narrow dirt road that went on for some time. Suddenly we broke through the tree lined road and before me stood a rustic log manor house. Flickering lights shone through large windows. There were a number of jeeps or SUVs parked in front. Off from the front porch came two huge hounds. They reminded me of the ones from Samhain.

Their barking drew people from the house onto the porch. I could tell they were all female and out front stood Kate and Lydyia. I walked the parking area flanked by the now friendly hounds who nudged me to get my attention. When I walked up the steps Kate wrapped me up in a tight hug then kissed me deeply. I held back my power and Kate laughed.

"I see Prim has spoken to you Zach. You can bathe me with your power but do not awaken your daughters. They must yet sleep. Do the same with Lydyia and Morning Doe. Your other daughters must finish their winter sleep. But hug me first again before we start the rituals," Kate requested.

Kate opened her robe to show me her nakedness. We kissed deeply and my power awoke her desires throughout her body. I became aware of her bare belly pushing against me. I ran my hand over her large four month bump and Kate laughed. "Do you feel your handiwork my Chieftain? My body changes to give a home to your daughters. I am sure it will please you to see my larger breasts and ass in the firelight tonight as we dance and chant."

Kate led me off to Lydyia and then Morning for their hug of greeting. Morning blushed as I parted her robe to caress her baby bump. "She grows strong inside me Zach. I can feel her strength in our quiet times. She moves now within me perhaps sensing her father but do not awaken her. She yet sleeps," she whispered as she reached up to kiss me deeply also. She laughed lightly as my hand found its way within her robes to squeeze a plump ass cheek.

We entered the main hall and many women moved about perhaps preparing for the solstice ritual. I looked around for Prim and could not see her. On my arm Kate sensed my search and told me, "She goes to be prepared for the ritual. You will not see her again until just before the sunrise. Come with me now as you are prepared also."

She led me to the room with the huge fireplace. A roaring fire drove away the pre-winter chill. I was led into the center of the room in which was a large oak table. It was very ornate with runes and Celtic designs carved into it. The legs of the table were carved to represent the trunks of an oak tree from which it was made. Further designs displayed branches woven to form the sides of the table. It shone in the firelight and itself emanated a power.

"I'm not being restrained, am I?" I asked nervously.

A deeper voice behind me spoke. "No my Chieftain, not in this coven. Those other sisters push themselves to the edge. Not so here." The woman stepped in front of me and it was a naked Evelyn. Her mature breasts shone in the firelight and her aged nipples were hard.

I sensed I was about to be cared for as Evelyn and two naked novices began to unclothe me. I felt a specifically distinct difference when each female touched my skin. A strong smell of herbs and spices hung in the air after being tossed into the fireplace. I began to drift in and out of a dream and heard distant sweet voices chanting in that language I didn't know.

I opened my eyes and could see all the women of the coven had shed their robes and the firelight lit their naked bodies as they processed around the table. I realized I was naked and Evelyn and the two novices were bathing my body. Evelyn had my hard cock in her hand and was rubbing my pre-cum all around the crown of my dick and sliding her slick hand up and down my thick eight inch shaft. All the while she was humming and chanting she continued to massage my cock, up and down and spinning my helmet in her palm. She worked my cockhead and the knot underneath causing me to lift my heals off the floor.

She looked into my eyes for a few seconds then she knelt down and slowly took my fat cockhead between her wet lips. She slowly swallowed my cock with her mouth until my dick reached the back of her throat. She hummed on my cock and worked her mouth, tongue and throat all over, around and down my cock. It was a very enjoyable cocksucking.

Evelyn's hands circled my cock. She quickly increased the speed of the massage on my cock, up and down and spinning my helmet in her palm. She kept just my fat dickhead within her mouth and massaged my dick knot with her wet tongue. She added her other hand and two handed drove my cock towards its orgasm. From time to time she slid her lips down my cock and my dickhead popped into her warm tight throat. She held me in deep and swallowed her spit giving my cock a throat massage.

My balls began to pull up and tighten. Evelyn's hand close to my balls was tightening and moving with faster speed. She moved her lips off my cock and her hand was rubbing my helmet and the crown of my cock. From behind one of the novices slid wet fingers down the crack of my ass. I could only guess that they were wet from her own warm pussy juice. Her finger tips circled my anus and slowly pushed in. They withdrew and two other wet fingers entered me and pushed all the way up my ass. They found my walnut and started rubbing it.

With intense pleasure my whole body stiffened and streams of my spunk shot out of my cock and coated Evelyn's tits. Her hands milked my cock and after six or seven spurts of my cum left my dick Evelyn took my cockhead back into her warm mouth and pulled one last thick hot glob of cum onto her tongue.

