Zebra Games Ch. 03


It was another Saturday and Lis had another list of things to do. I rushed through the chores and in the early afternoon made my way up to Catherine's home. I barely knocked as pushed through the front door. Catherine jumped back a little as I barged in.

"Well hello Denny. What's going on? You seem to be in a rush. Can I help with anything? Is Lis okay?" Catherine inquired somewhat alarmed at my disheveled appearance.

"Lis is fine and she's going to stay that way now that I've seen this." I held the internet photo up to her face.

"Where did you get this?" She asked with a confused look.

"I followed a hunch and went on the internet. Why didn't you tell us you knew Maarq?" I asked in my best accusatory tone.

"Why would it matter?" She replied.

"Why wouldn't it matter that you knew, that you were probably sleeping with the same guy that had fucked Lis? You've got to be kidding me right?" I kept up my verbal tirade.

"Oh I haven't been involved with him for years. Besides knowing Maarq has only made it easier to help Lis. I've been objective." Lis answered calmly.

"Objective? You've got her having sex with other men and I know about Pat Herney, Michele Goslon and I'm fairly certain Jane Peterson. The only thing I haven't figured out is if this is some sort of weird sexual kick for you or if there is a bigger objective here. It doesn't matter anyway. I don't want you going near my wife!" I finished.

"What happens if Lis wants to continue the treatment?" The statuesque blonde smiled at me like a predator.

"If we have to move away from here we'll do it. I'm going to tell Lis everything right now." I turned and left with Catherine standing there the same hungry look on her face.

I marched back down to our house. I found Lis in the kitchen and showed her the picture. She seemed shaken. At first I thought it was the prospect that we had been taken advantage of until Lis told me that it was all about seeing Maarq again, even if only a picture.

"Denny don't show me that picture again or any others of the man again for that matter." Lis said and turned away.

"Yea I understand. You probably hate him." I said.

"Sure. That's it." She said full of emotion. We both knew it wasn't the real reason.

"For whatever reason, this woman has taken advantage of us. What do you want to do?" I asked my wife.

"Denny we're not going to storm the castle and do some sort of violent act on this woman and the police can't do anything." Lis reasoned.

"I know. I know." I hesitated. "There's a condo for sale in the building next to Joe's. He says it's priced low."

"So the Countess of Sex can move in next door once another goes up for sale? I don't think so. Denny we've got to settle this with her. I want to know what she really wants from us and the neighborhood." Lis said.

"Well I pretty much threw down the gauntlet a few minutes ago so I'm not sure the diplomatic route is a possible avenue right now." I added sheepishly.

"What did you do?" Lis smirked.

"I showed her this picture. I told her that I wasn't sure what she wanted but that I didn't want her around you anymore." I said to Lis.

"Maybe I can deal with her." Lis breathed out of frustration.

"Lis there's no fucking way you can go near her! She's a snake." I panicked.

"What else do you suggest that I do?" Lis barked back.

"I'll tell her I talked to you and you calmed me down. Then I'll ask her what she wants. I'll be calm I promise as long as you stay away from her." I pleaded.

"Okay but like you said she's a snake. If she plays you you may find me playing hide the sausage with all sorts of dark complexioned men." Lis warned.

"Lis! What the fuck!" I answered dumbfounded.

"I'm just reminding you how serious this thing is. We have no idea what's going on here besides that we have had no control over what's gone on so far. I'm just asking you to be careful and to be smart." Lis cautioned.

"I will. I promise." I assured her.

I figured it might be best to give Catherine a couple of days to digest what I had said to her at her house. If she knew we were onto her Catherine may back down if she thought the whole neighborhood, hell the whole world was going to find out about the dirty sex games she played with her patients. I was sure Lis wasn't the first. I figured that if Lis and I agreed to keep quiet she might excuse us from her game. I only wish I hadn't waited the week. It was a good plan. The best one we were going to come up with. So I should have just turned around and visited Catherine again. I should have told her what a good girl Lis was and that she didn't deserve whatever Catherine had planned. In retrospect nothing was going to stop Catherine. The extra week didn't matter but it still haunts me to this day.

