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Zanthis Ring


The October day had turned out uncharacteristically warm, but John Winston didn't mind. As long as it wasn't rain he was more than willing to stand and wait for the auctioneer to get to the few boxes of odds and ends he had decided to try to purchase. He enjoyed his hobby, perusing through old boxes of junk and odds and ends at auctions and estate sales. He periodically found the odd treasure and hawked it on e-bay for enough to fund his unusual hobby. Today didn't look like it was going to have too many treasures in it, a few antique toys. He was always amazed at how much people would spend to get some old beat up toy that looked just like one they had thirty or more years ago as a kid.

It was only a few more hours before he had collected his boxes and headed home. At a dollar a box, he was easily in the black. There were a few old toys that would easily bring enough to cover the cost of the day. He carried the three boxes one by one into the den to dig through them. As he passed the kitchen the last time, he paused to see his wife Sue, emptying the dishwasher. She was wearing her usual floppy sweat pants and oversized t-shirt. It was a shame really, she had a very nice looking body, in fact, over the last twenty some years, it hadn't changed all that much. She was still thin and firm in all the right places, although even in her own estimation, a little light in the boob area. As John made his way to the den he thought back to how it had been so many years ago. They had a vibrant sex life, often playing around and experimenting. He had always loved the way she would walk around the house half dressed, just to tease him, until he finally had to take her wherever she may have been at the time.

"Oh well." He sighed, shaking his head as he set the last box down. He wondered where that all went, and supposed that was the price of growing old. As the years passed, she had gotten much more prudish, now hardly even undressing in front of him in the bedroom. Gone were the days of casual sex outside or in some random room, as were sleeping naked or anything else that tended to turn him on.

He tried to push the thoughts from his mind as he sat down and began working through the first of the boxes. Much of what he pulled out of the box was going to head into the trash, but the pile of items for closer inspection was slowly growing. Down in the bottom of the box was an unusual ring. At first it didn't seem like much, but John was surprised at how heavy it felt. He had seen lots of antiques and was very familiar with how old silver looked, and this looked like very old silver with an extremely heavy coating of tarnish.

John set the ring aside and went back to the box, but was inexplicably quickly drawn back to it again. Picking the ring up, he rubbed on the stone set in the center of the garish piece of jerlery. The whole ring was almost an inch square, set as a large diamond shape on top of a wide band. Clearly it was intended for a large hand, possibly a man, but John didn't know of any man that would ever wear a piece like that. He looked at the stone and swore that he saw the dark green swirl, but dismissed it as an illusion as he once again set it aside.

It only took a few minutes to sort through the remains of that box and the other two smaller boxes, leaving him with a nice sized pile of items to examine closer. Almost without thought he selected the ring once again, turning it over and over in his hands. The workmanship seemed exquisite, much more detailed and crafted than he had remembered seeing before. It only took a few quick dips in the tarnex to make it gleam again as if new. Under the magnifier bolted to the table he examined the strange piece of jewelry. He looked into the stone and again swore it was moving, the dark and light green swirling almost hypnotically. He shook his head, breaking eye contact with the unusual gem and examined the rest of the ring. It was carved with intricate detail, adorned in each corner of the diamond shape with a dragon. He noticed strange symbols inside the band as well as letters. It took several tries to make out the wording, not because it was unreadable, far from it, the lettering, as well as all the markings, were as crisp and clean as the day it was made. No, the reason was the strange combination of letters. Slowly he sounded it out," Zan-thris? No Zanthis! Zanthis? What an unusual word. Zanthis? A name maybe?" He was still turning it over in his fingers as his wife stepped behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder so as not to startle him too much.

