tagCelebrities & Fan FictionZelda - Avatar of the Golden Nymph Ch. 06

Zelda - Avatar of the Golden Nymph Ch. 06


This is a work of erotic fan fiction, with equal emphasis on story, world, and sex. Fetishes included are: futanari, huge cock, cum inflation, breast expansion, and lactation. In this chapter there are also scenes of non-consent/rape, which I will not list as a fetish as I detest it and they exclusively serve plot purposes. This chapter is primarily devoted to lore and backstory. Sex-to-story ratio: 5/5

Chapter 6: A Look To The Past

The wagon that carried Linkette's bloated sleeping body was pulled by two horses and surrounded by a squadron of soldiers. They were more there to do the heavy lifting than to guard a danger; the Sheikah woman, Zelda's guardian Impa, assured them there was no danger as long as Linkette and Zelda were separated. Linkette was sat upright, back leaning against the rear wall of the wagon and legs splayed out in front of her, gravid stomach consuming the whole space between them.

Malon walked beside Impa off to the side of the wagon. On the rare occasion she could pull her worried gaze from Linkette, she found her eyes instead fixated on Impa's still-naked, still-flat chest. She hadn't bothered to cover up again since tearing her enchanted breast bindings away.

"...Are you sure she's going to be okay?" Malon asked for the second time.

Impa nodded with perfect confidence. "The two of them were never threatened in the least. It was the rest of us who were in peril."

"But why? What happened?"

Impa shook her head. "Later. I will explain when the Princess and the girl are both present and awake to hear it."

Malon glanced back to the wagon. "Her name is Linkette..."

Impa paused, then graced Malon with a soft smile. "Yes, of course. Forgive me."

They fell back into silence for a while. Malon continued to watch Linkette, who shifted and stirred now and then with a small, glowing smile on her lips, sleepy hands occasionally rubbing the sides of her belly which rested heavily on the floor of the wagon and stuck out a foot farther than her extended legs. The path to the palace was long however, and their pace was slow. It wasn't long before Malon spoke again.

"They were so... mindless... like the rest of us didn't even exist."

Impa hmmed in grim agreement. "Zelda is... the Princess, she is the most intelligent woman in this kingdom. Her affinity for magic is staggering. She weaves spells with such finesse and efficiency, when she has the raw brute power to force any spell into compliance... but she is also the natural born heir to the Triforce of Vitality. She is Nayru's avatar in this world and Nayru, praise her holy name, is an unapologetic nymphomaniac. Nearly every major spirit in this world was born because Nayru fell into lust and impregnated another god, or a mountain, or an ocean. Since Princess Zelda grew into her body and her powers, this overpowering libido has infected her mind..."


Ten years ago...

Impa followed the Elder at a respectful distance through the winding corridors of the castle's heart. Despite her age, the Elder was a Sheikah, and moved with grace and precision.

"The Princess has awakened to her power, Impa. Your time as her guardian has come."

Impa pursed her lips, doubtful. "Do we know it is the true time, Elder? She has had fits of lust before."

The Elder huffed in annoyance, not bothering to turn and look as she explained. "She attempted to mate with her sister as they took tea. There is no doubt, this time. Thank the gods the servant girl was at hand to distract her..."

They entered the sanctum at the heart of the castle, the place where generations of Hylian royal first-borns had spent their lives pouring out magic and power into the land. The more the magic in the atmosphere built up and pressurized, the more its influence spread out into the world beyond Hyrule, expanding the kingdom and displacing the humans that lived there for the glory of Hyrule.

Princess Zelda was already there when they entered. She was stripped naked, as she would never have use for clothing again, and standing with her back to them. This left an unimpeded view of her ass, which Impa had no interest in viewing. The girl was barely thirteen, underdeveloped in all areas but the one, which was currently being thrust ravenously and mercilessly into the groin of the serving girl.

The poor servant was being held off the ground by the Princess, tits up to the ceiling and body bouncing with every hard, upward thrust Zelda forced into her. Her belly was a tight rounded orb that had shredded through her clothing as it expanded, taut pale flesh like a pregnant woman ready to pop, which didn't slosh like a waterskin but rather bounced wholly and heavily up and down. The runny black lines around her eyes showed that she had been crying, once, but now her face showed nothing but blissful delight.