I got home from work on the Friday after my talk with Catherine. I planned on approaching her over the weekend along with Lis. We could have done it sooner but since my wife had been out of town on business we decided to visit her when Lis returned.

As I opened the door a slim package fell onto the foyer floor. It had been stuck between the door and the jam. I picked it up and turned it over. My name was printed on the front. I opened it and found a dvd and a note inside. I unfolded the note and written on it was a simple message, "The answers to all your questions."

I got butterflies in my stomach as I drew the shades in the bedroom. I closed the door and locked it. Then I put the disc in the DVD player under the TV. I had never received an anonymous package before but I knew it couldn't be good. If there was something good there would have been a return address. I mean who wouldn't want full credit for sending somebody something good.

The DVD started and Catherine appeared before my eyes. She was seated in her study in an overstuffed chair. She was wearing a leather dress. She smiled into the camera and began her soliloquy.

"Hello Denny. I have to congratulate you on your ability to get to the bottom of our little fun. I wouldn't have expected you to get much further. Well because this is really too farfetched for a nice normal boy like you to figure out. So I decided to help you out with this production. I hope you don't mind that I'll be narrating so let's begin."

The screen went dark for a second and then a print of what looked like a group of African warriors. They wore loin cloths and much of their onyx black skin was covered in paint. They seemed to be smaller in stature than a normal sized man, not pigmies but probably less than 5'-6" in height. The picture seemed quite old.

"Denny these men are part of the Mawbolo tribe. They have made their home on a small island off the eastern coast of Africa. They have always been a proud tribe and despite being somewhat small in stature they were vicious fighters that had been able to repel any invaders for hundreds of years. That is until they met their match from the north.

Armadas of ships made their way from Europe to the small island of Mawbolo on their way to riches from far off lands. What they found on the island was a peculiarity of its people that the white people found intolerable. You see this was the average Mawbolo couple."

The picture changed and a Mawbolo warrior was standing next to his woman. The contrast in skin color was amazing considering that they came from the same tribe. The man had a deep black complexion. The kind of complexion you would expect a native of an African country to have. Meanwhile the woman was white. She had black hair and dark eyes but she had the features of a white woman.

Catherine continued her lecture. "No one was sure why the Mawbolo woman so resembled a European woman. Later inquiries done by anthropologists proved that despite the obvious features these women were African but the explorers from the mid 1800s didn't have the advantage of these studies. They landed on the island and came to the erroneous conclusion that white women had been kidnapped and brought to the island to be bred by the perverted black men. So justice had to be meted out.

The Europeans were equipped with guns and slaughtered many of the Mawbolo men. They then did something that would bring a reign of vengeful terror to any that would visit the island in the future. The Europeans took every woman from the island and brought them back to their country never to return to the island.

The few men that had escaped retreated to the mountainous center of the island. They stayed there for a long time as ships came and went beneath them. They had not been seen for such a long time that the Europeans landing on the island had thought it had been rendered deserted. Then one day as a French ship landed at this island the remaining men took their revenge. The French men were ambushed, killed and ultimately used for fertilizer and the women were kept as concubines.

As Catherine's voice continued telling the history of Mawbolo the screen changed from pictures of the black men changed from still pictures of the black men to a moving scene of Michele Goslon. The young woman was naked and was fighting off two black men. The battle seemed to be happening inside some sort of hut. I jumped when I saw her. I wondered how did Catherine get Michele to act in this thing as I watched her struggle against the short wiry men. Then it hit me. Michele wasn't acting. She was actually fighting to get free. It was a futile exercise. Although her toned body showed she was in peak shape and the two men were just her size, they were extremely strong and quickly overpowered her. She was splayed out on a table in the middle of the hut. The first warrior to mount Michele had white stripes painted across his face and an unusual design painted on his chest. After the first few thrusts Michele's thrashing about ended. She was still struggling but it was more passive. She would push against the bucking black man with her arms but there just didn't seem to be any energy in her movements. Suddenly her head lolled back onto the table with her mouth open and her eyes open to the size of saucers. It reminded me of a look of total shock. I was sure that Michele had no idea what was happening to her and worse as hard as she fought she had no idea why her will to resist was being quickly replaced by a strange and irresistible desire. It only took a few more thrust and then Michele gave in and quickly became a willing participant.

