tagInterracial LoveZane Ch. 02

Zane Ch. 02


Six days had passed by and they slowly became fond of each other. There was only so much you could do in a cabin in the woods 24/7. Zane slept in his own room and he cleared out the smaller room next to his and turned it into a guest bedroom for Blair. Whenever they needed anything, Zane would drive into town about 15 miles away to get the supplies. There was food, a bathroom, shower, someone to care for any of her wounds, and a place to sleep; just what Blair had longed for years. Eventually, Blair quickly forgot about what happened those days ago, but Zane thought of it every night and jerked off to it more quietly now. He was so intensely attracted to her. Her caramel toned skin against his was so intense and she was so beautiful. She never talked much until they would have small arguments over when she would leave. At one point, Zane even taught Blair a few defense moves and she loved it. Nothing got her more pumped than being told not to do something, an argument, a fight, or an intense situation. Blair wanted to leave so bad because she eventually started to feel attached and wanted and needed to be around him. She didn't want to trust him. But she so needed sexual release. Half the time he'd walk around all shirtless and sexy, which made her almost drool every time. Sometimes they would sit and talk and would be so close to each other that it seemed like they were going to kiss, but Blair always pulled away. The lust built up more and more between them and it pissed her off. She never found time to touch herself or stick her fingers inside her pussy to imagine it was Zane's. He felt so long and hard when he was up against her. Sometimes she just needed to get out of the house before she tackled him and do all the things she could think of to him, but Zane probably wouldn't approve of it. Like she cared.

The woods outside that cabin were so beautiful. The trees, birds, and sunlight gave her one of the most comfortable feelings she's had in a while. She would often take a small trail outside where a hot spring was located. Zane never knew she would escape to the springs when he was sleeping until he saw her sneak out. How naughty of her.

Blair walked barefooted to the small stream that lead to the hot springs with a long towel wrapped around her body. The towel was barely keeping her breasts inside. Once she found her spot, she stepped into the water and released the towel , flinging it onto a rock. She settled into her comfort zone and then relaxed. She let out a moan of comfort as the heat of the water worked its way up her body. Zane peeked around a big boulder from a distance and had a full view of her backside. Wow, the sun complimented her body very well. He started to take mental pictures of what he saw as she crawled into the water. She had a very in-shape back. He could notice the indentions of where her shoulders would flex on her back, and then noticed the tattoo of a dragon start from the back of her neck down to the start of her butt. He wished he could see more, but the water stopped right above her hips. There was something about a woman's bare back; so erotic. He closed his eyes and imagined himself caressing her backside, tracing the outline of that tattoo as he plunged into her from behind, telling her and making her take all of him. He had to get into her...and soon....very, very soon. God, how many times has she escaped to this place without his knowledge? If he had known, he would've happily watched her every damn time and forget about her trying to leave. His eyes opened back up and he almost came in his pants. Blair had eventually soaked her body from head to toe. Her hair was completely slicked back, pushed behind her ears, almost fully straightened out by the weight of the water. She was sitting down in the water and her nipples were poking above the water. He started to drool. He noticed her dark brown areolas and her nipples became erect from the breeze against the hotness of the water. Oh, how he wanted to pull her head back, force her chest upwards and devour those tantalizing things. His cock was screaming for her pussy, her mouth, her breasts, her ass, everything! "Damn it, calm down boy, you'll get your turn," he whispered to his throbbing erection. Zane decided that later on tonight, he would teach her a lesson about being naughty, disobeying his rules, and the price for looking like a beautiful siren in water. He turned and ran back to his house before she could realize the time. He quickly got into the routine of that he was "sleeping," thinking about what he was preparing to do to her later.

Blair quietly snuck back into the house. She definitely didn't want to ruin her last chances of leaving by going to a hot spring to relax. Then again, she'd be ready to fight if he wouldn't let her go. She was still dripping wet, but her hair was pulled up and wrapped into a bun. She walked up the stairs, cursing at each step that made a squeak. "This damn house needs some damn WD-40. Shit," she whispered out loud. She finally made it to her room and shut the door. She turned around with her eyes closed and back against the door and let out a big exasperated sigh. The towel started to raise a little bit higher with her long breaths. Tsk, tsk, tsk, she heard. Her eyes snapped open. It was Zane. "Oh my God! What the fuck are you doing in here?!" She scrambled to cover her body more with her hands, as if the towel wasn't there.

