tagCelebrities & Fan FictionZelda - Avatar of the Golden Nymph Ch. 02

Zelda - Avatar of the Golden Nymph Ch. 02


This is a work of erotic fan fiction. Fetishes included are: Futanari, huge cock, huge breasts, and lactation. This series is dedicated to strong storytelling as well as quality sex scenes, so there's a bit of build up to the action, but there is far more action to this chapter than the last. Sex-to-story ratio: 7-3

Chapter 2: The Milk Maid Part 1

When Linkette first stepped beyond the tree line of Kokiri woods into the wider world beyond, her feet slowing to a stop as the breath was stolen from her chest. The late afternoon sun shone down on golden fields of shimmering grass that stretched out farther than her eyes could see and disappeared into the distance behind gently rolling hills. The light, unfiltered by the leaves, was brighter than she'd ever seen it before; she had to squint her eyes and raise her arm above them to keep from being blinded.

There was more space spread out before her than she knew existed. Miles and miles of open ground in every direction but back. Her whole life, living in the forest, she could only see as far as the tree in front of her. Now, she could see forever.

When she finally drank her fill of the view and came back to her senses, she started walking. The Deku Tree had told her to go North, where the rising sun was on her right and set on her left. That was where the Hylians lived.

The sun was already dipping down towards the horizon. Passing out at dawn, she had slept all the way to noon with the fairies littered across her naked body. When she woke up and had her surprisingly tearful goodbye with the fairies, she had stayed in the forest just long enough to bathe in a pool, washing the fairies' juices off her penis and her own from her vagina and legs, don her too-tight tunic, and walk out of the woods.

Linkette walked until the sun set, and then walked a while longer. When she realized she wasn't sure she was still walking in the right direction, she found one of the few scattered trees and climbed. Rising till she sat on the highest branch that could support the weight of her wide butt, she settled in with her back against the trunk and tried to sleep. The chilly wind made that difficult, so she hugged her immense penis against her belly and between her chest and let its warmth flow back into her.

She woke up with the sun the next morning, cold, hungry, and thirsty. She continued north, looking for food and water as she traveled, but as the sun rose higher in the sky it dawned on her that she wasn't going to find any. For the first time in her life, there wasn't abundant fruit and nuts to eat, or plentiful streams and ponds to sip from. It had never occurred to her that, maybe, she should bring some with her. But as she thought of that she realized the problem of carrying water around was as hard as her penis; how were you supposed to pack something that sloshed around and spilled from every hole?

She didn't want to turn back, and the only other thing to do was move forward. She walked and walked all day, but while the particular hills and trees came and went, the hills and trees in general never went away. It was just featureless, grassy space wherever she wandered.

When the sun set on the second day, her legs hurt and her throat burned from thirst. She'd never been so hungry and thirsty and tired before. She spent that night as she had the last, coddling her cock for warmth and comfort, except on the ground as she couldn't find any nearby trees to climb. For a while she played Saria's ocarina, and when she lost focus for that she rubbed her penis fruitlessly to pass the time, stroking it as she waited to fall asleep. The entire fairy population hadn't managed to get her penis to shoot the white stuff, so there was no way she would ever do it on her own.

She was stiff and sore when she woke up in the morning, and in more than just the usual penis-related way. Her mouth was dry, her tummy rumbled. She could hardly muster the strength to move.

Still, she got up and walked. Always headed north. After hours passed, she stumbled across a wide, flat patch of ground where the grass was worn clear. It stretched like a snake, bending and winding as it disappeared into the distance in two directions. It reminded Linkette of a game trail, but much much larger. It was headed in the same direction she was, so she walked it for a while.

It was a hot day that day, the burning fiery orb of the sun beating down on her harshly. She panted for breath, parched for water, her steps stumbling back and forth in a drunken zig-zag. Sweat soaked the pits and chest of her tunic, small rivers running down into the valley of her cleavage and making it slick and uncomfortable.

When the sun was directly overhead, hammering her with its burning rays, Linkette collapsed. She fell straight forward, her long penis the first part to hit the ground. Its tip stuck straight into the compacted dirt, but it didn't bend or break. It remained as hard and unyielding as the Deku Tree, her body buckling around her hips as it continued to fall. Her chest mashed into the ground moments after her penis, her face planting into sweat-slicked breast flesh bulging from the hem of her constricting tunic.

