Zane Ch. 01


"Great." Great. More time to see you in my shirt. He turned back around and grabbed her leg. His touch sent chills through her body. It was so soft and felt so good. He trailed up to the bandage and carefully unraveled the bandage as he lifted her leg up which in turn made the shirt exposed her bikini underwear. Maybe he shouldn't have brought the clothes and he just would've gotten a glance of her pussy. "So, how old are you? I'm 24."

She hesitated. "20. Should turn 21 soon, but I don't keep up with dates."

"Wow. Nice. So what's your story? How'd you get here?"

"Honestly? I'm a bad girl Zane. Very bad." That did nothing but turn him on more. "I ran with a group for about 2 years until they drugged me up and left me in the rain. They took $10,000 plus my earnings and drove off. I went walking through the woods to avoid the cops. I hate the cops. And I guess that's where I got shot off."

"So you've been running your whole life?" He cleansed her wound and continued stitching.

"Not my whole life, but for most of it. I'd rather be dead."

"You shouldn't wish that." He snapped back. "You're too beautiful to go out like that." She barely smiled and nodded. That was the first time someone told her she was beautiful and not just sexy. "Well then cops are definitely out of the question for you."

"What about you? Why not take me to the police when you found me? Or to the hospital?"

"Hm. I'm not too popular with the cops myself. Hell, I used to be one. But...I left when they killed a group of teenagers over drugs. 'Self defense' is what they said as an excuse, but that's not true. They said that the kids threw the drugs into a lake and it disappeared. But the cops just took it to smoke for themselves. When I threatened to rat 'em out, I was framed, they pinned a drug deal on me, I get arrested, I leave, and basically if I say two cents about any of it they're going to find their way to make sure I don't. And at the hospital, there is always some form of cops out there. Fuck 'em all." Blair was speechless. At the fact that he was so open to tell her that and the audacity of the people who were supposed to protect the people. He finished up the last of the stitches and taped a patch to it. "There. You're good."

"Oh. Thanks. I'll just...sleep then."

"Right. I don't have to worry about you leaving?"

"Nah. Besides...I'll need food later." He chuckled at her. Then wondered why when she was defensive she was not near as shy as she was now. Attractive. Zane got up to go to his bed to take another nap himself. And to release.

He shut his door behind him and stripped out of his clothes. Zane then laid down on his bed and closed his eyes. His hands found his way to his dick, throbbing for attention. Stroke...stroke...stroke...stroke...Breathing became a second nature and ecstasy became apparent. His thoughts traced into an imaginary state of sex. He could see it now:

Stormy walking in with just his shirt on and her hair down as she comes near his bed. "Come over here and suck my cock, Stormy. Suck it." She falls to her knees onto the bed and bends down to kiss his thighs, to take her time. He grabs her hair and pulls it back to meet her almond shaped eyes. "I said suck my cock. Teasing me just makes me want to shove my dick into you more." Blair groans and then strokes his dick. His head tilts back and mouth opens as she rocks it back and forth. She traces her tongue onto the head of his prick. Not enough. He grabs her head and pushes it down and his dick goes into her mouth. Not enough. His hips begin to rock into her mouth, pushing deeper and deeper. Not enough. "Suck." And she does. His thumbs feel her cheeks and he can feel his rod through her face. "Oh, fuck." He begins rocking his hips faster now, wanting to cum so bad. "Be a good little girl and swallow it. Swallow it all." She is almost gagging taking him in like this. Her throat has relaxed around him though. He must be a good 9 to 10 inches. "See how much you can fit in that pretty little mouth of yours, baby." His dick so far this time and she gags this time, but doesn't falter. She lifts up and gasps for air and says,

"Let me. Stop what you're doing and let me make you want me more." He groans with pleasure.

"Oh, honey, you do it so good." She pumps it faster, and faster, and faster and moans through her mouth as she tastes the saltiness of his precum. She grabs the bottom of his shaft and squeezes. "Oh, God...Ugh!...Oh!..." She feels his release and she lets go of the shaft and his muscles tense up and he shakes so hard as the feeling erupts from his stomach to his cum. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Six loads of cum launch down her throat as she sucks him continuously.

Zane opened his eyes to find his cock limp and pink and his cum all over his stomach and bed. If only, if only. Thank God Stormy was asleep, or she might've thought he was screaming from a bad case of diarrhea. He rose up, dizzy. He had never came so much in his life so hard. He grabbed a washcloth and cleaned up. He wanted to control and dominant her so much more now. And he will.