"It's my house. I can be wherever I want to be Stormy." He stood up from her bed and looked lustful. His shirt was gone yet again, but he still had his pants on. "I saw you out there today. You weren't listening to me when I said to never leave this house. So now, I'm going to have to punish you for being so naughty." Blair laughed at his last remark, but it quickly subsided when she saw the seriousness and desire in is eyes.

"You...you're....wow. You are fucking crazy." She turned to leave the room but the door wouldn't open. They were locked in. "What the hell, Zane?" She tried harder now, getting a little aggitated.

"I love it when you call my name, by the way." He still stood there watching her trying to hold up the towel and open the door, struggling. "I know the only way out of here, and I won't give it up so easy. I hid the key. You do what I say, you can leave. You can leave this house and do whatever the hell you want. But if you don't...well...welcome home." Blair stopped and looked over her shoulder at Zane.

"I could leave?"

"You can leave." Damn it! How is it that someway, somehow, he got his way? Blair took two breaths and turned to him.

"Fine." Oh, fuck...yes. This was it. This was Zane's chance and he wasn't going to pass it up.

"Good. Now, I want you to take your towel off so I can look at you and your body, Stormy." Out of need to leave the house, Blair thought hard about this. She felt like a slut. Where was it in his place to command her to strip? But then again, would that be so bad? He wasn't hard to look at, hell, if anything, you could barely keep your eyes off of him. Where were these mixed emotions coming from. She caught a hold of her breath as the towel left her body and laid at her feet like a puddle. Zane's knees almost gave out on him, he used the bed post as leverage. He noticed the patch of hair that laid over her womanhood, where he thought about being for so long now. Her long legs extending into the floor, her toenails painted a ruby red, her body so built and toned. She was still wet from the water, so every time she huffed, the sunlight from her bedroom window would emphasize the dips, curves, and definitions of her body. She belonged in a playboy magazine with this, not some cabin. Blair glistened as she got more and more restless. "Damn. You look nice." His intense blue eyes looked her over and over again. He walked towards her and she started to back up. "No." She froze. "Don't move. I just want to touch you." She awkwardly held her legs close together and looked terribly uncomfortable. He was so close to her now, she could feel his breathing on her face. He trailed his fingers to her lips and traced it slowly, and her lashes dropped down to watch. "I love your lips. They're such a temptation. And they will feel so good when it's helping you suck my cock. Would you like that, Stormy?"

"No," she quietly said, tears running. But her answer sounded like an approval. She wanted this, he could tell. He stepped closer and licked her salty tears.

"Well, let me explore your body, and I'll make a deal with you...If you're not wet when I'm done, and I will be checking, then you don't have to. But I must listen to what your body wants." He reached down and kissed her neck, pressed her against the wall and felt her up. She tried pushing him away, shoved at his chest, but he grabbed her wrists painfully and slammed them above her. Blair fought back a scream. He found a breast and was enthralled by the contrast of his creamy tan skin against her caramel skin. He lowered down even further, leaving her neck and went to her breasts. He feasted on one, swirling around her nipple with his tongue. With her other breast free, he started to slap it lightly with his free hand until it also became erect. He sucked hard on her and lightly tugged at it with his teeth. She let out a soft pout. He then bit down hard and she yelped. He pulled away to only tell her, "I've been thinking about this, baby. Me sucking on your chocolate skin. Imagine what it will feel like when my cock is between these," rubbing the area between her breasts. And then he continued his torture onto the other breast. He trailed back up to her neck and onto her face and then his lips met hers. She hesitated, not wanting to let him know that she needed sex so badly. His sex. His fucking. Unfortunately, his tongue broke past her teeth and probed her mouth. "Kiss me back, Stormy. Do as I say. There's nothing wrong with kissing me." He growled at her. She tried to raise from the wall and he slammed her back against it hard, all the air leaving her lungs in a whoosh.

