tagAnalZach's Nieces Ch. 07: Mall Girl

Zach's Nieces Ch. 07: Mall Girl


WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including incest and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don't read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is a story in a series of Uncle Zach and his nieces and family member encounters.


My wife Beth, niece Shannon and I went to the mall because I had to pick up a few things for my home office. My sister-in-law Mary and my two twin adult nieces stayed home on the estate I own where we all live in one large extended family. After the early death of Mary's husband, I moved Mary and her three adult daughters to our estate and built them an extension attached to the main house. If you know the other stories of "Uncle Zach" I have special willing privileges with all the women of the house. Beth even directed me to breed her sister Mary.

Although my wife Beth is the queen of the roost it is Shannon, my eldest niece, that now makes many of the decisions of running the estate and coordinating the 'recreation' of the various women and my availability. When my sons are home from college they and the twins find ways to entertain themselves also. The twins quickly were put on birth control. I am very lucky to be in the best of health -- believe me those women do their best to suck me dry -- literally!

We were done with our shopping and stopped at the food court to get some lunch. The way we were sitting at the table I guess Beth saw her first. Beth whispered for me to look at the young girl standing by the tray return. You could tell she was asking people for left-overs before they dumped their stuff. Beth told Shannon to go get the girl.

While Shannon was talking with the girl I sized her up. She had the deepest black hair down to her waist. She was tall with a nice shape but her clothes looked worn and she was a little unkempt. Shannon was pointing to our table and was trying to get her to come over. Finally she grabbed her hand and led her over to the table.

"Uncle Zach and Aunt Beth, this is Kate and she is all on her own and homeless and we need to do whatever we can for her," Shannon said in that 'I know how the world should be' voice that the young seem to have. We asked Kate to sit but Shannon said she was taking Kate up to get her a good meal first. Kate started to protest but Shannon would have nothing to do with that and dragged her off.

I said to Beth, "Well, you know where this is going -- we are going to wind up with another house guest -- are you ok with this?" Beth answered that there was no saying no to Shannon so we better be ready for the full deal.

Kate and Shannon returned with more lunch then all of us could eat so we let Kate eat in peace. Looking her over she was a very pretty young lady under all her grime. Her eyes were as dark as her hair and she had freckles on her cheeks that ran down her neck to disappear into her cleavage. Although her clothes were baggy a man could tell that she had an ample size set under her shirt.

She finally slowed down her eating and told us a bit of her story. Her parents had died while she was still a young teenager and she was in foster care until she turned eighteen a few months ago. She hitched here to California but just could not get her life started and today was the day she had to go begging. Well Beth, Shannon and I told her just a little bit of our story and without trying to frighten her told her that if she trusted us we could give her that opportunity while she lived at our estate.

Shannon interrupted before Kate answered and informed us she was taking Kate shopping so off we went. Shannon made Kate walk each outfit out of the changing room and asked things like, "Do you like this one Uncle Zach" or "Doesn't Kate look hot in this one Uncle Zach?" Kate tried to fuss but finally gave up and modeled each of the many outfits. She soon made sure I got a good look at her ass in tight jeans or her rack in skin tight shirts. We paid for all the outfits and headed to the estate.

Kate could not believe the estate when we drove past the gate and up the long drive to the houses. After the death of their father I took in my nieces and their mother and expanded the main house with wings that connected through a main hall. When we walked in the main door Kate was mugged by the twins, Bree and Marie, Shannon's just younger sisters. Beth told the girls to take Kate upstairs and get her cleaned up before dinner. That set off such high pitch sequels and laughing that I yelled, "Hold It." The four young women stopped in their tracks. I told Kate to come sit at the table.

"Kate I want you to be sure that you can go with as little or as much as you will be exposed to here," I told her, "If the twins go too far with you just call me up and I will tan their behinds so they will have to stand at dinner."

The twins yelled out, "Uncle Zach, Come On!" in protest then rubbed their butts and laughed.

I asked Kate if she understood what her choices were and told her that this home was built on trust and caring for each other. "Yes Mr. Zach," she answered shyly. The twins squealed again and grabbed Kate's hand and ran her upstairs. For the next hour while dinner was cooking, sequels and laughing drifted out of the master bathroom.

