Zebra Games Ch. 03


I heard what Catherine had said. It was the last piece of the puzzle but I didn't care. I wanted to watch Lis. She was riding one of the black men on the carpeted floor sliding up and down on his glistening black cock as she squatted on top of him in a state of ecstasy. Another one got on top of her. She looked back and smiled up at him as the big black erection sliced into her ass like a hot knife through butter. The black men began fucking Lis, their shiny black bodies undulating up and down.

It was at this point I noticed the subliminal messages flashing on the screen. Words like "Submit", "Surrender" and "Cuckold". At first it made me laugh. The subliminal messages seemed hokey at best. Then I saw the third black man step up to Lis and hold his penis right in her face. Despite already having two dicks deep inside her my wife easily handled the third. She took the kielbasa sized piece of meat in her hand and slid it down her throat. The camera panned away so that I could see my wife doing her best to pleasure the three men. Suddenly a statement flashed on the screen. "Your wife looks so sweet airtight." Then another, "Now that they own all three of her holes how long before they own her soul?"

I watched my wife turn her head upwards so that her throat was straight. The man she was felating whom easily had the largest penis pushed forward gently. In what seemed an impossible feat Lis took the man's entire length down her throat. There was no gagging or sign of discomfort, just ecstasy in her eyes as she buried her lips in pubic hair.

"Denny you can see Lis has gained so much expertise and ability in her short time with us. She is becoming an extraordinary sexual athlete. All of her lovers have commented that she may be the most spectacular specimen to have offered herself for breeding within memory. Ultimately you will be the beneficiary of this prowess. We will return her to you a more complete and worldly woman."

Catherine had made a salient point regarding Lis' abilities. I had never seen anyone gulp down a penis that size. It was inhuman like some sort of circus act. I had heard about women taking a man in her vagina and her ass at the same time yet never in my life would I have thought that it would be my wife that showed me how it was done. I watched as her lower body moved up and down, back and forth, and from the look on the faces of the two men sandwiching her Lis was expertly pleasuring them.

The black men's plundering of my wife continued for some time. I couldn't take my eyes off the TV. The phone had rung several times but I never thought of answering it. Lis' mouth filled first, I watched the thick white substance drool down her chin. Then the man underneath her pumped his seed up into her vagina. As these men moved away the man taking Lis anally began pounding unmercifully on her prone body. He couldn't have weighed more than 140lbs but he was fucking my wife with the force of a man twice his size. Suddenly he arched his back and pressed into Lis' buttocks. I watched their contorted faces as the black man's cum oozed into her rectum. Then the camera closed in on Lis' face as it relaxed. As the black man's heaving body lay on top of her, she was smiling euphorically. I had never seen her look so satisfied. Then the DVD faded to black.

I didn't know what to do at first. I took a couple of steps back from the TV and just stood there as the empty waves pulsed through my brain. I found my cell phone and began dialing. All I got was Lis' voicemail. It was after seven and she was due back from her trip before six.

Finally I checked the phone messages. The first was from our new neighbor, Ed. He said that he still felt weird and that maybe we could go up together. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about but it would have to wait. The next message was a social call from Caroline. The last message was from Jodi Lis' boss. She wanted to make sure my wife was feeling better and to tell her that she hadn't missed much over the last two and a half days of the conference.

I threw my cell phone against the kitchen wall. It was useless to me because I knew she had Lis now. Somehow Catherine had gotten my wife away from her conference. I wasn't sure where they had gone but I had a good idea where to start. I dashed out of the house and started jogging up to the therapist's house.

About halfway up the road I saw them out of the corner of my eye. Ed's message suddenly made sense. They were in their driveway. Tonya was wearing a short, tight fitting black cocktail dress. It looked like she was going to some sort of formal affair. Looking at her I noticed like all the other women Catherine had taken Tonya had great legs.

"Denny are you going up? Can we walk with you?" Ed added in a nervous tone?

"Ed! Where were you meeting her?" I asked out of breath.

"Up at Catherine's." Ed's eyes were glazed over and Tonya looked like she was in a daze herself. The men of the Mawbolo tribe had obviously worked this couple over pretty well during the past few days. As further proof Tonya had ended up as a very willing participant in the DVD I had just watched.