To hell with it all, Blair thought, I can't fight this anymore. Besides I'm leaving soon, so there won't be any emotional attachments. Right? Yeah...just a quick fuck. Blair kissed back, tentatively, but she found herself lost after they both started moaning. Softly at first, the kiss started to become animalistic. His mouth tasted like sweet mints. But tasting his mouth made her even more curious about what the rest of his body tasted like. Blair gave up. It felt too good. She liked it when he got rough, grabbing her wrists, slapping her breasts, threatening her if she disobeyed him. She wrapped one leg around his waist. He groaned into her mouth and pulled back. Blair was panting so hard, and so was he. Kissing alone made them pant like thirsty dogs.

"Oh? Are you enjoying this?" He asked, smiling. His dimples did her in she closed her eyes as he took his hand and stroked her thigh and then slipped under to where her clit was. It was flowing with her honey; she was so wet and he hadn't even stroked her yet. "Guess that rules out you leaving, baby." Zane reached up and licked his index and middle finger and then stuck it to Blair's clit, stroking gently, building up pressure. So this is how it felt to have a man's hand flicking their fingers down there. It felt amazing and she didn't want it to stop. She started to feel some sort of build up inside her stomach and her back started to arch. She had thrust upwards and Zane didn't disappoint her body as he sucked on her swollen nipples even harder. The tension that was created between his tongue almost painfully sucking and fingers in those places beat a moan out of her. Breathing became strange to her and she was about to explode. Her hips grinded against his hand, quivering, countering his strokes. She opened her mouth and the silent sound of "oh" was trying to escape, and then Zane pulled his hand away. No, no, no! She was so close.

"Oh, please," she whispered, panting. He rose his head to look her in the eyes.

"Please what?"


"Please what, Stormy. Tell me what you want. Tell me. Or I'll leave this room without you," he commanded.

"Ugh! Please...m...make...make me cum." Zane smiled seductively. He knew what he was doing.

"What did you say?"

"...I...I said make me cum, Zane."

"I can't hear you, honey."

"I want you to make me cum! Please! I need it. I need your fingers over me and inside me. I want to know what it...everything...feels like. I've always wanted to know, Zane. So...Please do it now." She surprised herself at what she said. She replayed it over and over again in her head until she felt Zane's fingers begin to rub her fast this time. "Oh...oh!" She screamed.

"See how wet you are for me? Your juices are running down your legs and all over my fingers. And once I fuck you, your pussy will be mine and mine only." He took his index finger and slid to her opening and pushed inside her hard. His finger was being squeezed to death by her walls. She was tighter than he remembered. But she was so turned on, that there was no pain as he finger fucked her hard and fast. His palm started to slap up against the nub of her lips as he pulled his finger in and out. "God, baby, you are so tight. Imagine what it would feel like when it's my cock entering your virgin pussy." He shuddered. Damn, he needed to watch what he said before he lost control. He felt her tensing up, she was so near. "Come." Then more urgently, "Come for me." Blair screamed with pleasure and small screams left her body as it was convulsing against his hand. Her orgasm finally subsided and Zane pulled out his finger and brought it to his mouth and then he licked his finger. "Mmm. You taste too good. Next time I'll taste you like I want to." The sexual tension was through the roof now. Zane stepped back and she collapsed onto the floor, with no energy left in her. She began to get up and got onto her knees so that she could pull up, but Zane stepped up to her in that position and held her head.

"What? What are you...."

"I want you to suck my cock. And you will, because you are to do what I say." His crotch was bulging through his pants. No wonder he kept them on. He would've pounded her against the wall while they were kissing if he didn't.

"I can't, Zane. I don't know how. I'm so tired." She stood up and backed up.

"Fuck no. You won't be tired until I'm done with you." He walked up to her and grabbed her by each arm hard.

"Oh. You're hurting me."

"And you like it when I'm rough. And I like being rough. With you especially." He pushed her back down to her knees.

Curiosity fell over Blair as she stared at it. Her hands shakily rose up to his button and she slowly undid it. "Be careful, Stormy, I'm on edge here. Just unzipping it could make me cum, I want you to taste it or I want to be inside you first." He rubbed her scalp, still wet from the water but curling up again to its dry state, and undid her bun. Her hair fell down over her shoulders and back and Zane ran his finger through it. "Like silk..."