Sue walked by the den on the way to the laundry room, noticing that her husband had returned from another of his junk collecting trips. She wondered what he saw in all that junk, spending much more time cleaning and inspecting other people's old junk instead of spending time with her. It was a frustration she just didn't know how to deal with. She shook her head in frustration as she moved the wet clothes from the washer into the dryer. "Doesn't he even see me anymore?" She asked herself aloud as she worked. It was a frustration, but the less attention he paid to her, the less she worked at trying to entice him. Now it seemed that the sex life they once had was all but dried up. She wondered why he stopped looking at her and trying to undress her. Sure, it had been difficult to find time to be amorous when the kids were little, and he always seemed to want to screw where the kids might accidently walk in on them. For years he complained that she never tried to tease him, but then it wasn't always a good idea to run around half naked as the kids were growing up. How embarrassing it would have been to have one of the kids, or worse, one of their friends walk in on them. But now they were gone and he still wasn't trying to seduce her. Maybe the antiques were more interesting to him than she was? She walked into the den, putting her hand on his shoulder and leaned over to see what held his interest so tightly.

"More junk?" she asked. "I wish you'd stop bringing everyone else's old junk home!" She said more sharply than she had intended.

"And I wish you'd run around half naked like you used to!" He replied just as sharply. He wondered why he goaded her that way, dismissing it as a reaction to his previous thoughts.

She withdrew her hand from his shoulder and walked away, anger welling up inside her at the unfair jab. She still had a good looking body, even if he didn't want to look at it. Her breasts were never large, only a b cup, but then the rest of her was still thin. She had avoided getting the late life fat rolls and sags, and in many ways thought her body looked as good as the day they got married. If he didn't think so, "then piss on him!" She snapped sharply to herself. She walked to the kitchen to start cleaning the floor, her hand unconsciously sliding up under her t-shirt and stroking her smooth flat belly. "Hell, I'm still pretty hot!" She said to herself as she put the bucket in the sink and started it filling with hot water. She let her hand slide down inside her sweat pants and inside her cotton panties. "I'm still very fuckable too." She said quietly to herself as she allowed her fingers to gently stroke her pussy while she watched the bucket fill with water.

Curiosity finally got the better of him and he rolled his chair over to the computer. It took a number of tries before he got any hits at all.

"Patterned after the mythical ring of the same name, the Zantis ring empowers the bearer with great sexual prowess, and the ability to entice any player of the opposite sex to perform any sexual deed. Once a sexual deed is demanded, the player will permanently have a desire for this deed. The ring also gives the owner the ability to transform any physical trait. The ring draws its power from the owner and reduces the owners life force with each use. The amount of life force is based on the deed requested. The greater the deed, the more life force is expended. The owner must be in contact at the time of the request. Obtaining the staff of Xaxis will terminate any requests put forth by the ring owner and prevent future requests from affecting the player."

At first John couldn't believe what he was reading. But with all things, reality has a way of revealing itself. The site was for some adult roll playing game, and in frustration John tossed the ring into the junk box. Last thing he needed was some stupid ring for an internet game. He went back to the rest of the goodies he had collected, upset that he had wasted so much time with a useless trinket.

John was hard at work cleaning an old toy truck when he heard his wife call him for dinner. Setting aside the small toy, he pushed away from the bench and turned the magnifier light off. One consolation to his long marriage was that Sue was a good cook. John had to work hard to not put on weight with the food she served. As he walked toward the kitchen he decided that he should apologize for snapping at her earlier. She really hadn't deserved it.

"Dinner's ready." Sue said from where she sat at the table waiting for him.

"Sorry. By the way, I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier." He said as he sat down across from her at the table.

"It's ok." She said as she dished some of the casserole she had prepared onto his plate. "Damn. Forgot the salt." She said, pushing her chair back after setting his plate down. She walked the few steps over to the stove and turned to come back, stopping when she saw John's face. "What's wrong?" she asked him curiously.

"Nothing, nothing. Just that you're not wearing any pants." He replied, clearly shocked at this unusual situatun.

"Oh, they got wet when I was doing the floor. I was hot anyway so I just took them off. That's ok, isn't it?"

"Sure!" He replied quickly. "Take anything you want off any time. You'll never hear me complain."

"I bet." She said with a smirk as she sat back down. "You used to always say that exact same thing."

"I always meant it too." He replied taking a bite of his food.

They ate dinner in silence, John wondering if his comment earlier had some influence, and if so, why now? It wasn't like he hadn't said it many times before. No, more than likely she was just teasing him, not really interested in having any sex with him. He watched her and she seemed to be normal, not like she was upset or anything. She was acting like sitting at the table with no pants was a perfectly normal thing to do. Twenty some years ago, it was, but that was a long time ago. He was so lost in thought that he barely realized that he had finished his food, and his wife was ready to get up and clear the table.