"You're not going up there." I replied.

"What do you mean?" Tonya asked desperately. The thought of not fucking one of the black studs was something she couldn't fathom.

I went to her and grabbed the pretty blonde by the shoulders and shook her. "Tonya if you go up there your life will be ruined. The two of you just get in your car and drive away from here."

"I'm supposed to give Tonya to the black men. It's what she wants." Ed implored.

"Not anymore Eddie. Get into your damn car and drive. Go somewhere for at least a week and make plans to move out of here." I told them.

"I guess you're right." Ed seemed to snap out of it first and then Tonya followed.

"Eddie he's right. Stay here." I could see the panic spreading across her face as she turned and went into the house.

"What's she doing?" Ed asked in a confused tone.

"Hopefully getting your clothes and things for a long vacation." I replied.

"Denny, these things Catherine had us do. At first we were against it and then I came home and I found Tonya with this short black guy. Jesus I don't know why I didn't fight. I just didn't fight. And then... God you wouldn't believe what she got me to do." For Eddie the memory of what he and Tonya had done was beginning to disgust him.

"I know. I know. You don't have to explain. I'm going to put a stop to it." I told Eddie.

"You'll need help." Eddie offered.

"No I'm better on my own. I'm going to grab Lis and follow you right out of town." I smiled.

We watched Tonya haul a suitcase out of the house and put it in the back seat of the SUV. I shook Eddie's hand and told him to get out of town not look back. I turned and jogged up the street. I looked back long enough to see the small SUV backing out of the driveway. Then I turned my attention to the house at the end of the street.

I climbed the front steps To Catherine's house and looked inside. There was no activity and I began to panic until I remembered the finished basement. Although much larger this house was built much like mine with a family room/basement that really wasn't below ground and could be entered via the backyard through a sliding glass door. I ran around back.

I turned the corner and saw her sitting on a table that was situated against the back wall next to the sliding doors. She was facing away from the sliding glass door and me but it was plain to see that Catherine was totally naked. I snuck up to the door and slid it open with such force that it slammed loudly. Despite the noise Catherine turned calmly and smiled at me as if she was expecting me. The first thing I noticed was the strong aroma. The air was thick with sex.

"Hello Denny. One of your wife's lovers, Leon, just left. He was nice enough to impale me with that magnificent Mawbolo manhood. I've always wondered how he got to be so tall with the Island blood running through him but I've learned not to question perfection for fear of losing it." Catherine announced proudly.

"I don't give a fuck who is sticking it to you. I want my wife. Where is Lis?" I yelled. I wanted the whole neighborhood to hear me.

"Of course, Lis is here. I just thought you might be excited at the thought of a white woman giving it up to a Mawbolo. You know what making the zebra means don't you, Denny? A nice fresh fuck means some fresh cream." Catherine walked over to me.

By the time I realized that I wasn't in control simply because I was bigger and stronger it was too late. The dishwater blonde had deftly stuck a couple of her fingers into her vagina and by the time I saw what was happening she was waving the fingers under my nose. The scent made my knees buckle. I grabbed Catherine for support and the fingers went right into my mouth.

"That's a good boy. There's plenty more too. Here you go. Now all we need is for Tonya to arrive. I hope she hasn't had a momentary change of heart. " Catherine slipped the index finger from her other hand into my mouth and the familiar cloud overcame me.

"I sent her away! You won't get her!" I was still trying to fight it. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to make it to the door. I was ready to leave Lis behind. As I tried to walk through the door I knew I couldn't save her. I'd have to leave my wife behind. Catherine beat me to the door and stood between me and fresh air.

"You see that's what I love about you Denny. You fight so hard. We are going to get her though. The seed is inside her and she is weak. It's just a matter of time for Tonya." Catherine smiled.

"Please!" Was all I could muster as my resistance quickly ebbed.

"I know. I know. You think you're going to lose Lis but that's not really true. The Mawbolo still need offspring and they are so fond of American women. When Maarq told me of his conquest of Lis we had to have her for breeding. She is so beautiful and those hips. The Mawbolo children will just slide out. Still we weren't sure if we were going to get her. Lis put up such a good fight. It is said on the island that the ones that fight so well end up being the best lovers. Believe me the men are so looking forward to your Lis' visit." Catherine was now visibly excited.

