tagErotic CouplingsZacherle's Revenge

Zacherle's Revenge


"Well this can't possibly be right."

The GPS insisted this was the address, but the house was falling apart and obviously deserted.

"I know I put in the right address, exactly what Zach said."

She grabbed her purse from the floorboard of the small rental and retrieved her phone, pulling up email to make sure she hadn't made some mistake. He'd said it was pretty remote but he never mentioned it being completely devastated.

"Right address, right town. Hopefully he's got his phone on him."

She typed in a quick need-help text and stretched her arms over the steering wheel to wait for a reply. The house was huge and must have been beautiful in its day, a big wraparound porch with a porch swing still hanging perfectly, big trees lining the drive. She wanted to day dream about Southern style picnics on the green front lawn with children playing and women putting out food on a long picnic table, but she couldn't shake the gloom oozing from the old broken windows, darkening the fading twilight as if the black inside were actually seeping into the night.

She jumped at the vibration announcing that she'd lost her cell signal. No surprise given how far away from the world she'd come but still disconcerting. She shifted in her seat and suddenly realized she'd never make it back to an actual toilet.

"Note to self, no more Big Gulps on long road trips."

She pushed the door open and tentatively tried the ground. Her stilettos were definitely not made for navigating the soft marshy ground, especially after the afternoon rain, but if she took them off then her hose didn't stand a chance. Rather than risk either by going too far, she simply pushed the door further open and squatted right beside the car.

"This is so starting to feel like an old movie - don't get out of the car stupid teenage girl, especially not in that sexy Halloween costume in the dark in front of that old abandoned house!"

Her laugh was quickly stifled as she gazed through the car's side window and saw the porch light come on. She quickly wiped off with an old napkin and locked herself back in the car, gripping the steering wheel with both hands and squinting to see through the windshield. She gasped at the sudden ringing beside her, then laughed when she saw the photo of John Zacherle that she'd attached to Zach's contact info.

"Zach? I'm so relieved you called."

"Is that you Elvira? What are you doing out there?"

"I... Well, the house looked so deserted. Is that really you? Where's everyone else parked?"

"Parking was kind of limited so most folks pulled around back, but there's plenty of room left now. Come on up."

She laughed at how frightened she'd been. Obviously they'd chosen a creepy old house for a Halloween party. It's not like anyone would want this kind of party at their own house so a deserted mansion suddenly seemed very appropriate. He met her at the car as she pulled up and he pulled open the driver's door. He giggled at the sight of her heels.

"Well now. We can't have you walking around out here dressed like that now, can we?" He bent down and scooped her up carrying her up the front steps.

"Thank you. I probably should have worn more sensible shoes."

Placing her down at the top of the stairs, he raised her hand over her head to spin her around slowly, taking in every inch of her. "Oh no you shouldn't have! Those are amazingly appropriate. You'll definitely be the hit of the party."

She blushed at the attention and returned the gaze. He was everything she'd hoped for and dreamt about. Six foot tall, athletic, brown hair graying just enough to make her comfortable that he really was close to her age. Her blush crept from her face down to her breasts, then down further warming her outside and deep inside, even more than their long nightly computer sessions had. She hadn't known words could be so powerful but every night for the last 30 nights, he'd made her feel like no other man had ever made her feel. And he'd done it without even meeting her much less touching her. So she couldn't say no to the Halloween party even though it was something she'd never dreamed of doing. She'd had to look up what orgy really even meant. Once she had confirmed her worst fears, it had taken several nights for him to convince her. He promised to personally watch and protect her and she'd finally agreed to both the party and the costumes that would match their screen names.

"Am I late? I thought I'd timed it perfectly but this is much further than I expected."

She'd been heading for the front door, but he caught her hand and pulled her to the side toward the old porch swing. He pulled her into him, pushing against her until she felt every inch of him.

"Not at all, but I can't wait one more minute." He scrunched her hair at the back of her head and pulled her head back to meet his hungry mouth. First kisses were usually passionate but tentative. This was far from tentative. She nearly fainted in his arms from the heat of his mouth and the forcefulness of his tongue. After several minutes she realized she wasn't breathing and forced herself back from him.

"Sorry. I just need to catch my breath. I wasn't expecting this to happen so quickly." Her breathing had barely come back enough to express herself in more than short phrases.

"No, I'm sorry. I should be more cautious, more patient. But the sight of you, my Elvira, finally. You are just incredible and I don't want to wait any longer. I'm done with talking about it, I so want to do everything I've promised."

She did have to admit, the Elvira costume was incredible. She wasn't surprised that he was impressed. After weeks of worry that it was too revealing, she was suddenly grateful that the costume showed so much, baring everything she was now desperate for him to see, to touch, to taste.