Impa's lips curled in disgust. "Elder, this servant girl did not offer to be the Princess's release. This is against her will."

The Elder sent her an irritated glance. "She appears to enjoy it regardless."

"That does not make it right, ma'am..." Impa turned to a shadowy corner of the room. "What is your report?"

The shadow tsked in annoyance at being so easily discovered, and another, younger Sheikah woman leaned far enough into the light to be seen. "The Princess has cum twice in the last hour, the second load larger than the first as expected. The servant girl took only a handful of minutes to begin enjoying herself."

Impa turned back to the elder in anger. "Which means for the first few that she was not. Have the Sheikah fallen so low as to allow rape by the royal family?"

The Elder bristled, turning furious eyes on Impa. "It was either her or the younger mistress, and at least this one is of age! But you are her guardian, so if you are so bothered then go and remove her!"

They glared into each other's eyes for a beat, a contest of wills. Eventually Impa did so, striding up to the Princess's back. She was panting and grunting with every rapid thrust, sounding more like an animal than an intelligent being. Her balls were dangling halfway to her knees and filled every inch of space between her bowed legs, full and round and swinging back and forth erratically.

Impa stepped around to the servant. Zelda had her gripped at the waist with both arms, holding her off the ground with the added support of her dick. Impa removed the Princess's hands, grabbed the servant, and yanked her quickly off Zelda's cock.

Impa was shocked at how long that took to do. She had guarded the Princess before, been in her presence while she was being dressed. Even as young as she was, even flaccid, the Princess had had an incredible nine inch penis.

It was physically impossible for what slid out of the servant girl to have been inside in the first place; it was three feet long and as thick as her thigh. Impa had to stagger back a step to pull the girl entirely off of it; the moment the cock was free it bucked, belching a huge dousing spray of precum that splashed across Impa's chest and face.

She sputtered and swore, a spray of slick lubrication flying from her lips and the servant girl slipping from her hands. The girl flopped as she fell and landed on her cum-swollen belly, compressing it and sending a jet of white spunk flying from her pussy clear across the room where it splashed messily against the wall.

A hand closed around Impa's wrist, locking her in place. Impa wiped her eyes clear and realize with a thrill of fear that it was the Princess, staring at her with unfocused eyes, her head tilted in curiosity.

"Sheikah..." the Princess muttered. Her eyes were dull brown but her pupils were shining with a soft golden light. "Sheikah pussy..."

Fear shivered down Impa's spine. She leapt a step back but Zelda followed, pressing closer with her oversized penis between them.

"N-no, Princess, that's not my--!"

"Boobies?" Zelda asked, ignoring Impa entirely and placing her free hand on Impa's flat chest. Zelda's brows furrowed in confusion. "No... boobies? No boobies?! NO!!"

The great stone walls shook with the power of the word and Zelda pushed, driving Impa back into a pillar, hand cupping the slim padding of her Sheikah chest.

Impa grunted, resisting the urge to moan as she felt power flow into her body. Her skin rippled under her shirt and then grew, flesh inflating outward into Zelda's waiting hand. Impa's control slipped for a moment and she moaned, shocked at the pleasure of it, but immediately silenced herself with sheer force of indignation.

"Princess Zelda, stop this! I am your guardian, not your concubine! Unhand me!"

She didn't even hear her, burying her face in Impa's deepening cleavage and murmuring to herself "Boobies boobies boobies boobies pussy!"

Impa's world exploded into pleasure. Her thoughts scrambled by sensation, it took several shuddering breaths for her to realize that the ecstatic, wholly filling pressure in her body was the Princess driving herself deep inside. Impa could barely hold onto herself, needed every tool of focus and clarity her training had provided her just to keep one thought following the next.

The Elder stepped into view behind the Princess, looking down her nose at Impa. "Never question me again, guardian. Now enjoy yourself while you can. I will return with your replacement whore, if I remember."

The Elder turned away. Impa grit her teeth, intending to rage and scream death and curses.

All that left her lips was a long, girlish gasp of satisfaction.


Malon was speechless. "She... the Princess raped you?"