Zane woke up from his nap and headed downstairs without a shirt on, hoping she was still there. Yes! She was. Blair was in the kitchen cooking what smelled like chicken and dumplings. She had changed clothes and she look entirely edible. Zane stared at her from the side. Her tank top curved around her breasts. She had to be a size C at least. Her stomach was flat and her shorts shaped a very nice ass; not too big but big enough to grip when he would have the day to pump into her from behind. She saw him and did a double take. "Why do you stare at me like that?" Wow, she caught him off guard.

" just remind me of somebody?

"Oh. That's nice...well...sorry I used your food. I got hungry but didn't want to wake it is."

"No, no way. I love chicken and dumps. I Haven't had that stuff since I was a kid."

"Yeah?...well...there are few things I remember how to cook..."

"Well, then let's eat."

As they sat and ate in silence at the table, Zane slurped his up quickly. She assumed he liked it, which was good, because that's the only thing she really knew how to make.

"So...What made you jerk off to me earlier?" She calmly asked. Zane choked on his soup and coughed for a good 15 seconds. Awkward. For him.

"You, uh, heard? Look I'm really sor--"

"It's okay. It happens. Just usually you shouldn't wake the other up...calling out their name."

"Wow, you really heard all of that? I never knew."

"Anyways, I thought I should head out. I don't want to make this awkward-er-er." Not on his watch.

"No, I really think you should stay."

"Look, Zane, the pain is fading, I can pretty much walk, and I can't stay here. I have no money, food or clothes to myself to last me anymore than a few days. I have to go."

"Go where, Stormy? To stealing again? To being abandoned by more people in your life?" He snapped back. She stood up, angry.

"You don't know shit about abandonment. And you don't know me! Fuck you." Blair stood up to leave and grabbed her bag and headed for the door. Before she could open it more than an inch, Zane ran up behind her and slammed the door. Hard. She dropped her bag when his body was pressed up against her back. He pressed a little bit harder and whispered into her ear.

"Baby, I know more than you think. And I've been thinking about you all day now. I can read you. You want someone to control you. I can tell by your attitude and the way you react to me. You like it when people get aggressive and try to take control. And I know you're a virgin."

"Fuck you!"

"In due time, Stormy. I've already had my fingers in you. You were so tight. And you know I want more. Call it a one night stand or whatever, but you make it so near impossible." The way he whispered into her ear made her body shake down to her toes. His voice was already deep, but when he whispered, everything near his mouth would tingle and vibrate a little.

"Get off of me now! What are you going to do? Huh? Rape me?"

"No." He smacked her ass. "But I do want to fuck you until you say you want it." Blair tried to back up and make a run for it, but she only pressed further into his penis and he pressed her back to the door, this time the air leaving her lungs. He was far too strong in this position. He grabbed her arms and put the over her head.

"No. Please!" Tears were forming.

"Don't cry. I promise I won't do anything to bad. Now what did you hear me say when I was jerking off to you?" She said nothing. He pulled her hand back making it bend at the wrist. It hurt.

" hurts Zane."

"Then tell me. Or I'll break your fingers one by one...or your wrist." She only began to sob and he made his grip firm.

"You!...You said ' cock, Stormy! Please don't hurt me!" He placed little kisses onto her neck and shoulder. Why was this turning her on? She shouldn't be reacting like this. But his kisses were so intoxicating. He slid his hand under her tank top and over her stomach. God, her abs were tight as Zane could trace the outlines of her six-pack, her stomach convulsing with her quick pants. He couldn't help but to slowly grind her from behind. He almost came in pants right there. Her breaths quickened. And he placed his hand over her mound through her shorts.

"Listen...I won't hurt you. But I will do everything I can to make sure you don't get ahead of yourself to thinking you are all better to just jump and leave. It's dangerous out there in those woods. Stay here for a few days, get better, and I'll let you go. I'll get you everything you need, honey." And more.

"Fine, I'll stay, I'll stay. Just let me go." He released her arms and backed away from her. Blair turned around and punched him in the jaw. Zane stumbled backwards but caught himself and ran towards her and tackled her to the ground. Her was between her legs while her arms were pinned to her sides.

"Let's get one thing straight. My house, my rules. You're my guest so you do as I say." Being rough with her like that was such a turn on. He never met a woman who had such audacity to be so aggressive. Sexy. He smiled at her with those dimples. "Look...Stormy...there is something about you that I can't figure out. Any other woman who did this to me would be kicked out in a heartbeat. But you. There is something about you that makes me want to test your patience and it seems like you want to do the same to me. You speak to me and its like I spasm and it's so damn annoying because I barely know anything about you." He rose up off of her despite his erection wanting to plow into her over and over. She just laid there motionless, taking in what he just said. Her readjusted his crotch and turned to go upstairs. Guess Blair had to sit tight.

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