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Zach's Night Out


I have just started writing stories and I really appreciate all your comments, it can only help me get better, :-)...


"Ok, you got everything in the car? Make sure you call me when you get there and if you get tired, make sure you stop and take a break."

"Yes baby, I've got everything. It will only take about 5 hours to get there, depending on traffic and I will call you when I get there. You are still going over to Dave and Vicky's, right?"

Kristen & I were supposed to go out tonight on a couples movie night at Dave and Vicky's place. Then, yesterday she got a call from her sister and her grandmother was rushed to the hospital. Her grandmother was always there for her when she grew up, since her mother had died of cancer, so she had raised both her and her sister.

"Yes, I'm going to go. I can't sit around here all weekend, I'll be bored out of my mind."

"Well, have fun and I'll talk to you later baby." Kristen kissed him and gave him a hug then got in her car. Zach watcher her go, knowing he'd miss her but she would only be gone a week, she'll be back soon.

After Kristen left, I picked up some drinks and headed over to Dave's. They had a nice house just outside of town, no neighbors, talk about perfect. It was so quiet there and if we got rowdy, it wouldn't matter. Dave and I have been friends for a couple of years now and we try to make it a monthly get together.

As I arrived, Dave and Vicky were sitting on the porch already having a drink.

"Hey Zach, how are you? Everything ok with Kristen?"

"Hey there Dave, Vicky. Kristen's on her way, she'll let me know how she's doing when she gets there. Her Grandma has been pretty sick lately and she pretty much helped raise her ya know, so she wanted to be there for her at the hospital."

"Yes, I can't blame her," Vicky said as she greeted me with a hug.

"Want a beer man?"

"You know it."

"It is such a beautiful night, Dave and I was just sitting here enjoying it while we were waiting for you. Do you want to go in now or sit out here?"

"Let's sit out here for a bit, we got all night," Zach laughs.

Dave was a lucky man, Vicky was a sweet girl and pretty hot too. Not that Kristen wasn't, Vicky was just a different breed. The way she carried herself, so confident, yet subtle and I could tell Dave was head over heals for her.

We all chatted for a while and lost track of time. I've always loved sitting out here, in the country, with no buildings blocking the incredible view of the land and the sky. By that time I'd had a couple beers and then we decided to go inside.

We didn't want to play a card game so we picked an action movie with some drama of course for Vicky, but I didn't mind. I was about to get another beer and Dave had leaned over and was giving Vicky a seriously hot kiss, which surprised me. They usually don't get that hot in front of us. I cleared my throat and went into the kitchen for a beer.

Dave followed me in, went into the refrigerator and said, "Hey man, you having a good time?"

"Yeah, of course. I would otherwise be sitting at home doing the same thing but by myself, crazy bored."

Dave laughed and said, "I have a question for you."

"What's up?"

"Don't mean to put you on the spot but I was thinking recently. I know Kristen is not here, that's what I had planned for, all 4 of us. Vicky and I have talked a couple of times of having some "fun," (as he air quotes the word fun). How do you feel about that?"

Zach couldn't believe what he was hearing, he cannot be serious. "Are you serious? She's ok with that?"

Dave laughs, "Yeah, it might put more spark into our relationship."

"I thought you two were doing great."

"We are but there's always room for improvement," as he laughs and takes a drink. "And besides, I think we need something to spike things up. It seems like it's got to that slow point, where we're just floating on the water in the canoe, not going anywhere. I want to go forward with Vicky and to be honest, by the way she's been talking, I can tell something's missing; and she's been hinting about things. Like she's afraid to say it aloud, afraid of what I might say. So, I was thinking, do you think Kristen would mind? We could just bring her in next time, if you would want a next time," he laughs.

"Hell yeah, I'm all for it! I don't know how I'll tell her though, I'll have to see how to approach it with her. How are we going to do this?"

"Well, when I start getting real hot with Vicky, that's the cue. Just join in with us, and we'll take it from there."

"I'm in! Have you two ever done this before, with other couples? You've never talked about it."

"Vicky has in a previous relationship; she told me all about it. They would go to these parties and you would not believe the stories she's told me and I think she really wants that in our relationship. She's never outright said it but I can tell when she talks about it, she's waiting for me to say something but she's never asked. So, I thought about it and I want to give it to her. But I knew it had to be with people we knew well and of course, you and Kristen were first on my list."

"I wish Kristen could be here Dave. I don't think she'll be uptight about this, once I convince her we're going to do it again," Zach laughs.

They bump hands, get their drinks and go back to the living room.

"Hey, where you guys been?"

"Guy talk baby. Do you want another drink?"

"That would be great, thanks sweetie. So, Zach, when is Kristen coming back?"

"Next week, she wants to make sure her grandma is out of the hospital before she comes back."

"Poor thing, I feel so bad for her. I don't have any grandparents left so I know how sad she is for her to be so sick. Oh, thanks for the drink baby. "

"You're welcome love."

"This movie is about over, I'm going to put in another one. How long are you staying Zach?"