She fell on her side a moment later, her vision fading into a black tunnel before losing consciousness entirely.


It was the erratic wobbling of Linkette's chest that woke her.

Her body shook and jostled with the surface beneath her, the motion transferring to and amplifying in the malleable flesh attached to her ribs. It was one particularly hard swing to the side that pulled her entirely off whatever perch she was laying on and sent her crashing to the wooden floor of the wagon.

"Oof!" She grunted at the impact, then groaned at her pounding headache.

There was rustling ahead of her as someone turned around in their seat. "Oh, Mama look! She's awake!"

Linkette tried to look up at the source of the voice, but her eyes were all blurry and no amount of blinking was clearing them. All she could see was a lightly tanned splotch of color with a red splotch of color on top and behind it. "W-water..." Linkette begged, her voice hoarse and dry.

"Quick, darlin', give her a jar. Poor thang looks worn ragged and parched!"

Linkette heard a satisfying pop! before a clear glass jar filled with white liquid was held out over her head. Weakly she reached up and grabbed it, cupping it in both hands and pulling it to her lips. It was the first time she'd ever seen glass, or whatever the white stuff inside it was, but she was too thirsty to even question it.

She tilted the jar against her lips and the white stuff poured into her mouth. Being the first time she'd ever drank from a cup, plenty of it also poured down her chin and into her sweaty cleavage.

Her tongue exploded with flavors she couldn't describe, eyes shooting wide with wonder as she tipped the jar back further to dunk more of the white drink into her mouth. It was delicious! She drank and drank and drank, until the jar was empty and she moaned a long sigh of contentment.

When Linkette was finally refreshed and rehydrated, licking the sweet, creamy white drink from her upper lip, she leaned her back against the wall of the wagon and looked around.

She didn't know what the wagon was or what it was called, but she could see it was being used to haul big cubes of pale yellow strands, which is what she had fallen off of when she woke up. She looked up at the source of the voice, and her body locked up at what she saw.

It was a person, a girl. She wasn't like the Kokiri girls. There was something different about her, the proportions of her face were different, older. She was... beautiful. Looking at that face, with its wide blue eyes and lush, plump lips turned up in a beaming smile, and the gleaming red hair that fell down to her shoulders and framed her head like a waterfall of roses... Linkette's throat closed up and she struggled to swallow, and her chest felt tight. Not the kind of tight it usually felt, trapped in her confining tunic, but an inside kind of tight. Linkette's mouth, so dry and cracked just seconds ago, now felt wet and clumsy.

The red-haired girl had pointed ears.

She laughed at Linkette's dumbfounded expression. "Hahahaha! Come on now, Pantless Wonder, don' just leave me wait'n! Tell me yer name!"

Linkette tore her eyes away from the girl, the Hylian, to look at her own lower half. Her back was slumped against the wall of a straw cube, butt on the floor of the wagon, and her breasts blocked the view of everything except the tip of her bobbing penis. She leaned her chest one way and her head the other to look around it, to her bare legs and naked butt, and the twin orbs of her heavy balls sitting on the floor below her shaft.

She looked back up at the girl without a lick of shame or embarrassment, still just stunned by her very existence. She was waiting with one delicate eyebrow quirked, that same happy grin plastered across her lips. Those lips look so soft...

"Um... I... Uh, L-Li-"

"Haw haw haw!" Another laugh boomed, startling Linkette. A huge, burly arm reached out from behind the stack of hay blocking Linkette's view from the other half of the driver's bench. It shoved the red-head's shoulder playfully, before the same voice that made the laugh said something. It was different from the girl's voice. It was deeper, and more... Linkette didn't know the word she was looking for at the time, but it was 'mature.' "Stahp it, darlin'! Yer flusterin' the poor gal wit' dat purdy face o' yers!"

Linkette turned her face away, now feeling the light heat of a deep scarlet blush on her cheeks. She was flustered by the girl's face. She didn't know what was wrong with her; why was this girl making her so stupid?

"My name's Malon." The red-head said. "Nice to meet you."

"M-m-my name's Linkette... Um, thanks for the--uh..." She mimed drinking from the bottle. "The white stuff. What happened? How did I get here? And... um... are you uh, are you Hylians?"

The girl Linkette couldn't see laughed, saying "With titties like these we ain't no Gorons! Haw!"