"Clean your sister of Zach's spent cum. It has lost its potency and he needs to create more this winter solstice eve aided by our special potion," Kate spoke. Evelyn stood and several coven sisters came to her and washed her breasts with their tongue scooping up my globs of cum. Several warm cloths bathed my nuts and cock and washed me clean. Assessing that I was clean they moved me towards the table and helped me lay down on my back. Kate was now naked and moved beside me at the table.

Dreamlike she said, "You have again been summoned here by my coven sisters to utilize your special breeding powers. You have been summoned on the eve of the Winter Solstice, 'Alban Arthan'. The Light assigned to the star constellation known as the Great Bear, or in Gaelic 'Art' for Bear. To increase your sexual potency we have emptied your stored spunk during this ritual and my sisters in this coven will restore your strength."

With that said her humming and chanting resumed. I heard movement around the table I was on and the chanting was picked up by each female. In the firelight I could see each women and I was surrounded by bare breasted females. Their naked bodies swayed to the chanting causing their breasts to rise and fall and their nipples to move outward and stiffen. They ran their hands up my legs, across my cock, across my chest then repeating the massage down the other side.

Suddenly warm hands turned my head to the side and a hard nipple was brought to my lips. I circled that nipple with my lips and as I latched on and sucked warm milk flowed into my mouth. The milk was sweet with an under-taste of honey. The flow stopped and my head was turned to the other side and a new nipple was brought to my lips. I sucked strongly and milk poured into my mouth. This process went on for some time each breast having a sweet under-taste of its own. Through my power I sensed each female's separate essence and I warmed their pussy area while connected to their breast.

"Sisters help our Chieftain to my bed then turn in for the night. We must be at the site and be ready for the solstice sun rise," she ordered. After a while like at home warm milk makes me mellow and several naked women helped me to Kate's room.

I woke in the dark pre-morning and there was a warm body spooning against my back and one against my front. My arm rolled and my hand found a nice full breast. I slid my hand about and found her nipple which stiffened. I tweaked the nipple between my fingers and my cock began to stiffen. What I have always loved about my cock is that it stays its full thick eight inches and just hardens when aroused. My dick found its way to the crease of my partner's ass and moving slightly slid further down and parted her wet pussy lips.

She stretched and moaned then whispered, "Sorry Zach you may not have sex with me." She then pulled away and my cock head slid from the wet hot tunnel. After sliding her hot pussy away from my cock she slipped to the side of the bed and turned on a table light. The hair was roan and stopped just above the start of her ass crack. Ah it was Kate.

The table light made it easy to see pure white hair lying across the side of my chest and I knew it was Lydiya behind me. I moved my hand across her baby bump and tried to move my hand between her thighs and play with that kitten between her legs. She slapped my arm! "Oh no, my Chieftain. You can't play with that. You must save yourself for the sunrise ritual," she laughed then rolled out of the bed on the other side.

I sat up and saw five naked females of various sizes and shapes standing at the doorway with towels and basins. A well endowed brunet reached for my hands and drew me off the bed and walked me into the main room as the other four fell in behind me.

I was naked and my long morning wood cock stood straight out and heavy balls swayed between my legs. She positioned me in front of the warming fire and the coven sisters began to wash and anoint my body. A warm potion of herbs and spices was used to wash the night sweat from my body. Each sister took the opportunity to run their fingers along my cock and across my balls. As the potion bathed my body my skin began to tingle.

With each contact with their hands or breasts I let my power seep into each coven sister. Even above the herbs the air was filling with the aroma of female scents. In the firelight I could see moistness shimmering on pubic hair or shaved labia and upper thighs of the five women servicing my body. My fat dickhead was shinning from my pre-cum leaking out. Warm palms would gather it up and lick it off.

The sisters placed the basins and cloths on the hearth then came back and gave me a group bear hug. Ten warm breasts found a place on my body as my shoulders, neck, cheeks or lips received warm kisses. They chanted as they moved in a circle keeping contact with my body and their hard nipple tipped breasts. My power flowed into each woman and mysteriously flowed continually around the circle passing from woman to woman gaining strength as their chanting grew louder. I could sense via my power that the women were sharing their orgasm with each other as the pleasure circled through the group.

As the women's orgasms pulsed in each other I looked out the bay windows and it was still dark out and reading the large grandfather clock beside the fireplace I surmised it was close to sunrise. Evelyn came beside me and said, "Drink this for the strength you will need this solstice morning."

She gave me a cup filled with what looked like breast milk but when I drank it a warm feeling flowed through me, centered in my groin and caused my cock to pulse with hot blood and get rock hard. My balls began to feel very heavy and swollen. Evelyn then rubbed another potion all over my cock and balls and said quietly, "For extra strength at your solstice mating." She leaned in and kissed me deeply.

The circle hug broke and I watched the women walk away. Kate and Lydyia each took an arm and led me out the French doors at the back of the cabin. The pre morning air was cold and we were still naked. They walked me down the path to a wide clearing.

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