"I don't have to hurry home, so no rush for me. I'm up for another movie."

After Vicky put the movie in, Dave drapes his arm around her and starts caressing her shoulder. During the movie, we all had our small talk and by then I'd had a couple more beers, which made me feel a little more relaxed. I was wondering when things were going to get started, which made it hard for me to concentrate on the movie.

Dave then leans over, kisses Vicky's ear, which visibly sends quivers down her body. I can see him whisper something in her ear and she just looked at him, raises her eyebrows and then she looked at me. My cock was waking up and I must admit, I was a little nervous. She is so sexy, her long auburn hair, beautiful tits and she had an amazing ass.

She looked at Dave and smiled. I took that as a yes.

"Zach, you're sure Kristen will be ok with this?" Vicky asked.

"Haven't decided how or if I will tell her yet. You two will help me with whatever I tell her though, right?"

"Of course," they said in unison.

Wow, I can't believe this is happening! They put their drinks down and stood up. Dave grabbed her, kissed her hard, took her hand and we decided to go upstairs.

When we get there, they were taking their clothes off, so I followed suit. Dave was kissing her so I came over and put one of her breasts in my mouth, damn they are beautiful! I sucked on her nipple and grabbed the other one with my other hand.

I could hear her moaning already. Then Dave laid her on the bed and I was going to wait for his move, not wanting to overstep my boundaries. He went between her legs and started to lick her pussy. Damn, I was leaking pre-cum already.

I kneeled by Vicky's head and she took my cock in her mouth and damn did that feel good. She sucked on it and stroked my cock with her other hand. I moved closer to see how much she wanted to take in. Wow, she was good at this.

She kept sucking harder and her tongue and lips on my cock were driving me insane! I looked down and Dave was sucking on her pussy and I couldn't wait for that to be me. He gently pushed her legs back farther, I helped him hold the right one and he was sucking on her and had two fingers in her fucking her hard. I could hear how wet she was and she raised her hips and yelled as she came all over his face.

She was moaning on my cock and I pushed a little further, I wanted her to take all she could if not all. Damn that would be fucking incredible! Dave got up and slammed his cock inside her.

"Oh shit, your pussy is so fucking tight baby!"

I grabbed her right nipple while she sucked on my cock and squeezed it lightly. I didn't know how much she could take in her mouth but she was doing pretty damn good so far. I kept inching forward and I had already touched her throat, which set me off and I squeezed her nipple by reflex harder which made her buck towards Dave.

"Looks like you need to do that again Zach, seems she likes it."

I moved faster in her mouth and squeezed her nipple again harder which made her mouth tighten on me and once again gave Dave more advantage on her. Damn I need to be inside of her! Hearing him fucking her, her wetness was driving me wild.

Dave stopped and we switched positions and I had to taste her first. I put my mouth on her pussy, sucking and I licked her lips and put my tongue inside of her, licking her all over. She tastes so fucking good! I put 2 fingers inside of her and fucking her with my hand hard and grabbed on her clit with my mouth.

"You're going to have her cumming real fucking fast Zach," Dave said.

He had his cock in her mouth now and I could hear her sucking away on him.

It wasn't long before she rewarded me with her sweet cum and I put my mouth on her pussy to catch it all. She arched her hips toward my face giving me all of her and after I swallowed her delicious cum, I put her legs back and entered her swiftly. Damn she feels so damn good, shit! I heard her gasp and moan and knew she liked it. Vicky definitely had her hands full.

I fucked her hard and fast and I knew it wasn't going to take long for me to cum. She was tight just like Dave said and she felt fucking incredible!! I reached down and sucked on her nipple while I was fucking her and she seemed to really like that.

I looked at Dave and he knew I was going to cum. "Go ahead man, I'm about to cum in her mouth too. She knows how to suck a cock like a pro, right babe?" as he winks at her.

That was all I needed to hear. I sped up, needed to fuck her harder and he was doing the same thing. I couldn't help but yell as I unloaded my cum inside of her and Dave was doing the same. His cum was leaking out of her mouth.

She smiled and licked it off and Dave bent and kissed her. I bent and kissed her pussy which made her moan once again and she raised her hips towards my face.

"Think you can get us hard again baby?"

"I think I can handle that and I definitely love a challenge," she said, with a smile of course.

She stroked his cock and while I was eating her pussy, my cock was coming back to life too. I just came so I will be up for a while, wondering if she can handle that. Then I remembered her experience Dave told me about and knew it would be no problem.

Dave then told her to get on all fours and he fucked her from behind while I was in front of her with my cock in her mouth again. Let's see if she can take all of this, I thought.

I kept moving slowly forward and she wasn't backing away so that was my green light. Dave was fucking her nice and hard and she took my cock out and yelled that she was cumming, for him to fuck her harder.

"That's it baby, fuck me, I'm going to cum on you, ohhhhhh shittttt!!"