"Zane?...I should tell you know, but my real name isn't Stormy. It's Blair. I never liked it, but it's my street name." She carefully slid the zipper down. Zane held his breath as she did and when he regained his composure, he said,



"Was your street name. I'll call you Blair from now on. I like it...and it suits you....now hurry up and suck my cock before I make you." Blair smiled at him and he saw her dimples and her real smile for the first time since she had been there. She looked so adorable and sexy on her knees smiling up at him. She pushed his pants and boxers down in one big hurry and his cock flew out and hit her in the chin. He was so big, and she was intimidated by it. He was about 8 inches. Maybe a little bit bigger than that, but it's more than she still expected. 9 to 10 would've been way too much. He began pushing it at her mouth and she only slid her tongue out and licked it. It sent a wave of fire throughout his body and he moaned. "More," he whispered. Blair opened her mouth and sent him into Nirvana. He was on cloud nine. Blair started to swirl her tongue around and suck with great force. Sucking sounds were being created. She was so inexperienced, but it felt like a pro. Like part of his fantasy, he slid his hands down to her cheeks and felt her dimples and jaw go inward from the force of her mouth pulling harder and harder. "Suck it...Oh, fuck, Stop. I'm gonna cum Blair. Oh, God..." And he eased her head from his throbbing prick, only seconds before she would've had her first taste of him. She groaned with a little disappointment, fire in her eyes that were filled with desire and curiosity.

"Why did you---"

"No. I want to be inside you before come. You want to know what it feels like. It's my job to please your pussy first." She still sat back on her knees feeling exposed. Zane easily picked her up like a dumb bell and started to carry her to the bed. "I like that you're aggressive. Though when it comes to sex, you like being told what to do. But lucky for you I like being in control in a few areas. One of 'em being fucking a woman until she's begging me to stop...and then to keep going." He threw her onto the bed roughly and watched her breasts bounce from the velocity of the throw. She caught a glimpse of his body before he joined her. His body was so built and in shape. His abs were wiry and were rock hard. It glistened with sweat and his thighs were huge. Every muscle was delineated as he took a breath. He crawled up to her, in between her legs and rested his waist there. She could feel his enormous shaft resting on her pubes and gasped from it. Zane leaned into her face and to her ear and said, "It's not so bad, but I have to make sure you're ready for your intense fucking. Then we'll make love later. But for now, once I get inside of you, I won't last long." Blair groaned.

"You know, I like it when you say things like that to me." Blair shocked herself at how blunt she had become. It was like her body was saying it for her and not her mind.

"Mmm. Well that's only the beginning." He licked her earlobe and then slowly started to caress her body. He kissed his way down her neck and blew on each one as he continued to rub her all over. The coolness of his breath on contact with the spit from his kisses sent a tingly feeling down to Blair's vagina. She was just waiting for him enter her. It would be so easy since he was in the position they were in, but he wouldn't. He kept tormenting her with kisses onto her neck and face. She started to squirm under him, getting restless. He then rose up onto his feet, staring at her all spread eagle on the bed. "What do you want, Blair?"

"Ugh!...I don't know."

"Yes you do. Say it."


"Say it." He whispered. She got angry that he was making her say what she wanted. And turned on at the same time.

"I want you to lick my pussy. I need to come again. It's too much to bare with you teasing me." Zane was please with her. He leaned in between her legs and looked up at her. "I want you to watch my face. No where else. Now spread your pussy for me. Do it now." Blair did as he asked. She pulled her lips apart, waiting for his tongue. "Mmm. Is this what you want?" He bent down and stuck his tongue out to lick her, getting extremely close but pulled away.

"Oh!" Blair yelled. It was like she could feel his tongue invisibly lapping at her. He repeated it 3 more times before he dove into her pussy. It was flowing with her honey from her past release and her renewed turn-on, getting all over his face. Her aroma was sweet and musky and he couldn't get enough of it. Minutes passed and she was groaning over and over again. "Tell me how good it feels."

"Oh it feels so good, Zane." She looked at him eat her out and it turned her on that she saw dirty blondish hair and creamy tan skin making her feel this way. It was so good, she ended up letting go of her lips and then gripped the sheets instead.

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