Impa chewed her lip for some time. "I thought as much for quite some time, but no... it was not her. The Triforce's effect is not simple or even powerful libido. It wasn't like the average sex predator, whose mind is influenced by lust while lacking the decency and discipline to resist. Zelda's mind was supplanted by lust, wholly replaced. She wasn't in control of her actions, or even aware of what transpired when she returned to herself. I blame the Elder instead, and have since settled that debt in the Sheikah manner."

"What do yah mean, 'when she ret'rned to herself?'"

"Ah, yes. The transition isn't permanent. Every six months, her lust would wane and her mind return to her. This period of rest would last half day, eighteen hours at its longest. Then it would overtake her again."

"So little time to be herself?"

Impa shrugged. "The legends say that Nayru's periods of rest are equally brief. At least Zelda's stints of activity are measured in months instead of centuries."

"So what did she do on those days?"

"Ate, at first. The Triforce sustained her without food or water or sleep for those long months, but it never filled her stomach."

Malon eyed the castle, roofs and towers piled with cum like thick layers of snow. "But she isn't like that now... what changed?"

Impa watched the same white-masked architecture. "She learned what she did to me."


Impa saw a change in Zelda's motion. The trick to watching her was in not watching her, but instead keeping her in one's peripheral vision. Being in the same room as her was a potent enough effect, and even after two years Impa had barely built up any resistance to it. Directly observing her in the act of fucking inescapably ended in overpowering arousal, and the Princess would sense that, and any person she noticed would become her next concubine whether they wished to or not.

Fortunately for Impa, the Guardian of the Bearer was considered in Sheikah lore to be the most virile Hylian in the land, fathering the strongest Sheikah warriors. There were lines outside her door waiting to relieve her frustrations every night, lines which she made ample use of.

Thoughts of Impa's sexual tension could wait for later, however. Zelda's wild thrusts were slowing down, going from "manic and crazed" to "carelessly energetic," then down again to "mildly enthused." Finally, after an hour of this gradual decline, Zelda's lap slapped against the ass of her concubine for the last time.

As if in a daze Zelda staggered back several paces on unsteady feet, dragging her cock out of the sloshing, cum-drenched cunt. It took those several paces for the entire thing to slip free, a tree trunk of flesh as thick as the girl's whole body and twice as long. Such a massive thing had no business fitting inside anything or anyone, but the Triforce made it possible.

The stone tile quaked as that monstrous log fell from the girl's pussy and slammed against the floor, spurting cum in thick gushes. Zelda moaned, eyelids fluttering as her penis slid across the floor, pulling its length back into her as it shrunk down, and down, and down into its rarely seen soft, flaccid state. Even limp it retained its regal stature at an impressive twelve inches, and it would only grow more as she aged.

Zelda yawned like she was waking from a long and deep sleep, lifting her hand to cover her open mouth. She jerked her head away from her hand the moment they touched, long strings of white goop trailing from her lips to her palm as she turned her head aside and spat a thick wad from her mouth. Reeling and confused, she then moved to wipe her mouth clean with her arm, and instead only spread even more cum across her face. That's when she finally opened her eyes and took a look at herself.

Her entire body, from her toes to her breasts, was absolutely coated in jelly-thick cum. It was splattered as an uneven layer across her front, especially thick around her crotch and legs, but with plenty reserved for her stomach, breasts, and arms as well. The Triforce kept her sustained, but it did not keep her clean.

Zelda spread her arms out as she looked down, lip curling, and she made a soft "Uck... gross."

"The servants are already on their way to bathe you, your highness." Impa said from her place at the rear of the room.

Zelda turned in surprise, then smiled widely. "Oh Impa, there you are! That's a relief, I am really just... very disgusted right now. Where did all of this even come from?"

An apt choice of words... Impa thought with a small hint of humor, and gestured to the concubine. "Overflowed from her, your highness. Her and her predecessors."

Zelda looked at Impa curiously, blinking with wide eyes, before turning to follow her pointing finger. She leapt back three feet in fright and screamed "Gods above, what is that!?!"

