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As the category and story title suggest this story contains interracial sex and cuckolding. If relations between a black man and a white woman or infidelity are not your cup of tea then you should enjoy one of the other fine stories located on this website. I will delete any negative comments from the anonymous and any that lack constructive value. Finally this story is a fantasy. It never happened. Consequently some things may seem less realistic than nonfiction writing. Yet isn't that what a fantasy is all about in the first place?


Lis and I walked down the street to Joe's house trying to control our laughter. We both had smirks on our faces. We had just narrowly avoided a silly argument. Lis had made a big bowl of potato salad for the 4th of July party. I figured the least I could do was be a gentleman and carry the bowl from my house to Joe's. Lis couldn't bear the possibility that I might get credit for her world famous potato salad recipe. It was the one that contained the pinch of cayenne and a dash of paprika. I didn't have to tell Lis, short for Elisabeth, that I was lucky if I could correctly assemble a bologna sandwich let alone put pinches and dashes on world famous recipes but she wanted to leave no doubt by presenting the bowl herself. Unfortunately I was just dense enough to push it till we were practically wrestling over the bowl like two rugby players going after a ball in a ruck.

I finally relented when I realized things were close to getting out of control. We were soon laughing about it and teasing each other. I was glad that we had progressed beyond the ugly silence that followed even the smallest of skirmishes between a man and a woman that had yet to get to know each other. We had been going out for four months and had become comfortable. It was a good feeling. It was the perfect time in just about every relationship. The freshness of being with a beautiful woman you have recently met while not having to walk around on eggshells.

Joe was my neighbor and every 4th of July he had a big party. His yard had a perfect view of the town fireworks and over 60 people showed up to watch the pretty colors in the sky. As we walked I couldn't help checking out Lis. She looked spectacular. She was wearing a loose fitting sundress that went down to mid thigh and a pair of flip flops. She had an athletic body honed from a serious workout regimen. She had the genetics too, having been a prominent soccer player in college 15 years earlier. Lis had been born in Germany and had the blonde hair, blue eyes and facial features to prove it. She had moved to the U.S at a very young age and grown up in New York. I met her at a symposium at work and while my co-workers could only gawk I summoned up the balls to ask Lis out.

We said hello to Joe as we walked through the house to the yard. It was already crowded and Lis went over to the picnic table to drop off her prized salad and meet up with some of the women she had gotten to know. As I checked out the crowd I noticed someone who I was hoping to never to see again. Maarq was by the barbecue pit with a couple of women.

"I can't believe you invited him." I remarked to Joe and nodding towards Maarq.

"Invite?" Joe answered with dismay. Hey man, this party happens the same day every year. It's kind of hard to hide. He showed up at 6pm saying he wouldn't miss the party for the world. I just didn't have the energy send him all the way back to Jersey." I grabbed a couple of beers from a cooler handed one to Joe and gave him a "Whatta ya gonna do?" look. I looked back at Maarq. He hadn't noticed me yet.

Maarq had owned a house across the street from Joe and three doors down from mine. Some of the more racist oriented members of the neighborhood called this end of Avery Ave. the ghetto because both Joe and Maarq were black. I didn't care. Like me, they were both single and we all hit it off. That is until Joe and I got to know Maarq a little better. The three of us would hang out at Winston's or Cannons, two bars in town. Maarq would always be trying to cut Joe's or my lunch with any women either of us got to know. He was also constantly borrowing money and getting paid back was like pulling teeth. To Maarq the world revolved around him and you were just somebody to use.

For me things came to a head when Maarq borrowed $200 from me and flat out refused to pay me back. I make very good money and the loss of $200 wasn't going to drive me to bankruptcy. Yet there was something about being used by someone who called you his friend. It grated on me and I simply stopped talking to the guy. He had a hard time getting me to say hello to him under most circumstances. I always kicked myself for giving him the money but Maarq was one slick customer. He could talk most people into anything.

