tagLoving WivesZeb, Deborah, and The Garbage Men

Zeb, Deborah, and The Garbage Men


I'm enjoying writing here on Literotica and appreciate the kind comments of many readers. Others, you know who you are, love to leave comments which are just rude anonymously. If that's your ilk. Please take this invitation to move on. If not, I hope you enjoy my take off on Geoffrey Chaucer's part in 'A Night's Tail' where he told his tormentors he would eviscerate them in tale and they would be naked for all time. This story is for one such commenter. Hope you enjoy it.


It had been a while since Deborah had had sex. Her husband, a weak minded, simpleton, who fancied himself a writer even though he had written nothing more than comments on other authors stories. He was now 56 and had been on the little blue pill for years. But now even that wasn't enough.

She tried talking with Zed, getting him to the doctor, or the counselor, but he was so unsure of himself that he really wasn't capable of a real conversation, and he not only refused to see a professional, he resorted to mindless rants filled with profanities. Still Deborah tried.

Her most recent attempt to help poor Zed was to start writing erotic stories and submit them online at his favorite site knowing he'd read her work. She had watched him as he read her work before when he didn't see her. He sat at the computer and read and read stroking his limp unit hoping it would respond. Mostly he would read about some husband who's wife cuckolded him and this seemed to be his favorite genre. He wondered what it would be like if his Deborah would cuckold him, or at least write a story about it. His fascination with this was obvious to her.

She wrote under a nom de plume and typically put her writing in a section for loving wives. Deborah was a good writer and had a vivid imagination. She finally acceded to Zeb's request to write a story about them. Her hope was that Zeb would read her story, see the two of them in it living out his fantasy, and that his desire for her would be rekindled and their sex life would resume to at least its every other week status they'd been in for the most part after the first 6 months of their marriage.

So she wrote:

It was a particularly dark night when Demarius came over to visit. Zeb had encouraged me to act out my fantasy to be with a black man and tonight was the night it was going to happen. I was on pins and needles not knowing what to expect. I'd seen Demarius' photo online but often those photos just don't fit the reality of the man. And I was worried about Zed. How would he react? Would it really be the night of his dreams?

My name is Debbie, and I'm Zed's wife. We have been friends since grade school and, while Zed wasn't the quarterback of the football team -- he was the team manager, he was still mine and I cared about him.

I guess you'd want to know more about me. I'm 5'5" tall and bordering on 150. It's a bit heavy for my frame but the weight I put on after Zed Jr. was born just wouldn't come off. I guess you'd say I'm pretty average in most ways but the weight at least gives me tits that are better than average. My best assets are my legs, and my butt. Black men just love my booty.

What sets me apart from most of the girls is my love of sex. I truly enjoy it all. Giving head, rimming, all the various positions of intercourse, and, of course anal. I've read about it, watched numerous videos both with Zeb and on my own, practiced kama sutra, and spent way too much on toys. Especially recently. I've gotten into dildos of all sorts but the ones that Zed likes to see me use the most are the big black ones. He particularly gets excited when I am using 3 at a time. It's a feat that I had to work on for weeks. I strapped two together for my nether region and my pussy so I could do the two of them with a single hand. The third I throated.

So there I was, decked out in the clothes I bought from Victoria Secret as Zed sat in the corner and watched. My top is white silk and fits loosely on my bodice. It's low cut and when I bend over there's nothing that you can't see. I picked out a lacy white bra to go under the silk top and I must say the combination looks great on me. I do have nice legs and like to show them off so I paired the top with a navy blue wrap around skirt that was a good 6 inches above my knees.

I'd made sure we had wine in the fridge. A good $15 Chardonnay. We splurged. Zed had spent the day cleaning the double wide and making sure everything was ready for Demarius when he came. Everything was set.

The doorbell rang. I was sitting on the couch, my legs crossed to show off what I thought was my best feature, my legs.

"Zed, get the door." (he loved it when I ordered him around)

Zed went to the door and opened it up. It was dark and the porch light was out so it was hard to see.

"Demarius?" he asked.

"You the cuck boy?" came the powerful voice.


"Yes. What?"

"Yes, sir." Zed said weakly.

"Tha's better boy. Now get your white ass outta our way." Demarius pushed his way past Zed who was in shock. Before he could say anything, two of the biggest black men he'd ever seen came in right after Darius.

"So what we got here now honey?" Demarius was talking directly to me as he sat down next to me on the couch. He draped his long arm around my shoulder and immediately shoved his hand underneath my blouse and bra groping my tit as he talked. The other two men had taken seats and were laughing at Zed who had shrunk to the corner and was helplessly watching.

Demarius wasn't like his photo at all. He was in shape ... if you considered round a shape. He certainly wasn't the athletic man I'd imagined. And, he couldn't blame it on his pregnancy. His friends weren't much better, one rail thin and the other as chubby as Demarius. And both of them had a bouquet about them, a smell. What was it? I thought. "C'mon over here boy." Demarius said to Zed. "I want you to watch a real man take care of your wife."

