tagGroup SexZane's Birthday Surprise Part ONE

Zane's Birthday Surprise Part ONE

byTraci Spencer©

Zane has always wanted to see me with another girl. It was 3 weeks before his twenty-first birthday when I started talking to a bi female named Lisa. She was 18, and lived not too far the road from me. She was new in town and didn't have many friends. We decided to go out for lunch one day, and I introduced her to Zane. Lisa mentioned she didn't have a boyfriend and told me I was lucky to have a boyfriend.

I've always known to be single for months on end and Zane was one of the few nice guys left in this world I was lucky enough to catch. I told Lisa I knew someone who was single so she would just shut up about how ugly she thought she was.

When we went and dropped Lisa off at her house, Zane and I were talking about his upcoming birthday party.

"So Zane, what shall we do for your birthday?" I asked him.

"I'd love to see you get it on with that Lisa chick!" Zane said with a sly grin.

"Uhh...I don't know...I'd rather just leave it as a fantasy..." I said with a passive tone. Even though the thought of it was intriguing, it still didn't appeal to me that I wanted to live out my fantasy.

Lisa had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was kind of chubby, but she had perfect breasts. They were a C cup which were bigger than mine. Her hair was so long it was down to her butt. And she had these lips that were kissable. Her ass was small and round and looked like she kept that in fit.

Before Zane and I went to bed that night, we made love and instead of moaning out my name, he was moaning out Lisa's name. I was mad so I told him I'd do a threesome with Lisa but only if she wanted to and we could all keep it discreet.

In the morning, Zane and I tried to make love again but he was still thinking about Lisa instead of me.

"Zane what is wrong with you? Are you falling for Lisa??" I asked him with tears in my eyes.

"Aww baby, don't cry," he said as his thumbs gently wiped my tears away, "I don't want Lisa, I want you and only you. I'd just like to see you two get it on so bad. And I can't wait until my birthday for that to happen. Will you see if she can come over this afternoon and you guys can get acquainted in front of my web cam?"

"Uhh...sort of like in American Pie??" I asked and smiled.

'"Yeah! I thought you hated that movie?" Zane said.

"I do, i just remember that part from the movie." I said and laughed.

Zane then kissed me on my forehead and got ready for work.

I got dressed after doing some house work. I wore a red tank top with white shorts and no bra with a red g-string. I went to take the garbage out when I saw Lisa jogging down the street.

"Hi." She yelled as she jogged passed me.

"Hey Lisa! Come back here!" I said.

Lisa jogged back towards me. She was in sweat pants and a white tank top and she had no bra on as well that you could see her nipples through.

"Do you want to come over and hang out this afternoon?" I asked her.

"Sure, I have nothing better to do. What time would you like me over there?" She said and she licked her lips which started to get me horny.

"As soon as possible..." I mummbled..."err whenever you can!" I quickly covered up.

"Ok, I'll come over about noon, does that sound good?" Lisa said with a smile.

"Sure!" I smiled back.

We said our goodbyes and I went and took a shower. I used the shower head nozzel and fucked myself with it. My moans were sounding like them Herbal Essence Commericals (but only real). I was thinking about Lisa's tongue burried in me while Zane fucked my ass. Then I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I was horny again and this time I took the plunger handle and it shoved it in my pussy. It was bigger and wider than Zane and it felt really awesome. I moved the plunger handle up and down and back and forth in my pussy. I was moaning with pleasure. I kept thinking about Zane just slowly fucking me and not like an animal like he has been doing. I had another enormous orgasm and my cum squirted all over it. I tasted my cum. I thought to myself Lisa would like this.

After enough horseplaying around with myself, I then put on my white blouse and black skirt and had on my red g-string as before and my white lacey bra. I then put on some perfume Zane had bought me for my birthday. after I got myself pampered, I turned on the web camera and had it facing the couch since that is where we would be getting it on hopefully.

The doorbell then rang and it was Lisa. She was wearing her white tank top, a bra and some blue jean short-shorts.

"Come on in!" I said with a smile.

"Wow, you look all nice. Is Zane taking you out some place fancy tonight?" Lisa asked me.

"No, I just felt like dressing up. It's a special occasion for me." I said.

"What is it? Your birthday?" Lisa asked me.

"No...this..." I said as I kissed Lisa on the lips. I ran my hands all over her perfect shaped body.