Maarq was especially good with the women. Which is how he got into trouble with Joe. Joe had been seeing this gorgeous woman named Karen. She had long red hair and the same athletic build as Lis. The two were getting serious and Joe had told me that he was planning on asking Karen to marry him. That is until he came home from work one day and found Karen wearing nothing but a pair of high heels, her 5'-7" frame bent over the dining room table. Maarq was behind her with his hands dug into Karen's hips pounding away at her. Joe beat up him pretty badly. He threw his naked body around the room but it didn't matter. Maarq wore the bruises as a badge of honor. After all, he had fucked the sexiest woman on the street. Meanwhile Karen moved out and I never saw her again.

Obviously Maarq's transgressions against me were far less serious than those against Joe. Yet he seemed to recover better than I did. It took Joe about a month before he was banging women three a week. I told Joe I admired him for his ability to come back. He said it was just a matter of out of sight out of mind. In any event, Joe and I never hung out with Maarq afterwards. Maarq and I developed an especially strong animosity

towards one another. Soon after Joe caught the two of them Maarq moved down to South Jersey, taking another job, and since we were all the way up in Massachussetts it truly was out of sight out of mind. As for Karen, I heard she tried to get back with Joe several times but Joe just wasn't interested. He figured that if Karen had cheated on him once she'd do it again.

Joe's place got pretty crowded. By the time the fireworks started there were at least 75 people looking up at the sky in his back yard. Lis and I were standing together when Maarq walked over to us.

"Denny! How's it going?" The black man exclaimed with his hand out, not an unusual stance for him. I decided to be more like Joe and shook it and said hello. Before I could introduce Lis, Maarq made what looked like a very silly introduction by himself.

"My lady tis such a pleasure to meet you." He took her hand and bent down and kissed it. "I'm one of Denny's oldest and closest friends, Maarq."

"Well you've got the part about being old right." I added quickly. Maarq was going to have to work hard if he wanted to get back in my good graces. He was about 12 years older than me and pretty sensitive about it.

"This is my friend Lis." I said.

"Nice to meet you Maarq." Lis returned.

We continued to make small talk and I watched the black man try and charm my girlfriend. She wasn't buying though. Lis was pleasant with him but kept Maarq at an arm's length. She had sensed my dislike for him. It felt good to have her back me up. At one point Maarq became interested in Jane Peterson a woman about my age that lived on the next block. She was a ditsy brunette but very sexy. Maarq drifted away from us. This gave me a chance to tell Lis all about him as we watched the rest of the fireworks she had a look of disgust on her face as I told her about him and Karen. I looked over at Maarq being silly with Jane. When he left town we couldn't stand each other. What had changed his attitude?

I went for another beer just as the fireworks ended. As I made my way through the crowded yard I got involved in a conversation. When I looked over towards Lis I saw that Maarq had cornered her again. Instead of continued disgust my girlfriend was animated with laughter as he seemed to be regaling her with a funny story. At one point Lis reached out and gently grabbed the black man's arm. Something ripped through my chest as I watched the two of them together. I quickly made my way back.

"My God! Dennis! Maarq was just telling me about those games of Quarters you used to play. I can't believe what happened to John Peterson that one time."

Lis had begun hiccupping she was laughing so hard. There were a few of us including Joe, Maarq, Jane Peterson's husband John and myself that had played quarters a couple of times at my house when there was absolutely nothing else to do. One Saturday night John Peterson got so hammered that he passed out in a rose bush in his back yard. The resulting cuts and scrapes from the thorns were nothing compared to the wrath of Jane Peterson when she found that her prized rose bush had been squashed. It had been hilarious when we found out about it the next day and I had to smile remembering it. Needless to say we only got a couple of games in before everyone else retired because of my superior ability to get a quarter to bounce into a glass. I had played all through college and I was real good at getting the other guy drunk.

Maarq made another run at Jane Peterson, who was wearing a very short denim skirt. She had incredible legs and knew how to show them off. It made sense that Maarq would have tried to bed down with Jane as her husband was out of town. If anything he was a consummate scavenger. As I watched him work his magic I noticed the crowd thinning out. There were just a few of us left.

"I could tell you weren't crazy about seeing him. I can't believe he did that to Joe. What an asshole. How could Joe let him in his house again? I mean tonight."

I was glad that Lis still seemed disgusted by the guy even though she had been chatting him up just a few minutes ago.

"Well he didn't actually invite him. Joe told me he just showed up."

