tagNonHumanZara and the Alpha Ch. 02

Zara and the Alpha Ch. 02


Please read Siren of Love 1, 2, 3, and 4 before reading this to make sense of it.

She groaned as her alarm beeped. She had to force herself to open her eyes. She knew why her alarm was set and she also knew that she couldn't ignore it even if she was injured beyond repair. She couldn't pass up this chance. There was a were tiger shot and hurt. She was the first choice as the vet to come help him, and a human vet, meaning someone who didn't know about the weres, was the second choice. She knew that the anesthesia they gave the tiger would have his body reacting weirdly to it and he would be shifting all over the place. She had no choice. There was no arguing. It was, point blank, go or let the weres be discovered. She got dressed in jeans and a plain brown t-shirt with a golden sun on it, and her frog toed shoes. They were like toe socks only they were shoes instead. You could swim, climb, bike, run, and do almost anything in them. You could even wash them. Her pair were brown and light blue. She walked out of her room, down the hall, and into a small side table, knocking the plastic vase with flowers down. She was just glad that the vase wasn't glass or she would have woken up the whole house. As it was, the loud crash reverberated on all the walls in the hallway. She cringed and waited for someone to wake up. When no one did she sighed with relief and continued on.

Cal shot up in his bed, instantly awake and alert to the crash he heard in the hall way. He got up and slipped on a pair of jeans, sandals, and a plain black t-shirt. He slipped out the door of his bedroom and saw the knocked over side table and vase. He looked up and saw a small form disappearing around the corner. He silently followed it, preparing to catch this little sneak and find out who it was and what they were doing there. As he rounded the corner he saw the figure pause. He lunged and tackled the sneak to the wall.

She got halfway down the hallway before she paused and listened, sure that she had heard something and that someone was following her. Suddenly strong arms grabbed her as they pushed her up against the wall as a hard body pinned her, her hands above her head, trapped in a steel grip. She struggle madly for a minute, the grip tightening and the body pushing against her harder, before she realized it was Cal. She stopped and Cal seemed to realize who she was at the same time she did. His grip loosened a little. His face was inches from hers, their lips close to almost touching. Their breaths mixed, and she could feel his breath on her lips. His legs rested between hers. They stared at each other. Cal's gaze washed over her face, her eyes that sparkled, her silky soft hair, her rosy cheeks, her button nose. His gaze stopped on her soft, pink, kissable lips. Slowly he leaned forward and lightly brushed his lips against hers, his eyes locked with hers the whole time. She opened her mouth a little, a small gasp escaping. He kissed her again deeper, gently but longer than before. She gave a small moan. His tongue darted into her mouth, tasting her tongue and twirling around with it. His free hand slowly caressed her bare side that had been exposed when her shirt slid up in the struggle. His hand slid underneath her shirt, slowly sliding up and coming to a stop underneath her breasts. She felt her breath catch. He broke the kiss to watch her. He began rubbing the underside of her breast and she gasped softly, and moaned a little, her eyes fluttering closed. He pushed her bra up. His palm brushing her nipple in the process. She gasped again, a little louder. He claimed her lips again, their tongues twirling and tangling. Then he cupped her breast. She moaned. His thumb rubbed her nipple and neaded her breast, her little moaning and small gasps telling him she liked what he was doing. He smiled at the thought. His other hand slowly released her hands and they limply fell by her side. His now free hand stroked her cheek, sliding down to her chest, and he began to slide his hand under her shirt, up to her other breast and began to twist and pull the nipple and knead her breast. She gasped, breaking the kiss and leaning her head back against the wall, bearing her neck, as she arched her back to his touch pushing her breasts into his hands harder. "Ohhhhhh." She gasped and moaned quietly. He pinched and pulled her nipples and kissed her cheek, then lowered his kisses to her neck and back up to claim her mouth. His breath against her cheek then neck and then traveling back up to her lips before he claimed them again had her tingling, his hands gently kneading her breasts and pulling and rubbing her nipples. She moaned and arched her back, her head tilting to the side a little to expose her neck. He kissed her neck, sucking and licking. His hips began to grind slowly against her hips. She moaned. His lips traveled to hers and paused. Then he gently kissed her, pulling her bra back down, and sliding his hands out of her shirt. He placed his hand on either side of her head and leaned in, foreheads touching. They were both panting.

"Sorry, I don't know... what got into me." He whispered.