"Starla, your hands feel nice and your a great kisser, but what the hell was that for?" Lisa asked.

"Well I don't know. I'm feeling a bit in need of a woman's touch I guess." I said with a grin.

"You know if you would of said something I would of done it with you.." Lisa said.

"Really now?" I said as I continued kissing her.

"Yes. Mmm...kiss my neck please." Lisa begged.

I kissed her all over her neck and gave her a hickey. She then unbottoned my blouse and put both of her hands on my lacey tits.

"You like 'em?" I asked.

"Mmm hmmm...wanna see mine?" Lisa said with a grin.

"Definitley!!" I said.

I helped Lisa take off her shirt and it exposed her white bra. I put both of my hands on her breasts. Her's were great. They were so big and felt really nice. I started kissing at her chest when she unhooked my bra and lifted my face from her chewst and laid me back. She was about to put her mouth on my left tit when Zane came home from work. Lisa jumped when she heard Zane open the door.

"Oh no! Your man's home! What are we going to do now??" She asked in a panic voice.

"Keep going...this is exactly what he wants." I said. I then gave her breasts a massage.

"Oooh...i like that..." Lisa exclaimed as she started pulling down my skirt.

I saw Zane standing there in the living room in his security guard uniform stroking himself threw his pants.

Lisa pulled down my skirt and rubbed my wet cat threw my g-string. "Mmmm...you do this so well Lisa. Why don't you let me unzip your shorts?" i moaned.

Lisa got up and let me unzip her shorts with my teeth. I then pulled them down to find that she wasn't wearing ANY panties. My tongue just dove right into her while she was standing up.

"Oooh oohhh Star! Starla! Wait! Let's get Zane involved here!" Lisa said.

"Ok." I said as I motioned Zane to come over.

Zane carried me to the bedroom and Lisa followed. Zane got out his handcuffs that he had bought for his ex and never used and handcuffed me to the bed.

"Get on her face, Lisa, and you blow me." Zane said.

Lisa mounted my face and I lapped her juices up. Lisa took Zane's shaft all the way in her mouth like me and squeezed his balls. I burried my tongue deep inside her. She kept grinding away and moaning. I then got wore out from using my tongue on her and asked Zane to uncuff me. So Zane uncuffed me and I started to finger Lisa as I was kissing her.

"Ooohhh yesss...uhhhh...uhhhh!!!" She moaned in ectacsy.

"You like it?" I asked.

"Ooohhh yesss!!!!" Lisa said as she was riding my fingers. I had 3 fingers in her tight, wet pussy. She was really lubed up.

Zane came up from behind me and stuck his cock in my ass.

"Ohhhh Zane!! Zane!! Yess!!! Yesss!!! Yessssss!!!" I moaned.

The more I moaned, the more Zane rammed into me. Zane then came in my ass. Lisa licked all of his cum up. Feeling her tongue made me get shivers.

I then hand cuffed Zane to the bed and I got on top of Zane and started riding him while I let Lisa lick my ass some more.

"Oooh Star....yessss" Zane moaned.

"Ooooh Zane, I love you." I moaned.

"I love you too, my little pornStar." Zane yelled.

My breasts were bouncing up and down and I didn't know whether to moan or Lisa or Zane's names because they were both making me feel so awesome. I felt like a porn star the way we were positioned. Zane was lying on his back hand cuffed, I was on Zane riding his Johnson, and Lisa was on her knees licking my ass crack and trying to lick me doggy style.

Zane then squirted his load into me and it leaked all over his cock. I got off and Lisa and I licked his cock. When our tongues touched each other's we gave each other a french kiss. Zane was sitting there with his eyes closed and had a grin on his face not wanting this moment to end.

I then uncuffed Zane and handcuffed Lisa and started to eat her juice up again and Zane was sitting in a chair watching us go at it. Lisa and I decided to eat each other out. I licked her from behind while she ate my pussy out.

"Oooohhh goddd yessss...." I moaned.

"Mmmm Starla up more!!! Lick my crack!!" Lisa screamed.

I licked up and down her crack as she started to suck on my clit. She bit it and I spanked her ass.

"Uhhh...Starla I'm going to cum......" Lisa moaned.

I then pushed her down and dove my tongue right into her pussy. I caught all of her cum. It was warm and sweet just like mine.

After that, Lisa went home and Zane and I made love again and this time, he got my name right...well for awhile....

To be continued...

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