"I do too. But I also want this to last." She bristled at the slight movement of a curtain at the window. "But should we? Here? What if someone sees us?"

"Then they will be very jealous indeed." His smile lit up the dark night and put her at ease. She pulled back into him and nibbled an ear.

"Then let's give them something to really be jealous of." She slid each hand down each side of his body as she lowered herself to her knees, pushing aside the long undertaker's coat and tugging open his trousers as she went to give herself access to what she'd longed for most of all. She started at the bottom, and slowly slid her tongue the full distance, bottom to top, pausing long enough for a quick gasp of air before she slid her mouth back down to fully cover his cock. He filled her mouth perfectly, tickling the back of her throat without really choking her. She swallowed twice, enjoying the pulsing against her throat, and slowly pulled him back through her closed lips with a gratified groan. As she licked the crown she looked longingly back up to his eyes, meeting his gaze with a wicked little grin. He giggled and she devoured him again, forcing his eyes closed and his head back into a low moan. She gradually picked up speed, enjoying the playfulness of the moment while secretly hoping to see the curtains move. She knew how good she was at this and enjoyed the idea that someone else might see just how good she was.

He pulled her back up to him and grabbed her right breast, pushing her backwards into the swing. Quickly regaining her balance and stilling the swing's movement, she met his mouth again connecting recklessly while their hands both went to warmer places. He pushed aside the flimsy skirt and paused to enjoy the straps of her garter belt while she continued to stroke him firmly and slowly. She inhaled quickly, struggling to catch her breath as his fingers met their goal and pushed gently inside her.

"Careful. Please. Not too fast." She squeezed her legs together trying to make the moment last. He grinned and assured her, "no, not so quickly" as he pulled off the swing and swung her down onto the porch floorboards. He gently spread her legs and replaced his fingers with his tongue, treating her as carefully and playfully as she had him. Starting at the bottom, one long slow lick to the top, pausing to tickle just a bit, then diving his tongue into her and causing her to lose her breath again.

"Oh Zach! Stop, wait, I need you. Please let's do it..." He stood and pulled her up after him, turning and bending her against the waist high railing. He hurriedly pushed aside their clothes and pushed himself deep into her. They both moaned loudly as he stopped, fully engulfed in her, pausing to feel every inch and every muscle. He slowly withdrew and quickly pushed back into her, pausing again to feel her full reaction to him. They began to move together, picking up speed as the heat from their bodies seemed to warm the very night around them. With one final slow movement into her, he exploded deep inside her and she gratefully shuddered around him, both of them moaning loudly without regard to any possible party-goers. He collapsed against her back, rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck.

"Thank you. It's been so long. And you are so perfect. Thank you so much for letting me fulfill my promise." With a final kiss, he straightened and backed away.

She grinned as she straightened herself, fussing with her clothes to try to rearrange some semblance of order. "Why you are most welcome. You aren't so shoddy yourself!" She wheeled to embrace him, full of more than just the joy of being with him.

But as she turned, she realized he was gone.


Strange. Maybe she was weaker than she'd realized but she didn't think it had been more than a moment since she'd last heard him. She looked off into the night back towards her car, then back towards the old house, but she saw nothing that implied anyone else had ever been on the porch with her.

"He must have slipped back into the house." She couldn't understand why she hadn't heard the door but that had to be where he'd gone.

The oversized front door groaned as she struggled to force it open. It stuck as if it hadn't been opened in years. A single lamp threw dark shadows across the big open entry, but even in shadow it was clear that the inside was in no better shape than the outside. The front stairs had collapsed about half way up. The cobwebs in every corner appeared stronger than the stairs that were left. The living room to the right was decorated for a Halloween party but she was several years late. Pumpkins lay rotted along the hearth interspersed among plastic skulls. Party trays lay scattered, thrown off the table when it had been knocked to the ground. Police tape remnants partially blocked the doorway. The dark blood stains were still apparent.

The long foyer table to the left looked like a roadside shrine erected after a fatal accident. She walked toward the shriveled flowers and dirty teddy bears, approaching the open scrapbook in the center. The yellowed newspaper article described the scene behind her and showed a picture of the woman before she'd been killed. She was beautiful, long black hair, dark eyes, large breasts that didn't need her costume's help. The husband had caught her on the porch during their Halloween party with another man, a friend she'd met on the Internet, and shot them both later that night. She flipped through several more pages learning that he'd been convicted and sentenced to die. A few more pages revealed Zach's photo with his last words, sending chills down her spine.

"You can kill me. But I will still have my revenge, my own Halloween encounter, more passionate than hers could have ever been. I will find a way."

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