From Kate's point of view this happened...

The three sisters pulled me upstairs and into this huge master bathroom. "This is Uncle Zach's bathroom but all the women of the house use it -- most of the time washing Uncle Zach 'after' we are done" laughed Bree.

Marie turned on the huge shower and the girls then set about undressing me. It was very unnerving at first but I let myself go like as if I was at a spa. The girls took turns stripping off my old clothes and took too many opportunities to run their hands over my body. It was Shannon who wanted the honor to remove my panties. She stayed kneeled down at crotch level while she hooked her fingers in my panties and slowly slid them down my legs.

I was slowly being seduced by these girls because as Shannon was taking off my panties the twins were each roaming their hands over my body paying special attention to my tits. I closed my eyes and allowed Shannon to slip my panties off my feet and felt her push my legs slightly apart. I knew by now that I was starting to drip honey. Shannon ran her hands up my legs but just feather touched my dark hair covering my pussy lips and stood up.

"Time for your shower, Kate," she said sweetly and started to remove her clothes. I looked in the many mirrors and saw that Bree and Marie were already naked. Shannon had the nicer body, large breasts sitting proudly. Her sisters were cute with slightly smaller breasts. The twins were shaved bare but Shannon had a slight down of red hair covering her pussy.

The sisters pulled me gently into the huge shower and made sure I was wet all over. They squirted me down with scented soaps and used their hands to wash all over my body. At one point they had me encircled with six soapy breasts sliding up and down my body. Then fingers gripped my breasts sliding down to pinch my nipples till they stood out hard. I next felt hands sliding up between my legs to cup my pussy. Fingers slid between my lips and circled my clit till that stood hard. The girls kept up the assault on my privates until I got weak in the knees.

Bree and Marie held me up as I leaned back onto them for support. Shannon kept up her massage of my pussy. I felt long fingers slide up my pussy and her thumb center on my clit. Shannon then finger fucked me until I was panting to catch my breath and very close to a huge orgasm. Shannon then stopped and told her sisters to turn me around and hold me. She then squirted soap at the top of my ass crack and let it slide slowly down. I felt Bree and Marie grab each of my ass cheeks and pull them apart. Shannon then slid her hands up and over my back door.

I think it was Bree that whispered in my ear, "Uncle Zach wants us very clean back there for when we want to give him our special gift, so just relax and let Shannon prepare you."

I felt a little frightened and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Suddenly I felt a pressure on my anus and felt something push past my back ring and slide up my ass. I had of course cleaned myself back there during my own showers but I knew I was in for something different. After I felt what must have been Shannon's thumb slide out of my ass I felt more pressure there and realized she was starting to slip two fingers up my back chute. The twins then took turns using two other fingers and slid them up my pussy. They started a rhythm with their fingers that got faster and faster and deeper and deeper.

The twins then started attacking my breasts and nipples and my body caught on fire. My ass opened up and I started pushing back onto Shannon's fingers trying to get her as deep up me as possible. The overload of feelings started right in my asshole, ran up to my nipple tips then back down to my pussy clit. I held my breath tight, started to shake then screamed out my orgasm at the top of my lungs -- "Oh, oh, oh, yes fucking damm -- more, more, more." I then collapsed onto Bree and Marie. Shannon slid her fingers out of my asshole and I felt an emptiness in my ass that made me know I was to want this every chance I could. Whichever twin pulled out of my dripping pussy and that felt empty also.

The sisters then washed my hair and rinsed me off. Their toweling me off kept my body primed with sexual feelings. As they walked me naked across the hall I looked down into the kitchen and saw 'Uncle Zach and Aunt Beth' looking up at us. I did not feel at all embarrassed and suddenly felt that I enjoyed them looking at my naked body.

The girls walked me into Shannon's room where they had my new clothes. I looked like I was Shannon's size so she loaned me a very pretty set of bra and panties. They dressed me in the hottest outfit purchased today then did my hair. It was very sensuous and the girls took turns kissing my face and neck and even my lips.