"It's okay." She said smiling a little. "I kinda liked it." He smiled back at her, their eyes locking. Suddenly her smile faded as she remembered the were tiger.

"Oh crap, there's a were tiger at the local zoo and if I don't get there fast enough to help him, then a human vet will take over, and they gave the were tiger a funky anesthesia that will have him shifting frequently. I've gotta get to the zoo before the secret is out." She pushed at his chest so she could move past him, and he grabbed her hands lightly. She stopped, looking at him as he gazed at her.

"Let me drive you, since my car is faster than your van." He offered smiling. She smiled back.

"Okay." Outside she seemed cool and calm, but on the inside, there was a whole flock of butterflies fluttering around frantically. When they got outside, he walked over to his car, still grasping her hands. It was a silver and black Maserati granturis. Sleek and shiny. He opened the door for her and she slid in, her hands sliding from his. She smiled. "Thanks." He smiled back. "No problem." He walked around to the other side, got in, and off they went. She couldn't believe what she was feeling. She was a virgin, since she had always been too busy to have relationships. She had never dated or kissed anyone before. Until now. And it was electrifying. The kiss had her curling her toes, even now as she remembered it. It had her heart beat quickening and sent her mind whirling.

He glanced at her occasionally. Never had any girl made him feel like this before. His heart was beating rapidly and he couldn't help but smile because he knew she had never been with a guy before. Her friends had told him. She never dated or kissed before. And she never had sex before. That they knew about. That last thought sent his wolf howling. He smiled, his heart beating quickly. He felt thrilled and joyed that he would be her first and only. His smile faded. His mind froze. Woa, wait a sec. What made him think he would be her first and what made him think he would be her ONLY. He shook his head, glancing at her. She was looking out the window. The thought of her being with someone else made his insides hurt, his heart feel heavy, and he had to suppress a growl from almost coming out. He hated that thought. He focused on driving, but he kept glancing at her.

They arrived at the zoo, and her opened her door and lightly grabbed her hand, helping her out while flashing her a charming smile which caused butterflies to erupt in her stomach again. They entered and Cal saw her immediately get into work mode, and focus on one thing. He smiled, feeling pride that she could instantly focus on her job so fast. She walked into the room with the vet equipment and the tiger and immediately sent everybody out. The room had no windows so they had privacy. She walked over to the tiger, told him she was a were and that it could relax, unwrapped the bandage, pulled out the bullet, cleaned the wound, stiched it up, wrapped it again, and pulled out her phone to text the zoo director to not let anyone into the room under any circumstances for the next 24 hours which would give the were who had shifted into a unconscious human plenty of time for the anesthesia to wear off so he could change into a tiger again and keep the form. And all in less then five minutes. She moved a pillow under his head, put a blanket over him and they walked out. Two guards were outside to ensure no one would enter the room until the 24 hours were up and they could enter to move the tiger to a cage and send him back to the wild where he came from. All in all, it only took 15 minutes total took get here, which was 10, and fix up the tiger, which was 5. He opened her door for her again, smiling charmingly and sending the butterflies back, then got in and drove off. Halfway back, she told him to stop suddenly. He stopped the car, looking at her questionally. She got out and walked into the middle of the rode. He looked at her wondering what she was doing. She smelled the air. Humid, smelling like rain, . . . and sea. Siden appeared beside her, invisible to Cal because he wanted to.

He had long dark brown wavy hair like mahogany that fell down to just above his shoulders. His eyes were the color of the Caribbean sea. He was wearing a dark blue long sleeved shirt with rolled up sleeves and dark jeans, ending with sandals. He smelled like the sea. Neither one looked at each other, but rather straight ahead.

"Me and Pallo have found someone, a siren. Her name is Lyra and she is beautiful." Zara had to stop herself from turning and hugging Siden tightly. He was like a brother to her, him and his brother Pallo. She was thrilled they found someone. She would find out more about her being a siren later. "Congrats." She said smiling.

Siden smiled warmly. "Thank you. I thought you would want to know. He glanced at her before looking forward again. "You've grown a little taller since I last saw you and your hair is longer. It seems like only yesterday me and Pallo were in the forms of leopards to fight over something trival, and we got shot, and you saw the whole thing and fought the hunter off. You took the bullets out of us, cleaned our wounds and wrapped it before we could run off."

Zara smiled. "Then you and your brothers changed and thanked me, rather drunkenly I might add."

