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Zebra Centaurs


I remember when I met Colin and Kayleigh. They were a strange couple, they wanted a third person around, preferably a centaur. I came around to their house, greeted by a man with a big chest, obviously doing workouts there, but also big, muscular arms and a fantastic big, round belly. I showed up with no shirt on, as we centaurs usually operate with, my thick, full tail swaying behind me, showing off hugely ripped muscles, tan skin, and a beautiful array of zebra stripes across my animal half, with stubby, skinny legs and a healthy, full undercarried stomach. I walked into the house, only my fur to protect me from total nudity.

Colin walked me inside, talking about the way that they worked and how life with them would be. I'd made the commitment, but I could back out. One look at Kayleigh took the doubt out of my mind.

She was gorgeous, dark brown hair with blue streaks. She was the only one that could make that look good. An incredibly hot body, slight fat layer covering her bones giving her Monroe curves. She had magnificent breasts, at least C cups, probably DDs.

Colin wore jeans that were tight on his strong legs, and a short sleeved tee that stretched with great effort over his bourgeoning, perfectly round belly. Kayleigh had on short short jeans and a tank top.

I sat down on the couch, my underbelly facing out and my legs straight out, my abdomen perpendicular to the back of the sofa. The lips of my pussy were contrasting between my front legs, my cock more blended into my soft white underbelly.

"To determine that you're the right guy for us, we have to experience you in a moment of intimacy." Kayleigh said, getting up. Hiding behind her before were tails, nine of them spreading from above her ass crack. One of them pointed at me and curled at the tip slightly, motioning for me to get up. I stood proudly, cock hanging with immense size from my hindquarters.

Kayleigh grabbed it with enthusiasm. She held it in her hands, putting it into her mouth. I felt her soft lips on my tip, and my animal roots went into overdrive. The muscles laid out in stages down my cock flexed, pushing the thing into her mouth. I heard her choke, but she kept going. Soon I had involuntarily pushed the whole thing in, her chin met my giant testicles with heavy brute force. Soon enough she was off and perched herself so her pussy was on the head of my cock. The muscles in my dick pulsed and it went in, and I watched Colin take off his clothes and come up to me.

"So I hear all centaurs are hermaphrodites." said Colin, my cock thrusting itself in and out of his wife's tight pussy.

"Yeah....." I said, as Colin put his finger in my pussy, between my front legs. My cock was gripped tight by Kay's pussy. Colin put in a second finger, then a third.

Soon enough, my pussy was stretched huge around his wrist. I squealed as he stuck his forearm in and moved his fingers around, causing my pussy to come on demand. Each time he waved his fingers inside me, my front legs weakened with the coursing ecstasy of another orgasm.

Finally he pulled his arm out, Kayleigh had flipped over. I knelt just behind her, my cock pushing in and out without mercy. Colin was out in front of me, lying down between my legs. His swollen beer belly had a large presence, concealing his 12 inch cock.

I lowered myself slowly on to his cock, hitting his beer belly with force. His cock felt so warm inside me. I moaned with pleasure as my front was filled with cock and my rear was plunged deep into tight pussy. Colin's groans filled my ears just as Kayleigh's squeals did.

I rode Colin's cock with verve, feeling his dick impale me so very fully. I loved the feeling of him inside me, it was so intense that I soon came into Kayleigh's pussy. Her lips gripped my cock so tight, I felt a new sensation as my cock forced the cum out, struggling against her taint. This feeling made the orgasm all the more intense, my rear end in total ecstasy.

I finally stopped coming, still descending and smacking down on Colin's glorious cock. I felt Kay leave my cock to spasm in pleasure under me, and as my pussy came closer to orgasm, I suddenly felt something behind me. Kayleigh was lining up an enormous, muscular cock to my ass. I suddenly realized her true self.

"You're a... ohhh, yes, fuck me like that.... molder..." I gasped between loud moans. A molder could reproduce a similar copy of anything they touched, as long as it was part of them. Hence, I saw her put a replica of my cock into my ass, causing me to moan uncontrollably.

"Oh, fuck, yes....... god damn, that feels good....." I said, pressing my hands into Colin's soft, huge stomach. As if it weren't enough that I had a horse cock inside me, the thing started expanding and contracting faster than I could sense, giving me the illusion of a thrust without the impact of hips on my ass.

Colin started to climax, and I orgasmed and asphyxiated his cock as it spurted into me, squeezing tons of spunk out of his dick. Soon enough, so did Kayleigh. I carried them on my back to the bedroom, and we slept.

"I think you could do fairly well with us...." said Colin, chuckling.

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