They all said that I would knock out Uncle Zach's eyes and would have to lead him around blind. We all laughed loudly, but somehow I knew that in this very short time I did want to please Uncle Zach and realized I would give myself to him if he asked.

Uncle Zach picks up the story again --

I heard a lot of laughing upstairs coming from the bathroom, then heard someone explode into an orgasm yell and could only guess the girls had done a job on poor Kate. I turned to my wife Beth and we both laughed knowingly what that noise meant. I saw four naked girls move into Shannon's room but Kate spun her head to look down the stairs into the kitchen and looked onto my eyes. She paused and turned fully towards me. I easily saw her nice full rack with the dark circles sitting up high and the dark triangle between her thighs. She puckered a kiss in my direction then smiled and disappeared.

A little later I saw the four girls walking downstairs and come prancing into the kitchen. The 'front line' broke and there stood Kate looking very hot and in my mind I had her fucked to exhaustion in a heart beat. I looked over at Beth and she had a wry smile on her face. I swear she could read my mind at times. I told the girls to get dinner served and I sat.

"Uncle Zach, tell Kate how pretty she looks!" the twins whined. We worked on her for hours and you have to tell her!"

"You look very pretty Kate. Now get busy earning your keep," I laughed.

My nieces took turns serving me the various courses and even Kate took a turn. Dinner talk was dominated by the woman at the table and most of it was pumping Kate about her life.

After dessert I pushed back my chair and all eyes and breasts looked my way. I then told Shannon to dress Kate up tomorrow for a trip to my office for getting her some part time work. We would then go past the college and get her ready for enrollment. Kate had a shocked, overwhelmed look on her face and Shannon added that we would then take her shopping for more girly things. My nieces then came one by one, kissed me and turned around and waited. I swung out my hand and gave a good whack on their ass. Kate then stood and walked up to me took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply on the lips.

She whispered, "Thank you for all this, Uncle Zach," then turned around and stood there.

I didn't act right away so Kate then wiggled her ass and looked back at me over her shoulder with doe eyes. I reached back and gave her a swat that lifted her onto her toes. She had such a look of belonging on her face as she turned and ran up after the girls. I looked at Beth and she just shook her head like, 'here we go again'.

The next day Kate and Shannon looked very professional as we accomplished the plans we made. Kate would start work on soon and we got her info for signing up for some basic business classes. Shannon then wanted to go to her favorite boutiques to get Kate girly-up'd. I knew what was coming and felt sorry for Kate since she didn't know what was gonna happen to her. I saw Shannon picking out racy bra and panties sets and headed off to the fitting room. I then heard, "Uncle Zach come see this."

When I sat in the waiting chair Shannon pushed Kate out of the changing room. Shannon had chosen bra and panty sets that complemented Kate's dark hair and full firm breasts. When Kate walked out with that first set she was blushing beet red from her cheeks down to the cleavage of her breasts. She demurely had her hands covering her panties at first then moved her hands to her sides.

She slowly raised her head to look into my eyes and when I threw her a kiss she smiled deeply. The underwear got sexier and more revealing - the last number was cherry red and see-through. The bra was a half cup which left her nipple area exposed. Kate had a rose colored areole about the size of a half-dollar and her nipples which were firm and pointed where dark cherry red.

"Do you like all of Kate's pretty things Uncle Zach?" purred Shannon.

I told them that very much I did. Pushing the envelope Shannon then walked Kate to right in front of me and whispered to Kate to let Uncle Zach feel how soft your panties are. After a second, Kate took my hand turned it palm up, parted her legs, then ran my fingers on her pussy on the outside of her soft panties. She did this for several seconds until my fingers became moist.

She then turned around and displayed her thong strung ass. Reaching back she gripped my fingers again and ran them down her crack and whispered, "Caress my back door Uncle Zach. It will soon be my gift to you."

I was unnerved when Kate then pushed back to allow one of my fingers to just enter the portal to her rosebud. She shuddered and hissed her breath then stepped away back into the dressing room. The girls came out with their purchases which were paid for and we left for home.