"No! Oh God no!" I yelled but it came out as a whisper.

"As a Mawbolo descendant and the one to have first laid with your wife, Maarq will be the first to breed her. Lis can be with you when she isn't being inseminated. You'll barely miss her."

Catherine had actually been holding me back and keeping me from leaving. She had her arms around me and I could feel some large muscles and that she was incredibly strong. This woman was full of surprises. It didn't matter. In my current state a five year old could have overpowered me. Now she began to unbutton my shirt with one hand and hold me in place with the other. She then unbuckled my pants. I looked down and saw my erection and knew I was finished. I should have never come to the house.

"You've put up a good fight yourself Denny, better than most. The men from the other neighborhoods have never figured out my intentions. They were my slaves before they knew what had hit them. So for you too now it's time to surrender. Let's see if you're as good with your tongue as Lis has told me."

Catherine placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed down. I got on my knees and shamelessly dove into Catherine's genitals which were soaked from her sexual experience with Leon. As I had done every other time I had tasted a woman freshly fucked by a Mawbolo I began humping wildly like a dog in heat.

"Mmmm you're quite good at this." Catherine commented as she ran her hands through my hair.

I lapped up the thick liquid that was gushing out of Catherine's hole like a man possessed. And that's exactly what I was, a man on the edge of insanity, all as a result of the effects of some Godforsaken berry.

Catherine began rocking her hips back and forth as my licking began to excite her. I kissed and ran my tongue along her inner thighs. Her skin was warm and moist and very smooth. Just when I thought I had drank down most of the gooey moisture Catherine suddenly grabbed me by the ears and forced my mouth into the apex between her legs.

"Oh keep going Denny! That's it honey!" Catherine's body convulsed and a torrent of cum flowed into my mouth and all over my face. It felt like I had just drank a quart of pudding.

"Ah! Ah!" She cried as her pelvis slammed down on my face repeatedly.

When the orgasmic seizure finally ended Catherine released her grip on my ears and gently cradled my face. She lifted me up so that I was face to face with her.

"Well you're far more talented than Jane Peterson's sloppy husband, and for that matter most of the other men that have performed down there. You'll make a wonderful playmate while your wife is away being stuffed by Maarq." Catherine pinched my chin between her thumb and index finger and leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

"Really?" I asked rather pathetically.

Whatever was in the cream that had flowed out of Catherine's vagina had fully taken hold. Even though my wife was probably getting fucked somewhere in the house all I was interested in was pleasing Catherine.

"Denny take off the rest of your clothes." Catherine ran a finger up and down my arm.

I stumbled out of my shoes and pants. Now I was stark naked and in a Mawbolo berry stupor. I wanted more than anything to fuck the gorgeous blonde standing in front of me. Instead Catherine reached out and grabbed my rock hard erection. I groaned as she pulled me towards her.

"Come on Denny. Follow me." Catherine said softly as she continued to pull and opened the door to the family room.

As I walked through the door I could hear the moans and the musky smell of sex that hung in the air was at first almost unbearable. They were all on the floor. The black men were on top with the white women lying underneath, their legs spread. The three couples were right next to each other. The methodic rhythm of each black man's ass rising and then plunging back down made me think of some sort of erotic production machine with multiple pistons moving up and down. The men had been fucking the women for a while as they were dripping with sweat.

Lis was on the end closest to us. Michele Goslon was in the middle and Jane Peterson was at the far end. Catherine pulled me over to Lis and I saw that the black man fucking her was Maarq. When I recognized him I groaned in pain. I couldn't believe he was fucking her again and she was letting him. I looked down at them Lis seemed to be in an even deeper trance than me with her eyes heavily glazed over.

"Maarq looks to be close to making Lis a sex slave to the Mawbolo. As I mentioned in my informational DVD the twelfth time with one of these men is very meaningful." Catherine commented while she ran her fingers over Maarq's churning ass and then motioned to a very swollen scrotum. "It's amazing how the body knows. Look at the size of the load building up in Maarq's testicles."