As Michele took the black man in her arms and kissed him. Catherine's commentary returned. "The men of Mawbolo soon discovered that the European women quickly became subservient when mounted by those in the tribe that were vegetarians and specifically those that ate a fruit later named the Mawbolo berry which grew only on the island."

The screen switched to one of the native smiling and showing the camera the same sort of vine I had spotted at the scene of Lis' sexual encounters. The Mawbolo men then each ate one of the shiny black bulbs that hung from the vine. They seemed to be bursting with juice. I also thought of Maarq's diet which consisted almost exclusively of tofu burgers and nuts. Could it be that he was one of them?

Suddenly the sex scene returned. The young college coed had wrapped her legs around the man fucking her at one end of the table and had tipped her head back at the other end so the other dark skinned native could insert his penis into her mouth.

The sounds of the three of them could be heard. Michele's moans were muffled but it was clear she was most definitely enjoying her experience with the Mawbolo men. Meanwhile the men grunted loudly with each thrust. I could clearly see the exact member sliding in and out of Michele's mouth and it was huge. The young white girl reached over her head grasping at the man's muscular thighs to keep him in place but at one point he pulled away and let the man thrusting into her vagina finish. It happened soon after with what looked like a brutal violence and the black men both howling in triumph. The look on Michele's face continued to amaze me. Her eyes rolled around in her head and her tongue flicked in and out of her mouth. She seemed to be having some sort of sexual seizure fueled by the black man's semen now flowing freely in her womb.

"Once the power of the berry was known the Mawbolo men used it on every white woman that came to the island." Catherine's husky voice had returned. "Once they had mated with one of the natives a woman became weak and didn't want to leave the island. All they were interested in was giving themselves to the Mawbolo men. And after they had been mounted and accepted the seed of the island natives twelve times they lost what little will remained and became their slaves. They gladly allowed the black men to breed with them. As a result the Mawbolo population began to return. For the first time in many years young black boys and pale native girls laughed and played on the island."

"The Mawbolo men soon made a sport of taking the ships that wandered too close to the island. They no longer killed the men on board these ships. They simply made them watch their wives and daughters being made into slaves. Their most popular game was called "Gubutto Hauk" which roughly translated means "The Brutal Love Stab"."

The scene once again changed from Catherine in her tight fitting brown leather dress to the middle of a forest. There were four naked black men with paint all over their bodies surrounding a pretty blonde white woman. The men were dancing up and down to some rhythmic chant and drum beat. At first I didn't recognize her but quickly realized it was our new neighbor Tonya. She had moved in only two weeks ago and already Catherine had her. Tonya's hands were tied in front of her with a short line that went down to a large flat rock on the ground. The line wrapped around the rock anchoring her to it. The line was so short it didn't allow Tonya to stand up straight so she was bent over at the waist. By the look on her face she was terrified. She had good reason. All of the men were erect and those erections, despite being attached to rather small men were huge.

As she tried to get out of her predicament I saw that no matter which way she turned her genitals were exposed to at least one of the dancing black man surrounding her. The pretty blonde was too preoccupied with trying to get away to notice the excited state of the men until one of the black men lunged forward with his large penis and stuck her between her legs with it. Tonya's eyes went wide and she pulled away turning her backside from the man only to be stuck by another man she had exposed herself too. Now no matter how hard she tried and where she turned Tonya had a cock in her vagina and it didn't take long for the magical powers of the Mawbolo berry to work.

Just as with Michele when the precum spurt inside her, Tonya's will to fight began to weaken. The terrified look on her face was replaced by the same bewildered look worn by Michele earlier in the production. The pretty blonde had no idea what was happening to her. And then she gave in. Now the men didn't have to chase her. She stood bent over with her legs spread and took the full length of their manhood as they took turns at her. She was now offering herself to the men and smiling as they took advantage.