Siden chuckled. "Ah yes, we were drunk. Now I remember."

Zara laughed and shook her head. "You never remember that part until I remind you. The same with your brother." Siden chuckled.

"Well yes. It was nice seeing you again. I'll tell Pallo you said hi." She smiled and he was gone. She turned around and came face to face with Cal who looked a little worried.

"What." She asked.

He got out of the car and started to walk over to her when she laughed and smiled. He paused and wondered what she was doing just standing there in the middle of the road. He started to walk again and reached her when she turned around and came face to face with him. He didn't realize he got so close to her. She asked what, and he looked at her curiously.

"You're standing in the middle of the road and laughing. Just wanted to make sure you weren't having a psychotic breakdown or anything." He added that last part and smiled. She smiled too.

"No. I was just talking to my imaginary best friend Brenda who I haven't seen in ages. Isn't that right Brenda." She laughed. "Oh Brenda stop it, you're so funny." He laughed and she giggled. It started raining. She looked up and smiled. He smiled too, then an idea popped into his head. He scooped her up and she cried out in surprise and started giggling as her carried her to his car, running, and opened the back door up and climbed in, still holding her. He sat on the back seat, cradling her in his lap as she tried to calm down her giggle fit, and failed. He just smiled at her. Finally she calmed down and looked at him. They faces just inches apart. Her heart started to sped up.

He sat in the backseat, still holding her, craddeling her as she giggled. She finally calmed down and realized how close they were. Her heart sped up, and the events from earlier popped into her head. They just looked at each other, then he slowly leaned in and brushed his lips against hers, his tongue lightly licking her bottom and top lips to gain access to her mouth. She moaned lightly and his tongue darted into her mouth, tangling with her tongue. He turned them around so he was sitting backwards in the seat and she was leaning against the back of it. His let go of her and his hands moved down to her legs and ran over them before gently grabbing them and wrapping them around his waist. He wrapped his arms around her and continued to kiss her. His hands slide down underneath her shirt, running over her back and then to her front, over her stomach and moving upwards. His hands were warm and gentle as they ran over her, pushing her bra up. She moaned, and he smiled against her lips. His hands cupped her breasts and began kneading and rubbing them, his thumbs rubbing her nipples. She moaned louder and squirmed a little, rubbing her butt against his groin. He groaned and pinched her nipples causing her to gasp and moan as he twisted them and pulled and pinched. He couldn't take it. He had to have her. But not here. He wanted her first time to be special. But that didn't mean he couldn't pleasure her other ways. He smiled devilishly as he pushed her top up and lowered his head to a pert nipple. He sucked it into his mouth and sucked on it. Zara moaned loudly and squirmed some more. Cal groaned and grabbed her waists to hold her still while he lavished her breasts, and licked and nipped the nipples. His hand slowly crept down to her waistband and slid into her panties to rub against her clit. She gasped and moaned loudly, her hips bucking. Her body arched into his. He rubbed her clit harder and faster while he sucked on her nipple hard. She was gasping and moaning loudly. "Oh God! Oh Cal!" she screamed his name. Her body started shaking. He rubbed her clit hard, rapidly. He bit down on her nipple and pulled and twisted her other at the same time and she screamed, her body shaking in orgasm. She grabbed his head and clung to it, as she fell into her first glorious orgasm ever. He pulled down her bra and shirt, smiling smugly as he thought about how he knew from her reaction that he was the first person to ever give her an orgasm, and he turned around in the seat again, holding her close to him. They sat like that, her resting her head against his chest, and soon she fell asleep. He smiled that she would feel so safe with him that she would fall asleep. The thought warmed his heart. Soon he fell asleep also. When he woke up she was still asleep. Carefully, still cradling her body to his, he moved to the front seat and turned the car on. He drove him with one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding her to him.

"You are a very dangerous man, you know?" she said sleepily. He laughed.

"Well, I hated to have to wake you up from your lovely little nap, so I decided to try and hold you while I drive. Not that I heard any complaints out of you." He said smiling. She laughed and shook her head. She tried to slip out of his grasp but he held on tight.

"Uh uh uh. Not so fast. I have plans for you when I get home." He whispered huskily in her ear. He felt her shiver and smiled. She sighed and snuggled into his chest again.