Maarq's scrotum was at least three times the size of a normal sized one and his balls were bulging inside the straining bag. I watched it bounce up and down. It was so big that it could no longer hang between the black man's legs. Instead it stuck out behind him like a small balloon and with each thrust the stretched skin seemed to get a little bigger.

"You see when the twelfth time arrives the Mawbolo's body senses it and prepares an extraordinary load of semen for the white woman. As you can see all three of our ladies are ready tonight. While Tonya had a couple of more men to lay with she would have been ready soon. Your interference while admirable will only delay things for a while. She has the taste for the dark berry now so she will return for it." Catherine had moved behind me and put her arms around me. She was moving her hands all over my body, tweaking my nipples and touching my erection, to say the least I was aroused.

I tried to break away but as relaxed as they seemed Catherine's arms felt as strong as wrought iron. I wasn't going anywhere. The dominant blonde continued to trace her fingers all along my body and I was now trembling with excitement. And although Lis was once again being supremely fucked by Maarq right in front of me, all I could do was moan under my captor's delicate touch. It seemed like only a short time until Maarq made my wife his sex slave.

"Why don't we urge on Maarq. You know you've been beaten now it's time to congratulate the victor." Catherine whispered softly letting her lips trace along my neck and ear.

Maarq's motion slowed and he turned his head up at me. "Oh man sorry but I had to do it. She was just too fine. I knew that first night I had to take her." He grunted out at me as Lis whined beneath him because of the lack of friction against her loins.

"Denny understands completely. That's why he's here to watch this wonderfully erotic event. Keep fucking her Maarq. Fuck her as hard as you can." Catherine cheered.

I couldn't hold back any longer. They had beaten me and as much as Lis was going to be their slave, I was as well. I was too far gone. "Go ahead and fuck her." I barked

Maarq smiled at me and turned back to the work at hand. Meanwhile Catherine cooed. "That's it just give into this. It'll be fine."

Suddenly a loud moan interrupted the rhythmic slapping of the six person sex machine operating at my feet. Michele seemed to be having an orgasm tight next to Lis. The college girl's back arched and ler legs wrapped tightly around the black man fucking her. She was so young and now she would be controlled sexually for maybe the rest of her life. Her face had the same confused look as when she performed on the DVD. Her stud's scrotum was now huge. I watched as the black man let out a low guttural groan and pushed forcefully against her. Suddenly a burst of cum must have shot out of the black man as a gush of creamy white liquid flowed out of Michele. He did it over and over to her and it didn't seem to end. It was orgiastic ecstasy right in front of me. The two of them were in another world and Catherine confirmed this for me.

"They are experiencing a pleasure unheard of by any other act. She will need it over and over like an addict with a drug. The difference is that she will find it again every time she falls into the arms of a Mawbolo native. Let's urge Maarq on so that we can watch your wife experience this incredible orgasm." Catherine explained as she gently stroked my cock.

"Fuck her hard Maarq. Make my wife your bitch!" I howled.

Catherine laughed wildly as we watched Maarq grunt and pounded into Lis with renewed vigor. He was a blur now as he expertly slammed into her over and over. Then it happened. I watched in a helpless trance as Maarq's scrotum expanded to the size of an inflated volleyball and then the black man reared back and thrust hard into Lis. Her eyes went wide and then fluttered and closed.

"He has her now!" Catherine exclaimed excitedly.

Maarq lunged at Lis again and this time I saw the thick white semen slow from her vagina. There was no stopping them now. Each time Maarq exploded into Lis her eyes opened wide in astonishment and then in a flutter closed as he withdrew from her. It seemed to last for an eternity. Maarq's balls seemed to be packed with gallons of sperm and all of it was being deposited into my wife. She thrust back at Maarq with an urgent desire. As I watched the scrotum deflate I thought it may be ending but Maarq just kept fucking Lis and filling her. I knew that with this much cum there was no way Lis would escape becoming a slave. Finally his bucking motion became more deliberate and each time he would end it by holding his body up against Lis' while her eyes kept registering an astonished open mouthed gaze then the large cum soaked prong withdrew from her.

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