The natives continued to dance to the beat of the drums as they violated Tonya. Yet violation was no longer the right word as the pretty blonde had joined in the dance. She was swaying back and forth in time to the man attached to her from behind. And she was smiling lustfully as the black men pounded away at her. The berry had taken full hold of Tonya and turned another white woman into a sexual animal. The black men closed in on her. As the picture faded all you could see were her legs and the whip of blonde hair as her head bobbed up and down the rest was now a mass of heaving black men.

Catherine returned to the screen, the well spoken commentator on this surreal event. Meanwhile I could no longer control myself. I had taken my penis out of my pants.

"As you can see the Mawbolo tribe had no lack of willing volunteers to help with the rebirth of their population. So as the years went by the need for white women waned. In fact many of the captured women stayed behind as concubines to the men and made large families. The violence towards the ships landing on Mawbolo even ended. Yet despite a lessening of aggressive behavior the black men of Mawbolo still took full advantage of the sexy European women even if only for orgies and sexual games. When the visiting white women lay with the black natives these interracial encounters came to be called "making the zebra"."

Ultimately the Mawbolo men began to do their own travelling. It was just after World War II when they travelled outside of their island. And as they left their home it was inevitable that these sexually superior men would spread the way of "making the zebra". By the late 1960s and early 1970s these a few of these magnificent lovers discovered a delicacy of indescribable pleasure, the white women of America. The 60s brought about the sexual revolution and women's liberation to our country. When they found the U.S. the Mawbolo men discovered that many of the newly liberated women were willing lovers with or without the power of the magical berry. And they were sexually superior to the European women. Women like your wife Lis."

The scene changed on the TV. My mouth dropped when I saw Lis dressed like a porno actress out of the seventies. More make up than I had ever seen on her and a loose fitting print dress. She smiled as a black man about six inches shorter than her approached. She bent down and kissed the man and then they seemed to break into a friendly conversation that went unheard as there was no sound. Two more men came into the picture and Lis leaned down and kissed them. I was beginning to think these men were midgets until I saw my wife was wearing a pair of very high heels. She has on a pair of old fashioned stockings with seams that ran up the backs of her legs. The hose made her legs seem very shiny.

The black men began touching my wife first on the arms and then the breasts. Then one of them reached out and began caressing her legs. It was obvious what was going to happen. Lis was going to be gangbanged. Despite the lack of sound at this point of the DVD I could tell that Lis was under the Mawbolo spell. She was smiling and allowing the black men to run their hands all over her body. Unlike the first two scenes with Michele and Tonya there was no resistance. Lis was blissfully submitting to the men. When one of them said something to her my wife nodded and then stepped back and lifted her dress over her head. She let the black men admire her resplendent in the brown lingerie while they took off their own clothes. Then they were on her. The Mawbolo men began kissing Lis and gently grabbing at her breasts and genitals. I was beside myself with rage as I watched them until a now familiar feeling took over. The remnants of the berry I had eaten from Lis' vagina were still affecting me. Butterflies erupted in my stomach and my mind began to cloud. I was soon rooting for the three black men to stick it good to my wife.

"Your wife performs so well Denny." Catherine had interrupted the silence. "She reminds me of myself when the Mawbolo first ensnared me in their wonderful sexual trap. I was innocent and curious. I thought I could try it once. I certainly wasn't the first of my friends to make it with a black man. What I didn't know was that I would be the first to let a black man from Mawbolo take me. I was weak for what seemed like only a moment, like Lis was with Maarq, and that was all it took. I became so eager to please these men and before I knew it I was allowing them to breed me and helping them to get my friends to do the same thing. I spent parts of three years on Mawbolo having three beautiful children that are now part of the tribe. That's what your wife will be doing for us along with Michele, Tonya and Jane. I know you won't mind. None of the husbands seemed too once they taste the Mawbolo berry as it flows from their wives' vaginas."

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