The concubine's womb spread out in front of her like the kind of absurdly large, opulent mattresses found only in the bedrooms of royalty, an expansive sheet of soft pale flesh drawn tight with the pressure pushing out from inside. The woman lay atop her belly, limbs limp and sprawled across the bulging surface that lifted her pussy up to chest height. Said pussy was sloppy and wide with thick glops of white cum slowly trickling out from it in volumes measured in ounces. Her entire belly was large enough to hold a dozen women inside, even if every one of them were nine months pregnant with triplets.

"How the hells did I miss that..." Zelda muttered to herself, staring at the stretched and drooling pussy without the slightest hint of arousal. "What happened to her, Impa?"

"Must I remind you again, Princess, that you have awakened to your powers with the Triforce of Vitality? You bed her, your highness, most vigorously, and filled her to overflowing with your seed."

Concern overtook Zelda's face as she paced around the woman, studying her with morbid fascination. "Is she... okay?"

"I can attest that she has never in her life felt more pleasure than she has in this room." She, after all, actually wanted it...

The Princess seemed reluctant to accept this, but eventually pulled away without argument. Soon afterwards, the doors to the sanctum slid open with hardly a whisper (a noisy door might attract the Princess' attention, which again was ill-advised) and a small squadron of servant girls entered the room carrying buckets that were variously empty or filled with water, as well as soft white rags and short wooden wedges.

They formed a circle around the Princess, bowed deeply in reverence, and began to work. Some stood and some kneeled, all lifting up the wooden wedges with their round, polished edges and began to scrape them down the sides of Zelda's body, quickly removing huge swaths of cum from her skin which fell with wet and heavy plops into the buckets at her feet.

Zelda watched them in fascination as they efficiently removed the bulk of her white sticky coating, filling four buckets to the brim and leaving only a slick white sheen behind on the Princess herself. This first wave of servants then stood, bowed again, and removed themselves and the filled buckets.

Zelda seemed then to notice the bulge of erections behind the heavy white cloth of their uniforms, but had no time to comment before they filed out and the next set of servants took their place with dripping wet cloths. They washed her neck, shoulders, body and legs, but left her genitals to their mess. It was not confirmed, but old wisdom handed down from one generation of servants to the next had it that any attention to the Bearer's cock would shave time away from her waking hours.

One approached from behind with a pair of scissors, gently gathering Zelda's hair which fell midway down her back and cutting it to shoulder length with a handful of efficient snips. Discarding the clippers and hair, she murmured a spell and gestured to the buckets filled with warm water. The water leapt up from the buckets and towards the Princess' head, congregating on her scalp in a large, floating bubble that left her face free in the air.

The barber's hands reached inside the bubble of water, dragging a soft brush through the wispy tendrils of brown-blonde hair inside. Clumps of white came free with every stroke.

As this stage of her cleaning took place, Zelda lost interest and looked up towards Impa. "Hey, keep going with that story you were telling me."

Impa paused, brows drawing low in confusion. "What... story?"

Zelda's lips twisted and cheeks puffed with unamused frustration. "Come on, don't hold out on me! You were just getting to the good part, pick it up again!"

Impa chewed her lip in thought. "Your highness... we last spoke six months ago. I do not remember this story."

Zelda blinked, paused for a moment. "O-oh." She looked down at herself with distant eyes. "That's right... I suppose these are a little bigger..."

She raised her hand around the servants and their wet towels, cupping it beneath her breast and hefting it, testing its weight. Three years had passed since her powers had awakened, and in that time her body has blossomed into that of a shapely young lady. But even while her hips were filling out and her breasts growing in, currently heavy handfuls that would continue growing to mirror Nayru's lush hourglass figure, she remained a sixteen year old girl.

Society said she was too young for sex. Biology disagreed, and the Triforce only paid heed to one of those. Despite her oversized cock and god-level sex drive, she remained a naive young girl.

The servants with the wet cloths pulled away, and the barber made a downward twisting hand motion similar to a turning faucet handle. The large floating bubble of water above Zelda's head began to open up from the bottom, water pouring down over Zelda's body in a quick, high-volume shower that washed the last of her semen away.

They dried her, bowed again, and shuffled out of the room. A quartet of them paused on the way out, muttering spells next to the gravidly inflated concubine before laying hands on her. When they lifted those hands in unison a moment later, the swollen woman lifted with them and they walked her out of the room. A trail of cum along the floor marked their path to the exit.

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