Zane Ch. 02


He licked from her opening to her nub and then gently tugged it. That was all it took for Blair to come even harder than the first time. Man, if this is what it felt like to lose your virginity, she might've lost it a long time ago. But Zane didn't stop. He kept going and going and Blair's hips rose from the bed, but Zane just grabbed her by the hips roughly and pulled her into his mouth more. She couldn't escape. Her climax that was just starting to cool down, came back even faster and she squeezed her thighs closed, trapping his head there. She moaned low this time and shook like an earthquake again. She grabbed his shoulders with her nails and left scratches there as her body went lax and her thighs eased up; her hands that had just so recently gripped the sheets had laid open on her sides. He dropped her legs back down to the bed and she just laid there, exhausted. Her hair was disheveled and it made her look even more sexy because he made her look that way.

"I think I know what you want." He calmly said. He pulled her legs until they dangled off the edges of the bed. Then with quick movements, he placed his cock at her entrance and pushed with one hard thrust.

"OH!" Blair grunted. It hurt, but he didn't give her enough time to think about how much because he continued to plunge into her over and over again. All that came out of her were whimpers at each thrust.

"Fuck, you feel so good baby. So damn good." He stood up as straight as he could so that he could view his cock stroking back and forth inside her. He wanted to see the contrast of their skin again.

"!" She couldn't believe this. Another orgasm? Maybe she was in a porno where they seem to have like 56 in one go. Her walls tightened around his prick and he stopped to feel her do it.

"Oh fuck. Turn around. I want to fuck you from behind." She slowly raised up and turned on all fours. But she ended up laying her head down onto the bed, for her energy was decreasing by great amounts for real this time. Zane rubbed his hand over her butt and smacked it. She yelped from the pain that followed behind it. "Do you like this?" Zane questioned her.

"Yes." she whispered. SMACK . He hit her again.

"I...cannot...hear you."

"Yes, Zane it feel so good."

"Yeah?" He gripped her hips and pulled her down onto his dick. "Oh yes." The position she was in caused him to go deeper into her. He felt all of her; her walls, her juices, her squeezing, and he fell into a cadence. Blair, in turn, started to counter his thrusts so that it made a slapping sound. They got so rough at it, he slipped out and he grabbed it, rubbed it up and down on her pussy before entering her again.

"Oh, Zane...make me....make me fuck you." She whispered. Zane groaned in acceptance and reached down to grab her arms. He pulled them back as if he were to handcuff her, but held them close to together and yanked her into him. He yanked her to him again and again, making her fuck him like she asked. His abdomen slapped against her ass so hard, his stomach and pelvis was turning red. "Oh, fuck yes. Right there, right there!" Her hands held his, squeezed them and Zane was going over the edge. He stopped because he was about to cum real hard. He kept himself launched inside her and pulled her up so that he could whisper to her,

"You want me to fuck you harder?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Say it."

"I want you to fuck my pussy." Zane shoved her down into the mattress and began pushing into her hard and fast. He then caressed her back, tracing that tattoo that moved along with her body going up and down.

"You gonna keep being a naughty girl?"

"Ah--ugh---no! oh---oh---oh!" She said between each of his thrusts.

"You promise?"

"Oh! I--promise. I promise to be a good little girl."

That made him moan loud. He was so close. "Really? Oh, but I do like it when you're a bit naughty." He picked up his speed and Blair's breasts were gyrating every which way made.

"I promise, Zane. I'll do whatever you say. I'll do whatever you say."

"Very---good---answer!" Zane grabbed her hips and pulled her to him as he thrust into her recklessly. His legs tensed up and Blair came one last time. She knew he was coming because he started to moan and groan and shout profusely. He pulled out and she turned around and opened her mouth and sucked on him. He pushed to the back of her throat so that she took all of his long erect prick into her mouth until he burst. She held the bottom of his shaft as he released himself into her mouth. She grunted at the warmness of his shots. He spurted into once, twice, three times and she continued to suck him off until he squirted one last time and let out a long sigh. He pulled out and she swallowed every drop of him. His cock was limp and red from the beating it took. Blair collapsed onto the bed, panting for air. She was so tired. She could probably sleep for days. Zane cuddled up behind her and gave her one last kiss on the back of her head before they both fell asleep. But before he trailed off into dreaming his whispered into her ear, "Now next time we'll make love." She didn't hear him, she was knocked out. What would Blair do?

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