John sat in his chair watching his wife walk around in the thigh length t-shirt, trying to understand what had so suddenly changed. His surprise was even greater as she bent over to put the plates in the dish washer, the shirt riding up her firm butt until her delicate flowery pussy lips were peaking out between her legs. She had not only taken off her sweat pants, but also her panties. She was indeed walking around half naked like she had so many years ago.

"What?" His wife asked as she turned around, looking to see him staring at her. "Did I spill on myself?" she asked as she pulled the shirt taught and looked down at it, her actions exposing her curly brown bush and pussy.

"No, not at all. Just surprised, that's all."

"About what?"

"Well, you're lack of clothes. I mean I approve, I'm just surprised."

"Well, you never used to complain when I did this."

"And I'm not now." John said as she walked over to the table.

"Good." She said simply as she lifted the hem of the t-shirt up and pulled it off, leaving her wearing nothing but her tiny white canvas sneakers. She sat on the edge of the table and swung a leg high in the air, swinging it over his head and lowering it on the other side of him and resting her foot on the arm of his chair. She lifted her bare butt off the table with her hands and the foot she had set on the chair arm and moved herself over until she was sitting in front of him, her bare pussy spread and wet. "I'm desert, if you're interested in any, that is."

"Always!" John said as he lowered his head to her bare stomach and gently kissed it. He took his time, savoring what he had missed for so long . He kissed his way down to her knee and then back up her thigh, gently tickling her with his lips and tongue as he kissed slowly toward her waiting pussy. She giggled and squirmed, waiting for his lips to finally reach her pussy.

John pressed his tongue between her tender lips and licked slowly up her slit, drawing some of her wetness along up and across her already exposed clit. Sue wiggled and gasped as his tongue flicked quickly across her nub, making her wet pussy ache to be filled.

"Oh fuck me. Please!" she begged him.


"Yes! Take me! Fill me with your big dick!" she urged. John stood up and quickly dropped his pants and underwear, freeing his already rock hard dick. Sue reached for his member and pulled it toward her waiting pussy, eager to have it stuffed deep inside her. "Yes. Push it in!" she urged with her voice as well as her feet as she pulled him toward her, sinking his dick into her sopping wet pussy. "Oh god yes. I've been waiting for this for hours!" she cooed as she lifted her legs from around him, sticking them high in the air as she leaned back on her elbows.

John stroked slowly in and out of her pussy, partly because he wanted to make it last, and partly because he didn't want this to end. It had been far too long since he had made love to her on the kitchen table.

"OH don't tease me! Fuck me!" she cried, bringing one hand to her pussy and stroking circles around her hard clit.

John drove his dick in time and again, expecting to explode at any second. He had already gone well past what he thought was his limit, but his dick stayed hard, and if anything had grown even harder inside his wife's wet pussy.

"OH FUCK YES!" she cried as he slapped into her firm ass with each stroke, driving her wild as each stroke of his hard dick pushed her closer and closer to her impending climax. "OH YES! CUM IN ME!" she screamed at the ceiling, begging him to release inside her.

John grunted loudly as his body jerked, driving his dick into her even deeper as it squirted a huge gush of hot juice into her. Time and again his body jerked, each time pumping more cum into her already filled hole as she screamed and shuddered in her own climax. Slowly his body relaxed and he stood there, panting for breath as she lay back on the table, her chest heaving as she too struggled to catch her breath.

"Oh god. That felt good." She murmured as his dick slowly softened inside her. "I forgot how much fun we used to have this way."

"It was fun, wasn't it?"

"Uh huh." She nodded as he pulled his now flaccid dick from her, uncorking a gush of cum, which she reached down and caught with her hand. John was even more shocked as she brought the creamy white liquid to her lips as she lifted herself on her other arm, licking it from her palm. "Um. Forgot how good that tasted too. I always did love the taste of your cum."

"You did?" John asked, not at all sure he remembered that part.

