tagNonHumanZara and the Alpha

Zara and the Alpha


"Where is Ryan?" asked Caleb, knowing the answer was going to be bad. The fact that he wasn't here already was proof enough that something had gone wrong. He growled when Abe didn't answer him but instead looked at the ground nervously shifting from one side to another. Ryan had been off of the pride lands, despite the fact that it meant it was out of their territory and out of their protection. In fact it was forbidden for cubs and young ones that were yet to turn twenty one to venture out of the protection of the pride lands onto poaching territory. It was dangerous, and yet he wandered off of pride lands anyways. The poachers sold him to the New York zoo for a hefty fee before the man who bought him was sent to jail for buying animals illegally.

Cal had had to go to a lot of trouble to get the owners of the zoo to send him back to the pride lands so he could live a normal lion life. They told him they had the most widely known, and most experienced person they could get ahold of, to transport the animals. This girl was apparently well renowned for her experiences with animals, from transporting to medical to even studying, she was the person to call. And she was late. He growled again. The sooner Ryan was back in their hands the better. The threat of discovery of the weres was a very likely possibility. Little did he know that this girl knew about them and had dealt with them several times to avoid the secret being discovered. She helped and dealt with animals that were secretly weres to prevent the discovery of them. She truly was the perfect girl for the job. An omega ran in.

"They're hear." He said, a little out of breath. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Cal was rushing past him outside to where a large van with "Zara's Zoology, Healing and more" printed on the side in big bold letters rested. Cal's eyebrow shot up in surprise and shock. Zara wasn't just well known. She was world renown for her expertness on healing, studying, transporting, and more on animals and especially those found in zoos and in exotic wildernesses. She came so highly recommended from almost every leading animal expert in the world. She was expensive but her prices reasonable and she even made deals with those who couldn't afford. She was a kind soul who cared about humans and animals. She was a millionaire and gaining more money by the minute but she didn't seem to think much of it except for giving it away in boat loads to different top animal organizations built to save endangered animals. He expected a thirty something year old but nothing could prepare him or anyone else that was there for who came out of the truck.

Her hair was a reddish orange color speckled with chocolate brown. A long lock of hair from her bangs was sandy, dirty blonde colored, also speckled with chocolate brown. Her nose and cheeks were freckled with light brown dots. Her lips soft and light pink, and her teeth straight and white from three years of embarrassing braces. Her eyes were deep green like emeralds and sparkled with joy. A smile graced her face. Her reddish orange hair speckled with chocolate brown flowed, wavy, down to the small of her back. She wore a green tank top with a black vest that went down to an inch above her hips. She had on jean capris and was barefooted. The sun shone on her face, framing her hair that was so soft he just wanted to twine his fingers in it. Her waist was slim, her hands and feet small and her ears stuck out a little from her head. The tips of her ears looked a little pointed. The top of her head came up to just below his chin. Her chest was small but not too small. She was beautiful. And so young.

She must be a cousin. He thought. The same thought radiated through everyone who had come to see the famous Zara. Ten little kids rushed up to her and the van jumping up and down and asking where Zara was. She just smiled and bent down and all the little kids huddled around her as she whispered something to them. They all grinned like they just won the biggest present in the world and giggled and laughed and jumped up and down. She stood and turned around, pointing towards him and yelled "Out." She sounded a little angry.

Slowly a young girl with the same reddish orange hair speckled with chocolate brown and green eyes but without the dirty blond lock of hair, slid out, looking to be no more than twelve, and after her a little boy looking to be ten with the same hair and green eyes. They both looked a little guilty.

The one he thought to be Zara's cousin looked around and spotted him. She smiled and began walking towards him. The two little kids following and the ten other kids starting to follow before two females ran up to them to get them to stop pestering the nice lady, and they reluctantly left. The cousin stopped in front of him and offered a hand.

"You must Mr. Caleb. This is my niece and nephew Tara and Xane, short for Xander, spelled with an X but pronounced as a Z. And I'm Zara."

His mouth dropped open. This twenty one year old, give or take a year, was the famous Zara? Around him the members of his pack that had gathered to see the great Zara showed the same looks of astonishment and shock. She just smiled bigger. He realized she still had her hand held out and he shook it. Her hand was warm. She pulled her hand from his grasp as she turned around and called out "Liza, Beth, help me move the tiger." She walked to the back as two females who looked to be twenty two and twenty three, one with long black hair and light blue eyes to go with her skinny but curvy body, and one with long dirty blonde hair and light green eyes to go with her also skinny but curvy body, got out and went to help her. They pulled down a ramp and the black haired one who was apparently Liza called out to him. "Mind helping?" He motioned for his two betas to help. Mark, who had black hair that was messy and came to just above his ears with green eyes and a tall and strong build, went to Liza's side and Abe, with dirty blonde hair that was a little browner than Beth's, the one with the dirty brown hair and light green eyes went to help Beth. He had blue green eyes like the color of the Caribbean sea. He was tall and strong. Cal had chocolate brown hair speckled with black that went to just below his chin. He was tall and strong also. He had forest green eyes. He went to help Zara. All six of them together was somehow enough to easily pull the lion cage down the ramp. Once they were done, Zara turned toward her niece and nephew.

"Since you two are the reason we can't go anywhere right now you can ask the nice man if we can stay the night so I can get some gas at the nearest gas station tomorrow."

Tara immediately butted in. "That's not true! Xane was pulling my hair so I went to smack him but he was stupid and he ducked and I hit the gas container instead! If he hadn't been stupid. . ." Xane butted in.

"Nuh uh! Its not my fault YOU were too stupid to try and hit me when I didn't do anything wrong."

"It's your fault I hit it instead cause you wouldn't take it like a man!"

Cal, Mark, and Abe tried to hide their growing smiles behind raised hands. They couldn't help chuckling at the two little kids, especially the little girl's statement "take it like a man" coming from such a little girl which was funny. No, it was hilarious and they almost laughed out loud.

"Tara, Xane. I swear to god. I don't know why I take you guys with me whenever I transport animals."

"Because you love us so much?" said Tara. "And you can't deny the puppy dog eyes we always give you?" butted in Xane, both of them giving her big puppy dog eyes to prove their point. Cal, Mark, and Abe couldn't help it. They laughed out loud.

"Hey, it's not funny when you have to deal with those two chattering like squirrels on caffeine in the back." Said Beth. That just made them laugh more. "Seriously, they're like two annoying little hyped up ADHD kids who just ate Willy Wonka's chocolate boat." Added Liza. The three just laughed harder. They tried to hide it behind their hands and control their laughter but they were failing. Liza, Beth, and Zara couldn't help but start laughing too. By then all of the pack had left. Finally when they had all calmed down enough Zara asked for her niece.

"Since they knocked over our gas container losing all our gas, can we possibly stay the night? You don't have to provide a room for me and either Beth or Liza because I have a small temprapetic mattress in the back of my van that is big enough for me and Liza or me and Beth to sleep on. It comes with blankets and pillows."

"Nonsense." Said Cal, not feeling right with letting the great Zara and any of her friends sleep in the back of their van even if it was a temprapetic mattress.

"I have plenty of room for all of you."

"Great." Said Zara smiling. Her smile warmed him and it was infectious. It made him smile.

"Great." He held out his hand and she took it. Her small hand was almost covered by his large but skinny hand. It was rough and cool. Not to cold but not too hot. She smiled again and he did the same. She knew she was going to like him. Maybe she'd even stay for longer.

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