tagGay MaleZack the Controller Ch. 01

Zack the Controller Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The College Years

There he was, on the side of his bed, half way down a cock nearly as big as his own. Just another booty call, as it was supposed to be, and on a college thirsty Thursday. Zack was never a big fan of the alcohol induced madness that normally ran rampant on campus. Instead he liked to play it behind the scenes, setting up the hook-ups, making arrangements, and pushing the seedy nightlife that was this major metropolitan campus. Zack was the secret in school everyone knew, nothing moved without his permission, and nothing happened without his knowledge. Not bad for a 3 year physics student studying for his master's. Zack breezed through his classes just as he breezed through the politics of the world he lived in.

Tonight was no different. As he downed much of the 9 inches of hot cock that was shaved and presented to him only a few minutes earlier. Zack remembered back when he feared the political machine he now controlled. Zack used to be Smart, Fat and Crazy in high school, but when he graduated at the top of his class at 16 and immediately went to college, people were hard pressed to ridicule him out of his High School anymore. Now 19 and in his physical peak, things were a little different.

The pre-cum was oozing into his mouth from the young stud he had enveloped in his lips, straining to hold back the heavy load that he was commanded to restrain. Zack watched the man only 2 years his senior strained under his complete control, and he reveled in it. Zack licked the tip of the cock diligently and pressed his head down, enveloping the entire length in a single dominative thrust. Zack controlled the pace of the sex and both men knew it, no matter when it was, Zack was in control and dominate. Maybe it was because he was physically bigger and stronger than the other man. Maybe it was because he had a 14 inch cock that seemed completely insatiable.

Or, just maybe it was because Zack had the brains to outsmart anyone on campus in a mere matter of minutes. When Zack had first arrived at college, his body was out of shape but his mind was sharp as ever, and he quickly realized that College was a very different animal from that of his High School. So he hid and he studied. Not just his books but the inner workings of everything around him, and himself as well. Zack knew from a young age that he was bisexual, but never had the confidence in himself to get what he wanted. He remained a virgin till about half way through his high school years. Tonight wasn't the first cock he smoked since coming to College, and it certainly wouldn't be his last.

"Please sir, May I Cum?" Zack heard the man's pleas as he continued to swallow inch after inch of the thick nine inch cock before him. Zack knew the pale skinned, toned flesh of the stud before him could take a little more punishment, and Zack continued to savor the sweetness of the pre-cum oozing in his mouth. Keeping his control, Zack remained silent, letting the firm abs of the vanilla skin man tighten and contrast against the succulent movements of his chocolate lips around the hard pole. Zack stroked his own big heavy dick in his hands knowing he could easily have gotten his fill of cum tonight through his own efforts, but this guy had been doing his part around campus to keep Zack in power. A just reward for all his hard work would be a night of passion at the hands of one of the most capable lovers on campus. "Please!!!!!" He screamed

"And what makes you think you deserve to cum. . ." "Please Master, I don't deserve to cum, you are the only one who can decide it. But I need to so bad. . ."

Zack deep throated the cock expertly once more then squeezed his muscular hand around the shaft so tightly the head turned red. The pain and pleasure mixed in such harmony that the light skinned twink before him could do nothing more than wince and moan together. "Your right, I decide it. I decide everything on this campus. Don't I?"

"Yes sir, You control everything. This whole campus is yours to do with as you please!"

"Indeed, and who is your master?"

"You are SSSSIIRRRRR, please let me cum. . ."

"Let WHO cum?" Zack's deep voice permeated the man's skin and he felt his knees buckle with the deep vibrations of his master's question.

"Let Your SLAVE cum, please MASTER, PLEASE!!!!!!"

The pleas were almost too much and Zack smiled, looking into his property's eyes, he nodded in agreement. The slave understood it at once, and released the mighty grip he had on his own body. Eruptions of cum began to shoot down Zack's throat, and he reveled in it, knowing that the man's exquisite cum had been made all for him. Zack's sexuality feed off of other's enjoyment of his services, and they would pay nearly any price for it. As Zack swallowed the first few globs of the other man's cum he leaned back and let a few more ounces spray down over his firm abs. A stark contrast from the youthful belly fat he had when he entered college.

"You call that cum, slave?" Zack spoke in a calm middle tone soaked from his face and chest in the semen of the spent man before him trembling. The pale skin looking lighter now that he had his release, as he could barely stand. Zack stood up stroking his own mighty cock before the other man who barely managed his balance before the mountain of health that stood before him. Zack smiled and ran his fingers over his chest smearing the cum into his chiseled body, and stroked his cock a little. It never took much for Zack to cum himself, only a few mental buttons to press in his mind here and there. He could even make himself orgasm his spectacular load from flaccid, though that wasn't much less compared to what he was about to release. "This is Cum, Slave"

And with the last eminence of his superiority, Zack released his load. His pale compatriot was barely standing after the torrent of his own cum coated his master's face and chest a moment ago, but was brought to his knees by the deluge of semen that erupted from Zack's hard cock. The slave opened his mouth and greedily drank of his master's milky fluids as it was always apparent that there was far more cum than he could possibly take into himself. Soon he was being covered in cum from the outside, his hard chest and erect nipples soaked in the same fluid he craved in his throat. Zack smiled and moaned softly as he released the last of his load coating his slave from head to toe in his cum, watching as his toy's cock was now flaccid and dripping in semen. "Thank you, Master"

"Very good slave, this was your reward for completing all your tasks this last semester. List them to me" Zack said as he tossed his toy a towel and stood facing the balcony window overlooking the courtyard of the dorms.

"Straight A's in all classes, with out favors from teachers. Securing Employment with local Law Enforcement as a part time job for the oncoming two years. Successfully tracking the gang activity of the town in and around the College. And finally securing the shipment of equipment to the Tech department on campus by Thanksgiving. Sir," What he said was true, Zack smiled and laughed to himself about how the more things change the more they stay the same. It would be a good semester to come.

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