"He's got a set of balls on him."

"Joe seems to have recovered well though." I nodded towards the party's host who was talking quite closely with his new girlfriend, a cute brunette named Caroline.

"Why only white women?" Lis asked.

White women are the ultimate prize." Maarq interjected from behind.

"What are you talking about?" I had turned and asked him half annoyed. Lis had also turned with a look of dismay waiting for Maarq's answer to my question.

come on you can't tell me that the best revenge for years of abuse isn't a black man walking down the street with his arm around a beautiful white woman."

"I think that sort of thing has gotten much better." Lis said. I rolled my eyes knowing that Maarq had made his point.

"Better but not much better." Maarq replied in a more conciliatory tone. "Ask Dennis, he's seen it first hand with Joe and I."

Lis looked at me and I reluctantly agreed with Maarq.

"So white women are just used by the black man to get back at white men?"

"Well I'm a famous exaggerator. I mean there's nothing as sexy as a beautiful blonde haired white girl." Maarq gave Lis a quick look that made me nervous.

"Unfortunately I haven't had much luck getting any attention from a lady tonight. Men haven't been friendly either."

"Well to be honest racism doesn't have much to do with that. You left more than a few people high and dry when you left here." I reminded Maarq as Lis and I walked out of the yard and towards home. Joe had already gone to bed with his girlfriend so Maarq walked with us.

"I wasn't that bad a guy?" Maarq asked the question with a kind of pathetic hope in his tone. I didn't care. I wanted my $200 worth.

"Maarq, man, what you did to Joe, that fender bender with Larry's car where you asked him not to call the police because you'd pay him out of your pocket... and then didn't, borrowing money from me and I'm sure countless other people and not paying us back. All that stuff adds up."

I ended with a shrug of my shoulders. I could tell that Maarq was embarrassed and hurt being told off in front of Lis. He was looking at her for a reaction as I went down my list of petty crimes he had committed. I didn't care, finally being able to vent felt good and it didn't look like he was going to get any of that sympathy from Lis. We turned to leave when Maarq stepped up to me and offered.

"How'd you like to win triple your money back from me?"

"Do you think I am that gullible?" I replied. Yet to my utter shock I watched as Maarq pulled out a roll of bills and peeled off $600.

"Would you please hold onto this my dear?" Maarq handed the money to Lis.

"Well something tells me you aren't going to just hand us the money, so what's the catch?" I inquired.

"I just handed the money to your gorgeous girlfriend." Maarq smiled at Lis. "It's all yours... if you beat me at a game of Quarters."

"And if I lose?"

"I get to sleep with your girlfriend tonight." Maarq said with little emotion in his voice. He just smiled at us. Meanwhile I barely suppressed a laugh.

"Maarq are you Satan? I don't know of anyone else who could do what you've done to this neighborhood and then come back after two years and think up something like this."

"No man." Maarq was laughing with me. "I want you to have a chance at getting your money back and well this woman here is spectacular. Denny, I have never seen a woman as beautiful as your Lis."

He was staring at my girlfriend.

"Not this way. Besides it's not my choice." I replied.

Lis looked dumbfounded. She was just standing there holding the money in her hand.

"You're good at this game?" She asked me.

"More like Joe, Maarq and John are that bad. It doesn't matter because we are not interested."

"Let me sweeten the pot." Maarq chimed in adding four more $100 bills to the pile in Lis' hand.

"Honey, it's a lot of money." Lis gave me a look that said she was willing to try it. "He's never beaten you, right?"

"No he hasn't but anything's possible." I was panicking as Lis' price seemingly had been met

"It's $1000. How can you turn that down?" Maarq kept selling.

"How did you get all this money?" I was looking for anyway out.

"I told you. When my mother passed away I inherited a little money. I invested in the video business I own..."

Maarq was explaining away when Lis interrupted.

"I want you to do it!" She blurted out.

"Lis, Are you crazy? It's way too risky." I concluded.

"Denny it's a lot of money. You said he's never beaten you."

Lis replied. We had arrived at my house and were in the kitchen.

"So if I lose you're going to let this asshole fuck you?"

I wanted to make sure that Lis knew the ramifications.