"Oh yeah." She said as she used her feet to push his chair back from the table and then slid off. She lowered herself to the floor and knelt in front of him, licking and sucking his deflated cock until it was clean, and surprisingly starting to grow hard again. "I think someone wants more." Sue said from where she was kneeling in front of him, looking up at him with sultry eyes. She stood up and then turned around laying herself across the table so her ass was poking out at him, her legs spread wide. "Come on stud! Fuck me more. I can take all you want to give me!"

John stood up, not any where stupid enough to pass up an invitation like that. He pushed his hard dick onto her and felt her body shudder slightly as he sunk into her tunnel.

"OH yes." She cooed as John started stroking in and out of her pussy. "So good."

"Uh yeah!" John grunted as he started stroking hard into her, his hips slapping her firm ass with each stroke. Her whole body shook with each impact, and the table slowly walked across the floor in time with his strokes.

Their next door neighbor Joan walked in the kitchen, stopping in mid step and staring at the two of them. Sue looked up and smiled as John, eyes closed, pounded away in her. Sue held her finger to her lips and then closed her eyes too, her orgasm only moments away.

"OH FUCK YES!" she cried as her whole body shook and trembled with her climax. John too came with her, his body jerking and spurting more cum into her hot pussy. When Sue opened her eyes, Joan was gone, and she wondered to herself if she had seen how big a climax John had pushed her too.

John felt wasted. He pulled his flagging dick from her and dropped into the chair, spent. "Damn, I must be getting old." He panted as Sue turned around and stepped across him, sitting on his lap.

"Not too old I hope." She said, teasing his lips with one of her hard nipples. "You didn't even have a chance to suck one of my little titties yet."

"No, I didn't." He said as he opened his mouth and allowed her to aim her breast for him. He closed his mouth and sucked one of her firm little breasts into his mouth, flicking his tongue across her hard nipple.

"OH yes. Just like that." She panted, one of her hands busy between her legs. "You're going to make me cum again!" she moaned as she rocked her hips, grinding her pussy against his once again hardening dick. She paused her rocking long enough to lift herself enough to align him with her tunnel and then settle once again on his shaft. "Oh so good. Much better with your hard dick inside me." She panted as he sucked her tit while she rocked her hips, slowly fucking herself on his pole. "OH SHIT!" she cried suddenly, her whole body going rigid in a third climax.

John felt her pussy contract around him ending any thought he had that she was for some reason faking her orgasms for his benefit. He held her tight as her body shook, finally relaxing after a number of seconds of maximum pleasure.

"Thank you. That was nice." She cooed as she stroked his hair. "I hope we can do this more. I didn't know how much I missed it."

"I don't know what brought this about, but I certainly am NOT complaining." John said quietly as he caressed her back and bare ass.

"Well, you seem to have had a bit to do with it. I can't remember the last time you were up for three rounds, except when we were first married maybe."

"Me neither." He replied as she lifted herself off of him and knelt down. She pulled his shoes and pants off and then pulled him out of the chair and led him off to the bedroom.

John woke up at his usual time, but felt like he had just gotten to sleep, even though he had a good seven hours of solid sleep. Dragging himself out of bed he turned on the shower and stood under the hot spray until the water started to cool. Sue was already out of the bedroom by the time John had finished his shower and shave, which was unusual, since she didn't have to be to work for some time yet. He stepped into the kitchen for his normal bowl of cereal, and was surprised to see Sue walking around in a pair of panties, and nothing else, dishing out some eggs and sausage onto a plate for him.

"Thought you might like a good breakfast. Gotta have some energy for this afternoon, don't you?" she asked with a sexy grin as she set his plate down and then sat near him, staring at him while he ate.

"What's this afternoon?" He asked as he devoured the food, more hungry than he realized.

"Oh.... Just me." She said quietly, running a finger up and down his arm.

"Ah." He said knowingly. John had no idea what had come over his wife, but he was determined make the most of it while it lasted. Finishing his breakfast, he stood up to collect his coat and briefcase, Sue meeting him at the door and giving him a several minute long sensual kiss that left him with a dick hard enough to play baseball with.

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