All things considered it was a quiet week while Kate settled into a routine at my estate. My nieces used my manly equipment to get the satisfaction they wanted and my wife and sister-in-law took turns getting me off in the morning. My nieces where making it their jobs to bring Kate to pleasure as they took turns making her sleep in their beds at night. As I did my manly job of shutting the house down for the night I could hear moans and groans coming from the girls rooms. It didn't take too long before I could easily identify Kate's voice as she moaned out her orgasms.

Kate settled into a family routine but I kept her off limits for sex with me. It didn't seem right, more like taking advantage of her. She did however have to follow the house rules and one time she broke one. Beth had asked her to do a chore and Kate had promised to do it but had failed to even start.

That evening I called the nieces into the den and told them about the broken promise and to go get Kate. The twins took in a deep breath and turned deep red. They ran up the stairs and disappeared for a bit then slowly walked Kate down into the den.

My wife Beth asked Kate if she remembered the house rules about completing an assigned chore.

"Yes Aunt Beth I'm sorry the time just got away," Kate mumbled with her head down. Winking at me Beth told her that we have rules in our house.

"Ok Aunt Beth I'm ready for my punishment," she said meekly. "Am I gonna be grounded or lose the car privileges?"

Beth told her she would have to be spanked for breaking the rules. "WHAT?" cried Kate? Mary, my sister-in-law, told her that it was their house their rules.

"OK girls prepare Kate for her punishment," I ordered

Shannon walked up to face Kate. "I'm sorry Kate but we all have to obey Aunt Beth. She's the queen bee of this house. And there are consequences. The twins and I have had to obey and have been disciplined when we broke a house rule and if you wish to stay a part of this family you will have to also," she instructed.

"First of all Uncle Zach is the enforcer in the household and you are not gonna lose privileges -- you're gonna be spanked in front of the family -- naked!" explained Beth.

"WHAT?" Kate wined loudly. "It's your choice Kate," Beth said.

The twins walked up to Kate and began unbuttoning her blouse. Kate stood meekly in shock as each article of clothing was softly removed. When her bra came off each twin took a breast in hand and kissed a nipple. They sucked for a few seconds and stood aside and tweaked the exposed nipples. "We will make you feel better when it's all over Kate, we promise," they then laughed softly.

Shannon moved in front of Kate and slowly pulled the yoga pants and panties down her legs and helped her remove them from each foot. She softly kissed Kate's soft covering of pussy hair and stood back up and sat in a den chair.

Kate walked slowly towards me. She made no move to hide her nakedness if anything held her body defiantly. Her breasts she 'held' proudly as she walked the c-cups firm and capped by a dark pink areola with a cherry red firm nipple. Her pussy had a soft covering of her black hair, neatly trimmed. This was the first time I saw Kate totally naked up close. She had worn skimpy suits by the pool and was not shy walking to her room after a shower. But this time she was full on naked in front of the 'adults'. She stood in front of me defiantly. I could clearly pick up the aroma of her womanness.

"Lay across my lap Kate," I intoned strongly at her. "Girls, come hold her hands down," I told the twins.

"NO!" Kate cried out. "I can do this myself!"

Kate settled her tummy across my legs with her firm breast between my legs. Her groin was settled across my right leg and her ass she held up firm and high with her feet on the floor.

"Kate did we tell you the rules before this time?" I asked her.

"Yes Uncle Zach," she whimpered.

"Then you know why you are about to be spanked?"

"Yes Uncle Zach," she said starting to cry a bit.

"Well let's begin," I stated.

I then began a series of 'smack, Smack, SMACK' on Kate's ass as each swat was a little stronger than the one before. Her cheeks turned pink then darker red as I kept up the disciple on her ass. I looked over at the twins and their eyes were glazed as in a trance. I wondered to myself about what the twins were thinking just now -- like would they want to be next? I swatted Kate's ass for about five minutes until I felt her sobbing.

I winked at Beth and said, "Girls leave Kate's panties on the floor here as a reminder all day tomorrow. Kate, stand up and kiss your Aunt Beth good night."

She slowly pushed back to kneel by legs then stood and leaned over to kiss Beth who was seated on the sofa. That put Kate in a position to show me her firm ass and a surprisingly wet labia. The wetness shone in the lamp light.

When that was done I said, "Kate come here and kiss me good night and thank me for disciplining you."

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