Zed got up and walked tentatively over to where his wife and Demarius were sitting. He looked at Demarius as if waiting for his orders. "Just sit yourself down on the floor, boy." Zed sat.

"Now, where were we? Oh, yes." Demarius unhooked my lace bra in the front with one hand and pulled it off, replaced his hand on my right tit and just grabbed it. Kneading it and pulling my nipple as he talked with his buddies it was as if Zed and I weren't even in the same room. Finally he pulled me toward him sliding his hand out of my blouse and replacing it with his other rudely groping my breast through the silk top as I leaned into his kiss. Oh my, but his kiss was exceptional. Zed had never kissed me like that.

Still I couldn't help it. Demarius' kiss was intoxicating and he was confident, something I hadn't had in a man for years. I reached down and felt his crotch. It was then that I knew I was in for a treat.

Our kiss lingered, his hand groping my breast and me stroking his crotch. While the scene was more than I could ever have dreamed of, I still had no idea what we were in for. Demarius broke the kiss and said to Zed, "C'mon over here boy and help your woman."

Zed, bless his heart, crawled over to the couch and reached up, unbuckled Demarius' belt and then pulled the zipper down. I was so proud of him. Demarius lifted his bulk up and allowed Zed to pull his pants down. "Now go on over and help the boys too."

Zed crawled over to Demarius' friends as Demarius pushed the back of my head down into his lap.

Lap, there was no lap. Demarius was so portly that I couldn't reach him from the side. I slipped from the couch and positioned myself in front of him going to work on his unit. Pulling his uncircumsized head into my mouth I couldn't wait to get it all in. I literally stuffed his growing cock into my mouth and smiled to myself as I felt the head, still soft pressing against my uvula. My tongue licked, pulled and swirled around his cock as it grew harder and harder in my mouth.

I backed away just a touch and reached up to hold Demarius' member as I worked the tip with my mouth and lips. I moved away again and slipped further down and pulled his unshaven sac into my mouth. I could hardly get it all in my mouth as I stroked him. I loved the feel of rolling his testes in my mouth, sucking and pulling on them much as men had so often done with my nipples. Demarius moved further down the couch, spread his legs and told me to "Do the job, lady." I knew what he meant and dug my nose into his scrotum as I licked the pucker between his legs. My face was covered by his sac as I stroked his shaft and stuck my tongue as deeply as I could into his nether region.

"Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about." Demarius said in a voice which was a bit louder than any he'd used so far this evening. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up aiming his now burgeoning cock at my face. Spurt after spurt came out of his slit hitting me in the eyes, cheeks and even up my nose. When he was done shooting his seed all over my face it was dripping down onto my breasts and I couldn't help but wipe it off my eyes and nose and then rub it into my tits loving the feeling. He pulled me to him again and shoved his now softening member into my wide open mouth. "Clean me off girl." as if I needed those instructions. It was my pleasure.

It was then that I heard the sounds of Zed. Zed, I'd forgotten completely about Zeb.

What was happening with him had crossed my mind as Demarius pulled me onto his lap and started groping my breasts again. He slapped one and then the other joyfully watching them as they shook. I ground my booty onto his lap and had worked him up to another hard on slipping it in my sopping wet hole desperate to have an orgasm. I bounced up and down on Demarius' member with joy savoring each stroke when he shifted me up and sat me down again this time pressing his head into my ass. It hurt at first, but then, with each stroke, it became easier, and more exciting. I rode him reverse cowgirl style for what seemed like an eternity swelling to one orgasm after another. Demarius finally groaned, grabbed my tits really hard and pressed himself as deep as he could into my nether region.

It was then that I saw Zed. Zed was on the other side of the room with Demarius' friends. Their cocks were out and he was alternately sucking on one and then the other. The two of them were laughing again as if this was just a normal day at the office.

"Bout time boys." Demarius said as he pushed me off his lap, stood up and pulled his pants on. "Let's go get us a beer."

"You're leaving?" Zed pleaded to Demarius. "We're not finished, I need to finish the job.."

"Not my problem." was all he said. "We got to get up in the morning."

His friends stood also zipping up their pants and leaving Zed humiliated on the floor. "Sure was good meeting you two." they laughed as they left.

Deborah's story was accepted within a week and she could hardly wait for Zed to read it. She knew he usually read first thing in the morning and she wanted to be there when he read it so she could see his reaction.

She was lucky. Zed found her story first thing and, sitting in front of the computer with his shorts around his ankles he had the inklings of a woody, his first in months, as he recognized himself and his wife in the story. Deborah, sneaked up behind him as he stroked himself "Find something you like, Honey?"

"Oh yeah."

The sound of the garbage truck roaring down their street was in the background. Deborah looked out the window. The doorbell rang and she ran to the front door and opened it in only her negligee.

"Who is it sweetheart?" Zed called out still working his member.

Deborah called over her shoulder "Demarius. Our trash collector."

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by 26thNC03/16/19

No worries

Chaucer has nothing to worry about with your writing. Just one more racist cuckold crap.

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