"If we crash and I die, I will come back and haunt your ass." She said muffled, into his chest. He laughed, the arm around her waist tightened and he held her close. Finally, they arrived home. Zara tried to slip out of the car but he grabbed her waist and pulled her to him. He opened his mouth to say something when her phone went off. She grabbed it and looked at the screen. She groaned. She tried to pry his arm loose but he tightened his hold.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Two words. Zoo check-up." She elbowed him, hard. "Oof." She slipped out of his arms. Just then Beth and Liza came up followed by Mark and Abe.

"Perfect timing. Get your bags." They looked at each other. "Why?" they asked suspiciously.

"Zoo check-up. San Diego." They groaned loudly.


"Can't you get someone else?"

"This early?"

"Yes this early! No I can't get someone else because I just got the text, and it's the San Diego zoo, so of course I can't say no! Come on guys! Really! You know that!" she snapped at them. "I don't like this either but there's nothing we can do so let's just suck it up and get it over with." They nodded their heads and reluctantly started to head towards their rooms. Beth stopped.

"Wait, don't we have to pick up two lions and a tiger today from a nearby zoo?" Liza and Zara both groaned loudly.

"Please don't tell me that's after the zoo check-up." Asked Zara. Beth hesitated.

"Depends on what time the zoo check-up ends." Liza and Zara groaned again. Zara turned towards cal.

"Can we borrow three of your men Cal? Just for this trip." Cal smiled.

"Done. When do we leave." He said with a smile. Behind him Mark and Abe smiled too. Beth and Liza raised their eyebrows. Zara just smiled and shook her head.

"Should have seen that one coming." The men all just chuckled.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

They had been waiting in the car while Zara, Liza and Beth handled the zoo check-up.

"How much longer will it take for them to finish." Asked mark. Abe and Cal shrugged.

Cal smiled. "So, about Liza and Beth. Even I could feel the attraction between you guys." They smiled. It was obvious all three had found their mates. The only ones who didn't seem to know about it was the girls. But they knew about weres so telling them should be relatively easy. Right?

The door opened. Liza was covered it dirt with messed up hair, Beth had splashes of mud on her and her hair was sticking up in places, and Zara had big bruise on her arm and a small scratch on her cheek with messed up hair and dirt on her clothes. All three were glaring as they looked at the men. Zara said one word.

"Move." All three of the men scrambled to make room for the three woman who gave off an air of Don't Mess With Me. They climbed in, slammed the door so hard, the men were surprised the glass didn't crack, and started the car. They sped out of the parking lot so fast, the men were grabbing the closest thing to them and were practically holding on for dear life. They looked at each other.

(mental conversation between each other)

"Who's gonna ask what happened." Thought Mark.

"Not me." Said Abe. They looked at Cal.

"I'm the alpha so I say you . . . "

"Exactly." Cut in Mark. "So you can have the honours." Abe snickered in his head.

"Ahem." Cal cleared his throat. "So, what happened."

Liza spoke first, never looking away from that speck of dust on the windshield that seemed to captivate all three of the women.

"The 6 month old bear cub didn't want to get a shot and decided he wanted to wrestle in the dirt. He was half my size but twice my weight. It took me five minutes just to hold him down enough to give him the shot." Beth spoke next, staring at the speck of dust.

"The chimp decided he wanted to practice his aim and throw mud at me. And when I grabbed him he pulled on my hair. Hard."

Zara was last. She kept her eyes glued to the road.

"You guys got the easy ones. I had to handle the panda with an attitude." Abe laughed. He couldn't help it.

"You got bruised and scratched by a panda bear?" Zara slammed on the brakes. Everyone was thrown forward, then yanked back by their seat belt. Zara whipped around, and you could almost literally see the flames in her eyes.

"That panda had sharp claws that were left untrimmed for a couple weeks! They were as sharp as cat claws, and it decided to be a prissy panda and swat my arm, hard! It tackled me and wrestled with me, then scratched my face and finally rolled off me, laid down, and flipping fell asleep like a snobby little prissy panda it was! So don't laugh at me!" she whipped back around and slammed on the acceleration. They sped through the empty roads to the nearby zoo where the two lions and tiger were waiting. The men found themselves holding on once again for dear life. They didn't dare say anything for fear of facing the three angry woman's rage. No. Correction. For angering Zara and facing her rage. She practically had them cowering when she slamed on the brakes and yelled at them. Finally they arrived and Zara once again slammed on the brakes. She whipped off her seat belt, threw open her door, stomped to their door, threw it open and shouted "OUT!"

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