tagCelebrities & Fan FictionZelda's Sapphic Adventures Ch. 01

Zelda's Sapphic Adventures Ch. 01


Author's Note: This story is a work of fiction and has nothing to do with actual Nintendo storylines. All characters and kingdoms are owned by Nintendo.

Princess Zelda walked through the halls of Hyrule Castle. There was not much to do these days. Ganondorf was off doing whatever villains did when they failed to overtake a kingdom, leaving Hyrule peaceful and...boring. Zelda's close friend Link was off training in the dangerous environment of Death Mountain. According to his last letter, the Hero of Time was living in a cave on the mountain, occasionally entering Goron City for supplies. The princess reached her room, where she sat at her desk and sighed.

It really seemed like there was nothing to do. She could visit King Zora. The Zora Domain was one day or one Farore's Wind casting away. But Zelda didn't much feel like being fawned over by the tall, graceful and athletic Zora citizens. With nothing to do in Hyrule, the princess decided it was time to go elsewhere. In her travels during the kingdom's peaceful days, Zelda had been to the Mushroom Kingdom, where she met Princess Peach. There was also neighbouring Sarasaland, where Zelda met Princess Daisy.

The Hylian princess stripped off her dress, leaving her in midnight blue bra and panties. Her breasts were a decent size and were perfect spheres. Her stomach was toned with visible abs; not too defined but nice and sexy looking nonetheless. Zelda grabbed her travelling clothes. She slipped into the tight pants that hugged her long legs and curvy hips. Knee high boots followed. Then she pulled the close-fitting shirt onto her body. It accentuated her nice round breasts. After brushing her long golden hair, the princess cast Farore's Wind.

Daisy was lounging by her private pool in a black bikini. Her body was athletically toned; not strong and large like a warrior but lithe and graceful like a dancer. She was curvy as well. Adding further to her allure was her light brown hair and rich brown eyes. The princess stretched languidly, causing her muscles to tighten and her small, perky breasts to press against the fabric of her bikini bra. It felt good to have her nipples rubbing against the fabric. Daisy hadn't had release in so long and she was quickly becoming horny.

Just then Zelda materialized out of a burst of wind. "P-princess Zelda?!" Daisy asked, startled.

"Hello Daisy. Sorry to drop in unannounced. I know it isn't proper. But I was so bored in Hyrule," Zelda explained.

"Oh. Well I've never been big on being all dainty and proper. You just surprised me." The brunette let her gaze wander over Zelda's body, taking in the tight clothes. She was so attractive!

"So...what can we do together?" the blonde asked.

"Well there's the pool. But it doesn't seem like you're dressed for it. And no luggage so that's all you have. Hm."

Zelda smirked. Without a word she pulled off her shirt. Kicking off her boots, the Hyrulian stripped off her pants. Daisy stared in amazement. Zelda really was hot! Before the brunette could say anything, Zelda removed her midnight blue bra and panties. Daisy felt herself get wet as the blonde was totally naked. Her creamy skin, perfect round breasts and tight, bare pussy was so sexy. The visiting princess then jumped into the pool. Still in some shock, Daisy peeled off her bikini and followed into the pool.

"That was...Wow! And I thought I was impulsive and improper!" the ruler of Sarasaland exclaimed.

Zelda shrugged. "You learn to adapt to things and think quickly when your kingdom is repeatedly besieged by an ugly villain. No doubt Peach can do the same," she observed.

"I guess so. Nothing like that ever happens in Sarasaland so I have to get my kicks somehow. Like being a rebel princess." Daisy found her gaze repeatedly looking through the clear water at Zelda's body. How could she get the hot blonde in bed?

"Daisy? Do you see something you like?" Zelda inquired.

The brunette blushed. "Y-yes," she admitted.

Hyrule's princess smiled. She swam closer and kissed Daisy's pink lips. The brunette quickly melted into the kiss. They shifted into the shallow end, the water just below their thighs. The princesses kissed deeply. Daisy let her hands roam Zelda's body as they continued to make out. She squeezed the blonde's breasts. Zelda moaned and started kissing Daisy's neck. The brunette started rubbing the Hylian's pussy, causing her to squeal.

"Wait a minute Daisy. Let's go to your room before we continue," Zelda suggested.