Linkette cocked her head, confused. "Is that... was that a yes?"

Malon quirked an eyebrow. "Well a'course we're Hylians, ya silly goose! What else would we be?"

Linkette shrugged, glancing down in annoyance at her chest. It was still bouncing around with every little jostle of the wagon. "I've never seen another Hylian. I lived with the Kokiri in the Deku Tree's forest my whole life."

A face like Linkette had never seen before popped around the corner of the haystack. It looked a lot like Malon's face, but... weathered. It had wrinkled eyes and laugh lines over a sun-beat forehead, her hair stark black. "Shoot, little lady, you walked all the way from the woods? No wonder we found you collapsed in the road!"

Malon reached her arm over the barrier between the wagon and the driver's bench, towards Linkette. Linkette didn't think at all, automatically reaching up and taking it. Her skin was smooth and soothing to touch, and Linkette unconsciously rubbed her thumb over it. Linkette couldn't see any of Malon's body, but with her arm extended like that she could see that her shirt was white and had a yellow scarf-like thing collaring her neck.

"We found you passed out in the middle of the road, dick bigger'n a pitchfork and hangin' out for all the world to see. Thought you'd been attacked, since we couldn' find yer pants anywhere."

Linkette poked the head of her penis with a single finger, thinking 'dick' must be another word for it. "No, I... I just can't wear pants.... I'm too big to fit in them."

"Haw! Gosh darn if that ain't a nice problem to have!"

Malon frowned to the hidden girl. "Ma! Is not! It would be so embarrassing if everyone got to see yer dick everywhere ya went!"

Linkette tilted her head, her finger continuing to absently poke her other head. "Why would it be embarrassing?" She didn't like people staring at her 'dick,' but that was because she was ways teased about her size.

Malon sucked in a breath and opened her mouth to reply, then froze. She erupted into laughter, the deep kind that came from the belly and bent you over in half. "Hahahahahaha! Naw, I guess you wouldn' actually! Hahaha! Fly a flag from it, wave it about loud and proud! Ha!"

"I like a gal that's filled with daring!" The mature voice declared. "My name's Talon, nice ta meetcha kid!"

Malon turned around further in her seat, facing Linkette completely. "So Linkette, you said you lived in the forest? That's weird!" Talon bumped her arm with a soft 'be nice!' "What was that all about?"

Linkette shrugged. "I thought I was a Kokiri, like all the other kids there. But I got bigger and they didn't, and then eight moons ago my thi--uh, my penis got hard again, but this time it never got soft again, and just a few days ago the Deku Tree told me I was a Hylian."

Malons eyes slowly went wide as she leaned back from the bench. "Eight moo... you've been rarin' to go for eight fuckin' months and trapped in a forest of li'l tykes?! You poor girl, I'dve gone loony on the second day!"

The wagon came to a halt. Linkette looked around, realizing for the first time they had driven into a... place? Linkette didn't have the words to describe it, they didn't have stuff like it in the forest. It was a huge area of land, circled by a tall wooden fence. Lots of other parts of the land were divided by other fences, and there were buildings scattered around too.

"Welcome to Lon Lon Ranch, little lady!" Talon greeted as she dismounted the wagon. Malon came around to the back of the wagon and dropped the gate, giving Linkette her first unimpeded view of Malon's body.

Her breasts were... enormous, massive mountains of flesh straining against the loose folds of her thin white shirt, at least twice as large as Linkette's own jiggling spheres. They captured Linkette's eyes in an instant and refused to release them, demanding her entire focus. Linkette's dick throbbed so hard it smacked back into the face of her own breasts, sending powerful waves of motion undulating through their soft globes. Malon's breasts weren't simply huge, they weren't simply beautiful and sexy and filling Linkette with the overwhelming drive to stick her dick between them and slam them up and down over the burning hardness of her shaft for hours on end, ravaging them both with pleasure and passion like the fairies every day for the rest of their lives. There was more than that.

These were the first real breasts Linkette had seen beside her own.

And they're bigger than mine.

Linkette lurched forward, tilting onto her hands and knees and reaching out to grab Malon's huge, heavy breast. Malon gasped in surprise, taking a half-step back that didn't bring her breast out of Linkette's grasp.