"Hey I'm giving you $1000." Maarq was more than a bit miffed at my remark.

"I don't like him. I mean he admits to treating people with no respect. So just beat him and we'll take his money."

Lis was grabbing beers and a couple of glasses. It was clear why she was willing to put so much risk on the table. She knew I was going to win and she just didn't like Maarq. It was obvious in her tone of voice.

We went to the back door and set up everything on my patio table. There were times when we just had nothing to do so I introduced the fellas to the game of Quarters. I had played in college and was good at it. Even amongst the professional drinkers in my frat house I was at the top of the food chain when it came to Quarters. To win you had to bounce your quarter into the other guy's cup. If you did that person had to chug his beer. In college it was pretty hardcore and you lost when you drank so much beer so quickly that you vomited. In all the games that were played on Avery Ave that only happened a couple of times. Most times one of the guys would challenge me and then walk away after a couple of chugs. Maarq was actually the worst of the other three. Which was why I couldn't understand why he had chosen this game in which to put up $1000.

We sat opposite each other with a glass half filled with beer. I went first and bounced my quarter right into Maarq's glass.

"Oh honey I told you he's good. Doesn't look like I'm going to get a chance to caress those toned legs of yours after all."

Maarq downed the beer filled his glass and then without hesitating bounced his quarter right into my glass.

"Whoa wait a minute I may own those thighs yet."

Maarq's mouth always ran win or lose. I shut him right up by dropping another quarter into his glass. The black man chugged and then returned the favor with a perfect bounce. I was nervous. It wasn't unusual for Maarq to hit two in a row but tonight he was exuding a confidence I hadn't seen before.

"Boy this is close." Lis exclaimed while nervously chewing on her fingernail.

I missed on my third attempt and Maarq hit his and then his fourth while I missed again.

"Honey I thought you were good at this." Lis was in a full panic.

"I am." I stammered.

"He is." Maarq added. "Usually about 3 out of every four shots and capable of going on some long streaks too but I got good, real good."

I knew I was up against it. The key to winning at Quarters was applying pressure on your opponent by winning early and getting him a little drunk and making him panic. We each hit our fifth shots and the beer started getting to me. If Maarq didn't miss any shots I would be in trouble.

"What sport did you play sugar? No let me guess, soccer, right?" Maarq was openly flirting with Lis as he dropped his sixth quarter in a row into my glass.

I chugged again as Lis answered. "How did you know?"

"Those legs weren't born that way lover. You had to work real hard to get your calves to look that good and those are most definitely soccer legs."

"Are you going to be able to win this thing." Lis was mad at me.

"Hey I didn't ask to do this!" I slurred.

"Don't worry Denny. I'll treat her right. Lis will be so relaxed when I give her back to you." Maarq was gloating. He knew he had me. He was winning more than two to one now. I was holding on as best I could but the yard around me was starting to spin along with my stomach. When Maarq put another quarter in my glass he told Lis. "Why don't you get some sheets for that big wide couch in the playroom sweet cheeks. I think this is over. By the way have you ever been with a black man? I love it when I'm the first one. I love the reaction when it first slides in. You can always tell an experienced white woman after she's been integrated. She has this look about her. We always know."

I hung on for another toss but Maarq was right. He had me and he was going to have my girlfriend as well. I lurched out of the chair and over to the bushes. I let loose like a fire hose I had probably drank seven or eight beers plus what I had drank at Joe's. It was worth a decent hangover if drank over the course of a night but I had chugged the beers in just over 25 minutes. I was on my hands and knees by the time the last of the beer flowed out of me.

"Hey man let's get you to bed." It was Maarq. I felt his arm pulling me up. We struggled up the stairs and I went to my bedroom. I got out of my clothes and into a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt. I was lying face down on the bed when Lis and Maarq same into the room.

"He seems okay. He got most of the beer out of him. I bet he doesn't even get a hangover. God knows he did it enough to me." Maarq observed.

"How did you beat him if he always used to win." Lis asked.

"Seems that there's an old friend in South Jersey that's even better than your boyfriend at this game. Nothing beats a good coach. Now there's the matter of out bet." Maarq didn't even bother gloating about his victory he wanted Lis so badly.

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