After she came, I moved forward, inching my cock inside her mouth and didn't give her the option to back out. If she couldn't do it, I would stop but I sure as hell wanted her to take all of it. My balls were almost to her chin, shit almost there. Her throat was contracting on my cock and I was fucking loving it! I fucked her mouth slowly, her saliva was running on my cock. I went a little faster and couldn't take it any longer. I could not believe I was going to cum so quickly, "Shit Vicky, I'm cumming! Holy shit!"

I moved a little faster, the feel of her throat around me was fucking insane. I pulled out of her throat and the rest went in her mouth. As I had finished cumming in her mouth, Dave was cumming in her pussy.

"Damn baby, that's what I'm talking about," Dave said. "That was fucking hot!"

She looked back at him and smiled.

"Zach, you ok man? Come get some of this from the back. Baby, you doing ok? We can stop if you are tired."

"Hell no sweetheart, this is fucking awesome! We can do this all night!"

Zach went behind her and rubbed his cock on her pussy, getting it going again. While he did that, he put her pussy juices on her ass and put his thumb in there. His thumb went in to the first knuckle, then out again and then he put it all in, loosening her up. While he did this his cock was stroking her pussy. He entered her now and he had gotten to his full length again.

"Damn Dave she has a nice pussy!"

"Tell me about it, I tell her all the time," as he again winked at her.

Zach was fucking her from behind and he knew he could do this all night. He grabbed her hips, bringing her back to meet his strokes, getting as deep inside of her as he could.

Dave told him to hold on as he laid down and told her to get on top of him. He spread her ass and looked at Zach.

"You guys are trying to kill me," Vicky said, although with a smile.

Shit, I couldn't believe this, my night was getting better and better.

"Put your cock in her pussy, get her juices on your cock and make her ass nice and wet. Here, let me spread it for you."

When he spread her ass, I got the best view of both, damn that was hot!! I took my cock, stroked her pussy and put the juices on her ass, did that a couple of times. Then I put my finger inside of her, worked it a bit and then put two and worked it some more.

"Ok, I think she's ready." I got some more juices from her pussy and went to her ass. Dave was stroking her pussy with his cock softly while I was slowly entering her. I put the head in and took it out, she was moaning big time. I went a little farther, got past the head and got inside. I sat there for a sec to let her adjust. Dave was kissing her and had one hand on her head and his other had was on his cock, slowly stroking her. It sounded like she was cumming again, I could hear her getting wetter. There was nothing like the sound of a nice wet pussy. I went further in her ass and her moans got louder in his mouth and then I went all the way in and I heard her gasp against his mouth.

"Vicky, you ok? You're ass feels so fucking good!"

"Yes, I'm ok, keep going."

I moved in and out to get her used to it for a bit. Then I stopped so Dave could get his cock inside of her.

"Holy shit!" Vicky yelled. "That feels so fucking incredible! Fuckkk!!!"

Both of our cocks were all the way inside of her. We started moving and I couldn't help it, I had to move faster, this felt too damn good. I was fucking her ass good and her pussy was so wet.

"Dave, I'm going to cum on your cock, oh shit, oh shit, Ohhhh Shit I'm cumming!! Fuck me guys, fuck me! Ohhhh shit!"

"Fuck this is so fucking hot! That's it baby, give me your cum, fuck her harder Zach, harder!"

He didn't have to ask twice, I pummeled her ass and my cock was rock hard. Hearing her wet pussy was driving me fucking nuts.

We kept that up for a while and Vicky must have came about 3 more times. Dave then stopped and got up. He went to the bathroom, got a warm cloth, handed it to me and asked if we could switch, he wanted to be in her ass. Hell no I didn't mind. I wiped my cock off and laid down. Before she sat on my cock, she put her pussy on my face and rubbed it back and forth, grinding her pussy all over me. She grabbed my head, pulling be closer, "Eat my pussy Zach, make me cum."

I sucked while she grinded and I was rewarded with her cum flowing down my throat. Shit, we need to do this more often.

She moved onto my cock and this time we didn't need to take it slow with her ass so the both of us just started fucking her hard. Her pussy felt so damn good. We both were fucking her fiercely and Dave was yelling how damn good her ass felt.

Her wet pussy slapping against my cock, the wetness was driving me crazy and she was cumming on my cock, shit that was so fucking, fucking awesome! "That's it, cum on my cock Vicky, yes!"

Her juices were running all down me and Dave was fucking her like a wild horse.

"I'm going to cum in your pussy Vicky, I can't hold out any longer! Shit, I'm cumming, shit!!"

"I'm cumming too baby, I'm filling your ass with my cum! Damn it, fuck!"

The both of us were filling her with our cum and I seemed like it wouldn't stop. We finally slowed down to a stop but we didn't take our cocks out, it felt too good being inside of her.

"Damn, that was fucking incredible guys, fucking incredible!"

"You can say that again Vicky!"

"Zach, you think Kristen would like to join us next time?"

"Hell, I'll make sure she does," as he laughs.

"Sounds good to me," Vicky said.

I am so all for it, hell yeah! Damn I can't wait for her to get back, it's going to be even better next time!

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