Linkette squeezed, entranced by the easy yield and soft give, the tissue morphing beneath her hand and folding in around her fingers, even through the soft white fabric of her shirt.

Malon, overcoming her surprise, began to laugh. "Fwahahahaha! Yer more forward than the city girls! Everybody's thirsty for a drink from the milkmaid, but nobody's ever gone and grabbed my-- my udders...." Her eyebrows shifted from laughter to concern in the time it took look at Linkette's face, and the tears welling up in her eyes. "Oh... are you... are you crying...?"

The hiccuping sob that escaped Linkette's lips said yes. She scooted forward until she could sit down upright and cup both hands under Malon's mammary mass, hefting them to test their weight with reverent appreciation. Linkette's penis bobbed and throbbed against Malon's belly, ignored by both.

"You have--" Linkette's voice broke. She bit her lips and swallowed the lump in her throat, trying again to say, "you have them too... My whole life I'd never seen-- I thought I was the only one who had--!" She broke into open sobs, drawing Malon into a tight and desperate embrace as she whispered. "You're like me... You're like me, I'm not alone..."

Malon stood completely still for several long seconds as Linkette cried into her cleavage, letting years of pent up anguish loose in a rushing river of relief and validation. Finally, Malon wrapped one arm around Linkette's shoulders and the other around the back of Linkette's head. She pulled Linkette closer, pulled her face down deeper into her cleavage. She patted Linkette's head softly, shushing her and cooing "It's alright now, it's okay sweetie, I'm here for ya..."

Malon glanced up towards her ma Talon at the other end of the cart, who was watching through the welling tears that blurred her eyes. She had a tall, burly body, her muscles bulging along her arms with the strength of hard ranch labor. Malon's ma gave her an encouraging thumbs up and a wink, and got to work unloading the wagon by herself.


Malon led Linkette through the door of her bedroom with an eager tug. The space was humble and simple, but well-lived and marked with all the tender affections of a person's space. The walls were white, the floor polished amber wood. Her bed was in the corner, large enough for two with room to spare and covered in soft, puffy pink sheets. Like the rest of their house it felt rustic and charming.

Malon closed the door behind them and pulled Linkette into the center of the room. She tilted forward onto her toes and rolled back onto her heels, the impact of the motion making her weighty bosom bounce hyponotically. She smiled at Linkette's captive attention, and curled a finger in come hither fashion.

Linkette ambled forward, still unaware of what they were supposed to be doing. Malon leaned in and whispered, as if scandalously, "Undress me."

Linkette blinked. "W-what? Undress you?"

Malon's smile grew wider. "That's right. Ya thought you were alone, and now ya know you aren't. I want you to undress me, explore every bit of my body. Learn what I have and what they're like. We're going to explore each other. Now..." she stepped closer, grabbing the bottom hem of Linkette's miniscule tunic, and lifted it up to bare Linkette's boobs, perky and tight but drooping ever so slightly by gravity's incessant pull. Malon went a step further than the fairies had, lifting the neckline over Linkette's head and removing it entirely, to toss into a corner of the room. She had to pull for a few delayed seconds to get all of Linkette's butt-length braided blonde hair through the fabric.

Without her tunic, owning no shoes or other clothing, Linkette stood completely naked in the room of the girl she had only met an hour before. Her breasts trembled and dick bobbed with every heartbeat, and her large, apple-sized balls hung suspended in skin that was loosened by the heat, allowed to swing around and knock against her legs.

Linkette's lips trembled nervously as she reached up, touching the great wall that was the side of Malon's left breast. Her fingers tenderly traced down their side over the pleasant white fabric, from side to under and out again to her wide, fat nipple resting an entire foot or more away from her ribs. Linkette ran her finger over that puffy bump beneath Malon's shirt, sending a shiver down the milkmaid's spine. Linkette formed a ring by touching the tips of her thumb and forefinger, placing it over Malon's nipple. The dome-like mound of Malon's puffy areola was too large to fit in the ring, its center bulging out past Linkette's fingers and its outer edge squishing beneath them.

Linkette's other hand raised up and touched her own bare nipple, running over its small, hard surface. Tingling jolts of pleasure shot from her chest and down her spine, which she felt nerves reply to in the lower parts of her body. Her own nipple was so different from Malon's, so much smaller. It was the size of her fingertip and five times harder, like a diamond stuck on the edge of her fatty breast flesh.

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