I am a black woman in North Georgia married to a very good white man. But he has one big problem. He does not have sex with the woman he is married to.

So I have to go out and find my own loving.

My first lovers are a couple. He is very well hung. Let's just say he sends me to the emergency room when we do it from behind. Ladies you know what I am talking about.

Well anyhow.

I am six foot tall in bare feet 38ddd and can give the best titty fuck, and still suck his dick at the same time. I am not a small woman by any means. I have a 30 inch waist and a 42 inch ass. Yes, all woman.

One of my best hobbies is to fuck him and his wife together. She is a bit on the small side, bi-racial with a small chest and ass, although her saving grace is her long legs. She has face of an angel. She is also six foot and can fuck like a sailor. He is six five fair-haired and blue eyed. I have a thing for white men with big dicks. But will fuck about anyone with or without a dick.

The first time we got together we were at a bar. Me looking for casual sex, not knowing they were too.

He came over and asked me to dance. He looked like he was a good dancer, or better yet a good fuck, after all that is what I was looking for. We danced and he was a good dancer for a white boy.

After the dance he asked, "Would you come and sit with me?"

I said, "Yes, I would love too."

I was almost at his booth when I stopped, because I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever come across. She had very big eyes, a wide smile and short brown hair. When I realized that we were going to her booth I had to stop and look at him.

"Is she a dream? Who is she?" I asked.

"She's my wife, and she thinks you are a very sexy woman." He replied.

My thong was so wet it was even more useless than when I had first put it on. I had cum running down my legs. We exchanged names, his name is Jeff, and hers is Jen oh, by the way my name is Grace.

We were all sitting in the booth. He was sat next me, she was opposite us by herself. We talked for a little while, about nothing.

Suddenly Jen said, "Let's get a room and fuck. What do you think?"

I smiled and asked "Which way?"

We got a room.

As soon as we walked into the room Jen and I shared a long kiss, we kissed as if we had been lovers all our life and then Jeff stepped in and kissed me some more. While Jeff was kissing me I felt Jen pushing up my skirt, her hands were on my ass then I felt her lips on my ass. I had to stop kissing Jeff, and toke a breath before I passed out. These people did not use up time talking!!

They were my kind of people.

Jeff kind of pushed us toward the king sized bed and they lay me down. Jen did a slow strip dance for us while Jeff was taking off his clothes. I did a double take when I saw what was hanging between Jeff's legs. It was a baseball bat. Well, it looked like a bat. He threw his had back and shouted, "I am the man." I had to agree. Jen jumped on the bed and started taking off my clothes. I was still in shock over the baseball bat between Jeff's legs!!

After Jen undressed me, she pushed me back on the bed and jumped on top of me and gave me a very hard kiss. I began to come out my daze and started kissing her back. She felt so good. I love the softness of a woman.

She started to kiss my neck and then she was sucking my tits, kissing and licking them. Jeff joined in, I felt so good. My pussy was so wet and I know I was cumming, just from them playing with my 38ddd's.

I knew I had to have something to suck on so I grabbed Jeff's dick and tried to suck it down. I gagged and choked but I had to keep trying.

Jen said, "Stop. I want Jeff to fuck you."

I slowly stopped.

"While Jeff fucks you, I want you to eat my pussy." She said.

MMMM, what a trade.

I felt this big thing trying to get into my wet pussy, he was slowly pushing it in, and I stopped eating Jen for a second and shouted "Fuck me hard."

He pulled back and pushed hard until he was in. I had tears coming out of my eyes. It felt too good and I had a mouth full of the sweetest pussy, I could tell that it was a recently fucked pussy, as I could taste some salty cum along with her sweet juices.

Jeff was fucking me very hard by now I was sucking Jen hard, she shouted, "I'm cumming!"

Jeff was pounding away.

He froze. It felt as if I had a water hose shoved deep in me as he came and came and came some more. I never stopped cumming.

I passed out.

When I opened my eyes I felt a head between my legs. No, I felt two heads between my legs.

I looked.

Jeff and Jen were busy cleaning me up. I knew at that moment that we were friends forever, and that we had a lot more things to try in the future, maybe I could get together with them and my husband?

Or maybe not.

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