"Sure!" Daisy agreed. She took her new lover's hand, leading her out of the pool. They went through a deserted hallway, stopping eventually at a door. The Sarasaland ruler opened the door. After entering and locking the door, the two girls quickly fell onto the bed, kissing wildly. Daisy ended up on top, grinding her pussy against Zelda's. They were moaning loudly until the blonde asked for them to stop.

"What is it?" the brunette asked breathily.

"Slow down honey. We have all the time we need."

The other princess nodded. She planted kisses along Zelda's neck. These kisses led up to the pointed ears all Hylians possessed. Daisy kissed these and licked her girlfriend's ear, sucking briefly on the tip. To follow up, she moved her body down to lick Zelda's breasts. Her tongue ventured over every inch of the beautiful orbs. It then flicked rapidly over the blonde's nipple before Daisy took the nipple into her mouth.

She sucked softly at first, bringing out little moans from Zelda. But Daisy's sex drive was quickly getting higher. She tried to fight it as her sucking grew much harder. Eventually she let go, panting heavily.

"Please Zelda....eat my pussy. I need to cum!" Daisy begged.

"Okay dear," Zelda said sweetly.

They repositioned themselves on the bed. Zelda lowered herself between Daisy's legs. Her pink tongue licked slowly, teasing Sarasaland's princess. She whimpered softly as the blonde licked and licked. The brunette thrust her pussy against Zelda's tongue. This caused the Hylian's tongue to go deeper. She swirled her tongue around in circles inside Daisy's pussy. It felt amazing!

"Oh fuck yeesssss Zelda!!!" Daisy screamed.

Zelda changed tactics. She held onto the writhing brunette's legs and thrust her tongue hard inside Daisy's pussy. She screamed and moaned loudly. Her climax was building thanks to Zelda's skilled tongue. It was not long until Daisy had a powerful orgasm, cumming hard. The blonde licked and swallowed her girlfriend's cum then sat up.

"What now honey?" she inquired.

Daisy smiled. She stood up and walked to a large dresser. On it was an engraved box. The princess opened it and pulled something out. She fastened a harness to her bare waist. Turning around, Zelda saw it was a nine inch long pink strap-on. Returning to the bed, Daisy climbed on. She pushed into her lover's pussy, thrusting slowly.

"Ooooooohhhh," Zelda moaned.

She sat up a bit more to kiss Daisy. The kiss was long and deep. After their lips released, Zelda started licking Daisy's perky little breasts. Meanwhile the brunette continued to thrust slowly. The blonde laid back as the other princess lifted her leg for better access. Daisy thrust deeply and much harder. At the same time, she licked Zelda's foot from the heel up to the toes.

The Hylian moaned softly as Daisy started sucking each of her toes individually. Afterward the brunette smiled wickedly. She pushed all of the strap-on fully inside Zelda's pussy. The blonde wrapped her legs around Daisy just before the latter started thrusting wildly. Zelda fell onto her back, her round breasts bouncing from the momentum. She moaned and screamed loudly. Soon her own climax neared and she came as hard as Daisy had.

Upon removing the strap-on, Zelda started sucking on it. She cleaned her own cum off then kissed Daisy. They shared the Hylian's taste in a slow, passionate kiss. As they kissed Zelda unfastened the harness from Daisy's waist. She slipped it onto herself and pushed her girlfriend onto all fours. Smiling sweetly, Zelda pushed the pink strap-on into Daisy's pussy, taking her from behind. The brunette squealed in approval, pushing back against the pink phallus.

"Take my virginity Zelda," Daisy whispered seductively.

Zelda held onto Daisy's hips, growling playfully in her ear. Her thrusts were slow but powerful. As she did this, the blonde leaned down to kiss the other princess' neck. Eventually Zelda pushed further into Daisy, laying on top of the brunette and forcing her down more. The Hylian thrust hard, rotating her hips. This caused the strap-on to move in circles as well. Sarasaland's princess moaned in ecstasty as she was taken harder and faster.

"Oh yess Zelda! Make me cum girl. I wanna cum for you!" Daisy exclaimed.

Zelda thrust with all her might, sending the strap-on deep into her lover's pussy. Soon Daisy cried out in pleasure as she came for the second time that day. Zelda pulled the fake phallus out of Daisy's pussy. The brunette licked her cum off and kissed the blonde, sharing her taste like Zelda had done earlier. The Hylian pulled the harness off, dropping it to the floor. The two girls lay down together and snuggled close. They held each other tightly, sharing a final kiss before falling asleep.

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